The year 2022 is here, and now so are our best wireless keyboards! These new models offer bright colors and hundreds of backlit keys for better visibility during dark hours. In addition, the LED technology enables low power consumption but doesn’t compromise performance or battery life. We take a closer look at these leading products that have taken the top spot in their fields from companies such as Microsoft, Logitech, and more brands.

It’s never simple to choose a new piece of hardware. We’ve described the essential elements of a wireless keyboard that we believe should be addressed before purchase to make the process simpler. This will guarantee that your next wireless keyboard meets your precise requirements, saving you time, worry, and money.

Form Factor of the Keyboard

Keyboards Size Comparison

The size is the first consideration. Keyboards exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which are tailored to specific demands and circumstances. I mean by form factor is the number of keys on your keyboard. There are numerous various keyboard sizes, each with its function.

People who use their keyboard for everything from gaming to creative activities should go for a full-sized keyboard. It has a complete set of keys, including letters, function keys, and a number pad. In addition, these keyboards often have other functions like macro and media keys, which we’ll discuss later.

The tenkeyless keyboard is abbreviated as TKL. The number pad on the right side of these keyboards is often missing, although the majority of the function keys are still there. As a result, it’s ideal for gamers or folks who want to conserve some desk space.

A 60 percent board is precisely what it sounds like: it’s a keyboard that’s 60% the size of a full-sized keyboard. These boards are designed for gamers that like FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege. They also have a reduced footprint, making them more portable, adaptable, and compact.

Although keyboards do grow smaller, I find this to be ludicrous. 40% keyboards are approximately as tiny as you can go while still maintaining a reasonable level of functionality. In addition, all the numerals and several function keys are often lost on these keyboards and only designed for certain circumstances.


Before you go out and purchase a keyboard, you should think about the switches. Depending on which ones you choose, a button may transform the whole vibe aboard. Mechanical switches outperform membrane switches in terms of performance. Therefore, they significantly impact how excellent your keyboard is for gaming.

Cherry MX switches are the most common mechanical switches used in today’s gaming keyboards. They come in various shapes and sizes, each with its own set of qualities. In addition, many keyboard manufacturers provide customers the option of selecting from a variety of switches, enabling you to tailor the feel to your specific needs.

While Cherry MX switches are included in the majority of today’s keyboards, some manufacturers have gone a step farther and created their own unique switches.

Having stated that these are the primary Cherry MX switches:

  • MX Red Cherry
  • MX Blue Cherry
  • Brown Cherry MX
  • Silver Cherry MX Speed
  • MX Black Cherry

Mechanical vs. Membrane Keys

Mechanical Switch vs Membrane Switch scaled 1

While we’re on the subject of switches, the membrane and mechanical versions are the most common. They vary greatly ,and each hhastheir own set of advantages and disadvantages. Gamers have traditionally preferred mechanical switches because they are more durable and responsive. TOnthe other hand, hthe membrane switch as a quieter, more mushier feel that is better suited to typing than gaming.

Both are at opposite extremes of the pricing range, with the membrane being on the cheaper end. The membrane rubber dome switch, on the other hand, has specific unique characteristics that aren’t often present on mechanical boards, such as water resistance and low noise levels.

RGB And Wrist Rests: Aesthetics vs. Comfort

Although not as crucial as it once was, Aesthetics still have a significant effect on your purchase choice. You won’t purchase anything if it doesn’t look correct, even if it has all the bells and whistles.

Form factor, RGB, materials utilized, shape, and keycaps are all factors to consider when selecting a keyboard that meets your individual design demands. There are a number of factors that might make one keyboard more attractive than another, so choosing the correct one for you can be difficult.

It’s also good to check that your keyboard complements your surroundings. Most gaming keyboards, for example, have an edgy gaming look that doesn’t necessarily work in an office setting. So keep that in mind when you go out and buy your new keyboard.

Other features include macros, keycaps, and so on.

MACRO Keys and MEDIA Keys

Additional features are one of the most important things that distinguish the different keyboards on the market today. Other features may include a variety of things, but the most common are macro keys, keycaps, RGB, dedicated media keys, and anti-ghosting.

Additional functions increase the keyboard’s versatility, and it’s not only for gaming. For example, macro keys and key rollover are essential in MMO games, while media keys are valid for general usage.

You’ll have to decide if you want an all-out performance keyboard or one that is more balanced in functionality and responsiveness before making your next keyboard purchase.


The pricing is the last factor to consider before making a keyboard purchase. A keyboard’s pricing may now range from $30 to $150, with cheap versions ranging from $30 to $60 and high-end ones ranging from $150 to $200.

All of the criteria mentioned above will significantly influence the price of your keyboard, so determining which ones you need will help you determine how much you’ll have to pay.

Thankfully, all of the keyboards we present fall into one of two price ranges: budget and high-end. So all you have to do now is choose which one best meets your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which wireless keyboard is best?

A: A wireless keyboard is a computer input device that uses radio frequency signals to transmit data between the keyboard and station its being used on. It typically requires no physical connection with the PC or laptop, but instead communicates through either a USB port or Bluetooth technology.

What is the best keyboard in 2022?

A: There is no best keyboard, as each person has different preferences. You will have to decide what you think the best product can do and compare it against other options on the market.

Which Bluetooth keyboard is best?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because every Bluetooth keyboard has different features. I would recommend looking for an ergonomic design with keys that are easy to press and can be operated on the go.

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