There has been a boom in karaoke games over the last few years, with many companies competing for top spots. Out of all these machines from different brands and manufacturers, which are the ten best to buy? Our expert reviews will help you decide.

One of the most popular pastimes in the world is singing with a karaoke machine. It may give hours of entertainment for vocalists of all ages and ability levels. It enables users to sing songs through a microphone while listening to preset background tracks. However, while singing karaoke is fun, booking a karaoke room for a weekend getaway with family or friends can be costly. The ideal answer is to buy your computer and have as much fun as possible. Our shopping guide for the Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines will assist you in narrowing down your options to the top ten devices on the market.

What Is a Karaoke Machine and How Does It Work?

It is a microphone and sound system combined into one instrument. You may use the microphone to sing along to pre-recorded music pieces, often instrumental renditions of popular songs. Several versions incorporate a visual screen that shows the words to aid the vocalist, sometimes accompanied by music video graphics and moving symbols.

The versions on the market now are simple to link with your home entertainment system, enabling you to play music via your stereo system’s speakers while scrolling lyrics on your TV screen. Some karaoke machines may also be used as CD or DVD players. Aside from that, there are a slew of Android and iOS applications that can transform your tablet or smartphone into a karaoke machine these days.

Karaoke Machines of Various TypesTop 10 Best Karaoke Machines in 2019 - Ultimate Guide

When it comes to the mechanism or technique of operation, there are two types of karaoke players: hardware and software. The first kind is self-contained, requiring no other software or platforms to play the music. The second kind enables customers to stream music via personal devices such as laptops, PlayStations, Xboxes, and other similar devices.

Additionally, the hardware may be divided into four categories:

Karaoke Performers for Children

These are complete karaoke machines with bells and whistles but fewer features and a less sturdy design than home or professional players.

They are colorful gadgets with fragile structures and mediocre build. They come with just a few kinds of music preloaded, but many of them let you increase your library via DVDs or a USB drive.

These devices are small and light, making them portable. In addition, they are on the cheaper side of the spectrum, costing less than $200.

Karaoke Players at Home

They aren’t self-critical since the lyrics will need at least an extra video output. They provide several ways to link to external audio and video sources. You may even videotape yourself singing. They usually cost less than $500 and don’t have as many functions as professional karaoke machines.

Karaoke Players on the Go

Many people confuse them with the kid’s versions because both the types are smaller in size and portable. However, the actual portable units have advanced technology and Performance features and are primarily self-contained with built-in Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines in 2019 - Ultimate Guide

speakers, video screens, microphones, and amplifiers.

The 90-watt units are mid-range, capable of filling small halls or big rooms. On the other hand, high-end versions may output 150-300 watts of power and are ideal for more significant places and outdoor use. Although they may be connected to home theater systems, their performance will be inferior to home or professional players.

Karaoke Artists with Years of Experience

They are the most capable, adaptable, and costly of all sorts. Because they come with a system that includes high-end recorders, amplifiers, and a variety of commercial functions, they are primarily employed in karaoke bars and pubs. However, plug-and-play versions with Microphones of excellent quality, speakers, and visual displays are also available.

High-end karaoke systems have a wide range of capabilities and can fill even enormous auditoriums. They’re pricey, and they may easily cost more than $1,000. The plug-and-play systems, though, cost roughly $600. So, if you want one for personal usage or house parties, you may easily afford one.

The Most Important Characteristics of the Best Karaoke Machines

There are a lot of manufacturers that make karaoke machines with a variety of features and functionalities. Best-quality players, on the other hand, should have the following characteristics:

Design& Build

A decent player’s design should be user-friendly, such that setting it up takes little effort. It should have a sleek, clean style that allows you to tuck it into any part of your house or personal studio.

The players should be made of durable materials to withstand the rigors of travel as well as loud indoor and poolside gatherings.

All the big brands provide warranty for a reasonable period. So, buying a branded product will protect you even if you Top 10 Best Karaoke Machines in 2019 - Ultimate Guide

end up with a lemon.


The most important feature of a high-quality karaoke player should be its audio quality. The level must be loud enough to be heard in a noisy environment, and scaling it up will not cause distortion.

With capabilities like voice projection and manual adjustment of tone, pitch, bass, and other characteristics, it will be excellent enough to make even the poorest voice seem pleasant. Some players even include capabilities such as automated voice control and audio effects, making even toilet singing appear professional! All high-end players will come with built-in speakers or at the very least an audio output for connecting to an external speaker.

