It’s the first of its kind, and it can be a lot like your home keyboard. A must-have for gamers who love to play on their Xbox One, it packs all the features you need in an affordable package compatible with Microsoft consoles.

Choosing the right accessory for your unique requirements may be strict with any peripheral purchase – whether a mouse, keyboard, or headset – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the technology.

As a result, we’ve chosen to set down the most critical elements to consider when purchasing an XBOX One keyboard. These will guarantee that your next purchase is perfect for you, but they may also help you save money.


One of the first things you should examine as a gamer when purchasing a keyboard is the switches. Different switch types provide a range of responses, precision, and audio outputs and play an essential part in a keyboard’s performance.

The keyboard’s switch is usually located under the keycap and is either a mechanical or rubber dome membrane. The control is the device that transmits a signal from the keyboard to the computer, informing it of which key has been pushed. As a result, it’s easy to see why gamers seek the highest-quality switches when purchasing a keyboard.

It’s a night and day difference between membrane and mechanical. The membrane provides a quieter, less responsive typing experience ideal for budget-conscious office workers. On the other hand, mechanical switches provide a far more tactile feel, a higher audible output, and a slew of additional benefits.

For a complete discussion of the two switch technologies, see the graphic below:


If you’re a competitive player, you should seek a mechanical keyboard that falls within your budget. It will provide significantly improved gaming performance and a slew of additional benefits.

Factor of appearance

The factor of appearance is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s still a significant factor to consider when purchasing a keyboard for XBOX  One.

When we talk about a keyboard’s appearance factor, we are referencing its physical size. So, as you can imagine, a smaller form keyboard won’t have nearly as many keys as, say, an extended keyboard – you dig?

Below is the main Factor of appearances found in today’s market:

  • Full-size Full-size
  • Full-size
  • TKL TKL TKL (TenKeyLess)
  • 60% size

The most well-known and generic Factor of appearance is Full-size, offering a complete set of keys, including number pad and function keys across the top. More often than not, Full-size keyboards also come equipped with media keys and sometimes macro keys.

Next up are TKL keyboards, which have all of the full-size keyboard features but don’t include the number pad.

Moving to 60% and you start to see some significant differences appear. We lose the number pad and most of the function keys at this appearance factor. While that might not be a massive issue for a lot of gamers, it certainly won’t be ideal for everyone’s needs.

Lastly, we have Full-size Full-size. This is the largest keyboard Factor of appearance, usually offering a whole bunch of additional keys for certain game genres such as MOBA and MMO titles. While this Factor of appearance does offer the most versatility, it is often deemed far too large for most people’s needs.

Optional Extras

Optional Extras are usually what separate the top-tier keyboards – especially two that are so evenly priced. When comparing two keyboards of similar prices, you’ll usually find that Creating a high-quality product and functionality are identical.

However, to keep your money, keyboard manufacturers will add a variety of extra functions to their boards, including anti-ghosting and key rollover, media keys, macro keys, onboard settings, and RGB. The list could go on and on, but you get the idea.

The key to picking a keyboard that best meets yourequirementsre to strike the right balance between functionality and physical performance.

Create a high-quality product

Lastly, we have to create a high-quality product. Creating a high-quality product is hugely important to consider in any peripheral purchase, mainly because no one wants to splash out $100 on a new keyboard every six months. But, unfortunately, that could be your reality if you get suckered into buying a keyboard with poor Create a high-quality product.

Thankfully, every keyboard we’ve selected has been chosen based on several different factors: creating a high-quality product.

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