The GORUCK Bullet Ruck is a new bag designed for the modern-day adventurer. It has an innovative design and is made with lightweight materials to make it easy to carry during outdoor activities.

The goruck bullet ruck 15l review is a product released by GORUCK. This product is a backpack with a built-in hydration system and other features.

The GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L is a small daypack from a company we’ve grown to trust for its quality and dependability. We’ve had good luck with GORUCK’s 40-liter GR2 (our founder Tom used it for two years) and have evaluated additional products from the Florida-based company.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L In DetroitWhile this review focuses on the GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L, this backpack is also available in a 15-liter version. In Detroit, Michigan, we’ve been testing the Bullet Ruck 10L for about a month.

Aesthetics & Materials

If you’re looking for various colors, GORUCK has you covered. The Bullet Ruck 10L is no exception to the company’s practice of experimenting with multiple colors on its bags. At the time of this review, a few options were available, but we chose the basic and traditional black. We like how it looks; it matches our Pack Hacker patch well.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L With Pack Hacker PatchThe bag’s primary fabric is 1000D CORDURA nylon, which is tough and weather resistant. Some users have complained about the cloth being rough around the edges and rubbing on their shirts when filling the bag. This may cause pilling or fraying depending on your clothes, so keep that in mind if you like more delicate shirts. We’ve had a lot of luck thus far.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Rubbing On ShirtOverall, we like the appearance of this little daypack. But, as is customary, we polled our Instagram followers for their opinions, and the results were nearly evenly divided. Follow us on Twitter @packhacker to participate in future polls.

On the PALS system, the GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L features a little tip-of-the-spear symbol towards the bottom of the bag…and that’s pretty much it in terms of branding. We appreciate the fact that there isn’t a lot of additional GORUCK branding. It’s simple and understated.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Logo & MaterialDurable YKK zippers with bespoke quiet heat-shrink zipper pull and Duraflex plastic strap adjusters round out the remainder of the materials on this bag.

Components from Outside

The GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L has an excellent harness system for a pack of this size. The Bullet’s straps have the typical GORUCK beefiness, albeit they’re a little thinner than the GR2 and GR3s.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Shoulder Strap AdjustmentA single row of PALS runs along the front of the straps, making it perfect for mounting MOLLE attachments or a sternum strap. Then there are the excellent Duraflex strap adjusters we mentioned before, which slide smoothly.

These straps now lack elastic keepers, causing the bottoms of the straps to hang a little—indeed, not a dangle-free experience. But don’t be concerned. We added some Tom Bihn strap keepers during testing to get that wonderful dangle-zero.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Dangling StrapsThe back panel has a good amount of cushioning. Of course, it’s not precisely the frame sheet seen in larger GORUCK packs, but it gives the bag some rigidity.

On the rear panel of the Bullet Ruck 10L, there are no mesh or other ventilation channels, which is characteristic of most GORUCK backpacks. Although it’s impossible to prevent the dreaded swamp back completely, mesh usually helps keep the sweat away.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Back Panel and Shoulder StrapsFor starters, we like the cushioned top handle. It provides enough cushioning for a bag of this size without being excessive.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Top HandleGORUCK’s handles are also extensively reinforced with extra nylon and anchoring points, which we like. Aluminum stays aren’t utilized here (which may make the handles a little floppy), but they’re not required for a backpack this size.

A tiny piece of Velcro at the top of the bag, below the rear panel, may be used to put a hydration bladder hose through. This allows individuals who wish to utilize the bladder compartment on the inside of the bag easy access while hiding it for others who don’t.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Hydration Nozzle PassthroughThe Bullet Ruck 10L has an incredible 32 morale patch space on the front. When you remove the patch, you’ll see an American flag design, which GORUCK incorporates into various other products.

Finally, at the bottom of the bag are three rows of PALS that may be used to connect MOLLE accessories or a carabiner. GORUCK offers several suitable attachments, and you can also get them from various manufacturers so that you may personalize your Bullet Ruck to your liking. Again, you make your own decisions.

Inside the Bundle

The slash pocket on the GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L is approximately two-thirds of the way up the front. The YKK zipper opens easily, and the compartment extends to about half the height of the bag. It’s the perfect place to stash a lighter jacket or a bulky computer charger.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Slash Pocket In UseHowever, keep aware that this pocket is not liter-independent. It’s more challenging to get into and out of the front pocket if the main compartment of the bag is entire. During our testing, we encountered this problem a few times, such as while attempting to fit a tiny computer charger into the pocket when the main compartment was completely filled (let’s just say it wasn’t easy).

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Slash Pocket Tight AccessThe GORUCK Bullet’s main compartment opens completely clamshell-style for easy access. A 15-inch laptop in a case fits within this tiny bag—not in the supplied sleeve, but simply inside the main pocket.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Packed With 15-Inch LaptopInside the pack’s front flap is a “GORUCK 10L Bullet Ruck” label that also says “Built In The USA.” Important note: While our Bullet was designed in the United States, GORUCK is moving most of its manufacturing to Vietnam. As a result, your results may differ.

A 1000D CORDURA nylon pocket is also included, with a coyote-colored zipper pull to distinguish it from the rest of the pulls. This pocket is approximately the size (or slightly bigger) of a passport, and it’s perfect for fast access—just unzip the bag’s top and reach inside.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Top Internal PocketJust below it, a mesh pocket is excellent for flatter things, and we appreciate the visibility that the mesh provides. Despite the fact that this compartment has some dimensions, we discovered that keeping flat objects works best.

You essentially have a big bucket on the opposite side of the main container. Between the 1000D nylon and the foam cushioning at the bottom of the bag, there’s some rather thick foam padding that helps give the bag some structure. With no cushioning, the somewhat floppier 1000D CORDURA cloth is found around the exterior. This technique, when used together, gives the bag structure and form while being lightweight and flexible.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L Tablet SleeveA sleeve made of the same 1000D CORDURA may be found towards the rear of the GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L. It’s a good spot to stash a water bladder, a rucking plate, or a smaller laptop or tablet if you’re rucking.

Above it, at the top, there’s a sturdy hefty metal D-ring that may be used as a toggle for your water bladder or to connect a carabiner to hang other things.

Testing & Durability

We’ve been using the GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L as a daily vehicle in Detroit, Michigan, and on a vacation to Arizona that included a number of flights at the time of this review.

Overall, it’s been a reliable and pleasurable small bag to use on a daily basis. It’s also great for ultra-light travel. We like how there’s just enough structure to compartmentalize your belongings but the main compartment is still big enough to utilize pouches and packing cubes—even on a short journey across the country.

GORUCK Bullet Ruck 10L In UseThe Bullet Ruck 10L has also proven to be very comfortable to wear. It takes a little while to get used to the shoulder straps, but once you do, they’re really comfy.

GORUCK now advises packing this bag inside a GR2 or GR3 when traveling in order to utilize it as a daypack once you get to your destination. However, we believe this is a touch excessive. For travel, we’ve had greater success with lighter, more compressible daypacks—especially because you’re usually trying to conserve weight. So, although the GORUCK Bullet may be used as a travel daypack, it’s definitely not the most practical choice.

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