Stasher is a reusable silicone bag. It’s made with durable, food-grade, BPA-free, non-toxic materials that are surprisingly lightweight, making it easy to use on the go or save space in your gym bag. This has quickly become one of my favorite essentials when I travel and need something to keep items organized while I’m away from home.

Stasher bags—the reusable alternative to single-use plastic sandwich bags—have gotten a lot of buzzes, and we’ve been eager to put them to the test for a long. An environmentally friendly product, simple to pack, and safe to throw in the AirBnB dishwasher? Please add us to the list.

Stasher Bags Flat LayStashers are manufactured of platinum-grade silicone (which is more durable than food-grade silicone). They are available in a range of forms, sizes, colors, and patterns to suit various needs. Snacks, cosmetics, and even electronics equipment may all be stored. You can do everything with a Stasher bag that you can do with a plastic bag.

While Stasher bags come in black (our favorite color here at Pack Hacker), we’ve been experimenting with several colors and sizes. We have a few gripes—after all, it wouldn’t be a Pack Hacker review without them, but we’ve had a good time. On that topic, let’s look at what we’ve been enjoying and what we believe may be improved.

What do We enjoy?

Let’s start with the obvious: these bags have a shared environmental effect (or none at all). These items were designed as an ecologically beneficial alternative to single-use plastic bags, and they continue to be sold as such. (Check out Stasher’s marketing movies starring the famed plastic island if your day is going too well and you need a dose of misery.) So stopping discarding plastic bags in the garbage feels fantastic.

Stasher Bags MaterialStasher bags are constructed of 100 percent platinum grade silicone and are “endlessly reusable,” according to the company. That’s a big claim, and two weeks isn’t enough time to back it up, but the bags have held up nicely, except for some minor dirt and the like on the outside. Still, we’re not confident that these bags will last forever, so check out our use schedule below to see how well they hold up.

Stasher views environmental responsibility to be at the center of their company and providing sustainable goods. On their website and numerous social media outlets, they suggest how to live an environmentally responsible life, something we can get behind.

Stasher bags are fantastic for various reasons, not the least of which is that they are environmentally friendly.

Stasher Bags TolietriesTo begin with, the sandwich-sized Stasher bag is TSA-approved. So you won’t have to remember to bring a separate plastic bag or feel awful about tossing it once you get to your destination. Plus, there’s less possibility of tearing, so you won’t have to worry about liquids pouring all over your other belongings (never a good time).

Stasher Bags in a BagThe bags also lie flat and weigh nearly nothing, making them easy to store in your backpack when not in use. Even when they’re full, they’re not very large (at least in comparison to standard food containers), making them ideal for keeping snacks when trekking or city-strolling.

The bags also include a Pinch-lock closure, which means they close in the same manner as plastic sandwich bags. The seal has shown to be quite effective in keeping our food fresh and safe. While in transportation, we’ve never experienced any leaking issues.

The seal, however, is not waterproof. The seal will shatter if you fill it with water, flip it upside down, and shake it (yes, we did try this). However, a plastic bag responds similarly. Therefore we haven’t considered this a significant disadvantage. We’re also unclear when you’d need to transport that much liquid in a Stasher when traveling (We prefer GoToob+ if you need to transport liquids while traveling.)

The seal is effortless to open and shut, enabling you to enter and exit the bag rapidly. This is especially useful when you’re on the verge of being hangry and need a handful of [insert favorite food here].

You may also toss other goods that need to be kept dry in the bag because of the closure. For example, we wouldn’t advocate putting your phone in a Stasher bag and going scuba diving, but a Stasher would do for any circumstance where you’d throw your phone in a Ziploc and call it a day.

Stasher claims that touch screens function via silicone, theoretically correct but not very effective. So you’ll probably be able to complete your tasks, but it won’t be the image of tranquility you expect.

Stasher Bags With PhoneStasher has bags in several sizes and designs, from pocket to half-gallon, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. They’ve also just introduced Shimmer bags, which are marketed as cosmetic bags but may also be used for food since they’re composed of platinum-grade silicone and a non-toxic sparkly ingredient.

We like that all of their bags are transparent in some way, so you can see what’s inside—a big benefit while traveling.

Stasher Bags In DishwasherFinally, Stasher bags may be cleaned in the dishwasher or by hand. On the other hand, washing them by hand is a hassle and something that may be improved (more on this below).

They’re microwave, oven, and sous vide safe, so maybe you could cook with them? But, if you’re like us and have no idea what “sous vide” means, don’t worry; we researched for you. Simply put, sous vide is a method of cooking food that involves placing a sealed bag within a temperature-controlled pot of water for an extended length of time.

What Could Be Better?

The worst thing about Stasher bags is how quickly dust and fluff gather in them. You could believe your brand-new backpack is dust-free, but it will discover some if you throw a Stasher bag inside. While they’re “endlessly recyclable,” they start to seem a little meh, to use brief terminology after a while of usage.

Stasher Bags With Dirt And DustAnd although they are dishwasher safe, cleaning them by hand isn’t the most enjoyable experience (it’s equivalent to washing a Ziploc bag). We’ve discovered that washing the loads inside out is the best way to clean those bottom corners. A brush may also be used, although you’re unlikely to have one with you on the road.

Stasher Bags DryingThe interior takes a long time to dry, whether washing it by hand or in the dishwasher. However, we’ve discovered that patting it dry with a towel or drying it inside out speeds things up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Stasher reusable bags worth it?

A: Yes, they are very worth it. They can also be used to store items such as shoes and other types of clothes that you may have in your closet.

Are silicone bags worth it?

A: Yes, silicone bags can be very beneficial in the right situation. Silicone is an excellent material for keeping your food fresh and away from harmful bacteria that could cause spoilage.

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