Many karaoke machines come with a built-in screen, which may be TFT or LCD, so you don’t have to use an external display to view the lyrics. However, if a considerable audience is expected, the player may be connected to a larger screen.

Features Not Included

You may acquire your music from CD+G (CD plus graphics) disks that come with karaoke devices. On the other hand, high-end models support streaming from a variety of devices, including MP3 players, CD or DVD players, cellphones, and tablet computers. Some devices can also play music from other sources with muffled voices.

Several paid and free karaoke applications are available in the Google Play and Apple shops. These applications are the ideal alternative for both Android and iOS users who wish to record and share their performances with others.



Singtrix Party Bundle Premium Edition Home Karaoke SystemThe Singtrix gadgets are the finest on the market for taking home parties and karaoke to the next level. They’re designed to make even the most inexperienced singer seem like an expert! The Singtrix Party Bundle is entertaining to use since it assists you in sounding your best. It has unique vocal effects that will make you the center of attention at your next karaoke party!

Design& Build

The unit will surprise you with its high build quality, primarily seen in Karaoke Artists with Years of Experience. From the stereo speaker to the microphone and the stand, everything seems close to the quality of a professional karaoke unit.

The console’s front panel has control knobs and buttons, while the rear panel has multiple inputs and a mic output. The bottom features locking legs if you wish to set it on a level surface. There’s also an anchor point where the box may be attached to the mic stand.

The speaker is well-built, having treble, volume, and bass controls on the front panel. The power and RCA inputs are located on the back panel. The mic stand may be adjusted and folded when not in use. There’s a little stand to hold your phone or MP3 player, and the mic is full size.


The 40-watt speaker can handle a broad spectrum of lows, mids, and highs and delivers strong sound. The built-in subwoofer can also pump out some solid bass. The mid-treble and lower bass sound great for rock, country, and pop music. If your music tastes lean toward rap and hip hop, though, you should turn up the bass to get the greatest effects.

However, the speaker seems to be having some difficulty digesting both the music and your speech. As a result, you may remedy the issue by connecting it to an external speaker, separating the music and the vocals.

The Party Bundle includes over 300 harmonization, pitch correction, and auto-tune settings. Choose effects that complement your voice, and the gadget will transform your voice into a rock star’s!

Features Not Included

The gadget contains several control buttons, including My Voice, Hit Effect, Song Voice, and so on, in addition to There are around 300 effects available.. You’ll be able to sing like an expert if you use all of these features.

There’s a free Singtrix app that comes with 12 tunes already loaded. You may also navigate through the voice presets.


  • Construction that is well-made
  • There are around 300 effects available.
  • There are several control buttons.
  • Microphone of excellent quality


  • Speaker has some difficulty processing both speech and music.
  • There are several cables.
  • Expensive



Singing Machine iSM1030BTYou won’t have to put up with any more boring home parties with the iSM1030B Singing Machine! The player is jam-packed with capabilities that may transform even the most inexperienced vocalist into a full-fledged pro. It promises to take your gatherings by storm with its high-quality recording and playback options.

Design& Build

The iSM1030B commands attention on stage. The package includes two speakers, dual mics, a console, and a speaker stand. Its dark hue and odd design give it a futuristic appearance.

The item is exceptionally substantial (weighing 23.1 pounds) and has a sturdy upstanding frame. Though, it is not the most shock-resistant player and maybe topple over during boisterous parties.

Two firm plastic bases support the two slimline speakers. A strong stand and base additionally support the console. Two mic holders are included, as well as a stand for an external device such as a tablet or smartphone.

The 7-inch LCD color screen, which scrolls down the lyrics in real time for the vocalists’ comfort, is a lovely addition.


The iSM1030BT provides surprisingly loud sound for its size. With their enhanced surround sound, the twin tower speakers can fill big rooms or a medium-sized outdoor space. They may, however, tremble if the volume is turned all the way up. Duet singing is possible thanks to the player’s two microphones.

Eco, digital key, and balancing controls are three fantastic features. You may use these settings to add echo or change the voice’s balance. The auto voice control, which will assist you in reaching the highs and lows, is another saving grace.

