If we ask you what genre your favorite novel belongs to, I’m sure many of you will say riddles like that. And now that you’re here, we can assume it’s one of your favorite genres. You’ve probably read a few thriller/enigma novels because there are many popular authors who write incredible mystery novels. So let’s get straight to the point; here, we will talk about one of the most popular legal thrillers/mysteries: the Bosch series by Michael Connally!

Michael Connally is a famous crime writer who has written many great novels and several independent novels. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and then graduated in Florida. He specializes in both journalism and creative writing. We knew from an early age that he wanted a convincing career as a criminal. However, he has worked as a journalist for various newspapers and has generally written about crime. And that’s where he got his inspiration for his mysterious novels. He debuted with his first novel in January 1992, with his first book Black Echo. It was also his first book with Harry Bosch. After that, he was unstoppable, wrote many books, and still gave us some great novels. He has received numerous awards, and his Bosch series has also been accepted as a television series.

Now let’s talk about the Bosch series. The series is entirely based on the character of Harry Bosch, a war veteran, and police officer from Los Angeles. His personal life was difficult when his mother was murdered when he was only 11 years old. He lived his life as an orphan and grew up alone. Although he has a half-brother, Mickey Haller, who is a lawyer in Los Angeles, his relationship with him is also interesting. He comes up with many unusual things, and he’s a bit like a person who believes in justice, no matter what.

In this article, we have written all the books from the Bosch series to help those who have never read the series and don’t know where to start. However, you can choose any book as your own. But if you are willing to invest your time in a whole series, read in chronological order.

Harry Bosch Books

Books by Harry Bosch

1. The Black Echo

Harry Bosch's books are in order

Michel Connally’s literary career began with this book, and it is also the first book in the Harry Bosch series! It was published in 1992 and won the Edgar Prize for the best first novel.

First, we meet the character Harry Bosch from the show, who is a homicide detective from the LAPD. The story begins with a corpse found in a drainpipe, but this is no ordinary case for Bosch because the corpse belongs to his war veteran, and his name is Billy Meadows. The case is definitely a lot bigger than it looks, and it’s a robbery that puts the FBI in the spotlight. He’s going to see Harry Bosch’s survival instincts.

2. The Black Ice

The Bosch books are good

The Black Ice shows the case of Calexico Moore, a drug enforcement officer, who was found dead in a Hollywood motel on Christmas Eve. Although the body was found with a suicide note when Harry Bosch raised the matter, certainly, it is not as simple as it seems.

His conclusion could be that the cop was looking at a drug-related murder. Harry Bosch makes new connections and connects points that more or less endanger his life. But one thing is clear: A case can have more roots than anyone can imagine.

3. The Concrete Blonde

Books by Harry Bosch

The third book in the series tells a more serious and terrifying crime because the story revolves around the puppeteer who was a serial killer. He was shot by Bosch himself and thought he was done with it! But is that so? There’s a death report similar to that of a serial killer. Now Bosch is indeed the greatest horror of his life. He begins to doubt himself because he has killed the wrong man. But there’s no question of him regretting what he’s done in the past because the killer is at work, and Bosch has to stop him before it’s too late.

4. The Last Coyote

Bosch books

Bosch’s fourth book starts with a bad grade for Harry Bosch. He feels lonely, has no home, and is currently unemployed because he has been suspended indefinitely! It also rejects the development of the psychiatrists the LAPD needs.

Although he understands that something has been bothering him for a long time and that he has to fix it before it is too late, he opens his mother’s file and sees what happened to her and how that file was wrong. It would be interesting to see what happens to him and how he deals with his past.

5. Trunk Music

Harry Bosch: books to read

Harry Bosch, who is currently suspended from the LAPD, has taken on a new case, and it’s from Hollywood! The body of a Hollywood producer was found in the trunk of a car. In addition, a man was shot twice from close range in the head, which sounds like music from the trunk or a mafia murder!

As soon as he delves a little deeper into the matter, it becomes complicated, and he realizes that something is really wrong. There’s evidence of gambling debts in Las Vegas. Somehow he manages to put himself in danger again, and here the story takes a different turn!

