The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is a third-party controller for the Nintendo Switch that uses Bluetooth to communicate with your console. The design of this controller is meant to be ergonomic, and it comes in two colors, black and white.

The “nacon revolution pro controller three wireless” is a gamepad that has been designed to be used with the Nintendo Switch. This gamepad features an all-new design, which is more compact and lighter than the previous models. The nacon revolution pro controller three wireless also features a built-in battery that can last up to 20 hours on a single charge.

When it comes to gaming, I’ll confess that I prefer to use a gamepad over a mouse and keyboard. With that out in the open, it should come as no surprise that I’m constantly searching for the most acceptable method to play – and Nacon has certainly delivered with their newest products, the Nacon Revolution Unlimited and the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3


Size does essentially when it comes to controller design. When it comes to controllers, one of the first things I look at is the size of the gamepad. If it’s too little, you’ll suffer significant hand cramps after a lengthy session, and if it’s too huge, you won’t be able to use it effectively. Fortunately, the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is ideal.

The Revolution Pro Controller 3 is larger than the standard Dualshock 4 controller that comes with every new Playstation 4, and it’s equivalent in size to the Xbox One controller. Although the Revolution Pro Controller 3 was built and legally licensed for use on the PS4, I don’t see any harm in drawing ideas from the big competitors.

When you think about size, you’re going to think about weight, and here is where the Revolution Pro Controller 3 shines for me: configurable weighing.

Remove the rear panels of the controller and use the provided weights to adjust the controller’s accurate in-hand weight to your satisfaction. You can make the controller as light or as heavy as you want it to be, making it exceptionally pleasant to hold and handle for extended periods.

So far, we’ve discussed weight and size, but what about button placement? The joysticks of the Revolution Pro are in the Xbox One controller layout, rather than the Dualshock Four side-by-side format, as Nacon took influence from Xbox once again.

I like it, and with usefulness at the forefront of the Revolution Pro Controller 3, it makes sense that the joysticks are arranged in this manner since it makes the d-pad much more accessible. The joysticks themselves pleased me, with their rubberized tips offering a lot of additional grips that the Dualshock lacked.

Apart from that, the button arrangement is almost the same. If you’re going to use a controller for PC gaming, the PS4 touchpad may not be necessary – but it is wholly and there functioning if you’re going to use it on a console.

The share and options buttons have the same narrative, and the four action buttons are on the right, where they should be. Unfortunately, this controller deviates once more at the shoulder buttons.

The L2/R2 buttons have a very acute upward slant, making them considerably simpler to hold and operate without sliding, while the spring within enables rapid pressing.

Then there are the back buttons to consider. These back buttons, dubbed S1-4, truly set the Revolution Pro Controller 3 apart from the competition since they can be readily mapped to multiple button purposes.

This is a high-level overview of what to anticipate from Nacon’s PS4 elite controller, and the overall design is fantastic. It’s simple to get acclimated to, comfortable, and valuable.

But how does it feel to actually utilize it?

PS4 Controller PC Connection


It doesn’t get much easier than this when it comes to networking. Yes, this is a PS4 controller, but if you know how to connect a PS4 controller to a PC, you’ll have no trouble connecting the Nacon Revolution Pro 3 to your PC.

It’s becoming increasingly usual to use a PS4 controller with PC games, and some may be asking whether the Revolution Pro 3 has wireless connectivity. Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, if you’re using this on a PC, you won’t be too far away from it – and the cable is certainly long enough to reach from your console to your couch (it was in my case anyway).

I’ll add remark that this controller works well with a headset. If you’re intending to use it for console and PS4 gaming, it includes an integrated slot comparable to a Dualshock 4, so you won’t have to worry about in-game communication.

However, once it’s connected, which is a breeze, you’ll want to utilize it.


The controller isn’t the first topic I’m going to discuss. It’s a software issue with the controller.

PS4 controller PC software

Nacon has created software that works with the Revolution Pro Controller 3 and completely redefines what we mean when we speak about button mapping.

Not only can you customize what each button on your controller does, but you can also customize the radius of the dead zone on the joysticks, their sensitivity, the force necessary to identify a shoulder button push, and (most importantly) the functionality assigned to the controller’s back buttons.

And, since you can assign several profiles that can be simply switched between with the touch of the profile button on the back of the controller, these features and settings may be modified on the go.

Rev pro controller review shoulder buttons img

Now, when it comes to competitively utilizing the controller, this may make all the difference. When it comes to the physicality of utilizing a controller, it provides you an edge over competitors since it frees your thumb to work on the front side of the pad.

I’ve previously mentioned how “grippy” the joysticks are, but truly, I can’t say enough about how simple they were to use. They immediately return to their resting places, and the material they’re constructed of seems tough and up to the task of competitive gaming, which is exactly what this controller was meant for.

It’s the same with the shoulder buttons; they’re simple to draw down and return to their resting place. This, along with the software that enables the shoulder buttons to be utilized with the tiniest of presses, makes this a fantastically simple to use PC controller.

But how did it feel in the game? Here are some of the games I tested out the Revolution Pro 3 on and my impressions of the controller’s performance.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a first-person shooter developed by Activision.

If you just want a quick summary, it was fantastic in Modern Warfare. You may now go on to the next game.

