G2A is an online marketplace with millions of products across hundreds of categories. However, the website has been criticized for its lack of accountability and support to game developers and publishers who have their games sold through G2A’s platform. Nevertheless, despite these issues, many gamers still flock to G2A for discounted game codes.

G2A is a website that allows users to buy game codes at discounted rates. G2A has been accused of being a scam and not being legitimate, but many people have had good experiences with the site.

What would you do if you found a website offering game and software activation codes for a fraction of the retail cost? Do you have any doubts about the site’s legitimacy? Would you be willing to provide your credit card information for a heavily discounted game?

Those are the kinds of questions individuals have been asking themselves while considering adopting G2a’s services since they first became popular. Unfortunately, with technological improvements advancing at a breakneck pace, frauds and cons are rising, and we must be vigilant when giving up our private information. If Kinguin is any indication, G2a may not be as spotless as everyone believes.

So, how does G2A work in practice?

Comparing G2A to eBay is the simplest way to describe what it accomplishes. Of course, we’ve all used or heard of eBay and are familiar with its operation. G2A is a marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to “swap” games and software activation codes, and it’s incredibly similar.

But, you say, what’s the advantage? You can get these game keys at a lower price than if you bought them directly. This is a lovely spot to provide an example…

Take, for example, Rainbow Six: Siege; the game is now available on Steam for £16.99; meanwhile, the identical match is available on G2a for £11. Intrigued? You should be since it’s not only Rainbox Six that can save you money with a button! There are hundreds of games and software alternatives to pick from, which can be purchased in bulk for a reduced price. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Steam, Ubisoft, Origin, Software codes, and Xbox Live credits.

You’re undoubtedly wondering how these merchants can afford to offer games at such a low price. That beautifully brings us into our following portion…

Is G2A a genuine company?

G2a is, strictly speaking, legal. Whether or not the merchants who utilize the site are genuine is entirely different. G2a has no means of knowing what the vendors are selling or where the games are coming from. As a result, you, as a customer, maybe purchase anything that is stolen, damaged, or useless, and G2a has no way of knowing who is at risk.

G2a, on the other hand, has put in place some safeguards to try to protect you as a buyer. The first step G2a took was to require each seller to validate their social media accounts and phone numbers before dealing on the platform. Furthermore, sellers were restricted to a total of 10 sales per individual, after which they would be required to provide extra security information to continue trading. The ultimate goal was to prevent fraudulent or dubious sales transactions, and it appears to be having a positive impact.

So, if G2a is legitimate, how can dealers acquire their codes at such a low price?

Origins of the Product

The whereabouts of Origins of the Product on these platforms can sometimes be a grey area such as life. Thousands of trades are completed every day and most are completely legitimate. So, where do they come from?

As most people know, game prices vary based on your area, the time of year you purchased the game, if you bought in bulk, etc. There are several legal methods for a person or company to get game and software activation keys at a reduced price.

However, due to an incident a few years ago, there is still skepticism about product key markets. The following is a summary of the story…

“Electronic Art’s Origin was used to acquire many game codes, which were subsequently traded on Kinguin’s marketplace.” Weeks later, it was revealed that the codes acquired on EA Origin and subsequently sold on Kinguin had been obtained using stolen credit cards. When Ubisoft learned about this, they withdrew the game keys, making them utterly unusable and leaving thousands of unwitting customers with damaged merchandise.” – The complete article may be seen here.

The sales of all grey market sales websites have understandably suffered due to this. G2a, on the other hand, has been modifying service protocols to ensure that buyers are as secure as feasible.

What Happens If I Purchase A Fake Code?

Just because G2a is cracking down on scammers and fraudulent activity doesn’t mean that it isn’t still going on. Check out the numerous forum posts circulating the web to see how easily you could become a victim of a scam… So, what happens if I purchase a game key that isn’t valid?

Unlike Kinguin, which charges a fee for its buyer’s protection scheme, G2a has chosen another path. G2A offers a money-back guarantee, similar to eBay, if “a digital item you purchased on G2A.COM is not as described, does not work, or stops working, you will receive a refund.” It’s the same as what eBay offers, and they’re doing OK…

If your “digital thing,” as G2a refers to it, is not as stated in the product bio, you must first register a claim as a consumer. The claim procedure takes a few minutes, after which it is sent straight to a G2a team, who investigates the claim. If everything checks out, i.e. your digital item isn’t what you expected, you’ll get a full refund to your bank or G2a account.

Don’t worry, the vendor won’t get away with it. G2a, like eBay, operates on the basis of good and negative seller feedback. As a result, customers are far less likely to purchase from a vendor who has a poor rating against their name.

Buying Or Not Buying

So, now that you know all there is to know about G2A, would you still purchase a product via their marketplace platform? It’s a challenging issue and one that may come down to your own moral compass and conscience to answer.

Personally, I’ve seen what excellent and awful marketplaces look like, and comparing G2a to eBay is a really positive remark in the grand scheme of things.

G2A seems to be much more legitimate and trustworthy than sites like Kinguin, which is wonderful news for everyone in the industry. G2A’s money-back guarantee seems to serve a function at no extra expense, but Kinguin aggressively seeks to extract more money from its client base.

All that being stated, I believe it would be appropriate to buy a game via G2A to demonstrate how the process works, so let’s get started.

Using a G2a Promotional Code

Purchasing a game on G2a was a very simple process that gave me confidence that I didn’t have with other marketplaces. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to purchase a game’s code from G2a.

To begin, locate the search box and enter the title of the game you want to play. Select ‘See all results’ if your game isn’t shown in the drop-down menu.

G2a search for your game

After that, either pick or click’see all results’ to get to the games page.

G2a Select your game

Choose your game from the available options. BE AWARE — Double-check that your code is legal in your country and on the platform you’re planning to utilize it. If you’re uncertain, look it up in the game’s description.

Scroll down the game page to view a list of vendors for that particular title.

G2a select seller and best price

You may arrange the vendors on this page by best pricing and best rating. You can also see the seller’s feedback rating and the number of sales they’ve made.

G2a added to cart

When you’ve found the seller you want, click the cart, and the game will be added to your shopping list.

When you click continue, you’ll be taken to your shopping cart and any items you want to buy.

G2a will calculate the final price, including fees, within this window. It’s also where you’ll use any promotional codes you have.

Before proceeding to payment you will have to agree to T&C’s and enter your email address for confirmation.

To continue, click ‘Go to payment’ once you’ve finished.

G2a shopping cart

You’ll be taken to a payment page where you’ll be given 11 options to choose from. Continue to the payment screen after selecting your preferred payment method.

g2a Payment method

Unless you wish to be a member of the G2A plus club, which costs £1.99 each month, make sure the 7-day FREE TRIAL is unticked.

G2a confirmed order

You will be taken to a confirmation page (above), where you can see your purchase and get your key after your payment has been validated.

To view your game code, click ‘Get CD Key.’

G2a getting your game key

The code for your game can be found on the print screen above. That’s all there is to it.

Final Thoughts

We all want a good deal, but do we want to take a chance to get one? I don’t believe we do… But this begs the question: is G2a a danger?

Well, from a personal perspective, as someone who has seen and used less morally conscious marketplaces, I’m not going to name any names… But, G2a, in my opinion, is one of the most authentic markets for consumers and sellers.

With G2a’s new regulations and procedures, I can only see it expanding in popularity in the following years, particularly considering how much esports has grown in general over the previous ten years.

For game discounts, go to G2A!

If you’re looking to save money on some great gaming titles, G2a could be exactly up your alley. Alternatively, if you want to be as eco-friendly as possible, wait for the steam summer sale and buy your games there.

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