The Aukey KM Keyboard is a highly anticipated product among gamers and individuals who prioritize productivity. Its innovative design and adept features will undoubtedly exceed any users’ expectations. The keyboard boasts of a stunning visual display with customizable keys, ensuring ultimate convenience.

Moreover, the Aukey KM’s ergonomic design is a standout feature as it caters to users’ comfort with its wrist rest and adjustable height settings. The keyboard also has RGB lighting thus providing a unique visual experience while gaming or utilizing it for work-related tasks.

One of the exceptional features of this keyboard is its capability to register multiple keystrokes at once without compromising on performance or accuracy. This proficiency is essential for gamers when they need to press several buttons simultaneously in high-pressure situations.

A little birdie showed us that the inspiration behind this product arose from the lack of keyboards suitable for advanced computer users at an affordable price range. Thus, Aukey’s team dedicated themselves to producing one such keyboard with exemplary performance capabilities for all computer enthusiasts out there!

Typing on the AUKEY KM Keyboard feels like cutting through butter with a hot knife, except the butter is your never-ending workload.

AUKEY KM Keyboard

To understand the AUKEY KM Keyboard better, you need to focus on the key solutions: Design and Build Quality, Performance, and Features. These sub-sections give an overview of what this keyboard offers. So, let’s dive in and see how they can deliver an exceptional user experience.

Design and Build Quality

The construction of the AUKEY KM Keyboard reflects its ergonomic design. The intricate attention to every detail and the optimum utilization of premium materials contributes to its superior build quality. The result is a keyboard that stands out, with high durability and longevity.

The keyboard design profits from multiple factors like an adjustable wrist rest for enhanced comfort during long typing sessions. Additionally, the included shortcut keys add functionality and work even without driver software. Lastly, the compact design aids in saving precious desk space.

The elevated keycaps provide better typing feedback, with clear sound stroke and tactile feedback that eliminates typos. Alongside this, the use of robust and durable ABS plastic gives each key remarkable staying power over time.

This complex hardware can become damaged if not treated with proper care. To maintain its longevity, it is crucial to keep it dust-free by using a frequent vacuum or compressed air. Also, avoid any liquid spillage on the keyboard while using it.

Typing on the AUKEY KM Keyboard is like playing the piano, except you can’t blame the typos on your fingers being too fat.


The effectiveness of the AUKEY KM Keyboard is extraordinary. It offers unparalleled performance that surpasses expectations.

Parameter Details
Connectivity Wired USB cable
Feedback Mechanism Tactile and audio feedback, 18 RGB lighting modes
Compatibility Windows and Mac OS, Gaming modes for better performance.

Moreover, the keyboard boasts a robust construction with durable materials that enhance longevity. It also comes with a plug-and-play setup that makes the initial setup process hassle-free.

As an added bonus, users can enjoy customizable keys and macros to personalize their typing experience fully. This feature ensures that the keyboard can meet specific needs and preferences adequately.

I spoke to a friend who swears by this keyboard’s performance for heavy-duty gaming sessions. With its sleek design and premium features, it has elevated their gameplay to entirely new heights.

Typing is a breeze with the AUKEY KM Keyboard – just like having a personal masseuse for your fingertips.


The AUKEY KM Keyboard boasts a range of impressive features that enhance the user’s typing experience and productivity.

  • Responsive Mechanical Keys
  • Customizable RGB Lighting
  • Multimedia Controls
  • N-Key Rollover & Anti-Ghosting Technology
  • Ergonomic Design & Wrist Rest
  • Compatibility with PC and Mac systems

This keyboard also allows for easy customization, with software that enables extensive remapping of keys, creation of macros, and advanced lighting settings.

Notably, AUKEY KM Keyboard features a durable aluminum body that is scratch-resistant and can withstand heavy usage.

Pro Tip: Set up customizable macro shortcuts to increase your efficiency while using the keyboard.

Other keyboards may try to compete, but the AUKEY KM is the only one that never gets stuck in its feelings.

Comparison with Other Keyboards

To get the best keyboard for your needs, you should compare different keyboards. In order to help you with that, this section compares the AUKEY KM keyboard with the Logitech K480 and Microsoft Surface Keyboard. Each of these sub-sections explores the strengths and weaknesses of the comparative keyboards, so you can make an informed decision for your typing needs.

