The Lander Commuter Backpack 25L is the perfect bag for those who need to carry a large load of items. It has plenty of space, enough pockets to organize your belongings, and an easy-to-use design that makes it simple to pack with no fuss.

The “commuter backpack reviews” is a review of the Lander Commuter Backpack 25L. The bag has many features that make it an enjoyable experience to use.

This is our first Lander product review, but not our first commuter bag review. Other commuter backpacks have straddled the line between a daypack and a travel backpack in previous evaluations, stressing weather resistance, a strong harness system, and general sturdiness, all in a commuter-friendly size. It’s a practical option for people who want a little of both in one purse.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | Carrying the backpack on the way to the officeLander Commuter Backpack 25L | Walking to the workplace with the backpack

Lander’s Commuter Backpack checks all the criteria and has a larger capacity than others. While we haven’t gone insane and spent a week outside of town to test the backpack’s limitations, that doesn’t mean we couldn’t fully test it. So take a seat, get a drink, and read on to learn about our views on the Commuter Backpack.

Aesthetics & Materials

The style is ideal for the weekend explorer. The name of the Commuter Backpack may bring up images of a backpack that’s more simple and even professional-looking, suited to a home-to-office or home-to-university commute. This isn’t the case here, since the look is more of a hybrid of an outdoor trip bag and an urban lifestyle backpack.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | DWR-coated CORDURA EcoMade Nylon, YKK zippers, and Woojin Hardware—it’s tough stuffLander Commuter Backpack 25L | Made of DWR-coated CORDURA EcoMade Nylon, YKK zippers, and Woojin Hardware, this backpack is built to last.

This backpack is jam-packed with useful features. The torso is strewn with straps, zippers, and handles. With the Commuter Backpack, there will be no question in others’ minds that you like the odd out-of-town excursion. You can only travel once your vacation leave has been granted, of course. Until then, you’ll enjoy the conveniences contained in this bag, which we’ll discuss in a moment.

There is just one colorway available right now: Smoke. To put it another way, it’s gray with black characteristics. In other words, it’s unobtrusive, which we like. When you’re on the metro or power strolling in the morning and afternoon rush, the Commuter Backpack blends in with the throng.

For the most part, it’s all about getting the job done. Lander’s Commuter Backpack comes packed with the proper things, like tough-as-nails CORDURA EcoMade Nylon, DWR Coating—water-resistant that’s coating—, YKK Zippers, and Woojin Hardware. Consider the lone logo on the front; due to the loop immediately below it, even it has a purpose.

Components from Outside

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | Male/Female Fit PhotosLauren Hom (left) is 5’3″ (160 cm) tall and has a 17″ torso (43 cm) Mark Hurrish, 5’10” (178 cm), Torso: 19″ | Right: Mark Hurrish, Height: 5’10” (178 cm), Torso: 19″ (48 cm)

Apart from the tiny loop where your carabiner or keychain will be stored, there are two straps below. Yoga lovers and track athletes alike like these straps because they can toss their yoga mat or filthy shoes on them instead of carrying them all the way home.

When it comes to straps, Lander has chosen the same approach for its side bottle compartments. An adjustable strap holds down the fort for both pockets instead of the typical elastic or bungee cord arrangement used by most other backpacks. It’s an odd approach, but it works, and it has the additional advantage of staying effective even after a lengthy period of use. We’ve seen plenty of elastics lose their effectiveness after a few years, so this seems to be a viable option.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | Dual top handles makes for a balanced carryLander Commuter Backpack 25L | Balanced carry thanks to dual top handles

In addition to the standard handle between the shoulder straps featured on most backpacks, Lander thought it would be a good idea to include a top handle as well. This one is very low-profile, nearly flush with the bag’s top. It’s a useful feature since the Commuter Backpack has a bit of a belly, and additional front handle helps to balance the weight when carried by hand. It’s almost as if Lander should have included some low-profile side handles as well.

Regardless, compared to a backpack’s mainstay: the harness system, you’ll only utilize those handles approximately a fourth of the time. The Commuter Backpack also features generously cushioned shoulder straps that we found to be extremely comfortable. The bottom is made of a breathable mesh material that didn’t leave any wrinkles.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | Thick padding on the straps and back panel equal a comfortable carry as wellLander Commuter Backpack 25L | Comfortable carry thanks to thick cushioning on the straps and back panel.

To cap things off, Lander’s rear panel features a unique washboard-like pattern. We were hesitant at first since it had a felt-like feel that we thought may not hold up to heat. However, the ribbed design does help with air flow and flexibility, so it serves its purpose.

