Soundcards are the most overlooked, underappreciated part of a computer and can have an extreme effect on your experience in-game. They generally produce a superior audio performance to onboard sound chipsets in games for gaming PCs and consoles alike. But what’s the best soundcard? This guide will break down all of the top contenders for 2022, including their strengths, weaknesses, and where you should buy them from.

When looking for a sound card, there are much information and language to consider that you’re unlikely to be aware of unless you’re knowledgeable about audio. Here’s a quick review of everything you’ll need to know.


The Digital-to-Analog-Converter is a sound card component that converts the computer’s digital code into a continuous analog soundwave that can be played via your outputs to create (ideally) realistic sound. The more information that can be transformed into the wave and the more exact and lifelike the sound can be, the greater the bit depth/bit rate. If you want to have high sound quality, you’ll need at least 24-bit.

Rate of Sampling

The other information that determines the quality of a DAC is the Rate of Sampling, measured in kHz, which affects the quality of the sound that the card can pick up and then replicate. The rule of thumb is that the frequency of sound a card can reproduce is ½ of its stated sample rate, so, generally speaking, you will need a Rate of Sampling of at least 96KHz to produce a 48KHz is the standard for DVD quality sound. However, those working on audio workflows will want to go higher than this to ensure they maximize the data they can capture in any input.


In basic words, the higher the SNR, the clearer the sound will be and the less background hiss/buzz you will hear when you dial up the volume. Therefore, you’ll want a sound card with an SNR of at least 91dB, preferably greater, although investing in higher SNR sound cards is normally worthwhile if you intend on viewing movies on speakers with pretty high levels, and especially if you’re conducting audio editing.

Sound Card’s Connection Ports and Location

Sound cards used to be entirely housed within the PC, plugged into the PCIe slot on the motherboard, and you’ll find numerous instances of this in this list. However, this has certain drawbacks, which means that external sound cards are now more common than ever before, hooking into the PC through a USB port or a cable connected to the PCIe slot.

The biggest problem with an internal sound card is that electrical interference from other components (such as the CPU, GPU, PSU, fans, and so on) may increase undesired background noise in the audio output, resulting in the hiss/static noise stated above. High-end motherboards, in particular, use different design elements to reduce interference (ground shields, isolating the sound card, etc. ). Still, it will almost always sneak in higher volume output levels. Internal cards gave a much more compact and confined gaming PC, which is the critical trade-off.

Support for the Channel

For the complete 3D sound experience, surround sound is now available in 5.1, 7.1, and 7.2 variants (in increasing order of quality and immersiveness). Surround sound is not just employed by speakers but also by sure headphones, which have many independent drivers and micro speakers to increase immersion in single-player games that enable it. On the other hand, most competitive online gamers will still choose a good set of stereo headphones over surround sound versions because stereo headphones offer reduced audio delay.

In short, pure gamers will not need multi-Support for the Channel in their sound cards, but if you are spending a lot of money on one, it is a desirable feature to have if you’re planning on watching films and the like.

Features of the Software

For gamers who play competitive first-person shooters in particular, one of the things you want to look out for in a sound card is the Software Features it comes with, which can give you the edge in-game. Depending on the software, this often means amplifying certain sounds above others in the audio mix, typically footsteps, to enable you to get the drop on people in games such as Counter-Strike or Escape From Tarkov. Scout Mode is one example of this and can be switched on or off at will.

Besides this, the Software’s Features can often give you a more immersive experience, whether you’re using speakers or headphones. The GX2.5 gaming audio engine, for instance, is ASUS’ proprietary software for realistic 3D effects, and you will typically see that featured for all their sound cards.

Impedance of Headphones

The impedance of Headphones is a somewhat complicated concept, which has to do with how the voltage and current of an electrical signal are related to its amplitude and frequency. In terms of what you need to know: the sound card you use has to have a signal impedance that matches the headphones you’re using – the higher the quality of the headphones, typically the higher the impedance. So if you’re hoping to use a pair of high-quality audiophile headphones, make sure whichever soundcard you buy has the necessary impedance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best sound card in 2021?

A: The best sound card in 2021 is the ASUS Xonar Essence STX.

Are 2021 sound cards worth it?

A: It depends on what you want and the features of each sound card. Many newer sound cards have cutting-edge technology, like 5K audio support or increased bit depth. But this also means they are more expensive than their older counterparts. To make an informed decision, its best to do research before purchasing a new sound card in 2021

What is brand No 1 of the sound card?

A: Brand no 1 is Creative Labs.

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