For those of us who have seen IKEA FRAKTA® cubes before, it is most likely the perfect packing solution for you. These boxes are practical and easy to use. But if you’re on a budget or want something different for your trip, look no further than these FORFINA Packing Cubes from Amazon.

We’ve been informed that the IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes are the best affordable packing cubes. So many emails tell us that we need to check them out.

Did the IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes live up to the hype? Yes and no, respectively. We’ve already experienced an issue with one of them’s zipper, which isn’t promising, but the pack of six will set you back less than ten dollars (!). That’s less than two airport cafe semi-fancy coffee beverages. We’ve been blown away by the quality of the price.

Aesthetics & Materials

What you pay for is what you get. In this situation, it’s a cliche, but it’s true. The materials aren’t high-end. The outside is composed entirely of polyester, a synthetic fabric you’re acquainted with (check the labels on your clothes to see if you’ve come across it). It’s a lightweight cloth, but it’s not the most durable. If it snags and shreds, the rips will continue to expand until the cube is rendered useless.

IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes Polyester Material And MeshThree of the six pieces have mesh tops, while the other three do not. The mesh lets you see what you’ve packed within each cube, which adds to the diversity. It is, however, simpler to grab mesh. So be cautious.

IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes ZipperThe zippers aren’t labeled (perhaps made from IKEA themselves). We’re always skeptical of zippers that aren’t labeled, and for a good reason. We’ve already experienced an issue with the zipper on an enormous packing cube—the coil began to break and come apart while the cube was still zipped up.

By zipping and unzipping the cube a few times, we could temporarily cure it. However, the zipper broke again during the picture shoot for this review. We’ve repaired it a second time, but we fear the broken zipper tale is far from over.

When you’re packing in a hurry—or, as we like to put it, packing—these zippers aren’t very reliable.

IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes LogoIn terms of appearance, we have no issues. They’re plain, with just a little black IKEA tag on the corner of each cube for branding. They’re only available in a light gray colorway at this review.

Though we don’t detest this hue, we’d like to see IKEA offer these cubes in various colors in the future (extra points if you could mix and match colors within a single set). These cubes appear surprisingly stylish when paired with the black tag.

Usage & Features

There are no genuine “features” on these things—no weather resistance, compression straps, or uniqueness. They’re excellent at executing the task they designed (organizing your stuff).

IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes In UseThe set’s six packing cubes come in three different sizes, which we believe is fantastic since it allows you to arrange a wide range of items. And the IKEA staff did an excellent job of sizing the things. They’re large enough to hold stuff but not so large that they’re useless. Socks, underwear, and loungewear may be packed into smaller ones, white shirts and trousers can be filled in bigger ones.

You may utilize all six or mix and match depending on how much room you have in your backpack.

IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes With ClothesThey’re simple to pack since they have a good bit of dimension. Then, simply roll up your clothes (or fold them according to your preference) and place them inside.

There are no handles, which isn’t a significant concern since we don’t use handles on other packing cubes very frequently. However, the absence of handles makes it more difficult to pull one of these cubes from your backpack and carry it on its own (I’m not sure why you’d want to do that, but that’s beside the point).

Testing & Durability

We’ve been putting the IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes to the test in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Spain for over two months. As previously said, they aren’t the most sturdy packing cubes available. They’ll probably shatter if you’re utilizing them—jumping from country to country, cramming them to the brim—a tear in the polyester or mesh, if not a zipper malfunction.

However, in terms of utility, they’re excellent. Each cube’s range of sizes and dimensions provides for a simple packaging process. The IKEA FORFINA Packing Cubes are a fantastic alternative if you’re searching for affordable packing cubes for your next journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are packing cubes worth it?

A: Yes, they are worth it. They save you a ton of space and make packing so much easier

Are all packing cubes the same?

A: No, all packing cubes are not the same. Some may be made of lighter materials than others, and some will have more compartments or a handle that makes it easier to carry them around when traveling.

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