The year is 2022, and Razer has brought the newest keyboard for gamers. With a matte black design that looks gorgeous in any living room and an improved feature set compared to its predecessor, this is one of the best gaming keyboards today. However, there are some downsides: Razer’s software doesn’t handle macros very well.

Don’t be fooled that the Razer BlackWidow is a less expensive version of a fan favorite. This is still an accurate, responsive keyboard that checks off many boxes.

Razer is well-known in the peripheral world for its extensive gaming peripherals, including keyboards, mice, headsets, and every other accessory you can think of for PC gaming.

Today, we’ll look at the Razer BlackWidow, one of their premium keyboards (2022). It’s the newest member of the Razer family, and it’s essentially a stripped-down, budget-conscious remake of the phenomenally successful BlackWidow Elite. While not everyone is prepared to forego premium features like integrated media keys, USB/audio pass-through, and nice wrist rest, those who are will find this keyboard to be among the finest.

We’ll put Blackwidow to the test to see how it compares to build quality, performance, features, and overall value for money. So, with that in mind, let’s not waste any more time and get right to work.


  • Precise switches – The switches have to be the most significant selling feature of this keyboard. They’re quick, accurate, and long-lasting.
  • Stylish Design – Despite being made of plastic, this board looks excellent, particularly when illuminated with the complete RGB headlights.
  • RGB customization, N-Key Rollover, On-Board Memory, and HyperShift are just a few features that make this board highly flexible.
  • Excellent RGB – Extremely vibrant and attractive RGB


  • Price – Considering the absence of premium features, this board is relatively pricey, in my opinion.
  • Plastic Makeup –Primarily made of plastic, unlike the premium “Elite” version


Keyboard Size & Weight

  • 1248g in weight
  • Size: Extra Large
  • 448mm (17.6 inches) in length
  • 170mm (6.7inches) in width
  • 38.8mm/1.53 inch in height

Tech Support for Keyboards

  • Razer Green Switches are used.
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10 are supported.
  • No media keys
  • RGB stands for “full RGB.”
  • No passthrough
  • Wired connection
  • 2m cable length
  • Braided cable

What’s Included in the Box?


The BlackWidow 2019 package is a wash of black and green, as we’ve expected from Razer. The packaging is pretty ornate – something I’ve always felt was a waste – with the keyboard prominently displayed on the front. Users may try it before they buy, thanks to a bit of cutout in the package. By touching the arrow keys through the cut-out, you’ll be able to feel the switches and hear the sounds they make. A unique characteristic of the box.

We find the following items inside:

  • 2019 Razer BlackWidow
  • Booklet for Razer
  • Stickers with the Razer logo



The BlackWidow 2019 is a full-sized keyboard (110 keys) with a relatively simple design. The design is primarily black and entirely comprised of plastic instead of the metal utilized in the Elite edition. On the bright side, the plastic seems to be of excellent quality and has some weight, which is usually a good indication. We gave the plastic a short toughness test to see how durable it was, and it surprised us by feeling incredibly solid. The plastic around the keys has a slightly gritty feel, which I can only assume is a design feature for better grip when gaming. On the other hand, the keycaps feature a smooth surface that makes gaming and typing more enjoyable.

In terms of design, the Blackwidow’s top two corners have been squared off, while the bottom two have been slanted to give the keyboard a subtle edge – not unusual of Razer. At the very bottom of the keyboard, underneath the spacebar, is an RGB logo with a plastic glass that blends in perfectly with the rest of the keyboard’s RGB. As you can see from the specifications, this keyboard lacks media keys. Instead, the area usually held by media keys has been replaced with a simple Razer logo.

This keyboard comes with a plethora of RGB customization choices that look fantastic. That, however, will be saved until the review’s features section. However, those who want a sneak glance should know that this keyboard is quite excellent when the RGB is turned on.

Razer hasn’t slowed down either. The BlackWidow features a handful of cable routing choices on the bottom of the keyboard, allowing users to wire manage to the left, right, or center, depending on their unique requirements. The cable is about two meters long and composed of durable braided material.

Finally, the Blackwidow, like other keyboards, has pop-out feet that can be adjusted to two different heights to give your keyboard a slight tilt.

Despite the fact that this keyboard is a budget-friendly counterpart of the premium “Elite” model, it nonetheless boasts a well-thought-out design. So, fair play Razer.



Razer is a company that tries to cram as many features as possible into its peripherals. This contributes to the perception of higher value in many of their items. The Blackwidow, on the other hand, isn’t any different. The following section will go over some of the unique features that this keyboard offers.


So, aesthetics aside, let’s talk about one of the critical features of this keyboard: the switches. Razer is still one of the few businesses that make custom switches for its keyboards, moving away from Kalish.

Razer has incorporated their gaming-specific mechanical green switches in the Blackwidow. They have an 80 million keystroke lifetime and newly installed sidewalls to prevent dust accumulation and liquid spillage. These switches’ light, clicky, and tactile sensation is claimed to be the best of all worlds. To put things in perspective, Razer’s green switches have a comparable feel and performance style to Cherry MX blue switches, but with a lower actuation force. So, yes, it’s fantastic for gamers.

When ordering the Blackwidow, unlike the BlackWidow Elite, you do not have the option of selecting from a variety of Razer switches. Razer made a bold step by tailoring their keyboard to a certain sort of user. Having said that, I enjoyed the mechanical switches on this keyboard, despite the fact that they were a little noisy. If you operate in a calm and peaceful environment, you’ll probably want to avoid using this keyboard. Taking a JCB through a library is the equivalent of bringing the Razer Blackwidow into a quiet workplace. People will look at you.

