Mirroring, sharing, or video casting on Android is no longer new.

We can watch everything we do on our smartphones on television. It’s an interesting feature, but it’s also useful for all of us, and we’re going to have a little talk about it.

You can view videos or photos on the cordless phone or play games by flipping the phone’s image on the TV screen.

How To Mirror

You can watch movies or series directly from your phone on your TV screen. The resolution and large TV screen are ideal for movies, while the phone becomes a complete remote control.

You can play Android games directly on your TV, just like on your console, and it’s good to know that there are even games designed specifically for this feature – where your smartphone becomes the controller.

Thanks to screen mirroring, you can watch YouTube videos directly on your TV, which are broadcast in screen resolution.

Just sit in bed and play any video or audio content from your phone, which then becomes a TV remote control. Netflix, Amazon, and others are ideal for projecting smartphones on TV.

Some phones (such as Huawei or Samsung) support desktop mode when connected to a TV. The phone becomes a mouse keyboard and the television a computer screen. This allows you to use the television as a computer.

SmartPhones that support screen mirroring

For convenience, we need a smartphone with an integrated video mirror. Most luxury models have this function (Samsung, Lg, Huawei, etc.)
Cheaper models do not have this function.

Check if this function is available when purchasing a Smartphone.

Huawei – make sure you have the MirrorShare icon at the top of the screen after folding.

Samsung – make sure you have the screen mirror or Smart View icon

Check if the Cast function is available.

A better reflection of TV sets

Looking at the current market, most Samsung /TLC / LG / Philips / Sony TVs are equipped with a mirror function.

If your TV does not support image mirroring, we need an additional device to perform the mirroring function.

Use of a chromatograph or other video recorder

If we don’t have a smart TV, we can turn it into a cheap device like Chromecast.

Chromecast is a small gadget connected via HDMI to your TV and powered via the TV’s USB port or via an electrical outlet.

Chromecast connects to your smartphone via WiFi and is ready to broadcast the image and sound of your smartphone on your TV.

We’ll talk more about this at the end of the article.

Of course, you can also choose an external media player with WiFi, with which you can mirror the screen. A media player is much more than that: it can work with any file, has a web browser, and much more. It actually works like a small Android computer and turns your TV into a super-smart device.

Set your TV as a mirror of your smartphone screen


If you have an LG TV, go to Settings / Network and activate the Miracast / Wi-Di option from there. Once enabled, open Allshare Cast on your phone, and after a quick search, LG TV will be detected.

It is very easy to activate the mirror function on TVs equipped with a Web OS (Smart TV). First, select the screen-sharing program from the Web OS menu and then connect the two devices.


All new Samsung TVs automatically support the screen mirror function.

When you connect your phone to a TV, the device asks for your permission and automatically displays the video content on your phone.

On older TVs, press the Source button on the remote control and select Screen Mirroring from there.

Sony and Philips

The same method is used for Sony or Philips televisions.

If your Sony or Philips TV uses Android as an operating system, you can download the Google Home app to your phone.

This makes it possible to pair Android devices from the same network and connect the smartphone to a TV. For TVs without an Android operating system, simply access the signal source mirroring function. Then use Google Cast to play any video or audio file.

Screen Mirroring has different names for different TVs and smartphones.

Therefore, we must read the instructions for the use of the products we own.

How do I connect my Samsung smartphone to send photos and videos to my TV?

On Samsung phones, the screen mirroring function is available under different names depending on the model and version of the Android operating system.

We need a newer Smart TV or a plaster dongle for the mirror.

With Samsung’s latest TVs, the screen can be reproduced or taken out of a box, with the possible exception of a few cheap 32-inch models.

Use the Smart View function to display your screen.

Smart Preview to reproduce your phone's screen on your TV screen

Let’s see how to configure your Samsung smartphone to connect to a TV.

The function can be activated by flipping the smartphone’s screen and accessing the quick settings. Then, select the Smart View icon there.

Your Samsung smartphone is looking for compatible devices.

