Gigabyte is a company that has been around since 1989 and specializes in making motherboards, graphics cards, and other hardware. They have released two RTX 2080 Tis with 10Gbps ports capable of running at up to 8Gb/s throughput.
This review will cover the Gigabyte Geforce RTX 3080 Gaming OC card and an overclocked Core i7 9900K CPU from Asus to benchmark performance against some of its competition.

Cooling is one of the most critical elements of any AIB, but it’s indispensable on a GPU with this much power. If history is any indication, the Windforce cooling technology employed on this GPU should be more than capable of handling the task.


Gigabyte has used a triple-fan cooling method for the Gaming OC 10G, which seems to be expected for this size of GPU. It comes with 2 x 90mm and 1 x 80mm bladed fans that are specifically intended to provide a more precise air movement over the heatsink and PCB. For better air direction and control, each blade features raised grooves. Furthermore, the edges have been given a finely crafted triangle shape to enhance increased airflow.


Gigabyte, like other RTX 3080 GPUs, has implemented stop-start’ technology, which allows the fans to turn off entirely when the GPU is not in use or when the temperature falls below 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This not only improves the card’s efficiency but also reduces the amount of noise it produces during its lifespan.

The Gaming OC’s fan mechanisms have been lubricated with graphene nano lubricant, which has a long lifespan. Sleeve bearings’ lifetime is potentially extended by 2.1 times, placing them on par with double ball bearings but significantly quieter.


As we’ve already mentioned, the backplate sees several cutouts that allow the air to pass through the card more freely, ultimately providing better heat dissipation and efficiency. Additionally, a large copper plate & several copper heat pipes can be found weaving their way through the aluminum heatsink fins. The copper plate directly connects the GPU and VRAM, redirecting heat via the copper pipes in a very efficient manner.


The fans can be adjusted using the Gigabyte software package or MSI Afterburner, enabling you to customize the fan curve to fit your needs.

When we were evaluating this card, I was impressed by how effectively the cooling worked in various conditions. The temperature remained below 70 degrees during the benchmarking session, something the 2080Ti couldn’t match.

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