The Nikon D810 is a professional high-end camera, but it’s also one of the most expensive DSLRs. What if you could get this quality at a lower price? The NOMATIC McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L may be your answer! It has all the features you need to take great pictures and an affordable price tag (for under $400).

We were most taken aback by its size when we first saw the massive NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Pack 35L a few months ago. So much so that it required a lot of work on our side to entirely fill all of the compartments devoted to camera equipment. But, apart from the room, the bag’s general construction, gadget protection, and organization impressed us. But, if you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering whether there will be a smaller version.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L In Detroit 4Peter McKinnon 25L NOMATIC Camera Bag | It’s not quite as large as the 35-liter one, but it’s enough for us. The Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L comes in in this situation. It’s better appropriate for regular usage and lighter camera setups with the 10 liters removed. However, it still has a lot of creative customization options, including a new “Ladder System” and some beautiful accessories you may like.

Aesthetics & Materials

If the Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L seems familiar, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Peter McKinnon Camera Pack 35L, its bigger sibling. That was a fantastic beast of a camera backpack, and we still have happy recollections of it effortlessly engulfing our camera gear. This smaller-but-still-large 25-liter variant looks quite similar to the 35-liter version, but a little more scaled-down and streamlined. The front is now cleaner to look at while still preserving the variety of mounting loops on either side, and the Peter McKinnon x NOMATIC emblem is rather stylish. Our pre-production review sample features a front quick-grab pocket that will unfortunately not be included in the final product, so yours should be even cleaner than ours.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L LogoPeter McKinnon 25L NOMATIC Camera Bag | It’s a stylish emblem that commemorates the continuous collaboration. Tarpaulin is back in the spotlight, and for a good reason: it’s very water-resistant. Water beads up against this material with ease, and it’s backed up with water-resistant ZOOM zippers that slide easily because of the bag’s tiny size. Tarpaulin has the disadvantage of being more readily scratched than, for instance, nylon, but our sample hasn’t exhibited any substantial damage yet, except a few little scratches towards the top.

There’s a lot of EVA foam on the rear panel—which we’ll talk about more later—and the panels are curved aggressively but in a decent aesthetic sense. The whole attitude is sturdy and confident, which is precisely what you want from a backpack that will be carrying thousands of dollars in photography gear.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Zipper 1Tarpaulin and ZOOM zippers are carried over from the 35L version of the NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag. The Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L is currently on Kickstarter when writing this article. It’s presently just available in black, with the option to bundle it with interior extras like dividers and open-top camera cubes. The Ladder System is included in the primary vote, and we’ll look at it, as well as some other accessories, in the following sections.

Components from Outside

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Fit NotesCamera gear may rapidly become cumbersome, mainly if you live and breathe photography and like adding to your collection. The good news is that the Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L’s robust harness system is more than capable of carrying such a weight. Simply looking at the braided edges gives you an idea of how substantial these shoulder straps are. In addition, the outer layer is made of the same tarpaulin material as the body, so it’s also waterproof.

A mesh layer underneath keeps things cool, although we found it to be a little toasty during usage. Perhaps it’s due to the thickness of the cloth or the cushioning itself, and it wasn’t unpleasant, but it’s worth mentioning that there isn’t always enough ventilation. A sternum strap is also included, which hooks into one of the four webbings along each shoulder strap for simple adjustment and is secured with a standard side-release clasp. However, the ease with which the sternum strap stretched loose despite our tight adjustment is concerning. Hopefully, that’s merely a hardware fault discovered during pre-production.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Back PanelNOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L | When you have a harness system and rear panel like this, the word “robust” comes to mind. The back panel has a substantial quantity of EVA foam cushioning, yet it’s designed with lots of openings for air channels, as we discussed previously. Despite the backpack’s general construction, NOMATIC did an excellent job with this configuration, and it was really comfortable to use. In addition, a large baggage pass-through runs horizontally across the body of the bag and is neatly incorporated. The pack will stand erect on your rolling baggage, which may be a problem if your handles are short. In case you need to whip out the tape measure right now, we have the bag’s measurements detailed in the spec table above.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L HandleNOMATIC The top handle on the Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L | NOMATIC isn’t cheap either. However, the handle at the top is rather substantial in its own right. It’s not simply a standard folded nylon handle as you’d see on other backpacks. This one is soft and resembles a tube of cushioning rather than a strap.