On TV, press the Source button, go to the screen mirror function, and select this option. Newer televisions do not need this step because this function is still active.

We select the TV we want to connect to on the smartphone from the list of found devices.

Television will ask permission to register, and we will accept this. So what we see on a Samsung smartphone will be on TV in a few seconds.

How to connect Huawei smartphones to TV?

Huawei is one of the popular brands competing directly with Samsung. So how do I mirror my screen with my Huawei phone?

For older Huawei models (P9 etc.), enable the multiscreen function in the settings – scroll down on the top control panel.

When enabled, the multiscreen function displays the TVs available for connection.

Select the TV you want to connect to from the list, and you can play multimedia content on your phone. On the new Huawei smartphones, this function is called wireless projection.

Using wireless projection.

Smartphone mirroring

Activate the wireless projection by clicking on the icon of the application.

Your phone starts searching for TVs that you can connect to your phone.

Once we’ve found our TV, select it, and your Huawei smartphone will sync with it. Then, simply place the TV source on the screen mirror to see the contents of the phone’s screen.

If your TV is compatible with a TV, you can also activate the desktop mode, which turns it into a computer, and the phone works like a mouse and keyboard.

How do I mirror my LG phone screen on my Smart TV?

Mirror of the lg smartphone on TV

LG smartphones have a similar function to reflect your TV screen.

You can access this function by scrolling the top panel and activating the screen sharing function in the shortcut menu.

A list of found TVs is displayed. Select the desired TV from the list, and the phone connects to it. Accept the connection to the television.

iPhone mirror screen on Samsung, Philips, or LG Smart TV.

This is usually not possible when using the integrated Airplay application.

However, there is also a paid application that allows you to reproduce the content of your iPhone or iPad on the most popular Smart TVs on the market.

The application is called AirBeam and costs about $10. Install the application, and it will be connected to a compatible TV.

It’s one of the few programs the screen can display without an Apple TV.

What Can I see When Using a Mirror Screen?

how to reproduce your smartphone on your TV

Almost everything. We can directly mirror the screen, watch movies, play games or launch any application.

For videos and photos, just go to the gallery, select the video you want, and it will immediately start playing on your TV screen with very good quality.

So you can easily watch your favorite movies or videos on Youtube.

As far as games are concerned, I’m just as interested, even though the resolution of the TV screen is much lower and the image looks much more pixellated than on a special console of the new generation.

I’ve played many games with mirrors: Run, shoot, or action games. Everything worked well, there were no significant delays, and the gameplay was pretty good.

Mirroring as a free minigame console can only be used with a smartphone and a TV.

This is probably one of the most interesting Android and smart TVs introduced in recent years.

Introduction of Chrome Castings for Mirror Screen

If we don’t have a Smart TV, what do we do to reflect the smartphone’s screen on the TV? What if the phone doesn’t have a screen? Flip the screen or do a casting?

The cheapest and most convenient solution is to use Chromecast.

This device invented by Google allows you to display your smartphone’s screen on your television. Chromecast is connected to your TV via HDMI and powered via the TV or USB port.

What can Chromecast do?

It can project a smartphone screen onto your TV, play games developed for Chromecast, or run various applications such as HBO Go, Netflix, YouTube, and many others.

This device has all these functions, does not use the phone battery, and is really very cheap.

So if you don’t have a smart TV or if your phone doesn’t have a mirror, Chromecast is probably the best solution to turn your TV into a smart TV.

Using the Chromecast device requires wireless Internet access, but I don’t think this is a problem for most of us. These are the essential things you need to know.

Of course, this feature is also available on other Android 4.2 and higher phone models.

Applications For Streaming Movies Over The Internet 

If you want to watch movies using the screen mirror of your smartphone, some popular applications are Vlc, All Share Cast, Bubble UPnP.

These applications are designed to transfer images and sound from your smartphone to any compatible TV and are ideal as media players.

In addition, most of these applications can deliver live content from the Internet (via a link or URL) directly to your TV screen.

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