The Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Air is a new case from the company that has been on top of designing and manufacturing PC cases for some time now. It offers a sleek, modern design with excellent cooling performance to meet its high-end specs. The case also comes in different colors to pick your favorite one!

The Phanteks Evolv Shift 2 Air is a lovely case from every perspective, and it’s one of the most intriguing I’ve seen in a long time. Of course, this case series has been around for a while, and the air edition is the newest addition to the smaller form factor family, providing more airflow and better performance.

Evolve Shift 2 11

The Front

The front is a solid steel panel with the same cutout design on the top and bottom that we find in most Phanteks cases. The Shift 2 Air seems to be the larger sibling of the Corsair One from the front since it measures 186mm wide. By releasing the thumbscrews discovered beneath the top panel, the front panel may be removed to aid in the construction process.

Evolve Shift 2 7

Two USB 3.0 ports are the only external I/O options, and they’re down at the bottom.

The Rear

The rear has a perforated steel panel that is identical to the front. Two 120mm/140mm fans may be mounted on the back, or a 120mm AIO cooler can be mounted on the bottom. The perforated design is lovely. However, there might be some ventilation concerns if it weren’t for the mesh sides.

Evolve Shift 2 3

The connection for your pass-through kettle plug is likewise situated towards the bottom at the back, keeping the system standard.

The Side

The Evolv Shift has the most noticeable alteration on the side, with both side panels made entirely of mesh fabric. The mesh fabric is incredibly breathable and transparent, which is terrific news for any RGB components you may want to include. The nylon material is rigid and has a small mesh, so it serves as a dust filter that is simple to clean.

Evolve Shift 2 2

The side panels are the obvious explanation for Shift Air’s moniker, and there’s little question that the case’s performance has been improved. The mesh does a great job of cooling the GPU, but the real challenge here isn’t airflow but how to properly cool a high TDP CPU with such limited radiator area and clearance (85mm max) for powerful air coolers.

After freeing the thumbscrews positioned beneath the top panel, both slides, like the front and rear, disengage and glide out smoothly.

The Top

The Evolv Shift 2 Air top has a pop-open top plate, which is as unusual as the overall form. We’ll get to the inside in a minute, but the top panel has a pop-out mechanism that makes it easy to access your motherboard’s I/O and GPU connectors.

Evolve Shift 2 12

The top panel is perforated to enable ventilation and has three buttons: power, D-RGB color, and D-RGB mode. One of the case’s most significant flaws is its low button quality; they don’t feel sturdy, rare for Phanteks. A small cutout in the back allows you to cable manage your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and other connections.

Evolve Shift 2 9

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