Features Not Included

The iSM1030BT Singing Machine is loaded with functions. It supports most digital music formats, including MP3, CD, CD+G, and others, and provides many choices for recording and listening to your music pieces. Additionally, there is a USB connector for recording your Performance to external storage.

It has an iPod dock that allows you to connect and charge your iOS devices. You may listen to our music online and download five free tracks from the company’s shop. There’s also an FM radio built-in to listen to the newest music and your favorite shows.

The camera lens, which allows you to view how you appear throughout a Performance, is a fun element for the player. You may even modify it to obtain a new perspective.


  • Speakers on each side
  • a pair of microphones
  • The design is futuristic and appealing.
  • Lyrics are shown on a 7-inch screen.
  • Built-in FM radio and camera lens


  • Speakers may tremble if the volume is turned all the way up.
  • It is not transportable.



Karaoke GF842The Karaoke USA’s GF842 is a self-contained machine that makes karaoke evenings and gatherings a breeze. It comes with attachments that need minimum setup, allowing you to get right in and begin your musical journey. Furthermore, its interoperability with the majority of media sources allows you to record and playback your favorite tunes.

Design& Build

The device is very portable and simple to store, weighing just 10 pounds and measuring 10 x 13 x 17.8 inches in size. For a night of fun, take it to a friend’s home or a fraternity party. With the color video screen and Lights from a disco, it has a fashionable compact form that appears more fun and beautiful. The LED lights sync to the beat of the music, adding excitement and life to a party.

The GF842 is a sleek and fashionable box-style device. It has a 7-inch LCD screen, two microphones with holders, built-in speakers, an amplifier, I/O, and voice enhancement control knobs, enabling you to maximize your Performance.

The structure is sturdy, and it will continue to function even if it is dropped on the floor.


If you’re searching for a karaoke machine that can handle huge parties and gatherings, the GF842 is the one to choose. The built-in speakers provide loud, high-quality sound that is suitable for filling any indoor or outdoor space. It may also be connected to a home cinema system for enhanced sound.

Due to the presence of two microphones, it is simple to sing duets and have double the enjoyment. Furthermore, having individual volume controls for each microphone is a fantastic tool for coordinating voices while singing duets.

The words will be shown on the little monitor, which will make singing simpler. The color screen allows for a good view of the text, which can also be seen from afar.

Features Not Included

The machine has a slew of added functions that amp up the joy and thrill of your musical trip by a factor of ten. The player’s Bluetooth connection allows you to connect it to your smart smartphone. Furthermore, the USB port allows you to play music from an external device quickly. Another great feature is the ability to watch movies or view photographs via the USB and SD card connectors.

The player also comes with two CDs with 300 MP3G music. The cool Lights from a disco and an abundance of classic and holiday-themed music will make every minute of an event more entertaining and pleasurable.


  • Portable but Construction that is well-made
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • LCD monitor (7-inch)
  • Several input options
  • Movies and photos may be seen.


  • A small buzzing sound may be produced by the speakers.
  • Classical music and religious hymns make up the majority of the free tracks.



Karaoke USA GF839The Karaoke USA GF839 is the party animal you’ve always wanted for a celebration – whether it’s a wedding, a house party, a business event, or simply a get-together night at home. It’s practically crammed with current technology and software that works together. Furthermore, the ultra-portable gadget keeps things nice and tidy with no wires!

Design& Build

The GF839 has a Design is simple and elegant., and it is highly portable with its less than 10lbs weight and 10 x 13 x 17.8 inches dimensions. Besides, it’s one of the most well-made Karaoke Players on the Go that you can find on the market.

Nothing about it has a cheap or plastic feel to it. The player’s build is so sturdy that it can withstand years of crazy karaoke parties and music festivals.

It includes two microphones with cords, a remote control, two music discs, an AC converter, and I/O cables. A television screen, a built-in speaker, mic stands, a resting case for smart gadgets, and control knobs and dials are all included in the box-like item.

The little disco-ball lights surrounding the speaker are a very appealing element of this machine. They’re vibrant, vivid, and flash in time to the beat of the music, adding to the pleasure of songs with a beat.


The built-in speaker delivers excellent sound. If you desire crisper and more pleasurable sounds, you may connect it to an external stereo speaker. The built-in 35-watt amplifier will blast your music loud enough for any party or event you can think of.

Furthermore, the audio modification tools will give you greater control over your Performance. Each piece of music has choices for manipulating the echo, pitch, and balance, as well as individual volume controls for each microphone.

