Keeping your standing table in its original condition also needs TLC. Most standing tables do not require much maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you can ignore it.

Shelving service

Even your bar table can withstand daily wear and tear. But, especially if you work many hours a day, you have to pay attention to your physical condition.

Here are a few simple tips to help you keep your table longer.

TLC for Office

Office cleaning

The different bar tables are made of different materials. And they will also have different kinds of desktop computers. For example, it can have a bamboo, wood, or laminate work table. As a rule, you use the same care technique. However, it may vary depending on use.

Table laminate and bamboo

  • Regularly wipe the dust from the work surface. You can use a feather duster or a microfibre cloth. The latter is more effective in removing dust.
  • Coffee spill? Use warm soapy water. Soak the sponge in warm soapy water and rub gently over the surface. Use a dry paper towel to wipe off the excess mixture.
  • Never use ammonia or chemical cleaners, regardless of stain resistance. It can peel off paint or laminate.
  • Removing stains that are difficult to remove can be cleaned several times with soapy water.
  • Make sure that the worktop is completely dry. Moisture from the abscess can form a line on the surface. And shapes can grow on a tree when it’s wet.

Wooden desktop computers

You can use the same cleaning method as for laminates and bamboo workstations. But to maintain the tree’s beauty, it needs a little more love.

There’s not much in my bag. And do it every 6 months or a year. To preserve the rustic and smooth beauty of the wood, Johnson’s Paste Wax can be applied to the surface once a year or every two years.

And since wood can attract small creatures that can chew it, it has to be polished with English lemon butter. It will produce your wooden worktop in its original form. The oil also protects against creatures that want to chew on your table.

Scratch treatment

Scratches and knocks are inevitable. But, especially if you have a difficult and stressful job, these scissors and paper clips can accidentally scratch your desk. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. But don’t worry, small bumps and scratches are very easy to treat.

You can use a steel wool mat to easily polish bumps and scratches. It’s the same as with pots and pans. You can continue polishing until the scratches are gone. Then use a clean cloth to wipe the dust off.

But life can sometimes give you lemons in the form of deep, ugly scratches on your table. But you can always make lemonade out of that. And it’s like an old English scratch letter.

First, we have to polish up the area. Then apply the doll to a clean cloth and wipe dry to avoid scratches and dents. Then use a clean cloth to wipe off any excess solution. When wiping the table, pay attention to the wood grain.

Prevention is better than treatment.

Since prevention is better than cure, do it to prevent problems or problems with your office.

Whether it’s a glass of iced tea or a hot Joe, always use a coaster. And if you eat a bowl of hot windows on the table, make sure there is a towel or mat underneath. Heat can destroy the sealant on the table. And this can be particularly disastrous for laminated desktops. Small air pockets can form under your desk. The same goes for cold drinks.

  • Do not leave puddles on the table.

That’s why you need coasters. Because water can seep into the table and destroy it, wipe it off right away if your juice is spilled.

Don't leave puddles on the table.

  • Correct removal of puddles

How do I properly remove spilled water? First, take a dry paper towel and apply it lightly to the spillage. Never rub, but with all cloths to absorb water. You can also use a sponge because it absorbs the liquid better. But whatever you do, don’t touch it. This will allow the water to seep through the table.

Mouse mats are not manufactured without reason! Avoid clogging directly on the table. Instead, buy yourself a mouse pad. You’re doing yourself a favor.

  • Do not write with overpressure.

If you keep the paper on your desk, try to write with a little pressure. High pressure can cause dents and scratches. And if you have a pen or marker with heavier ink, it can even wander around the table. And the ink is a very stubborn stain. So use either light pressure or the clipboard. It protects your office from aggressive writing.

Even if you’re lighter than the maximum payload, don’t try to sit on it. If you’re not trying to break a myth, go ahead. And you could seriously injure yourself if the table breaks in half while you’re sitting on it.

  • Engine maintenance.

If you have a high electric table, servicing the motor will prevent any malfunction. And it can also extend the life of the engine.

The maximum load capacity of the high table is used as a reference point. Too much can make your sacred table fragile. The engine is loaded and can even break down. It is also a good idea not to maximize the weight of the agreement. It will also provide more stability. And the adjustment period will also be faster.

  • Do not interrupt the panel by driving.

Although some bar tables are equipped with an anti-collision function, this function should not be abused. You can leave a number on the engine by deliberately stopping the office while driving. Reserve these breaks for emergencies only.

  • Avoid spilling liquid on the motor.

This can happen if your drink falls and liquids leak out and spread everywhere.

  • Never leave a drink on the table while the table is in motion.

No matter how stable your coffee or juice table is, it is always possible for your coffee or juice to topple over.

  • Make sure all pens in your office do not leak.

Ink stains can be difficult to remove. And it can cause quite a mess if your pens suddenly start leaking.

Common Problems

Electric tables are more comfortable than hand tables, but they are more prone to malfunctions and motor problems.

The usual problem is that the engine suddenly stops running. And here are some things you can do before you call your manufacturer.

And solving problems and issues as quickly as possible helps extend the life of your office.

  • You may have accidentally disconnected the cable. First, check that everything is connected.
  • Clear the table of all obstacles. For example, your desk could have stayed because something was in it. It could be a chair, a plant, or something that gets in the way of the table. An obstacle can also lie under or above the table.
  • Is your office suddenly going the other way? This is possible with seating tables equipped with a collision protection function. Maybe there’s something in your office that’s bothering you. And she was forced to go the other way.
  • Reset.

If your desktop suddenly stops working, try restarting it. Unplug the table and press the button for 10 seconds.

  • Turn off the color of the keyboard and power cord. Then reconnect it and check if the problem is solved. Most bar tables are equipped with this charging technique. But it can also depend on the brand.
  • The engine still doesn’t work.

If a restart is not possible, contact the manufacturer immediately. Do not attempt to open and repair the engine yourself. You could ruin the engine parts. And this may affect the warranty on the product.


A happy chair is a happy employee. Keeping your office clean, tidy, and functional can seriously affect your productivity. How would you be inspired to work on a dirty table with lots of scratches and dirt?

So, these simple tips will help you get your office up and running. So you can be sure that you get the most out of your mule and don’t spend any more.

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