There are twelve accessory strap mounting loops on the front (six on each side) in case you wish to install extra gear outside. You’ll either have to provide your accessory straps or buy them separately. Two more loops are situated on either side of the torso, immediately above the fold-flat water bottle pockets that double as tripod pockets.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Side Pocket With TripodPeter McKinnon 25L NOMATIC Camera Bag | There’s a side pocket for your water bottle on the opposite side. Despite their fold-flat appearance, these side pockets are rather large. They feature a mesh gusset that adds space, and neither our 18-ounce YETI Rambler nor our little tripod were a problem for them. It’s also worth noting that the 35-liter version only had one side pocket, but this one has two, albeit they’re smaller.

The Inside of the Pack

The Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L leaves a lot to be desired in quick-grab pockets. Upper mesh pockets and an upper zipper compartment are instead accessible via the top opening. Since of the bag’s adjustable nature, it’s a little difficult to describe the sections, but stay with us because it’s a creative and fascinating feature.

The top opening or the fully-clamshell opening through the rear panel are options for opening the Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L. A “Ladder System” functions as an inner divider for the bag within the main compartment. It’s a three-part panel that divides the room into horizontal thirds. Snap buttons and a velcro liner secure it within the main compartment.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Shelf With GearPeter McKinnon 25L NOMATIC Camera Bag | The zippered and mesh pockets aren’t present in our pre-production sample, but they should be there in the final form. The Ladder System’s default configuration dedicates the top third of the compartment to a parcel shelf accessible via the bag’s principal entrance, leaving the remainder of the room available for larger objects accessible through the clamshell. We realize it seems complicated, but we’ve included a few illustrations below.

If you need additional room via the top entrance, you may enlarge the top parcel shelf by switching out the giant camera cube with a smaller one, or you can remove the Ladder System entirely to hollow out the main compartment completely. The top parcel shelf serves as a large quick-grab compartment, which is our favourite layout. The optional camera cube and dividers, however, take up the remaining two-thirds of the clamshell opening. This is great for a more photography-focused loadout, in our opinion. If you want to free up some room for extra clothing or other non-camera gear, NOMATIC now provides smaller camera cubes and even dividers-only accessories.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Shelf AccessThe top parcel shelf is also accessible through a flap from the clamshell opening of the NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L. Depending on the accessories you equip your Camera Bag with, the internal organization differs. The mesh pockets on the rear panel are typical. There are two upper and two lower levels, each of which is the same size and has a uniform zipper. This implies that the entrance of each pair of pockets is shared by a zipper—an unusual, efficient, and practical decision. The pockets feature considerable depth and flexibility, making them perfect for tiny objects such as SD cards, compact battery packs, and cleaning tools.

The camera cube for the Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L that we offer here is the biggest available. It comes with four little dividers and two long dividers, all of which can be adjusted to match the form of your gear. Because the camera cube has open top, it cannot be used as a self-contained bag, but it is detachable and may be used as a camera tray around the studio.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Without CubePeter McKinnon 25L NOMATIC Camera Bag | The ladder system may also be removed. Because of the brown inside the cloth, visibility is good. Like the one featured on the Moment MTW Camera Insert 5L, a brighter inner fabric would be preferable. On the other side, it’s not as dark as the inside of the WANDRD PRVKE Lite, so you won’t have any trouble finding camera lenses, battery packs, or even the slyest of wrist bands, thanks to the large clamshell opening.

The side-opening laptop compartment, which is suitable for even massive 16-inch computers like our MacBook Pro, is the last but not least. When we pulled out our MacBook Pro, we did experience some snagging, but nothing too serious. This laptop compartment is notable for how well-padded it is, and you’ve undoubtedly seen how this is a repeating trend with this bag by now.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L With LaptopNOMATIC 25L Peter McKinnon Camera Bag The laptop compartment is made of the same durable material as the rest of the backpack. From the side, this laptop compartment seems to be a specialized laptop sleeve attached to the rear of the bag and then topped with foam cushioning for the back panel. Is it excessive? Maybe. Is it effective? Absolutely, and we had no reservations about handing our laptop to it since it is well-protected.

NOMATIC Peter McKinnon Camera Bag 25L Cube SeparateNOMATIC 25L Peter McKinnon Camera Bag The camera cube may be removed entirely and used as a tray. It was a pleasure to work with the Peter McKinnon Camera Backpack 25L. We like the 35-liter version for its size, but it was too big for our needs. This smaller 25-liter version is far more distilled but still capable of providing us with a solution. Like the modular accessory modules you may choose from, the Ladder System is ingenious. This influential leader satisfies the requirements if you’re a photographer seeking a substantially competent and made backpack.

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