However, the Commuter Backpack isn’t without flaws, since the harness system has a problem with the sternum strap. Simply stated, because of the manner it’s attached, it’s prone to being loose. One of the loops on the left shoulder strap is threaded with a “T” shaped metal component. The T’s head should prevent it from coming back out, but since the T’s head is nearly as wide as the loop, it can.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | The sternum strap’s anchor can come looseThe sternum strap’s anchor may come free on the Lander Commuter Backpack 25L.

During our time with the backpack, the sternum strap has come undone a several times. We’re not alone in this; a few confirmed buyers on the Commuter Backpack’s product page have had similar sternum strap issues. To prevent losing the sternum strap, we’d forego it entirely. It’s not required for day-to-day usage at 25 liters, and it’s better saved for when you’re packing the pack to the gills.

The Inside of the Pack

With a capacity of 25L, you’d think the Commuter Backpack would be very large—and you’d be correct. Starting with the front pocket, we’re not sure whether it should be called a pocket or a compartment. As you can see in the video above, the sheer amount of room within is astounding, with more than enough depth to swallow a large gadget pouch.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | The front pocket’s large, with adequate organizationLander Commuter Backpack 25L | The front pocket is spacious and well-organized.

We’d be cautious not to drop anything too tiny in there since it’s pretty deep. Fortunately, there is a built-in key clip, although a small one, which keeps your keys close to the pocket’s mouth. There are three lining pockets for additional small things you’d want to store at the top, the center one of which can hold a medium-sized power bank, while the two surrounding pockets are suited for wireless earphones cases.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | A quick-grab pocket with soft interior fabricLander Commuter Backpack 25L | Soft inner fabric and a quick-grab pocket

There’s also a top-of-bag pocket with extremely soft inner fabric that’s ideal for easily damaged things like your sunglasses or smartphone. However, before you put your phone in there, keep in mind that there are two secure pockets hidden inside the rear panel. These rear panel compartments are ideal for flat-shaped high-value goods like a passport, wallet, or that perfectly timed vacation picture you just had made.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | A pair of back panel pockets double down on security25L Lander Commuter Backpack | Two back panel pockets provide further security.

Now we’ll go on to the main compartment. The main compartment opens up horse shoe-style with a fairly wide opening, as do most backpacks of this kind, allowing you to comfortably tuck in your packing cubes. An elastic pocket at the back holds any papers or files you may have, as well as anything else that has to be kept separate from the rest of the compartment’s contents. The inside fabric is similarly black, but visibility was not a problem since the aperture is so large.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | At 25 liters, it’s very inviting to just maximize the space in one goLander Commuter Backpack 25L | With a capacity of 25 liters, it’s tempting to load all you need in one go.

The laptop compartment is the last but not least. While we’re used to well-padded laptop compartments, the Commuter Backpack nevertheless shocks us by including cushioning on the front side of the sleeve as well as a large fake bottom. To begin with, there isn’t much padding in front of a laptop compartment since this side of the bag confronts the other compartments, which are well cushioned. Second, there’s more than an inch of space between the bottom of the sleeve and the backpack’s floor. When you add in the water-resistant zipper at the top, you’ve got above-average protection from all sides. The “Crash Pad” was even given to it. Interpret it whatever you want, but it screams confidence to us.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | The Crash Pad has good cushioning—even towards the frontCommuter Backpack 25L by Lander | The Crash Pad is well cushioned, especially at the front.

Finally, between the top security pocket and the laptop compartment is a cable passthrough that Lander wants for you to utilize to charge your gadgets. If you have a laptop that can be charged with a power bank, this may be a viable option, as long as the power bank is small enough to go within the security pocket without causing pain. You may even charge your smartphone while it’s in the secure pocket provided your laptop supports power supply during sleep or hibernation mode.

Wrap Up

The package’s name may be deceiving. When we initially saw “Commuter” in the name of the Commuter Backpack, we assumed it would be a strictly urban backpack, maybe more in the daypack category than the Heimplanet Commuter Pack. However, nothing we discovered here is geared only at intercity travel.

Lander Commuter Backpack 25L | It’s a feature-rich commuter backpackLander Commuter Backpack 25L | It’s a commuter backpack with a lot of features.

Ruggedized big capacity backpacks like these usually come with a well-padded floating laptop sleeve in the main compartment and that’s about it. Lander, on the other hand, put a lot of attention into the technical aspects of the Commuter Backpack, making sure that customers’ gadgets are secure even when they go outside.

The “Lander Commuter Backpack 25L Review” is a review of the Lander Commuter Backpack, which is a lightweight and compact backpack with a capacity of up to 35 liters. The bag has been designed for commuting, as it features a padded laptop sleeve and an exterior pocket for your phone. Reference: 35l backpack.

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