The Logitech G603 Wireless Mouse is a wireless gaming mouse with on-the-fly DPI, 11 programmable buttons, adjustable weighting, and 16000dpi resolution.

You always choose quality over quantity with a gaming mouse, right? However, it seems like Logitech is doing both. They provide a wide range of wireless mice, many of which have high-end hardware specifications. The G603 is no exception, a now-outdated mouse with a top-of-the-line sensor, high-quality switches, a stylish aesthetic, and incredible battery life. This wireless underdog is designed for right-handed users and features a simplistic design similar to the G403. The G603 uses Logitech’s Lightspeed technology, which is also included in the G Pro and has a 1ms report rate.

I liked using this mouse since it felt close to the G703 and checked numerous boxes. It has an excellent ergonomic shape and isn’t overly heavy, even with two AA batteries. So, if you’re looking for a cheap mouse (around £50/$50), one with the highly praised HERO sensor, and one with a battery that lasts a few months rather than weeks, the G603 may be ideal.


  • Ergonomic Shape – Sits in the hand nicely.
  • Battery – This device has a long battery life.
  • Logitech’s best optical sensor is the Sensor.
  • High-Quality – The product is well-made and has a sturdy feel about it.
  • Intuitive and user-friendly software.
  • Logitech’s Litespeed technology is used for wireless performance.


  • Grip – No grips or rubber on the side.
  • Design – It’s a simple design.
  • Only for right-handed people.

Logitech G603 mouse

Mouse Size & Weight

  • 1 battery weighs 112 grams, 2 batteries weigh 135 grams.
  • Medium in size
  • 12.4 cm – 4.8 inches in length
  • 6.8 cm – 2.6-inch width
  • 4.3 cm – 1.7 inches tall
  • Right-hand orientation

Mouse Technology

  • HERO Optical Sensor
  • Omron buttons (20M)
  • 200-12000 DPI
  • 125, 250, 500, and 1000 Hz polling rate
  • Wireless connection
  • Battery Life: Each battery lasts 250 hours.

What is included in the box?

Logitech G603

The Logitech mouse do not come with thick card boxes or fabric tabs. Instead, it came in a plain, discreet package and, like other Logitech devices, oozes practicality.

You’ll find the following items inside:

  • G603 Wireless
  • USB receiver with lightspeed
  • Extender cable for the USB receiver
  • 2 AA batteries are required.
  • Warranty period: 2 years

Size & Weight

Logitech G603

The G603 is a medium-sized mouse with the same proportions as the G403 and G703 (12.4 x 6.8 x 4.3 cm), which allows me to keep a considerable portion of my hand off the surface while utilizing a palm grip. This mouse’s size and weight are relatively comfortable; you can use any grip with it, and it didn’t leave my hand or wrist tired while playing.

With 2 AA batteries, the G603 sits at 135 grams, which isn’t the heaviest mouse, but it is there. Despite this weight, the mouse is easy to move and glides effortlessly but I found there to be more friction on my QcK cloth pad than other Logitech wireless mice. The weight can be lowered to a respectable 112 grams by removing an AA battery making the G603 a similar weight to the G703 and G903 while also having around ten times more battery life. The mouse feels a little bottom-heavy towards the back due to the batteries which could make it difficult for small-handed fingertip players. The weight didn’t affect my gameplay though even after a few hours as I prefer my mice to be over 100 grams for FPS games.

Shape & Texture

Logitech G603

The G603 has a recognizable form, and it would appear right at home on anyone’s desktop. It has the same essential curvature as the G703, which is most comfortable with palm or claw grips. At first appearance, it’s indistinguishable from the G703. With a strong curve going in below the thumb buttons and slightly out where your ring finger/pinky rests, the G603 was ergonomically intended to fit snugly in your right hand. The mouse’s body is 4.8 cm high and virtually conforms into my hand, making it pleasant to rest on. It’s a big mouse with a natural design that, as a right-handed player, I’ll always gravitate toward.

The feel is the same rigid plastic we find on a lot of Logitech wireless products, but there are no rubberized edges to grasp on to with the G603. The grips aren’t a significant concern; I played with this mouse for a few days and didn’t lose control or had to re-adjust my grip once. The central switches slope up towards the mouse wheel, like as the G703, however the buttons aren’t split from the main shell this time. The cover effortlessly flips off to reveal the naked mouse, and owing to magnets, it snaps back into place with no effort. You may replace the batteries and store your dongle for travel behind the shell.


Logitech G603 wireless

The G603 has six programmable buttons, which isn’t exactly groundbreaking. However, you have your significant buttons, which are no longer separated from the rest of the shell, a clickable tactile scroll wheel with a good rubber feel, a DPI button, and two thumb buttons, much like the G703.

The primary buttons are equipped with Omron switches that can resist 20 million clicks. The direct buttons are a little more challenging to push than the G703 because of the firmer actuation, but they still have a good audible click like the G Pro. I didn’t notice any problems with the stiffness in-game or at all until I compared it to my G703. Like many mice, your thumb buttons are pre-programmed to go back and forth on the internet browser and teel excellent. The thumb buttons are smooth, low-profile, and in a fantastic location, letting my thumb slip up effortlessly—the DPI button cycles through the configured DPI settings.

