This list of the best graphics cards for gaming covers all different price points, performance levels, and brands. From budget to luxury models, you’ll find something that fits your needs in our guide.

Let’s face it: the 2080Ti isn’t a budget GPU. Unfortunately, it’s not just one of the best-performing graphics cards on the market, but it’s also one of the most costly.

However, we understand that some consumers may wish to do their research before following our advice at the checkout. It’s only natural that this happens.

We take understanding how a product works and what to look for exceptionally seriously. We attempt to educate individuals as much as possible about these topics so that they can make their own educated decisions.

So, with that in mind, let’s look at the areas we believe you should consider before buying the finest 2080Ti.


Whether you’re purchasing the newest gaming display or a high-end GPU, pricing is always one of the most crucial parts of any hardware component, especially when it comes to a device that may cost upwards of $1,500.

The price difference between a high-end 2080Ti and a low-end 2080Ti might be hundreds of dollars, putting a strain on your budget if you don’t choose the proper one. As a result, we always advise making a price comparison before beginning your study.

To make pricing one less thing to consider, we’ve attempted to highlight which GPUs provide excellent value and which don’t.


We’ll go into the performance of the 2080Ti a little later in the post, but in short, it’s arguably the second most essential element to consider when selecting your hardware.

We all want the finest performing gear we can afford, but knowing the relationship between price and performance is a critical factor to consider before making a purchase.

For example, the 2080Ti is a very costly card. That said, it’s also, by a long by, the most potent consumer card on the market. Is it, however, fair value for money? Absolutely.

The resolution, in-game FPS, multitasking, and other visually intensive labor duties like mining affect performance.

Before you purchase, make sure your build matches your card’s performance output to guarantee other components won’t slow you down. Nothing is more frustrating than a build that is out of sync.


Cooling, like performance, is discussed in more depth following our product evaluations. However, while selecting a GPU, cooling is an essential factor to consider.

All GPUs come with their cooling system, which should theoretically dissipate the card’s TDP rating. However, there are techniques to improve GPU cooling, such as water cooling and higher case fan CFM.

Examine how much heat your card generates to ensure you aren’t constructing the world’s most costly radiator.


When we speak about size, we’re referring to the physical dimensions of the GPU.

Why should I worry about the size? You may be wondering at this point. I have a GPU, and it works perfectly. However, that GPU is most likely not a 2080 Ti.

A 2080 Ti is much larger than standard GPUs. They are far more powerful, necessitating a more extensive cooling system and heatsink.

Always double-check that your GPU will fit in your case, so you don’t waste money on a GPU you won’t be able to use.

Understanding the Technical Specifications

Any component acquisition requires a thorough understanding of the product specifications. How are you supposed to know how well a product will work if you don’t grasp the specifications?

As a result, the next section will go through each essential GPU spec and explain what they represent. This should provide you with a better grasp of how GPUs operate and function.

Clock Rates

Fear, not folks, Clock Rates aren’t that scary. They’re pretty easy to understand when you get your head around them.

Clock rate, often known as clock speed, is the pace at which your microprocessor (in this instance, the GPU chip) operates. It simply relates to how quickly your GPU executes instructions. Because each GPU is clocked at a different rate, it may do tasks at various speeds. On the other hand, Clock speed has no direct relationship with in-game performance. Regrettably, this is due to several different circumstances.


The video RAM on your GPU is refe (random access memory). It directly influences the performance of your graphics card and the amount of data it can read at any one moment.

VRAM is similar to PC RAM in that it stores data that your GPU may access at any moment and in any sequence. The more VRAM you have, the more data you can access without having to go via the processor.

Higher-resolution game formats, as well as anti-aliasing, need additional VRAM. Fortunately, every 2080Ti has 11GB of GDDR6 VRAM, which is the most available on a consumer card today.

What Is The RTX 2080Ti’s Performance?

Performance is the most vital feature of any device, and this is especially true when it comes to GPUs. This is due to current game companies and the way they create new products.

Traditionally, games drew the majority of their power from the CPU. That is no longer the case, though. Instead, GPUs are now responsible for the majority of the game’s demands and are required for a smooth operating experience.

However, when it comes to sheer performance, the 2080Ti does not disappoint. It is now the best consumer graphics card on the market, outperforming anything that comes after it.

If the new NAVI architecture GPUs want to compete with the 2080Ti for peak performance, they’ll have to do something pretty exceptional. But, if the new Ryzen series is any indication, you shouldn’t be shocked to see something similar happen. Only time will tell, I guess.

The RTX 2080Ti comfortably manages frame rates of up to 60+ FPS when operating on extreme settings, making it ideal for 4K gaming and handily outperforming its competitors. In addition, 1440p gaming on this card can easily provide 120+ FPS in even the most demanding titles. Even activating ray-tracing won’t make a difference. Right now, it’s the mother of all cards.

How Much of a Difference Does GPU Cooling Make?

WhenAs can see from the table above, co, when comparing GPUsoling varies significantly. Outside of our list, cards are available with a number of cooling options, including 3-fan, 1-fan, and even water-cooling.

This is probably not a big component in most people’s decision-making, but it should be. If your card becomes too hot, it will undergo thermal throttling, which will drastically impair performance.

If you’re not aware of thermal throttling, it happens when your GPU is subjected to high workloads, such as gaming, and produces a wave of heat, which impacts your card’s performance. Your GPU must be fitted with a robust cooling arrangement to prevent this from happening.

A water-cooled arrangement is, in my opinion, the most acceptable alternative for cooling.

A GPA water-cooled GPUl has its fans removed and replaced with a more efficient water block, allowing cold water to come into practically direct contact with the card. However, since this is a pricey premium, it will not be offered to all customers. However, if it is, I would strongly suggest it.

A triple-fan aftermarket cooling solution is a more feasible choice, such as all of the cards in our list above. These do an excellent job of keeping your car cool when gaming or working.

Is It Worth Your Hard-Earned Money?

That’s a simple question for me, and the answer is yes, without a doubt.

The main issue with these graphics cards, and this subject in general, is their cost. Right now, the lowest we could locate is roughly $1,000. I know, it’s a little costly.

However, there is no replacement if you want the most satisfactory gaming experience possible. Unfortunately, at the moment, AMD has nothing that comes close to the performance of the 2080Ti.

Perhaps when they do, the market price will plummet. However, whether AMD can develop anything of that caliber remains visible.

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