However, if you like the lengthier version, go ahead. I certainly had an edge over the other controller gamers using the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3, and I’m quite sure it’s because of the back buttons.

Because I could assign melee, sprint, crouch, and leap to my back buttons, I was able to maintain my crosshairs on other players even during frenzied movement, and the ability to duck and jump gave me third dimensions of mobility that the other players didn’t have.

Since of the excellent sensitivity of the analog sticks, I wasn’t at a significant disadvantage versus the mouse and keyboard warriors, and because I was gaming on a PC, I encountered them more than controller users.

In a competitive FPS shooter, you’ll be hard pushed to find a controller like the Nacon Revolution Pro 3 that provides you an advantage.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

Halo: Reach is a video game developed by Halo.

Playing Halo with an official PS4 controller seemed a little…off, but I love Halo, so I played it anyhow.

Since its release, I’ve heard a lot of people say that the game is better played with a controller than with a mouse and keyboard, so I gave it a go using the Revolution Pro 3. And, despite the game’s more arcadey design, I was astonished to discover that I had the same competitive advantage over other Halo players as I had in Call of Duty.

This surprised me at first since I’m playing on a PC with a controller and no aiming aid. However, despite this, I was able to keep up with and even beat the other players.

The issue is, I like Halo’s single-player just as much as the multiplayer, and a large part of that is understanding where and how to shoot adversaries in order to get those crucial one-shot kills. It was also simple to align them with the Revolution Pro 3.

Headshot after headshot with the DMR convinced me that the controller is the greatest way to play Halo Reach on the PC, especially since the right thumbstick is so simple to place.

The vibration on the controller brought an extra degree of realism that I lacked when I first played Halo on a mouse and keyboard. The vibration on the Nacon is fantastic, giving the weapons you use weight and heaviness when you fire them.

PS4 Controller back buttons

Injustice 2 is a sequel to Injustice.

I wanted to try out a proper fighting game, and while I could have played Mortal Kombat, I love Batman, so I played Injustice 2 is a sequel to Injustice.

On the PC, the d-pad is simpler to operate than a mouse and keyboard or even a Dualshock 4, so I was thrilled to be able to play some online matchmaking using this controller.

I found it really easy to play Injustice 2 is, a sequel to Injustice. With the Nacon, the buttons on the controller were super responsive and made for some elementary combo building which, to be frank, can be difficult on other gamepads. Slipping on the d-pad or accidentally hitting two buttons asimultaneouslycan mean the difference between a game-ending chain and a break that leaves you open to defeat.

If you like playing fighters on gamepads, I can promise you that the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3 is a fantastic upgrade from conventional controllers; while I was playing injustice, I couldn’t think of anything wrong to say about it.

But then, why would I want to? Because it built the Revolution Pro Controller 3 for esports, it performs just as I anticipated.  Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

Dirt Rally 2 is a sequel to the first.

Dirt Rally 2 is a sequel to the first if you haven’t already played it. Then I should tell you that the game’s challenge doesn’t always come from trying to win; it can often come from just finishing.

This demanding racer rewards skill and accuracy, which is why the Revolution Pro 3 was such a revelation (don’t worry, the pun was intended).

It was simple to create a profile, particularly for Dirt Rally, because to the gamepad’s adjustable nature, which gave me more control over the vehicles on slicker and snowier courses.

Not only that, but being able to map a firm brake to the left trigger allowed me to shave seconds off my lap timings. When you add that changing gears was mapped to the back buttons, I had a significant advantage over my past results in the game using a conventional controller.

The controller allowed me more accurate control over the various vehicles I was playing in, which is commendable in Dirt. When it comes to gaming, anything that enables me to spend less time grumbling about getting off the track is a great plus.

Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3

The Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3: My Final Thoughts

When it comes to using a controller to play PC games, I’m a firm believer. So when I have the chance to play with a controller that puts me in direct competition with the mouse and keyboard, you can bet I’ll take advantage of it to confidently state that I enjoyed using the Nacon Revolution Pro Controller 3.

It connected quickly, was easy to set up multiple profiles, and was a pleasure to use in-game. It also performed nicely on the PS4, and I had the upper hand thanks to the aiming aid standard in console shooters.

If I were to name any drawbacks to the controller, just two significant ones come to mind right now.

The first is that the controller does not have a wireless option. It’s acceptable to use a wired connection since it provides a smooth 1:1 input time, and if you’re playing on a PC, you’re already near your hardware. For PS4, I had to stretch the cable across my living room, which was simply due to its length, so it wasn’t a big deal… Wireless capabilities, on the other hand, would have been excellent.

The second problem isn’t a problem. However, I just utilized Nacon’s Revolution Unlimited, and I believe it has spoilt me. The Revolution Unlimited’s material is better, and it has the wireless features I was complaining about before.

That isn’t always a bad thing. It’s just me whining about how the Revolution Pro 3 isn’t as good as the Revolution Unlimited. However, the Pro 3 is still an incredible controller that provides outstanding in-game handling for a very affordable price (about $110) — you can acquire it from Nacon’s official store here.

However, if you have a little additional cash to spare, you should discover more about the Revolution Unlimited.

The Revolution Pro Controller 3 is up for grabs in our giveaway.

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The competition is open to everyone until March 2nd, so good luck to everyone who enters!

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