Many people are unaware that you need to clean your laptop screen and keyboard at least once a month. Plus, there is no reason not to do it more often as long as the surface of your computer is still in good condition.

Whether it’s a high-end model with an Intel i9 processor or a budget one under $700, your laptop must be cleaned. Today, people who live in a dust-free environment may seem clean, but we’re willing to wager that your computer has seen far cleaner days.

The screen and the keyboard are the two main parts that need to be cleaned regularly for laptops. Unfortunately, even after wiping it down with a towel, a tiny coating of dust remains around the display and keyboard, passing undetected. Isn’t that so?

Many of us eat while working on a laptop or watching movies. You may not notice when you’re engaged doing other things, you may not see, but particles gather underneath the keyboard keys, reducing performance.

In reality, there are instances when you’ll need to clean your laptop from the inside out. For example, as time passes, the hardware within your computer may collect dust particles, causing it to run slower. As a result, you may need to remove the back panel and clean the dust from the fans and the circuit board.

  1. [Easy] Keeping the Laptop Screen Clean
  2. Your laptop’s keyboard should be cleaned. [Easy]
  3. Internal hardware is being cleaned. [Opening, the rear panel, is required.]

Keeping the Laptop Screen Clean:

1. Unplug and turn off your computer.

It would help if you disconnected any external devices connected to the computer before you can begin the cleaning procedure. Also, save all of your tasks and data before shutting down the machine for improved performance and cleaning.

You may have to hold your laptop for an extended period, in which case you should switch it off and unplug it from the charger.

2. Get a wet towel or a Screen Cleaning Kit.

You may either acquire a wet cloth from your closet if you have one, or you can locate a variety of items on e-commerce sites for better cleaning. A Screen Cleaner Kit by Screen Mom is one of the most well-known items that has gotten several positive reviews and has shown to be effective for people all over the globe.

It comes with a spray and a towel to wipe away any dust on the screen and any watermarks that are present. No ordinary cloth of water will probably be able to clean it. When cleaning the screen, be extra cautious not to use water. Laptops contain LCD panels that may be easily damaged if not correctly cared for.

3. Make a Screen Wipe

All you have to do now is spritz the liquid on the towel and wipe it gently. Alternatively, if you have a moist cloth at home, do the same to remove any dust particles. If you’re using a screen cleaner, double-check that it’s clean by wiping it with a dry cloth.

Also, any cleanser should be used daily. However, once a week is sufficient for the screen and your eyes to have a better vision.

4. Keeping the Keyboard Clean


Cleaning the Keyboard on a Laptop:

Following that, we’ll go through how to clean the keyboard. Cleaning the board may not need the same methods or supplies, but let’s see what we can accomplish.

1. Turn off the laptop’s charger.

To protect you from any shock or save your work from being damaged. It is critical to disconnect all gadgets from the laptop, including the charger. If you’re using an external keyboard, unplug it and clean it as much as possible.

Such sensitive devices must be handled cautiously since the keys may get loose or suffer other harm.

2. Invest in a keyboard sanitizer. 

The first item we’d suggest for cleaning your laptop is a bit battery-operated vacuum cleaner. It may seem excessive, but people have been using it and praising it.

An extremely comfy cleaning brush is another option to consider. The grip is very comfortable to use and is utilized throughout the globe. It is simple to use, but it also cleans every nook and key on the keyboard. Both goods are excellent. However, they are indifferent pricing ranges. Make sure you go over the merchandise and make your own decision.

3. Clean Up Your Keyboard

It’s now time to put the product you’ve selected to work. Also, before you do that, pat yourself on the back and flip the laptop upside down. All particles in the keyboard will be erased as a result of this.

Next, use a vacuum cleaner to collect dust, tiny particles, and other debris. It’s not very powerful, and it’s powered by a battery that has to be charged. It is, in reality, cordless to use. Furthermore, if you want to use the Cleaning Brush, wipe the edges of the keys one at a time.

4. Clean the Panels on the Outside

To restore the luster of your laptop as it was when you first purchased it. You must clean it regularly to ensure that dust does not develop on the front and rear panels.

