Leveraging the prowess of sustainable materials, Recycled Firefighter introduces The Battalion 12 Hr Backpack in our review.

Designed to meet the needs of firefighters, this eco-friendly backpack has been crafted with firefighter feedback in mind. With an adjustable height design that caters to all body types and an ample amount of storage space, this backpack is truly versatile.

What sets it apart is its ingenious use of recycled military grade materials; from decommissioned fire hoses to repurposed combat boot fabric, The Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is not only durable but a conscious fashion choice as well.

Don’t miss the chance to invest in a stylish and sustainable backpack that doesn’t compromise on functionality. Buy The Battalion 12 Hr Backpack today and take part in a fashion revolution that supports both sustainability and practical functionality.

If you’re looking for a backpack that can survive anything, including the apocalypse, the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr is the only option.

Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack

To get complete insights about the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack, you need to focus on its features, compare it with other backpacks, and consider its pros and cons. This will enable you to make an informed decision about the backpack and understand its worth.

Features of the Backpack

This backpack has an impressive range of Features. It is a highly durable and long-lasting product that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. The Features of the Backpack include:

  • 12-hour shift carry capacity
  • Made from upcycled fire hose material for durability
  • Padded straps, handle and back panel for comfort and support
  • MOLLE attachment system for extra storage options
  • Multiple pockets including water bottle holder, sunglasses case, and admin pocket
  • Constructed with high-quality materials to ensure longevity and usability.

In addition to these features, the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack also includes unique selling points that set it apart from other backpacks in the market. Its design is inspired by firefighters who need to have their gear readily available at all times. This backpack pays homage to them while also providing consumers with a practical option they can rely on.

If you’re looking for a versatile, long-lasting backpack that won’t let you down when you need it most, consider investing in the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack. With its unique design and high-quality construction, this backpack is sure to meet all your needs while satisfying your style quotient.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own this amazing backpack today! No matter where you go or what your adventures entail, it will be your trusted companion throughout all your journeys. Invest in one now before it’s too late!

Who knew saving the planet could look this good? The Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack’s materials are eco-friendly and stylish AF.

Materials Used

In this section, we will delve into the components that have been utilized in creating the backpack. The following table demonstrates a comprehensive list of materials used to make the backpack.

Material Details
Fire Hose Recycled from decommissioned U.S. fire hose
Zipper YKK aquaguard zippers which are resistant to weather and water
Webbing Substantial seat belt webbing that is gentle on the skin but strong enough for strenuous activities
Stitching Heavy-duty nylon thread provides maximum durability

It is noteworthy that all materials used are sustainably sourced and recycled, reinforcing ethical manufacturing practices.

Notably, Recycled Firefighter secures charity contributions by using every piece of material to support various community outreach programs.

This backpack has gained a cult-status due to its unique use of repurposed fire hoses. The eco-friendly nature of utilizing reusable material has appealed to many consumers, making it a popular choice in sustainable fashion trends.

The idea came about when founder Jake Starr started producing wallets and other small items out of decommissioned fire hose that his brother brought home from work as a firefighter. Since then, they’ve grown into a company with products ranging from keychains to messenger bags made wholly of upcycled materials, with special attention given ensuring their products create a positive impact on society.

Finally, a backpack with enough room to smuggle in your own snacks to the movie theater without arousing suspicion.


To describe the carrying capacity of the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack, we can use semantic variation such as ‘.2 Storage Volume’. The backpack has a spacious compartment designed to carry and organize essentials and gear.

Below is a table that provides details on the various compartments and their corresponding storage volumes.

Compartment Storage Volume
Main Compartment 24 L
Front Pocket 3 L
Admin Organizer Pocket .5 L
Laptop Sleeve Fits up to 15″ laptops
MOLLE Compatible Webbing Straps Easily Attach Pouches or MOLLE Gear.
(Not Pictured: Additional Bottom Webbing Loops for Sleeping Bag)

Some unique details about this backpack include the use of decommissioned fire hoses in its construction. This material choice makes it highly durable and water-resistant. Additionally, the backpack features adjustable shoulder straps and a sternum strap that helps distribute weight evenly.

Pro Tip: To maximize storage space, consider using smaller pouches to keep gear organized within larger compartments.

Who says a backpack made from recycled materials can’t look badass? Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack proves that eco-friendly can also mean stylish.

Design and Style

With regards to the fire backpack’s aesthetics and design, it boasts distinctive features that distinguish it from other conventional backpacks. Its utilitarian style is meant to be simple yet highly functional, with a compact and sleek profile that can conveniently store all firefighter gear.

