Standing desks have been steadily growing in popularity, with a projected 3 million units sold worldwide in 2022. We’ve taken the top 5 standing desk reviews from our website and analyzed their performance based on conversion rate per $100 investment (PRC).

At WEPC, we don’t only propose the most refined products; we also want to educate our readers on what to look for at a standing desk if none of our options appeal to them. Whether you’re buying a new GPU or a swanky new office chair, ensuring you know what you’re talking about is essential to the purchase process.

Please ensure the build quality is good: When people purchase a desk these days, they’re not purchasing something that will last a few months; they’re buying something that will last 5+ years. Several aspects go into ensuring that a product will last the test of time, but one of the most crucial is building quality. Read reviews, inspect the desk itself, and ensure that anything you’re considering purchasing is built to last.

Load Capacity: In most cases, load capacity isn’t the most critical factor in an office desk. However, when using a standing desk, a user may develop the habit of leaning or overloading it to avoid having to bend down to collect their stuff. As a result, you’ll want your desk to have a strong load capacity, so your new computer doesn’t end up on the floor.

Features: Depending on the pricing, parts of a standing desk or a regular computer desk might be few or many. However, if you’re purchasing a desk to meet a particular requirement, you’ll want to ensure the features are up to par. A lack of parts does not always imply that the desk is inferior to the competitors. It just prevents it from catering to those with special requirements.

These are some of the most important considerations when choosing a desk. Weight, pricing, style, aesthetics, and practicality are a few additional factors to consider. However, if these three boxes are checked on your standing desk, you’re in good company.

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