A connecting button on the bottom of the mouse allows you to connect via the integrated Lightspeed wireless technology or over Bluetooth if you lose or forget your dongle. In addition, the mouse has a ‘Advanced Power Management’ button, which allows you to modify your report rate from HI (1ms) to LO (less than one millisecond) (8ms). I didn’t understand the value of this report rating button since the power life on this device is incredible, but if you’re a thrifty person, you could like it.

Sensor & Performance

Logitech G603 mouse

The G603’s most significant selling point is the massive amount of capability hidden behind its skin. This model was the first to use Logitech’s new optical ‘HERO’ sensor and performed well. Years of research and development went into developing this innovative technology, which provides equivalent performance to the popular PMW3366 but using far less power. The HERO sensor, like the PMW3366, has no smoothing, filtering, or acceleration but boasts a staggering 10x the power efficiency. The sensor seemed like it was latching on to opponents in CSGO after a few hours of use; it wasn’t, but the accuracy was incredible for a fresh new mouse.

With this sensor, tracking heads in CSGO was a breeze. The HERO sensor functioned well, and I now consider it to be on par with the TrueMove3 sensor in the Rival650 in terms of performance. I’m not sure whether it’s a placebo effect or if there’s indeed a performance difference between the G703 and the G603, but snapping between two targets has never been simpler than with this sensor. Despite its weight, the mouse seemed like an extension of my arm, gliding fluidly and precisely obeying each order.

Tracking was never a problem because to the sensor’s DPI range of 200-12,ooo and IPS speed of 400. I frequently flick the mouse with massive quick motions when playing on low sensitivity, but I’ve never had any tracking issues. Even when zoomed in with a sniper, there didn’t seem to be any undesirable movement from the sensor; it remained solid and accurate. When I tested the G603 in-game, it outperformed the G703 and G903 since it had a more ergonomic design and a better sensor overall.


Dueto the mouse’s fantastic battery life, I would hottest how it behaves on a low battery, but the mouse’s connection was excellent and never dropped or lagged. The mouse uses Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology, which is used in many of their wireless mice. The technology is fantastic, and I’ve never had a problem with it. It has a 1 ms report rate, and I couldn’t tell the difference between it and the wired mice at my desk in terms of performance. If necessary, you can link this mouse to your computer by Bluetooth, though I’m not sure why you’d want to connect a gaming mouse to your computer via Bluetooth in the first place. If you’re a frugal gamer, the power saving button on the bottom of the screen may pique your attention, but don’t get too enthusiastic. The button merely toggles between 1 and 8 milliseconds, extending the battery life.

Battery Life & Charging Time

The G603 had the most extended battery life I’ve used in a mouse, now I couldn’t say if it boasts the longest but up to 500 hours could surely please everyone. If you wanted the maximum battery life with this mouse you would have to deal with a weight of 135 grams as it uses 2 AA batteries are required.. This weight puts the mouse in the heavier bracket but you can lower it and remove one of the batteries giving you a competitive weight of 112 grams. With just one battery in the mouse feels lightweight and will still give you up to 250 hours which is no mediocre amount of life. The mouse comes with two alkaline batteries as standard they are durable but heavy. You can purchase rechargeable Ni-MH batteries that weigh significantly less and some people have managed to shave the weight down to as little as 105 grams. These few grams will probably only matter to some hardcore gamers but at least there is an option.

You won’t be able to notice your battery drain as you may with other mice, and even if you leave it on for a week, it won’t appear to move. Of course, the G603 does not need charging, but new batteries will be required every few months, and it is more cost-effective to spend a little more on rechargeable batteries in the long term. It’s worth mentioning that this mouse cannot be connected like others since it lacks a charging cord. Instead, it comes with an extension cable that allows you to get more fabulous reception from your dongle receiver.

The section on Mouse Software

As I previously said, Logitech’s G-hub software is fantastic; it’s simple to use, responsive, and I don’t have to log in! Although the G603 no longer has RGB lighting, you may still customize your settings to fit your playing style. Although the DPI may be changed in the software, it is already preprogrammed and recorded in the onboard memory. You may now use the DPI button to alter the DPI without having to go into the program again. Because this mouse lacks a profile button, switching profiles requires going into the software, as I don’t believe the others can be programmed to do so. You may alter the polling rate from 125 to 1000 Hz, and the program will inform you if you’re in HI or LO performance mode, which you can see by flipping your mouse over.


The G603 is one of the most cost-effective mice I’ve ever used. I was already a fan of the form from using the G703, but the addition of the HERO sensor gave me even more faith in this mouse. It provided excellent performance without sacrificing battery life, which is difficult for a wireless mouse to do. This was made possible by the more efficient HERO sensor, which worked in unison with the smart connectivity to provide you a mouse that doesn’t compromise in any way. This fantastic mouse isn’t compatible with the Powerplay pad, and it’s a little dull, but it checks all the boxes in terms of performance, and for around £50/$50, it has to be worth a look.

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