Knix is a new bra that works as eight different bras in one. Each time it’s worn, you choose the best option for your needs and comfort level. Knix offers seamless support for up to 40K cup sizes and comes with an augmented reality app to see what each style looks like on your body before buying.

This article offers an unbiased review of the Knix 8-in-1 Evolution Bra. The bra is designed with bras for all different shapes and sizes. This comprehensive piece discusses how it compares to other brands, including its cost, durability, comfort, ease of use, and more.

Knix, a Canadian firm, hopes to change things after hearing the same old complaints from women about their underwear. This firm makes our hearts glad not just with their goods but also with their dedication to keeping things up and up. They design all of their items in Canada and produce them ethically in China and South Korean factories.

If you’ve ever worn a bra, you know how difficult it is to find one that is both comfortable and provides the support and form you seek. Typically, you must pick two of those three possibilities and accept that the third request will not be fulfilled. “Challenge accepted,” Knix remarked after hearing everything. Their 8-in-1 evolution bra combines the benefits of both a sports bra and an underwire bra. It looks like an underwire bra but provides the support and comfort of a sports bra.

Doesn’t it seem too fantastic to be true? We were hesitant, but we were amazed after only a few hours of testing.

Knix 8-in-1 with crossed strapsThe 8-in-1 Evolution Bra, as its name implies, may be worn in eight distinct ways. It’s reversible, with two different colors on either side and matching straps. It’s totally up to you how you wear it. However, we must add that the whole “eight different ways” thing is misleading. What they mean is that you should choose a regular or cross-strap and then mix and match the colors of the straps for a total of eight alternatives. It’s two different styles in two different hues. We can’t think of a scenario when a black bra with beige straps would be appropriate, but feel free to prove us wrong.

We mainly utilized the conventional style when evaluating this bra. However, after trying it on, we found the cross-strap design to be considered too tight to wear comfortably. We only had the bra in this way for around five minutes before re-jig it back to its original position.

Knix straps are easily removedKnix straps are simple to take off. Unfortunately, the straps are also rather substantial. Coupled with spaghetti straps, this is perfect for comfort and support but not for looks.

But can we say how pleasantly delighted we are by how wonderful this bra’s silhouette is? Good. We’ve been pleasantly pleased. Its seamless shape ensures that it will not show through tight garments, something we can attest to.

Knix 8-in-1 Evolution padded braYou may choose between a standard or padded version of this bra. The padded option seems like the natural choice to keep the form of a regular bra rather than a sports bra, but Knix doesn’t need it. Padding provides some modesty on frigid days, so do what you like.

Knix’s second big selling point is that they’re as supportive as a sports bra. This would be fantastic for travelers since it would allow them to travel with even less luggage. While we wouldn’t advocate getting rid of your sports bras, you could comfortably travel with only this one. During complete yoga lessons, there was minimal slippage, and everything remained mainly in place during trail running. It doesn’t provide the same level of support as a sports bra, but it’ll suffice.

Knix 8-in-1 bra closure at the backHowever, we observed that having the more traditional bra clasp at the back with hooks and eyes made this bra less comfortable while performing crunches. The themes and eyeballs bite into your back, making crunches considerably more uncomfortable than usual. While this isn’t a deal-breaker, it does restrict the activities in which you may use this as a sports bra.

The material is another plus for the 8-in-1 evolution bra. Because it’s constructed of nylon and spandex, it’s flexible and won’t trap moisture against your skin. It will be a touch tight at first, but it will stretch and conform to your shape with time, which is part of what makes this bra so comfortable. However, the cloth fits loosely beneath the arms and pushes out. This is the one section that isn’t wholly shaped, and we don’t like the way it appears.

Knix uses nylon and spandexKnix is made out of nylon and spandex. The Evolution 8-in-1 is also simple to care for and fast to dry, making it perfect for travel. This bra may be machine washed or washed in the sink with a light detergent and then laid flat to dry. Knix claims to be anti-microbial and odorless, and although we can’t confirm that it is, we can tell you that we tested how stinking it can become, and it doesn’t. This bra did not drive others to sit on the other side of the room after an excessive number of days wearing it nonstop without a wash (we’re too embarrassed to say the precise date, but it was more than you’d be comfortable with).

Is the Evolution 8-in-1 the one-size-fits-all bra? Probably not, but it did transform us from skeptics to believers. Who knew you could have support, comfort, and a good silhouette in one bra without selling your soul or squandering a genie’s wish? You may now do so. So keep your desire for anything like tackling global warming in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy Knix bras in stores?

A: The answer to this question is no. You can buy Knix bras online through their website, but they do not sell in stores at the moment.

Does Knix fit true to size?

A: Yes.

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