These are products that have been released on the market recently. It comes with a very affordable price tag and provides high-quality features.

Sensor & DPI

When seeking a new mouse, one of the first things a gamer should think about is the sensor. When it comes to mouse performance, the sensor is the most crucial aspect since it determines how precise your motions will be.

The sensor is located at the bottom of the mouse and monitors our motions when gaming or surfing the web. Sensors have gone a long way in the previous decade, with the most recent models delivering near-perfect performance.

While mouse manufacturers offer a lot of sensors these days, most of them are versions of the Pixart 3360/3389 — two of the most OK sensors available. These sensors have the best tracking accuracy, as well as a variety of additional advantages, including low spin-out and high IPS.

If you want to play competitive FPS shooters, you should always opt for the most fantastic sensor available. However, if you’re playing MMOs or RTS-style games, the sensor won’t have as significant an influence.

The sensor’s DPI is another something to think about. Dots per inch is a metric for determining the mouse’s maximum sensitivity. The more DPI the mouse has, the more sensitive it may be. However, I wouldn’t be too concerned about DPI. In today’s gameplay, most players don’t reach 1,200 points.

Shape, size, and weight

The second most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a mouse is its Shape, size, and weight are all factors to consider. – in other words, its design. The design of a mouse plays a crucial role in your overall performance as not every mouse shape suits every hand size/grip style.

But have no fear: mice come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, accommodating almost any hand size and grip style. We suggest a form that feels well in your hand as a general guideline for most gaming genres. However, if you plan on playing professional shooters (such as Call of Duty), we suggest investing in a lightweight mouse.

Because of the lessened stress and strain on your arm, using a lightweight gaming mouse will enable you to have faster reflexes, be more accurate, and play for longer.

Create a high-quality product

Creating a high-quality product is a reasonably simple factor to explain; it’s the physical construction of the mouse and how good the materials are. Because mice can now cost you well over $100 (the best wireless gaming mice, for example), you need to know that your house is built to withstand time. You do not want a high-end mouse breaking in two months.

Fortunately, all mice we picked have been thoroughly tested for durability and lifespan. So, while not all of them are of “high grade,” they all fit well within their respective price ranges.


Then there’s ergonomics. This usually signifies that the product was created to work better with people — in this instance, your hand. This typically implies that mice were made with either right or left-handed users in mind when it comes to mice.

Ergonomics is essential in your decision-making process since a well-designed mouse may provide you with increased grip and precision.

In the consumer market, non-ergonomically constructed mice (ambidextrous) are still top-rated. Many individuals, however, prefer ergonomically designed designs over the former.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best keyboard and mouse for PS4?

A: The best keyboard and mouse for PS4 would be the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic Bluetooth gaming keyboard. It is a highly rated, quality product that has been thoughtfully engineered to make your playing experience more comfortable than ever before. The Sculpt features a unique design with curved edges and palm rests that provide superb support while playing intensive games like Fortnite Battle Royale or Beat Saber. It also comes with an adjustable weight system, so you can customize it to find the perfect fit to reduce fatigue during long hours of gameplay on the go!

Is it worth getting a keyboard and mouse for PS4?

A: It can be, but it depends on what you’re going to use the keyboard and mouse for. If you want a controller with a lot more buttons, then yes.

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