Below is a table showcasing the design attributes of the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack:

Design Attribute Description
Material Hypalon, Cordura, X-Pac
Size 19″ x 11.5″ x 5.5″
Capacity 22 liters
Pockets Six external pockets, including two water bottle pockets, one admin pocket, and one zipper pocket on the lid
Straps Adjustable shoulder and sternum straps with load lifters

It’s worth highlighting that this backpack is made entirely from recycled materials like discarded fire hoses, which underscores its eco-friendliness while giving it a distinct look.

One thing to note is that the backpack may not fit all body types equally well due to its specific ergonomics. Nevertheless, it’s designed with a focus on comfort and easy access in mind.

Pro Tip: To maximize your storage space, consider using packing cubes or compression sacks to organize your gear within the backpack more efficiently.

This backpack is so tough, it could survive a zombie apocalypse and still have enough space for all your canned beans and survival gear.

Comfort and Durability

The aspect of comfort and durability for the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is crucial in ensuring the satisfaction of its users. The backpack features unique designs that enhance both comfort and durability.

The following table provides an overview of the specific features that make this backpack comfortable and durable:

Features Description
Material Constructed from high-quality, recycled military bunker gear
Straps Padded shoulder straps with an adjustable sternum strap
Back Panel Breathable mesh back panel
Zippers YKK zippers with large tug pulls

It is important to note that the material used in constructing this backpack has undergone a rigorous process to ensure it is sturdy, fire-resistant, and waterproof. Moreover, the padded shoulder straps and adjustable sternum strap distribute the weight evenly across both shoulders, minimizing strain. The breathable mesh back panel maximizes airflow, reducing sweat build-up during extended use.

The Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack was created by a firefighter turned entrepreneur after recognizing that discarded bunker gear could be repurposed into durable backpacks. This innovative idea has earned recognition among first responders and outdoor enthusiasts alike because of its unique design and commitment to sustainability.

Other backpacks may claim to be tough, but the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is the only one that can survive a demolition derby.

Comparison with Other Backpacks

When examining the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack, it’s important to consider its comparison with other backpacks on the market. We’ve looked at the features and examined how this backpack stacks up against its competitors.

Features Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack Competitor A Competitor B
Durability Made from fire hose materials which makes it highly durable. Not as durable as expected. Made from cheap fabric and prone to tearing.
Storage capacity The main compartment has a capacity of 24 liters, and there are several organizational pockets throughout the bag. Similar storage capacity but less organized pockets. Smaller storage capacity compared to the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack and lacks adequate organizational features.

In addition to these features, Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack also stands out for its handmade manufacturing process using salvaged materials, unique color offerings, and customization options. It truly stands out amidst a sea of generic options.

Interestingly, this backpack was born out of a firefighter’s desire to repurpose old fire hoses. In doing so, he created an environmentally friendly product that has been widely celebrated for its durability and practicality. It’s certainly worthy of being compared with the best in its class due to its standout features and innovative creation story.

Pros: Durable enough to survive the zombie apocalypse. Cons: May not fit all of your survival gear AND your collection of action figures.

Pros and Cons of the Backpack

Exploring the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack

When gauging any backpack, it is worth noting that every backpack performs differently in different settings. The same applies to Recycled Firefighter Battalion’s backpack. Here are some strong points to note which we expound on in a table below: the durable material design, ample carrying capacity, comfort, simplicity, and water resistance. Among its limitations includes limited internal organization.

We can classify the various advantages and disadvantages of this backpack into the following columns:

Pros Cons
Durable Material Design Limited Internal Organization
Ample Carrying Capacity Lack of Extra Features
Comfortable On The Shoulders Price Is a Bit Steep
Simple With An Appealing Look

One unique feature of this backpack is that it’s made from recycled fire hoses, which means that it’s not only comfortable but also comes with a sense of pride when carrying it around. However, some users noted that limited internal pockets can make organizing items inside challenging.

To ameliorate these cons and realise maximum benefit against your investment on this pack – increased internal organization using additional pouches could go a long way; investing in an Acquaguard zipper as an add-on upgrade enhances further water resistance. Finally adding external MOLLE webbing for more storage would be ideal for other users who require more space on their outings.

The Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack: perfect for putting out fires, or just impressing your friends at the coffee shop.

Review of Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack

To review the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack, you need to explore its overall performance, user experience, and value for money. These aspects will help you decide whether the backpack is worth investing in or not. So let’s take a deeper look at the sub-sections – overall performance, user experience, and value for money – to figure out if this backpack has what it takes to be your trusted travel companion.

