The Skechers GOwalk 4 travel shoes are the perfect shoe for weekend getaways or casual wear. They offer a lightweight, breathable fabric that is durable and comfortable enough to walk in all day.

Let’s be honest: Skechers will not be at the top of your list of the world’s most trendy companies. This is because the footwear brand has always prioritized performance and comfort above cutting-edge design, resulting in a “comfortable Mom and Dad shoe” stigma—which, to be fair, has served them well as they’ve grown into a worldwide powerhouse with over 2500 outlets in 160 countries.

Skechers is steadily gaining a young and trendy following thanks to inventive designs and celebrity commercials like Camila Cabello, the singer behind the hit “Havana.” Skechers is now on-trend, as shown by how stylish lifestyle retailers like Urban Outfitters now stock its shoes.

So Skechers is a worldwide brand known for its comfort and performance that has dipped its toes into the fashion world. Nonetheless, we’re all left wondering, “BUT DO THEY MAKE A TRAVEL SHOE?”

Skechers GOwalk 4 In The UK

Yes, we are pleased to confirm that. THEY ARE RIGHT! It’s known as the GOwalk.

In this review, we’ll be looking at the Skechers GOwalk 4s—the newest edition of their travel shoe—which we’ve been testing for the last two months. Oh, and we’ve already spent over a year trying the GOwalk 3s in seventeen countries, in various climates and terrains. So we like to believe we know the Skechers GOwalk series reasonably well.

Aesthetics and Fashion

Before we get into how fantastic these things look, we need to talk about the many Skechers GOwalk 4 models, which may be a little confusing. Skechers’ naming system and website may be perplexing at times, and we’d like to see them simplify and streamline it—after all, there’s more than one kind of GOwalk 4. There are eight of them. Yes, the identical shoe is available in eight distinct designs.

Different Versions Of The GOwalk 4

Thankfully, except one laced variant, there are only slight visual changes, so you may choose whichever pair you like. We chose the “Propel” option.

The Skechers GOwalk 4s come in various hues, including black, blue, beige, red, and purple, but black is definitely your best pick. It’s the hue that goes with everything and hides dirt and stains the best—a win-win situation that’s perfect for travel!

Skechers GOwalk 4 Style

We enjoy the GOwalk 4’s sleek and simple look, and since they’re so neutral, we’ve found you can wear them in a variety of settings. These shoes will match your style whether you’re feeling like a fashionista on the streets of Paris or power trekking through the countryside. They’ll go with trousers, dresses, or skirts because of their streamlined design, which is a great plus for travel. You’ve found a winner when you can find one pair of shoes that goes with everything.

Discreet Skechers Branding

Skechers has kept the branding on the GOwalk 4s to a minimum. The tiny “S” branding on the side is ideal if you haven’t fully converted to Skechers yet. The logo fits the sneakers’ clean and basic style and doesn’t take away from what they’re designed for: performance and comfort. And, let’s face it, you probably don’t want everyone to know you’re wearing Skechers. We understand it, and it seems that the Skechers team does as well.

The slip-on form of these shoes is one of our favorites, as it allows you to easily walk in and out of the home, pop your shoes off in the airport security queue, or remove your shoes at a Buddhist temple in Southeast Asia (which happens to us more often than you might think).

Let’s get one thing straight now. When it comes to slip-on footwear, there’s always the worry that the absence of laces may cause your feet to slide out. We’re delighted to say that this has never occurred to us, and it shouldn’t happen to you either if you get the proper size.

GOwalk 4 Folding Flat

These shoes weigh just 5.25 ounces each shoe—and that’s for a size 7. Is there any way to make travel any better? Yes! They may also be rolled up and stored flat. Because of the soft mesh on top, the Skechers GOwalk 4’s will lie flat within a pack, saving you a lot of room.

Technology & Comfort

It’s difficult to know where to start since Skechers’ sneaker engineers (which is an actual job) have packed a lot of innovation into these shoes. Some of the website languages are a little much for us, but it all comes together to make one of the most comfortable shoes we’ve ever tried. Seriously, we can’t emphasize enough how comfy these sneakers are. During testing, we traveled roughly 60 kilometers on three days with the all-black Propel models and never felt uncomfortable. So, what makes the Skechers GOwalk 4s so comfortable? So, let’s cut through the lingo for a moment.

5GEN Midsole Cushioning

The soles include “innovative and extremely responsive 5GEN® midsole cushioning that is intended to deliver a high energy return on every step,” which implies the shoe is simple to walk in with little effort and stress on your feet. We can vouch for that without a doubt.

Skechers GOwalk 4 Goga Pillars

The “Goga Pillars®” comes next, which seems strange at first sight. They’re pillars (surprise) on the bottom of the shoe that cushion any strong impacts, and from what we’ve seen, they do a fantastic job.

Skechers Goga Max Insole

The “new Skechers Goga Max® insole for next-generation cushioning and support” can be found inside the shoe. Although this is an absurd way to describe the inside of a shoe, it does live up to the hype—like it’s memory foam for your feet!

Have you ever wondered how it feels to walk on memory foam? Let us give you a hint: IT’S FANTASTIC.

The next piece of technology doesn’t have a fancy name, but it’s still remarkable. “Engineered to organically expand with your foot when you walk,” says the mesh on the exterior of the shoe. (See? Engineers for sneakers are a real thing!) Our GOwalk 4s have never rubbed or produced any friction, thus this mesh looks to be performing as expected. The mesh is not only pleasant to wear, but it is also very breathable, keeping your feet cool even in hot weather.