It has a 7-inch TFT color screen with crisp lyrics. You may also turn the system into a video player and use the display to view movies or other video files.

Features Not Included

Bluetooth connection is included on the karaoke player, allowing for wireless streaming of music from an external source. You may also play music files from any source, such as a USB drive, iPod, CD, SD card, or smartphone.

It comes with 300 tracks already installed. If they don’t appeal to you, you may listen to music from whatever source you like. You may also use the SD card or USB device to record your Performance and listen to it right away. What’s more, you may use the audio processing features to improve these recordings.


  • Design is simple and elegant.
  • Portable
  • There are several features available.
  • Lights from a disco
  • Bluetooth compatibility


  • The tunes that come preloaded are generic.
  • The button controls aren’t particularly smooth.



Memorex MKS-SS2 SingStandMemorex’s MKS-SS2 SingStand is ideal for entertaining at family get-togethers and small parties. The all-in-one player is great for both youngsters and adults, with a simple mechanism that includes a microphone, stereo speaker, and input from the instrument. It’s simple to set up and use, and it’ll set you back less than $50!

Design& Build

Most karaoke machines resemble a box with a microphone, control buttons, built-in speakers, and an amplifier. The MKS-SS2 SingStand, on the other hand, is radically different in this area. It resembles a standard microphone stand, with a control panel at the bottom and a microphone on top.

With a weight of 8.7 pounds, you can take this player practically anyplace. Its slimline form also allows it to be placed in the corner of a room. However, the construction is flimsy and unsuitable for toddlers and tiny children.


The player has two 5-watt speakers built in, which can fill a small room with clean, clear music. The audio’s volume and quality aren’t very impressive, but they’re adequate for the price. In addition, the curved speakers disperse music across the space.

You may use the Auto Voice Control (AVC) tool to enhance the singer’s voice and achieve a balance between the music and the singing. Additionally, by dampening the original voices, it might help you hear yourself sing better. There’s also an echo control feature that might help your voice seem more professional.

The player is great for jamming sessions or group singing. It has two microphone inputs, allowing you to sing duets with a sibling or a friend. Additionally, the input from the instrument enables for the connection of a keyboard or electric guitar for use during karaoke sessions.

It doesn’t come with a screen. Instead, you must connect your tablet or smartphone to the display and read the lyrics on it.

Features Not Included

The MKS-SS2 SingStand features Bluetooth compatibility, allowing you to stream music from any device and play through the speakers when you are no singing.

It does not support CD+G discs, which would seem to be perfect for a current device. People who have a large collection of such discs, on the other hand, may find it a disadvantage. To use the player, you must first connect your device to the audio port and then stream music from there.


  • Slim and transportable
  • Music may be streamed via a number of devices.
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Supports a pair of microphones
  • input from the instrument


  • There is There is There is no built-in screen…
  • There is no option to play CD+G discs.
  • There isn’t a recording option.



Singing Machine SML-385With colorful Lights from a disco, the SML-385 karaoke machine from Singing Machine is excellent for kids and teens. In fact, adults too could get a kick out of this cool, little player. This highly portable player is a complete entertainment package for birthday parties, poolside soirees, and family weekends.

Design& Build

Like other Karaoke Players on the Go, the SML-385 also looks like a box-shaped unit. Its front panel has two separate parts. The upper portion features the control buttons and knobs, and a little LED display for showing the track number. The lower portion features a built-in speaker and the Lights from a disco.

Singing Machine does not cut corners when it comes to product construction, and the SML-385 is no exception. There are no rattling components or missing buttons. All of the controls are solid and responsive. Furthermore, since it is just 7 pounds, it may be carried by even a tiny kid.

The most attractive feature of this player is the built-in Lights from a disco. The moment you power up the machine, the lights jump to life and start dancing to the beat of the tune.


The player has a nice built-in speaker, but if you want the best music quality, connect it to a good stereo speaker. There are spaces for two microphones to be used for duet singing. The accompanying microphone, however, is of inferior quality than the rest of the system.

A variety of audio processing tools are available to improve the karaoke singing experience. The mic volume, balance, and echo levels are all controlled separately through knobs. The Auto Voice Manage function is a wonderful tool that enables you to control the volume of your voice so that the music and voices are balanced. However, it only works with multiplex recordings and not with regular audio recordings.