6. Angels Flight

The list of Harry Bosch's books

There’s an unusual case in this book that no police officer wants to deal with. Why? Because this case involves the death of a prominent black lawyer, Howard Elias. It generally concerns cases of racism and police violence. So no cop wanted his file, and then Harry Bosch got it!

He was killed in the public courtroom for prosecuting the LAPD, making everyone connected to the LAPD a suspect. And now that Harry Bosch is on the other side, you’ll soon discover new turning points in his life and in the lives of those around him.

7. A Darkness More Than Night

Harry Bosch's books to read

Once again, Harry Bosch leads a high-profile case revolving around the Hollywood actress. She was shot by a director who portrayed the incident as a suicide. In this case, a key witness was finally found who could be a clue. And this is the tape of former FBI agent Terry McCaleb retiring to work on his second case. It won’t be long before we realize that things are connected and that the two characters (Harry and Terry) have met for different reasons.

8. City of Bones

List of Bosch books

This is Harry Bosch’s life, and he can’t rest on New Year’s Eve! But he’s glad he’s working. He receives a phone call on New Year’s Day that the dog has found a man’s bone. While investigating this case, they stumbled upon a murder case that took place 20 years ago.

It’s a cold case, and Harry is struggling with his old memories. The figure of police beginner Julia Brasher crystallizes in the rest of the journey.

9. Lost Light

List of Bosch books

A lot of time has passed, and Harry Bosch begins to feel that the LAPD is not where he thought it was and that there is no place for justice. Despite being retired, he can’t live a civilian life. So it’s a good thing he took the case with him when he left the department.

Four years ago, thieves killed a robbery weapon and a production worker. More and more worried about money instead of justice for the victim. And now it’s in the hands of Harry Bosch, who will do everything in his power to bring justice to the forgotten victim. The investigation is unofficial and casts doubt on Harry, but he has to solve the case!

10. The Narrows

premium Bosch books

The Narrows is also the sequel to The Poet, the first book in the Connally Jack McAvoy series. Here, FBI agent Rachel Walling was involved in the investigation in which she tried to track down a serial killer, Poet. Meanwhile, Harry Bosch is investigating the murder of an old friend.

He soon realizes that his friend’s death has something to do with the Poet’s case. He then has to cooperate with Willings and investigate the case thoroughly to find out the truth about his friend’s death and to catch the serial killer.

11. The Closers

Books by Harry Bosch

It’s been three years since he left his job with the LAPD, and now it’s time to come back. But it’s not exactly how he left it. She is now part of an open/unopened elite unit. Here, inspectors solve cases that have been abandoned, jammed, and corrupted.

Harry took the case of a teenage boy killed on the battering ram. He found DNA from the murder weapon. This case is certainly difficult because it goes back to 1988, and Harry will have some problems adapting to the new system!

12. Echo Park

Harry Bosch's books are in order

As a member of the Open/Informed Division, Harry has found a positive side to this case because now he can take over the old case from his own, which he couldn’t solve at the time. The case goes back to 1993 and concerns a missing woman named Marie Gesto. Since the case became a murder case, he hasn’t been able to find a woman or solve the case. Instead, the investigation led her to a man who was accused of multiple murders and confessed to one murder to avoid the death penalty.

13. The Overlook

The Bosch books are good

Harry Bosch is back in the workgroup. His first case is about a doctor who was murdered. The doctor has access to cesium, a radioactive substance. The case is also suspicious because a large amount of cesium was missing at the time of the murder. Something important? Well, that suggests this case has a terrorist agenda. This time the ticking case is a challenge for Bosch because he will have to solve the case before it is too late.

14. 9 Dragons

The best books

This time Harry Bosch took on the case of a murdered Chinese businessman. He needs to work with the Asian crime unit to find a credible suspect. Meanwhile, he gets a call from a member of the Hong Kong triad whose daughter is missing! Are these two cases related?

15. The Drop

The best books by Harry Bosch

The drop has an unusual case where a DNA test for rape and murder was done in 1989 by an eight-year-old boy! You’ve got to be kidding me! And then Harry Bosch finds himself in a dilemma and has to do everything he can to find out the truth about the DNA results and the perpetrator of the rape and murder case!


So these are Bosh’s books you must have known. We hope that this article has helped you and that you know how to read the series of books in chronological order. Thank you for visiting our site and continuing to view more of this content.

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