Mesh On The Skechers GOwalk 4

But, let’s be honest, no matter how breathable your shoe is, your feet will still sweat. Skechers, fortunately, has some fancy technology to keep your shoes smelling fresh: a bamboo-lined footbed with antibacterial odor control. The antibacterial bio-agent “bamboo Kun,” which is naturally contained in bamboo fibers, keeps your shoes smelling fresh. These sneakers have never smelled, even after walking all day, every day. We were delighted to discover this, since there are few things more unpleasant than trying to stuff stinky shoes into a backpack—unless you like the smell of disgusting shoes, of course. Without a doubt, we do not.

GOwalk 3 vs. GOwalk 4

We’ve been testing the new GOwalk 4s for the last several months, and we’ve also been testing the GOwalk 3s for over a year, so we’re very familiar with them both. They’re fairly similar for the most part, but there are a few changes that we’ll go over—all of which, in our view, make the shoe better.

Width Of The GOwalk 4 Vs GOwalk 3

The breadth of the shoe is the key variation between the two variants. The GOwalk 3s are much larger than the GOwalk 4. This is because of the revised Goga Pillars®, which allow for a more streamlined design while maintaining comfort. The slimmer form is unquestionably more contemporary and stylish, which is appealing. (Remember how we said that Skechers was getting more popular? This is clear in this case.) However, in a fashion-conscious city like Tokyo or Singapore, the GOwalk 3s did make you feel a little self-conscious. The GOwalk 3’s were a little clumpy and uncool, but the GOwalk 4’s have much improved in this area.

The new Goga Max® insoles in the GOwalk 4’s are another distinction between the two. The GOwalk 3 insoles were still wonderfully comfortable, but the Goga Max® is somehow even better—not it’s a significant change, but it’s an upgrade in our perspective. We’ve also noticed that the GOwalk 4s smell a lot less than the prior generation, which we attribute to the bamboo-lined inside sole.

The new GOwalk 4s have a major improvement over the GOwalk 3s in terms of water repellency. This isn’t to claim that these shoes are waterproof; they’re far from it, but they’re far more water-resistant. The GOwalk 3s were soaked in water and were wet, but the GOwalk 4s have remained relatively dry in all scenarios thus far.

Skechers GOwalk 4 Durability

The GOwalk 4s have also held their form far better than the GOwalk 3. This might be due to the better mesh on the exterior, or it could just be because we’ve had the GOwalk 3s for a more extended period. If we’re honest, we believe it’s a mix of the two, but we think the GOwalk 4s will hold up better over time. Again, check out the history of use below to see how they progress.

All of the adjustments Skechers has made to the GOwalk 4’s have been positive from our perspective. However, this may not be the case for everyone, as shown by the following question on the Skechers website:

Question on the Skechers Website

“Why, oh why, did you modify the fundamental footprint of the GoWalk 4 footbed when you have such a great shoe in the GoWalk 3?” In comparison to the GW-3, the GW-4 is very uncomfortably narrow, and the inside sole feels different, much less cushiony and supportive. Why did you feel the need to make such substantial alterations to a shoe that was already great, comfy, and simple to fit? The GW-3 was fantastic! The modifications to the solitary pillars are understandable, but you should have stopped there.”

Skechers’ response was:

“Thank you for your comments. The GOwalk shoe designs are always evolving; the GOwalk Joy, for example, features a more conventional spacious midfoot like the GOwalk 3.”

This demonstrates that various approaches are appropriate for different persons. It’s fantastic to see Skechers recognize this and have reacted by releasing the GOwalk Joy. In addition, the GOwalk 4’s “Propel” and “Gifted” variants are now available in a wide version. As if there weren’t already enough styles to remember.

Testing & Durability

GOwalk Black Sole vs White Sole

Our GOwalk 4s have held up very well after two months of testing, which is not unexpected given how well our prior GOwalk 3s did. After seeing some degradation on the white sole of GOwalk 3, we decided to go with the all-black version of GOwalk 4. The black sole keeps these sneakers appearing fresh and tidy, which is particularly important while you’re on the go.

If you need to clean your sneakers, Skechers recommends wiping them down with a moist towel. Even though we’ve never had to do so with the GOwalk 4s (since they always smell so good), we’ve washed the GOwalk 3s before—on a cold, gentle cycle—with no negative consequences other than wonderfully clean, odor-free shoes.

The Skechers GOwalk 4’s are pretty comfortable—we may have stated that a few times already—and are comprised of highly light materials, but they lack protection. It will hurt if you drop anything on your foot, strike it hard, or if someone steps on it. These are oddities, but they should be taken into account. These are not the shoes for you if you require a pair of shoes that will safeguard your feet from danger.

Stones Can Get Stuck In The Pillars

Another nitpick—and this is a minor one—is that pebbles and tiny stones might get lodged between the pillars on the sole on occasion. Again, this isn’t usually a big deal, and they’re simple to get rid of, but it may not be delightful when it occurs.

Overall, this is a fantastic pair of travel shoes. They’re pretty comfy, go with anything, and can be folded flat! So if you’re looking for a couple of shoes to join you on your travels across the globe, the Skechers GOwalk 4’s are a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Skechers Go Walk 4 true to size?

A: The Skechers Go Walk 4 are true to size.

Is Skechers perfect for your feet?

A: The company that makes Skechers shoes, Reebok-Ltd. is suitable for your feet.

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