Visit our switch guide for additional information on switches and to choose which one is suitable for you.

Synapse III Software & RGB

The Synapse III software package is one of the primary characteristics of this keyboard. Many of you are undoubtedly familiar with Synapse, but for those who aren’t, it’s a fantastic piece of software that enables users to completely personalize their keyboard (or any other peripheral in the Razer family that allows it).

Let’s start with the RGB color scheme. One of the main selling points for Razer goods, like with all of their products, is the RGB support. For a long time, Razer has been refining their Razer Chroma, and it now seems that you may alter the RGB of each key independently. Once within the app, you may pick from a variety of settings, ranging from color cycles to reactive effects that vary the RGB based on the backdrop of your display or the music you’re listening to. If none of the presets appeal to you, go over to Chroma studio, where you’ll find an almost limitless array of options. You’ll be able to synchronize your keyboard with any other Synapse detected peripherals after you’ve configured it to the proper RGB profile. For me, it’s a little gimmicky, but if you’re like this type of stuff, it’s quite effective.


Hypershift is coming next. Another aspect of the Synapse III software suite is this. It potentially offers users access to double the amount of accessible keys at any one moment. Allow me to explain. Hypershift is a keyboard function that enables you to assign a button to switch between two different keyboard profiles. If you play games that demand a lot of key bindings or spell commands, you’ll be able to virtually double your keyboard capabilities with a single button push. It functions in the same manner as the function (Fn) button.

Memory Profiles for On-Board Devices

The hybrid onboard memory is another amazing feature of this keyboard. Although this isn’t strictly speaking a Synapse function, you must establish your profile inside Synapse. You’ll be able to store your profile to the on-board memory of your keyboard after you’ve finished creating it. As a result, you’ll be able to carry your preferred profiles with you everywhere you go. You’ll be able to save up to five profiles on-board, but if you upload to the cloud, you’ll be able to store an unlimited amount.


Results from the Field

So, onto the Results from the Field, how did this thing actually perform in a gaming environment? Well, if I’m being completely honest; pretty darn good!

I’m the kind of individual that enjoys playing CS:GO, a game that demands extreme actuation and response. The Blackwidow’s performance, on the other hand, was far from disappointing. Let’s be honest before we get too carried away. The human eye will not perceive the difference in response between the primary mechanical switches. When compared to a membrane or regular keyboard, however, the mechanical switch clearly offers a long list of advantages. For the most part, it seemed quite responsive, and I didn’t notice any miss-clicks while gaming.

Several times when playing CS:GO, I saw the N-Key Rollover function kicking in. This is a feature that ensures that no matter how many keys are touched simultaneously, each one is recorded and activated. This is both good and terrible, but it is most of the time positive. This is a must-have feature for gamers that do a lot of what I term “button pounding” — mainly if they spend a lot of time in FPS sessions.

I kept the RGB in wave mode for the most part. However, one evening when I was bored, I decided to play around with the Chroma Studio. To my amazement, there were several alternatives to choose from, and I used them to create a bespoke profile. You can’t go wrong with this keyboard if you like RGB. Of course, if the RGB is a bit too bright for you, you may adjust the brightness in Synapse. But I just left it on full blast. RGB has never caused any harm to anybody.

The number of mistakes employees made when composing evaluations and reports was one criticism I received while circulating this keyboard around the company. This is entirely due to the keyboard’s actuation pressure and N-Key Rollover functionality. Because the switches are so light and simple to press, miss-types are a distinct possibility.

Apart from that, I was pleased by the keyboard’s performance in both gaming and video editing and regular usage.


So, with everything fresh in our minds, we’ve arrived at the part of the review when we must evaluate whether or not this keyboard is worth your money. It’s a tricky question to answer.

Let’s assume the Blackwidow Elite doesn’t exist for a moment. The Blackwidow 2019 is a fantastic tiny board with many fun features, a good look, and superb switches for responsive and precise gaming. All of the features are superb. However, when compared to other industry leaders like Corsair, ASUS, and Steelseries, BlackWidow’s worth begins to be questioned. Many of Razer’s rivals provide mechanical keyboards with dedicated media keys built around aluminum frames. Something that the Blackwidow doesn’t have. But that’s not to say it’s not a good keyboard for the money.

So, those are my last opinions. In the end, this is a keyboard that excels at the fundamentals. This keyboard might be what you’re searching for if you like RGB and require responsive gaming switches for FPS games. In this regard, it is very outstanding. However, if build quality, materials, and lifespan are important to you, you may want to choose something a bit more high-end.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Razer BlackWidow Good?

A: The Razer BlackWidow has several positives, but it is not without its flaws. It is still an excellent choice for pros who need to reliably perform at the highest levels possible in any game or tournament.

Is Razer BlackWidow any good?

A: The Razer BlackWidow is a high-quality mechanical keyboard with RGB backlighting and good tactile feedback. It also has anti-ghosting capabilities for those who play games like League of Legends or other RTS titles that require fast accurate keystrokes.
The downsides to the Razer BlackWidow are its size–it’s on the large side–and price point, which can be prohibitively expensive for some consumers who want one but don’t have as much money to spend on it.
Overall though, I would say that if you’re in the market for a new mechanical keyboard at this moment in time, then go ahead and get your hands on a Razer BlackWidow because it does offer everything you could want from an entry-level gaming peripheral while still being visually appealing enough to fit into any setup!

Are Razer keyboards any good?

A: Razer keyboards are fully compatible with the PS4. Some have a problem, but many people still enjoy them because they are cheaper than other brands of keyboards and offer similar performance.

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