You may use the same soft cloth or Microfiber cleaning cloth to complete the task. It may be used to clean laptops and the screens of phones, televisions, computers, and other electronic devices. You may also use moistened wipes with a few drops of alcohol here. Alcohol has been shown to kill bacteria, and the wipes will do the same.

Remove the wipes from the wrapper and use them on both the panel and the screen. It works perfectly. All dust particles, oil stains, grease, sticky components, and other contaminants will be removed.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Laptop’s Hardware? (Internally)

1633370363_351_How-To-Clean-A-Laptop-Screen-Keyboard-And-HardwareThe presence of dust on the motherboard may have an impact on performance.

So, now that we’ve cleaned the outside of a laptop, such as the screen and a keyboard, it’s time to clean the hardware components. This is not something that everyone should do. Certain fragile parts need extra care while opening, so makes sure you’re confident in your ability to clean them yourself.

1. Disconnect components by opening the panel.

To begin with, laptops from this century may not open completely; in this case, you will need to take them to a professional. Assuming you have the necessary screwdrivers for opening your laptop.

Open the rear panel by removing all screws. Now, detach the touchpad and keyboard with extreme caution. As previously said, these wires are susceptible, so do not exert any pressure. Furthermore, battery removal is no longer a possibility on many computers. However, if your laptop has one, you must remove it before removing the rear panel.

2. Use a can of compressed air or a small vacuum cleaner.

Ensure that your hardware is clean and that the laptop’s fan is clear of dust. A small vacuum cleaner or a can with pressurized air will be required.

As of yet, few people have used the May compressed Air, so that you can get one on Amazon. The cleaner will be wireless and will not need any electricity to function. It has a simple battery that may be charged and used at least once a month. This vacuum cleaner fits in your hand and can be used to clean PCs, laptops, and other electronic devices.

Caution: Do not use a vehicle vacuum cleaner to clean the hardware; you will ruin it!

3. Make sure the hardware is clean.

The only thing left is to clean the internal keyboard with the vacuum cleaner. So, turn on the cleaner and blow softly on the components. It may also be used to clean the fan to improve its performance.

After using the cleaner, wipe the components with a gentle cloth to avoid damaging any wires. Make sure you don’t use your vacuum cleaner at home since it’s too strong and the nozzle is too large to clean the laptops’ borders.

After that, you may go through the findings and see whether it appears better. Then, finally, assemble all of the pieces and screw them back together.

You may use the cleaner to blast air from the cooling vents on your computers if you cannot access them. Alternatively, you may use the ports on the laptop’s side panel. It will not completely clean it, but it will be enough.


Hopefully, you’ve gained a better understanding of cleaning your laptop. While some users choose to entrust it to a specialist for this, you may do it yourself after going through the procedures. Only be sure that the external hardware is removed and turned off before proceeding. Some of the most delicate items for cleaning the laptop’s interior and exterior components have been discussed. They’ve been tried and tested, and there’s a good chance they’ll work for you as well.

Never wipe your screen or keyboard with water. Although it may seem to be a fantastic idea, water will leave a mark on an LCD screen, which you do not want at any cost. As a result, avoid utilizing water in any way.

A towel will suffice if you don’t feel comfortable using any liquid or spray. Also, clean your laptop more often to ensure that it lasts longer than average.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I clean my laptop screen and keyboard with?

A: You can use slightly damp paper towels to clean your screen. To clean a keyboard, you need a brush and cleaner that can be bought in electronic shops or online shopping stores like Amazon.

How do I clean my laptop hardware?

A: To clean your laptop hardware, you can use a damp cloth or towel to wipe down the inside of the laptop casing and keyboard. Next, please turn on your HP Envy 17 notebook PC with nothing plugged in but an AC adapter and let it run until all heat sinks are cool. Finally, make sure that you have removed any debris from the fan vents using compressed air while they are still hot.

What can I safely clean my laptop screen with?

A: You might be thinking of using a screen cleaner like Windex or similar. However, these cleaners are only designed to safely clean computer screens and not the light-reflective surface of laptop screens. In addition, materials such as water, vinegar, lemon juice, alcohol, etc., will damage your laptop screen in time if you use it instead.

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