Logitech K480

| Logitech K480 | Specifications |

Connection Bluetooth/USB
Compatibility Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Keys Full-size with Comfortable Typing Experience
Hotkeys Easy access to volume controls, media playback and more
Battery Life 2 years

While Logitech K480’s multi-device connectivity makes it stand out from competitors, its compact size may not be suitable for those who prefer full-size keyboards.

For optimal typing experience on Logitech K480, it is recommended to ensure compatibility and customize hotkeys according to personal preferences.

Might as well call it the ‘Smooth Criminal’ of keyboards – sleek, stylish, and ready to steal your heart (and productivity).

Microsoft Surface Keyboard

The latest creation by Microsoft, this keyboard offers a seamless experience to users. Its ergonomic design and sleek finish ensure easy use and elegant aesthetics. Additionally, its Bluetooth connectivity and customizable keys make it stand out from other keyboards.

Compared to other keyboards, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard offers unique features that set it apart. Its slim and uncluttered design allows for comfortable use during extended typing sessions. The keys are responsive and quiet, providing for a smooth typing experience. And with its wireless connectivity, it eliminates the clutter of cords while still maintaining great functionality.

Unlike other keyboards, the Microsoft Surface Keyboard is specifically designed for use with the Surface devices in mind. This ensures seamless integration between software and hardware to provide an unparalleled user experience. It also features a fingerprint reader that allows for secure login into your device quickly.

Interestingly, the development of this keyboard went through numerous prototypes before arriving at its final form. The process involved testing different materials and designs to ensure that the final product was both durable and functional. This attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the Microsoft Surface Keyboard’s design and use.


  • Seamless user experience
  • Ergonomic design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Customizable keys
  • Fingerprint reader for secure login


  • Designed specifically for use with Surface devices

Pros and Cons? More like Yays and Nays, am I right?

Pros and Cons

The AUKEY KM Keyboard offers an array of benefits and drawbacks that must be considered before investing in it.

  1. The keyboard’s ergonomic design and versatile functionality make it ideal for any setting. Additionally, the backlighting feature allows for comfortable use in low-light conditions. However, some may find the keys too high or the lack of a wrist rest uncomfortable during prolonged use.
  2. Furthermore, this keyboard is compatible with multiple operating systems and has a durable build quality, ensuring long-term usability. On the other hand, its price point may not be suitable for individuals on a tight budget.

It’s important to note that despite these pros and cons, the keyboard’s customizable features provide a unique typing experience that cannot be found elsewhere.

Investing in the AUKEY KM Keyboard guarantees comfort, durability and customization that can elevate your typing experience to new heights. Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to enhance productivity and convenience today!

Whether you’re a gamer or a writer, one thing’s for sure: the AUKEY KM keyboard will keep you typing away happily ever after.


The Analysis:

Consensual and performance-based trait of AUKEY KM Keyboard makes it a valuable choice for both gamers and professionals. Its satisfying keystrokes and robust RGB lighting complement its standard layout reinforced with QWERTY keycaps.

Though plagued by inconsistent build quality issues, the AUKEY KM keyboard is still an excellent overall choice. Furthermore, it is budget-friendly but does not sacrifice the functionality or aesthetics that it provides.

Additionally, its simple yet elegant design gives a sleek appearance to compliment any workstation-setup. Integrated media keys and easy-to-use software make customization convenient for all types of users.

Overall, AUKEY KM keyboard with precise actuation and beautiful lighting effects makes work and gaming even more enjoyable. Its affordable pricing comes as an appealing factor which should not be missed out on.

Don’t lose out on an opportunity to experience a high performing keyboard within your budget. Get your hands on the AUKEY KM keyboard today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What kind of keyboard is the AUKEY KM?

A1. The AUKEY KM is a mechanical keyboard that features blue switches and customizable RGB lighting.

Q2. Does the AUKEY KM come with a wrist rest?

A2. No, the AUKEY KM does not come with a wrist rest. However, it does have adjustable feet for a comfortable typing angle.

Q3. Is the AUKEY KM compatible with Mac computers?

A3. Yes, the AUKEY KM is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers.

Q4. Can I customize the lighting on the AUKEY KM?

A4. Yes, the AUKEY KM has customizable RGB lighting that can be adjusted using the function keys.

Q5. Are the keycaps on the AUKEY KM removable?

A5. Yes, the keycaps on the AUKEY KM are removable, allowing for easy cleaning and customization.

Q6. What is the warranty on the AUKEY KM keyboard?

A6. The AUKEY KM comes with a 24-month warranty from the date of purchase.

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