Mechanical keyboards are among the most loved and most excellent peripherals, with a distinct sound that never gets old. It’s hard to find one you love, though, so we’ve put together this list with our favorite options for every budget and preference type.

Choosing the most OK TKL mechanical keyboard for your unique demands is always challenging. There are several elements to consider to guarantee that the keyboard you purchase meets your specific needs.

As a result, we’ve outlined the most crucial factors to consider when purchasing a TKL mechanical keyboard and why they’re vital.

As a result, you should be able to make a more informed purchase choice.

Factor of Form

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most significant benefits a TKL mechanical keyboard comes equipped with is its Factor of Form – its physical size. Unlike more office-generic keyboards, the TKL keyboard loses the number pad and the additional space it takes.

This makes the TKL (Tenkeyless) keyboard ideal for those who are short on space at their workstation. Unfortunately, my home workstation isn’t big enough to handle a full-sized keyboard for me. To give my mouse hand the room it needed, I had to buy a TKL (Ducky Miya Sakura) keyboard – long live low sensitivity!

The Number Pad Is Gone

So, what’s it actually like The Number Pad Is Gone? If truth be told, it is a little on the annoying side. While I never use it for gaming, there are specific scenarios during everyday use where I’d love to have a number pad. It also comes in handy if I’m doing work at home and want to type numbers in quickly.

When you choose a TKL mechanical keyboard, you don’t enjoy this pleasure. If you work from home often, I recommend getting two keyboards: one for gaming and one for business usage. It’ll almost certainly make things a lot simpler. Remember to think about this before making a purchase, no matter what conclusion you choose.

Hot Keys

As you would expect, most TKL keyboards compensate for the lack of a number pad by including some hotkey/function key mechanism.

A few keys have a secondary function that may be accessed by holding down the main function button. The user will be able to assign the secondary process to something that better matches their needs on many higher-end keyboards.

This is a valuable function, particularly considering how many keys get lost with this unique design.

Keys to the Media

Keys to the Media are dedicated keys that operate the media on your computer. Keyboards usually offer play, pause, next, previous, stop, and volume controls for your media requirements.

Keys to the Media are usually another feature that gets dropped to accommodate the smaller Factor of Form of the TKL keyboard design. Although, manufacturers typically do add media hotkeys which can be used as secondary Keys to the Media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best mechanical keyboard, TKL?

A: There are too many factors to weigh in and compare, so it isn’t easy to name one as the best. That being said, I would go with a keyboard that has switches of your choice (such as Cherry MX) and not just any type if you can afford it.

What is the best Tkl keyboard 2022?

A: There are many options to choose from when it comes to the best computer keyboard. However, if you want quick and portable, I would recommend going with an all-in-one wireless keyboard. These keyboards usually have Bluetooth connectivity to be used wirelessly on your PC or laptop without any wires getting in the way, which will help make sure you have as much freedom as possible while typing away!

Is Tkl or 60% better?

A: Tkl is not more efficient than a 60% split.

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