When you think about corporate identity, furniture and office solutions, you always think of IKEA first. Many people have a preference for this Swedish brand. But in addition to IKEA, there’s also a Scandinavian-inspired brand, JYSK.

Overview of the YAMSC Board Presidency

And today we’re looking at the brand’s office chairs. And let’s see if you want to buy something for your home office.

About the brand

The JYSK Group, as it is known, is a family business based in Denmark. This brand makes furniture and decorations that you can use for your home. They also produce office chairs and other work furniture. Just like IKEA.

Both brands actually have a Scandinavian style. IKEA of Sweden and JYSK of Denmark. Jysk offers cheaper products, but IKEA seems to have reliable products.

Cute Aesthetics

When it comes to aesthetics, JYSK office chairs are beautiful. The colours of the office chairs and most of the furniture are neutral. But you can see the fine details when it comes to the material used. It can even fit perfectly in your apartments.

JYSK chairs can easily distinguish themselves from other neutral-coloured office chairs. They can be so beautiful.

What is the total cost of the trip?

Here’s the deal. JYSK office chairs are undoubtedly lonely and can add more charm to your home office. But in terms of overall quality and ergonomics it is debatable. I’ll list them one by one.

Lack of ergonomics and adjustable functions

The height of the chairs and armrests of the most popular JYSK chairs can be adjusted. However, most JYSK office chairs function more like swivel chairs. There are no special ergonomic features that make the device comfortable for a long period of time. You will also miss some of the adjustable elements often found in an entry-level office chair, such as B. the high back management chair or the Myo chair.


JYSK office chairs can be more comfortable than Billum and Ravning office chairs. These JYSK figures are sufficiently upholstered. But when it comes to comfort, it’s not just the mesh filling that counts. Other factors must also be taken into account, such as the rear seat and the connection of parts to each other. And that’s what most JYSK chairs seem to miss.

This allows the chairs to be comfortable even if they are seated for a short period of time.

And that makes it the most striking.

The part you’ll be happiest with this office chair is the price. These office chairs are probably one of the most affordable office chairs at entry level.

Some JYSK chairs cost just over $100. All chairs in the brand’s range are priced below $100 or slightly higher.

Top 3 best office chairs JYSK

President Billum’s Office

At first glance, the Billum office chair is reminiscent of IKEA Marcus. He has almost the same high back. And both chairs are padded and upholstered. Even the armrests are quite similar, the two chairs can aesthetically pass for twins.

This office chair is a feast for the eyes. But I have to say that if you want it to take a long time, you have to know that the brand’s range of office chairs is for basic use only. He’s pretty soft with a generous net on his back. It also provides excellent ventilation. And the pillow is halfway too hard and too soft for good butt support.

But if you’re on the heavyweight side, you have to look the other way. This office chair will not be able to support people who are bigger and heavier. Although it is a high-backed chair, the overall integrity of the office chair would be compromised if used by a heavier person.

And here are some other good points. In the first place, most medium sized users find it quite comfortable for their back and buttocks. But I don’t recommend it for people with back problems, because the backrests are not really adjustable. And it offers some tilt adjustment, although some users would have liked more options. The height of the seat is also adjustable between 45 and 55 inches so that most users can adjust it.

Third: The width of the arm is adjustable. The back seat has a subtle bulge, that’s all. And fourth, the delivery is pretty fast. The installation of the device is also easy.

Even if you’re of average height, you can hear squeaking noises as you move. If this bothers you, you should look for other options.

Overall, it’s an affordable office chair for less than $100. Although the weight is 110 kg, I do not recommend it for heavier people. A foam cushion can quickly compensate if you are heavy.

So it’s for those looking for a simple office chair with a $100 budget. And you have to have an average weight to appreciate this office chair.


  • Back to the grid
  • Aesthetics
  • Suitable for medium-sized users


RAVNING Office chair

The Ravning office chair is not necessarily ergonomic. But it’s pretty amazing and modern. The only ergonomic feature is the adjustable seat height. But everything else looks like a chair for basic tasks.

The chair and seat are upholstered and covered with a honeycomb structure. I find the material very pleasing to the eye. And it’s pretty easy to clean if you accidentally spill liquid on it. The back of the butterfly is quite unique, and it feels good on your back. He can provide decent support. The general feeling when sitting in the chair is quite comfortable.

But the whole presidency seems to lack coordination. The connection between the seat and frame and the feet is a little shaky. So I don’t think it’s good for the heavyweights. Although it weighs more than 100 kg, the tire looks fragile.

Overall, it is very satisfactory from an aesthetic point of view. The butterfly in the backseat and the pillow are quite decent. But this chair is a lightweight one. He shouldn’t sit still anymore. And if you’re too heavy, you can fall when you’re sitting in that chair.


  • It looks modern and beautiful.
  • Easy to clean
  • Rear seat with butterfly valve
  • A decent kiss.


  • The bond between the parties is not very strong…

Swivel chair without arms ABILDHOLT

This sleeveless office chair has a great modern look. It’s pretty handy if you want to sit on it for a couple of hours. The pillow is a little thin, so sitting on it for 6 to 8 hours can be torture.

Another positive point: the swivel chair is pleasant to sit in and rolls smoothly over the floor.

All in all, it can be a useful chair to move things forward. Thanks to its neutral colour and modern design, it will be easy to integrate into the interior of your home. It can be very comfortable if you only use it for one to two hours, otherwise you may feel pain in your buttocks, back or even your whole body.


  • Superb design
  • The hinge is fine.
  • Spinning wheels work perfectly


  • The filling is thin
  • Lack of ergonomics

Who is responsible for JYSK office chairs for?

JYSK office chairs are for you if you are looking for a very affordable and aesthetic entry chair. These chairs are light, very light if you like. Although the brand claims that some chairs can carry more than 100 kg, I doubt that.

A well-built, high-quality chair is not very durable. I therefore suggest to use it only for lighter people who do not have back problems. Even if you only use it for a short period of time, it can still be of service to you.

Last word

JYSK chairs are undoubtedly beautiful and amazing. At first glance, you want one for your home office. And at this price it will be super affordable. But maybe outside of aesthetics, not so much.

It’s more like a work chair. Although some devices have some customizable features, most do not. So it’s not for you if you need an ergonomic and adjustable office chair. It’s not for people with back problems either. And certainly not for the heaviest and highest.

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