Video games are becoming more and more immersive, with new technologies such as VR gaming pushing the boundaries of what people expect. As a result, gamers spend a significant amount of their time playing video games on mice that have been modified to optimize speed and accuracy. The number one mouse we reviewed was designed for gamers by gamers because it is customizable for different grips, including palm grip or fingertip touch screen control. It also has both wired and wireless options, so you can play in any room in your house without worrying about wires tangling up or batteries dying mid-game!

Choosing the best gaming mouse for FPS gaming is similar to choosing the best for yourself. FPS games are one of the most popular gaming genres on the globe, with pro competitions for titles like CS:GO taking place all over the world. Furthermore, in esports, FPS games are enormous. Thus finding the appropriate mouse to match your skill may be a critical step in bettering your overall performance.

When searching for the finest gaming mouse for FPS, consider the following features:


DPI is a measurement of the distance traveled by a mouse, similar to resolution. DPI stands for “dots per inch,” It is a measurement system that counts dots to determine the length. DPI is a technical term that refers to the printing industry; nevertheless, mouse makers should use the word “CPI.”

While some mice tout high DPI, this isn’t spectacular or useful for most gamers since few will reach 4000 DPI.

Dimensions and Weight

The size of a mouse may make or break your chances of obtaining some kills in-game. Therefore, the mouse should be comfortable to hold in your hand. There are many things that might make a mouse feel uneasy, but you can assist avoid this by measuring your hand. You may better know how well a gaming mouse will fit your hand by measuring it. It may seem negligible, but a mouse that is excessively large or tiny may severely influence your performance in a first-person shooter game.

Weight, like size, may have an adverse effect on your game experience. Although it may seem subjective, a mouse that is too light or too heavy may cause you to miss shots and perhaps smash the mouse into the surface.

It’s worth mentioning that specific gaming mice allow players to adjust the weight of their mouse to their liking.


Optical sensors were always going to be used in the FPS category. When you need to strike vital shots or make precise changes, you don’t want your mouse’s faulty laser sensors. Lasers were delicate, but they were notoriously unstable when compared, making them eventually useless.

Optical and laser sensors are pretty similar in opera, however, except for the light source. Instead of a laser, the optical sensors employ an LED light source.

As previously said, don’t be too concerned about this since most sensors these days are of reasonable quality; but, for FPS players, choose for optical!

Durability and Material

Gaming mice are made of a range of materials, some of which are incredibly gripping or slippy. These various materials may also be used to counteract a sweaty palm or exactly suit the driest of hands.

The durability of a product is determined by the quality of the construction and the manufacturer’s reputation. Even tech giants make errors, but with a reputable manufacturer, you can always count on excellent customer service and a refund in the worst-case situation.

The durability of the mouse buttons is listed on most mouse product websites, along with an expected click life span. Of course, this click life span will always be longer than you need, but it is comforting to know it will not break.


Every option on our best gaming mouse for FPS page is comfortable in its own manner, making it simple to find comfort. The highlighted right-hand, of course, this mouse is ergonomically built for comfort and performs well. Ambidextrous mice are more difficult to get right in terms of comfort, but Zowie excels at creating these forms, as seen by their popularity.

Styles of Grip

Styles of Grip come naturally to gamers, and you tend to stick to just the one when playing. Everyone holds a mouse differently, and this can affect our decisions when picking a new mouse as we need one that will suit our grip style.

Mouse grips are divided into three categories:

  • The palm of your hand sits on the mouse. Because your actions are controlleHowever, you can move the mouse quickly with everyone’s arm. On the other hand, clicking is slower, and since you’re using your arm, it’s not always the most exact.
  • Claw Grip – Your palm rests on the mouse’s back, and your fingers are arched such that your arm controls your actionsrpendicular to the mouse buttons. As a result, the mouse is easy to pick up and manipulate, and it might seem more accurate than the palm grip at times.
  • Fingertip Grip — Hand floats in mid-air, just the last digit of each finger making touch with the mouse. You have the most accurate control because your palm is not resting on the end. Despite the fact that this grip provides precise control, it is also the most difficult to acquire, is the most likely to result in an esports-related injury, and necessitates a smaller mouse since your hand might seem farther away.

The claw grip is quite common, mainly because it’s a hybrid between the two other more extreme Styles of Grip.

Gaming Mouse Styles of Grip

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gaming mouse in 2022?

A: A gaming mouse is a peripheral used with video games to provide input and help players control the game. The best gaming mouse for 2022 would be either an Asus ROG Gladius II or Razer DeathAdder Elite.

What are the best mice for FPS games?

A: The best mouse for fps games is the Razer DeathAdder Elite.

What mouse do pros use in 2022?

A: Most professional gamers use the Razer Mamba or Logitech G303.

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