The lack of a built-in screen is a disadvantage of the player. To see the lyrics, you must connect it to a television or an external monitor.

Features Not Included

The SML-385 can play CD+G discs and includes a demo disc with a good selection of tunes. If that isn’t enough, you may use the AUX I/O to connect it to your iPhone, iPod, MP3 player, or smartphone, or use Bluetooth to stream from an external source.


  • Portable
  • Lights from a disco
  • Bluetooth is an option.
  • Allows you to connect to external audio sources.
  • Dual microphones are an option.


  • There is There is There is no built-in screen…
  • The provided microphone seems to be fragile.



Electrohome EAKAR300e control, allowing even inexperienced vocalists to sing along to their favorite music without difficulty.

Design& Build

With its black plastic shell and blue LED lighting, the EAKAR 300 has a sleek, cylindrical design. Its stylish design blends in with the décor of any modern home, as well as all of the latest devices and equipment.

It barely weighs 5 pounds, so even a child can handle it, and its small size makes it easy to store.

Because of its small weight, the player may not be able to withstand rigorous handling or rowdy gatherings. It can, however, readily withstand a few small hiccups. Furthermore, the knobs and controls do not feel cheap and function well. The black and chrome buttons are well labeled, making navigation simple.


The built-in speaker generates crisp, clear music, although it’s only appropriate for small gatherings and children’s birthday celebrations. The audio isn’t loud enough to fill a big room or an outdoor place.

It comes with a dynamic microphone, but you may add second for duets with a buddy. To get started singing straight away, use a CD+G disc or connect it to an external player and stream karaoke tunes. The Digital Echo Control will assist you in achieving a richer tone, resulting in a polished and professional sounding voice. If you have to stop singing or forget words in the midst of a Performance, the AVC Singing Coach will come to your rescue by playing prerecorded track vocals.

There’s also a balancing control feature that comes in handy during learning and practice sessions. It helps you to achieve a balance between the music and the prerecorded track’s main voice. You may either have the voice present or turn it off completely.

There is There is no built-in screen. on the player. To see the lyrics, you must connect it to a television.

Features Not Included

The device comes with a karaoke disc that includes songs by Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga, among others. Purchase extra CDs or connect it to an MP3 player, laptop, iPod, or other device to stream music if your tastes change.


  • Design that is both sleek and appealing.
  • Portable and simple to operate
  • Blue party light built-in
  • Mic jacks on each sides
  • There are many audio control choices available.


  • There isn’t a built-in video screen.
  • There is no option to record.



Singing Machine ISM990BTThe Singing Machine ISM990BT is a smart karaoke system that will undoubtedly become your new favorite entertainment device. It has many functions to refine even the most inexperienced singing voices. So, turn it up to 11 and be the life of your next home party!

Design& Build

With dimensions of 12.1 x 7.5 x 16.5 inches, the player is sleek and tiny. It is lightweight, weighing just 10.3 pounds. Furthermore, the structure is well-made and sturdy, enabling you to move it wherever.

The tall-standing player is constructed of durable plastic. The speakers are located at the bottom of the structure, which is encased in a grid panel. The control buttons and knobs are located on the upper portion. The USB port, as well as several inputs and outputs, are located on the side panels. The top side features a slot for karaoke CDs to be played. A tiny resting case is connected to the front panel and may be used to accommodate a small device like an iPod or smartphone.


The built-in speakers are just 10W, yet they can fill a room with 15-30 people for an indoor party or an outdoor gathering. The inbuilt microphone is of decent quality, and you can use the available connection to add another if you wish to sing a duet. If you want to have a good time with a group of friends or family, use a microphone splitter.

The player has several audio modification features that will make your voice seem professional! The Echo Control adds echo to the voice, while the Balance Control removes the primary vocal from the recording. When you finish singing, the AVC (Auto Voice Control) automatically plays the prerecorded vocals. It means you won’t have to be concerned if you forget your lines or have a hitch during a Performance.

There is no Monitor built-in on the system. The lyrics may be seen on the associated Bluetooth device or on a big screen, such as a TV.

Features Not Included

The Bluetooth compatibility allows streaming music from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as a laptop or a smartphone. Another option is to use the AUX input to play music from any gadget that has an auxiliary cable.

