The Quechua Ultra-Compact Travel Waist Pack is the perfect travel companion. It’s lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack into your bag or carry on as a handbag.

You may be wondering whether the Quechua Ultra-Compact Travel Waist Pack is reliable. It’s difficult not to be skeptical when the price is less than paying for parking in any city (well, nearly any city).

We’ve got your back, so don’t worry. We’ve been putting the Quechua Waist Pack through its paces throughout the United Kingdom and Spain for a month. Its portability has smitten us—it packs down to the size of a fist, a juggling ball, one of those old-school giant jawbreakers…you get the picture. It also doesn’t weigh much, so you can toss it in your one-bag travel backpack and forget about it until you need it.

Aesthetics & Materials

We polled our Instagram followers on how they felt about the appearance of our foldable waist pack. And, like the Quechua Ultra-Compact Packable Backpack, over 70% of you gave it a negative rating, which we think is a bit harsh.

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack And Packable Backpack In Valencia SpainWhile we doubt this waist pack will be featured in Vogue soon, we think it looks fine. It’s available in three colors at the time of this review: Granite, Royal Rain (purple), and Teal Blue, which is what we’ve been testing. The blue and yellow color combination isn’t exactly subtle, but you’re also wearing a packable waist pack, so quiet isn’t an option.

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack Logo And MaterialAnyway, let’s talk about the contents. This item is constructed of a thin polyester, which is understandable given the price. Polyester will not hold up as well as ripstop nylon or waxed canvas, but it will be far less expensive. Even if you find a hole in the cloth after six months of usage, this waist pack isn’t going to break the bank. The cost-to-use ratio is still in your favor.

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack ZippersFurthermore, the hardware is quite capable. For example, the zippers are SBS, which should be enough for the application. And the buckle is from Duraflex, a reputable brand.

Components from Outside

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack Back And StrapExternally, as you would imagine, there isn’t much going on for a packable waist pack. There’s the strap, in a nutshell. We like the bright yellow color and the accompanying strap keeper, which keeps everything in order.

You may also wear it in various ways, thanks to the strap. You may wear it as a sling bag or sling it over your hips like a traditional waist pack (across your chest or back). We have worn both styles. It also flatters a wide range of body shapes.

The Waist Pack Inside

This waist pack’s inside has a little more going on than the outside, but not much.

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack Main CompartmentOn one side, you’ll see the pouch that this waist pack folds into and may also be used as a pocket. We’ve thrown some headphones and cash in this area.

A zipped pocket may be seen on the opposite side. This is a wonderful place to keep any additional little items you don’t want to dig for—earplugs, mints, your collection of miniature horse miniatures, etc.

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack Interior Zippered PocketThe rest is simply a big bucket of nothing. We’ve stored our sunglasses, phone, and wallet in this location. This waist pack has a capacity of 2 liters, which is adequate but not exceptional. We’ve discovered that the more you fill the pack, the more difficult it is to get to it. So be cautious not to overdo it.

Overall, particularly on days when you’re wearing tight jeans, this waist pack is a handy location to keep your necessities. However, if you need a place to carry everything you’ll need for a long day trip or trek, a different sling bag or packable backpack may be a better option.

Testing & Durability

We tested the Quechua Ultra-Compact Travel Waist Pack for a month throughout the United Kingdom and Spain, as stated at the start of this review. We love how tiny it is, how light it is, and how little it costs compared to two airport lattes.

Quechua Ultra Compact Travel Waist Pack CompressedAs if that weren’t enough, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve had no problems with durability thus far. There was no pilling or tearing, and the zipper worked well. So that’s a positive indication, in our opinion.

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