The best gaming keyboards have evolved from traditional membrane-type to mechanical switches with RGB lighting and customizable software. The Logitech G512 is a top choice for gamers looking for an affordable, comfortable keyboard that’s easy to adjust and upgrade.

Whether you’re looking for the most excellent Logitech keyboard or a new gaming mouse, finding the proper decision is crucial to your wallet and in-game performance. We’ll go through a few essential aspects to consider first to make the process go more smoothly and guarantee you leave with the right keyboard for your requirements.

Sizes of Gaming Keyboards


Gaming keyboards come in several sizes, so we’ll need to figure out which one is right for you. Are you looking for a full-sized Logitech gaming keyboard with a number pad, media controls, macros, or something smaller to fit on a smaller desk?

The most prevalent are full-sized keyboards (100 percent), including all of the functions you could require. There are specific function keys and arrow keys on these boards. Full boards also have separate media controls for playing, pausing, and controlling the volume of your media/PC apps.

Tenkeyless boards are also available for individuals who want more compact (TKL). These boards vary in size from roughly 80% of the size of a full-sized board to 40% of the size of a full-sized board. A TKL keyboard may provide a decent choice for gamers with little space while packing a lot of functionality into a smaller design. Just keep in mind that you’ll lose the numeric keypad, so keep that in mind before you purchase if you use it regularly.

A smaller TKL board is the appropriate size to pack and may typically make your life simpler for dedicated gamers who attend LAN events or simply games at a friend’s home.


When we speak about mechanical or membrane keyboards, we talk about switches, which refer to the little stems below each key. A button is in charge of recording keystrokes and transferring them to your computer.

Cherry MX or MX type switches from other manufactures that can fit the same style keycaps are the most frequent style among mechanical keyboards. Typically, we’d discuss the many sorts of switches. However, Logitech utilizes their own created variety called Romer G or GX switches.

You may get them in linear, clicky, or tactile styles, like Cherry MX red, blue, and brown. When you won’t notice a difference while gaming, it’s worth noting that since they are proprietary, replacing keycaps may be more complex than with comparable gaming keyboards.

Although linear switches produce the slightest noise of the three, there is still an audible sound when typing. Although there is minimal difference in gameplay, linear is recognized for being the most responsive and is preferred by competitive players. If you’re a streamer, you may want to look for quiet switches, which are hard to come by with Logitech-branded keyboards, although sound dampening rings can assist.

Clicky switches are loud and generate an audible click when activated, which some people find highly gratifying to operate. However, if you often type or use this keyboard in an office, you may want to rethink since these keyboards are notoriously noisy.

When you push the keycap, tactile switches provide a little tactile bump. Along with the tactile bump, you’ll hear an audible click indicating that you’ve pressed that particular key.

Whatever option you choose is ultimately up to you since this is a personal choice with no right or wrong answer.

Mechanical vs. Membrane


The distinctions between mechanical and membrane keyboards are many, yet they are just superficial. Mechanical keyboards are preferred by most gamers because they are more durable and responsive. However, other gamers like the quiet, squishy feel of a membrane switch, so the decision is ultimately yours.

Mechanical switches are noisier (even quiet ones), but membrane keyboards are more prone to breaking owing to the membrane layer flattening out with time. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are simpler to clean since they are easily dismantled.

Of course, the most significant advantage of membrane keyboards is their lower cost, but keep in mind that a higher-quality keyboard is always worthwhile because once you pop, you can’t stop.

Logitech Gaming Keyboard: Wired vs. Wireless

A wireless or wired Logitech gaming keyboard was never really a factor in players’ decisions. Back in the day, the convenience of a wireless keyboard was outweighed by the technology’s unreliability and latency difficulties.

The past is history, and Logitech is at the cutting edge of wireless technology with its mouse, keyboards, and headsets. The majority of avid gamers still choose wired keyboards since they never fail or need charging. With that in mind, if you’re trying to go into esports, you may want to go with a wired keyboard, although Logitech’s Lightspeed wireless technology could entice you.

This technology has even esports pros on the big stage thinking about wireless peripherals since they provide some of the greatest lag-free technology we’ve ever seen. When the dependability of the newest wireless gaming keyboards is combined with the convenience, some gamers may find it difficult to refuse. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to charge your wireless keyboard, so don’t forget or you’ll be short on your team one evening.

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