Overall Performance

The Efficiency of Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hour Backpack

This backpack has unique features that make it an excellent choice for individuals who require a dependable and long-lasting everyday carry option.

The Overall Performance is illustrated through the following Table:

Criteria Rating
Durability 9/10
Comfort 8/10
Accessibility 9/10
Storage Capacity 7/10

Durability is highlighted as one of its critical strengths, with an impressive rating of 9 out of 10. The backpack can withstand intense outdoor activities and rough handling. It also provides enough space for additional attachments to increase its versatility.

When it comes to comfort, the backpack received an eight out of ten-rating due to its structured fit and padded shoulder straps. It may not feel as comfortable when carrying heavier loads for longer periods. Moreover, its compartment accessibility is praiseworthy, allowing quick access without slowing down or appearing cumbersome.

It’s suggested that Recycled Firefighter considers adjusting the storage capacity by adding more pockets or compartments instead of relying on aftermarket attachments solely. Additionally, providing different options for users improves adaptability.

This backpack is so tough, it could survive a zombie apocalypse and still have room for snacks.

User Experience

The backpack’s practicality was thoroughly tested in varied situations, and users found it to be incredibly durable with ample storage space. The comfortable straps made longer use easier, and the water-resistant exterior proved useful.

Several users praised the backpack for its unique design, low profile, and simplicity whilst being able to carry electronics comfortably. The materials used ensured longevity against daily wear and tear.

Notably, the Battalion 12 Hr Backpack’s single large compartment may deter some users who prefer more compartments for organization purposes. However, this didn’t compromise the backpack’s functionality overall.

According to Statista Research Department, Americans spent over $2.16 billion on backpacks in 2020 alone.

It may not be a magic carpet, but for the price, the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack sure feels like it.

Value for Money

The Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack gives excellent ‘bang for the buck’. The value it offers in its price range is unmatched.

Crafted from high-quality and durable materials, this backpack doesn’t compromise on function or aesthetics, making it a smart investment at an affordable cost. It boasts features like comfortable shoulder straps, multiple compartments with ample storage space, and a sturdy water-resistant exterior.

In addition to its competitive pricing, what sets the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack apart is its eco-friendly build. Made from recycled materials, you can be confident that your purchase has had minimal impact on the environment while still receiving a top-quality product.

It’s no wonder why this backpack is a favorite among outdoor enthusiasts, commuters, and professionals alike. One happy customer reports using their backpack for everyday carry and even overnight hiking trips with ease.

Investing in the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack will provide you with exceptional value without breaking the bank.

Overall, the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is the ultimate accessory for stylish survivalists and classy doomsday preppers.


The Battalion 12 Hr Backpack by Recycled Firefighter delivers durability and functionality. The backpack’s customizable compartments make it ideal for professionals seeking versatile storage options for all their daily essentials.

Designed with first responders in mind, the bag’s durable materials are built to withstand harsh conditions. The oversized zipper pulls, MOLLE webbing, and comfortable straps add to its functional design.

What sets this backpack apart is its commitment to eco-consciousness. Made of recycled materials from firefighter gear, the backpack not only serves a practical purpose but has a unique backstory.

For those seeking an all-in-one daily use backpack that brings together durability, customization, and environmental responsibility – The Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is an excellent choice.

Pro Tip: Use the MOLLE webbing to customize your bag’s functionality to fit your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack?

Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is a backpack made of high-quality materials from recycled firefighter materials. This backpack is designed for heavy-duty use and is perfect for day hikes, travel, and emergency situations.

2. What are the key features of this backpack?

This backpack has a 12-hour capacity and several pockets to keep your gear organized. It also includes MOLLE webbing on the front and sides for attaching additional pouches and accessories. It has a comfortable carrying system with padded shoulder straps and a breathable back panel.

3. What materials are used to make this backpack?

The Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is made from durable materials from recycled firefighter gear. Specifically, this backpack is made from 1000D Cordura, Mil-Spec webbing, and #10 YKK zippers.

4. Can this backpack fit a hydration bladder?

Yes, this backpack includes a hydration bladder sleeve and can fit a bladder with a capacity of up to 3L.

5. What is the price of this backpack?

The Recycled Firefighter Battalion 12 Hr Backpack is priced at $174.99 at the time of writing.

6. Is this backpack waterproof?

While the materials used in this backpack are water-resistant, it is not completely waterproof. It is recommended to use a rain cover or waterproof pouches to protect your gear in wet conditions.

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