It includes six Christmas CDG sets as well as five song downloads, allowing you to begin singing right away. You may also receive fast access to over 8,000 songs by downloading the Singing Machine app (only compatible with iOS devices). Play music from an MP3 player or external storage through the USB port.


  • Portable
  • Design is simple and elegant.
  • Options for audio control
  • Bluetooth is supported.


  • There is There is There is no built-in screen…
  • The app is only compatible with iOS devices.



Akai KS213The Akai KS213 is a terrific portable karaoke machine for kids that comes with a lot of useful functions. The LED lights, which provide a true karaoke disco sensation, will be particularly popular with kids. It’s a terrific option if you’re searching for a low-cost option for your children’s birthday parties or small family gatherings.

Design& Build

The item is built of hard plastic and looks like a box. The control choices are on the top side of the front panel, while the built-in speakers are disguised behind a sturdy mesh grille on the bottom side. The knobs aren’t cheap, and the craftsmanship is solid.

The strips of colorful Lights from a disco on the both sides of the front panel look fun, and kids will just love this feature. There’s a Top Loading CD Player for playing CDs and karaoke CD+G discs. The top panel also has a cradle for holding your smartphone or tablet. It comes with one microphone, but there is an additional slot for plugging another one.

With a weight of 4.4 pounds and a battery-powered alternative, it is very portable. You may, however, connect it into a power socket.

In a nutshell, it’s a fantastic Kid-friendly karaoke machine with a basic design, bright lighting, and sufficient functionality.


Two 1.8W speakers are included inside the item. The sound quality is adequate, however it is not very strong. It’s just good for a small gathering in a tiny space. Connecting it to a more powerful speaker system, on the other hand, will provide better and louder music, which will be great for filling a big space.

It has Voice, Balance, and Echo control features that let you to fine-tune your voice and make it seem more professional. Both CD+G discs and external audio devices may be used to play music. Because it lacks a built-in display, the video output allows you to watch the lyrics on a TV screen. However, if the input is from an external device, such as a computer or an iPod, the video output will not operate. To view the lyrics on a TV, you must play the music using the CD+G option.

Features Not Included

The Lights from a disco are a really nice touch as they give a natural feeling of stage Performance. Besides, the player allows connecting to an external audio gadget and streaming music from it, a great feature for playing all of your favorite tracks.


  • Portable
  • Kid-friendly
  • Lights from a disco
  • A tablet cradle is a device that holds a tablet in place.


  • Speakers aren’t compelling.
  • External audio sources do not operate with video output.



Singing Machine STVG-519The Singing Machine STVG-519 is a streamlined, small karaoke device with all of the capabilities you’ll need to make your karaoke events a success. While the price may seem excessive, it’s an excellent alternative for kids who don’t need much more than a primary karaoke machine with a user-friendly UI and a few standard functions.

Design& Build

The STVG-519 has a small footprint, with speakers on the bottom and controls on the top of the box-shaped chassis. It has a traditional look thanks to the sleek black and silver finish as well as the black-and-white screen.

The device is portable and simple to store, weighing just 11 pounds. However, due of its appealing appearance and style, you will most likely want to keep it on display.

The player is constructed of hard plastic, yet it has a robust body and a well-built design. The knobs and buttons don’t seem fragile or loose, however. So you don’t have to be concerned even if your children utilize it on a daily basis.


It has two built-in speakers that create music of reasonable quality and volume, enough to fill a small room. Connect it to high-quality stereo speakers if you want to rock a bigger room.

It contains a number of functions that will help you polish and tune your voice. Some settings can temper the keys of music to suit your vocal range, while the balance and echo choices add effects to your singing. When you start singing, the AVC function mutes the pre-recorded lead voice and restores it when you hiccup.

The player has one microphone, but you may use another if you wish to sing duets. Both mics offer distinct volume control choices that assist to keep the voices and music in harmony.

It sports a 7-inch black-and-white screen that displays lyrics when CD+G discs are played. Regular CDs are also supported, although the verses are not shown.

Features Not Included

The player comes with a demo CD+G disc, allowing you to begin singing as soon as you take it out of the box. In addition, through the AUX input, you may listen to music in MP3 and MP3G formats from other devices.


  • The design is straightforward.
  • Kid-friendly
  • Monitor built-in
  • CD+G discs are supported.


  • Do not accept input from an MP3 player or an iPad.
  • Speakers are ineffective.
  • The monitor is monochrome.

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