Skyroam is a popular mobile app that offers international Wi-Fi access for $2.99 per day or less than the cost of one Starbucks coffee in some countries, making it an affordable option when traveling abroad. The price point makes Skyroam ideal for travelers looking to make their trip more convenient and save money on hotels with free hotel Wi-Fi options available. After many positive reviews from users across social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, I decided to try this new program myself.

The Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot may resemble a bright orange hockey puck, but it’s a helpful tool for staying connected when traveling. If you’re traveling across the world and want to use Google Maps to explore a new city, here is the place to go. If you’re traveling abroad, you can also remain in contact with relatives back home without buying a local sim card. It can also connect to up to 10 devices at once if traveling with a group of pals. We don’t have many pals and wouldn’t want to travel in such a vast group, but it worked in our experience while linked to many devices.

Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot Review with laptopSkyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot | The vivid orange hue is beginning to grow on us. It should work in more than 135 countries. We only tried it for a little more than a month in the United States, so we can’t say how well it works elsewhere. What we can say is that it works very effectively in urban settings. We had no problems using it in parks, coffee shops without WiFi (or WiFi that we didn’t want to pay for), and downtown locations. You should have no issues if you’re a business traveler, a digital nomad, or just working remotely and need internet connectivity. It took a little longer to locate a signal and connect when it came to utilizing it in more quiet settings. It was still functional. It was only that the connection wasn’t as quick as it was in the metropolis.

Usage & Features

In our situation, getting the Solis Lite up and running was not an easy task. At the bottom of the gadget, there are three LED indicator lights. They indicate accessible WiFi, data transmission, and the cellular signal from right to left. Charge it up, wait for all of the lights to turn white, download the app to set up your account, and scan the QR code on the back of the hotspot to connect it. Whatever we did, those lights glared back at us in an angry red.

Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot turning onSkyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot | download the Skyroam app to utilize your hotspot. We first assumed it was due to a wrong signal in our area—smack dab in the heart of downtown Detroit—which seemed weird. After contacting the firm, we discovered that they had forgotten to load our data! We didn’t have any problems when they loaded our Skyroam. This might be a strange chance event, and to their credit, their customer support was speedy and efficient. Hopefully, you won’t run into similar issues after you’ve landed in another country and don’t have access to data to contact Skyroam customer service. Try it out before you board the aircraft to make sure it’s ready to travel.

You’ll want to double-check the USB cable you intend to use to charge it before your trip and check it to make sure everything is in working condition. Of course, the Solis Lite comes with its USB charging cable, although it’s somewhat short. Because it could only reach so far, we had to place it on the floor just in front of the outlet. However, it’s the proper size to keep it linked directly to your laptop on coffee shop tables. The issue we faced was not so much with the length of the device’s charging port. Other USB-C cables are loose and don’t fit properly, causing them to detach easily when setting. The same thing happened when we used an Apple USB-C cable and a NOMAD Universal USB-C Cable. They still functioned, but only the Skyroam-supplied cable was a perfect match.

Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot chargingSkyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot | Using a NOMAD Universal USB-C Cable to charge the hotspot. The Solis Lite, according to Skyroam, fits in your pocket and weighs less than a pound. While it is very light and can fit in your pocket, carrying it in this manner is a little complicated. A round disk jutting out of one buttcheek is not a nice appearance, especially if your jeans only have rear pockets. However, we like to keep it in a tech pouch because of its round design, and it will take up some room. Finding the right bag for your backpack, on the other hand, maybe rather enjoyable.

While we generally used it in cities, we did take it on a fast road trip and following day trek once during our month of testing. It worked well on the journey, but it took a few additional minutes to obtain a signal after getting out into the woods. This was a slight change, but we noticed it when we used it in the city.

Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot in bagIt’s great to find a place within your bag that accommodates the Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot. Skyroam provides a variety of data options. 4G may be purchased monthly, daily, or by the quantity of GBs desired. One GB of data is relatively inexpensive, but your consumption and the number of devices you need to connect will determine how much you pay. For example, we combined a MacBook Air and an iPhone with 1GB of data each month, plenty for a few hours of remote work and a brief road trip. However, when we attempted to attend a Zoom meeting, it snatched all of our data, leaving us with nothing for the remainder of the month. Again, it is mainly dependent on your intended use, but there are several possibilities for all sorts of tourists. The Skyroam Solis X, which is the same size and can connect up to 10 devices, is also available. On the other hand, this update includes a speaker, microphone, Bluetooth, and a wide-angle camera for live streaming and recording. This seems like a great idea if you’re a mobile digital content developer.

The Skyroam Solis Lite Global Hotspot was functional, except for the difficulties we encountered setting it up and the temperamental charging connector. Nevertheless, it’s a strong contender for must-have travel accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Skyroam unlimited?

A: Well, they don’t explicitly say it’s unlimited. But the only limit on their plans is your data usage and how much you pay per month. And as long as you’re not using more than what’s allowed by that plan, I would consider it unlimited.

Why is Skyroam so slow?

A: Skyroam is slow because it uses its custom WiFi security.

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