What are the best gaming headsets for under $100 by 2022? This guide will tell you everything you need to know, including our favorite picks and what they have.

When it comes to spending $50-$100, you want to be sure you’re not squandering your money, so there are a few things to think about before making a purchase. Unfortunately, the headset market is a minefield, with hundreds of various alternatives dominating the market from many different vendors. So before you make your selection, let’s go over a few things.


Removable and retractable mics are significantly more frequent in the sub $100 range, giving you more versatility in your use. Communication is crucial to success in nearly all multiplayer games, particularly for the competitive crowd. We observe a surge in microphone quality and intriguing features like noise cancellation in the best gaming headphones under $100.

The mics in this category are excellent for gaming conversations and will be a trustworthy friend; however, only a few are of sufficient quality for live streaming.

Aesthetic Appeal

As we go up in the budget, we also increase the audio quality from the gaming headsets in the respective category. Gaming headsets are known for flat, mediocre Aesthetic Appeal, and that is why we have ensured we pick the best we can for the respective budget.

While audio quality may be a matter of personal opinion, stereo imagery is critical in the gaming industry.


It would be best to double-check that your new headset is compatible with the device you want to use it with. For example, you could be frustrated if you purchase a gaming headset with a USB port but wish to use it with other devices, such as a phone. Because the information should be displayed on the product’s selling page or packaging, it’s not difficult to figure out what a certain gaming headset will function with.


Because gamers might use these headphones for hours, comfort is a top priority. An irritating headset might irritate you over time, perhaps affecting your in-game attitude.

Comfort should not be a concern in this category since suitable materials are utilized, and the structure is generally excellent. If you can get your hands on a gaming headset with plenty of adjustment options and a solid feel, you may be a winner in terms of comfort.

Sound Surround

Sound Surround is quite a common feature when buying a gaming headset for under $100, and it is one of the most immersive ways to play certain titles. This technology utilizes several direction audio drivers, making the sound seem like it’s coming from behind you or in the distance. As a result, sound Surround is a useful gaming tool and is dropping in price.

Of course, Sound Surround isn’t a necessity, and stereo provides excellent gaming performance, but you won’t get that 360-degree arc with your sound.


The drivers in a headset can determine the quality of sound you will experience. 50mm neodymium drivers are the most common, but you do see headsets feature 35mm and 40mm. Manufacturers tend to tune the drivers to their specifications, so you can often find better Aesthetic Appeal when buying from reputable manufacturers. Likewise, if a company claims to use proprietary drivers, you can ensure that they’ll produce high-quality sound.

Headsets with no wires

There is a wireless headset on our list, and although they have numerous benefits over their wired counterparts, they also have some significant disadvantages.


The range, or frequency response, is one of the more technical terms for a wireless gaming headset. The lower end of the frequency response is responsible for the bass notes, and the higher end of the frequency brings you high notes. So, if one headset can produce 15hz and another can only produce 20hz, the first can theoretically produce lower sounds. The frequency doesn’t refer to the overall Aesthetic Appeal, though, so don’t get carried away by large ranges.

Life of the Batteries

If you go for a wireless headset, the last thing you need is running out of charge, so Life of the Batteries is essential for these headsets. The Average Life of the Batteries for a modern headset is between 15 and 30 hours, roughly a week of playtime, so anything more, and you’re all set.


When you connect wirelessly, you get a signal that may be delayed if your connection isn’t fast enough. So when it comes to wireless connection, a minimum of 2.4GHz is recommended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best gaming headset under 100 dollars in 2022?

A: The best gaming headset under 100 in 2022 would be the SteelSeries Arctis 5. It is one of the most popular headsets on this list and has a high-quality sound system that allows you to hear every detail in your games.

What gaming headset should I buy in 2022?

A: This is a difficult question to answer without more information. The best way would be for you to compare and contrast different headsets on the market and see what kind of headset offers the most value.

What is the best headset under 100?

A: There is no such thing as the best headset under 100. Every person has different needs and wants, so it’s impossible to find a single headset that works for everyone.

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