There’s nothing better for bookworms than finding a good book of their favorite kind, and you know what’s even better? Find a good author to follow in the coming months. We are all addicted to the style of writing, and the stories an author represents, and we find it fascinating to find one of the best authors and their best works.

One of those authors, Sandra Brown, is one of the best we have today regarding romance and suspensions. She has been writing books for 30 years and has written about 70 novels so far (impressive, isn’t it?). So it’s only natural that Rick loves her and wants to read her books. Believe us; they will be nothing less than a treat for all lovers of romantic genres.

Here we will list Sandra Brown’s books, and you can also choose the one you prefer. But first, we want to present a short autobiography of the author.

About the author

Sandra Brown was born in 1948 in Waco, Texas. She grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, and received her English degree from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. Her love of books began when she was a child, and her mother loved to read while her father was the editor of a newspaper.

She married former television anchor Michael Brown and then dropped out of school. Before becoming a full-time writer, she worked in many professions, including journalism. When she was fired and many others, she began her career as a writer. His first love novel was published in 1981. She wrote this book under the pseudonym Rachel Ryan (the names of her two children). She has also written several books under the names Laura Jordon and Erin St. John. Claire.

She is one of the best authors of the genre, and her 70 books have sold more than 8 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 30 languages. His books have also received numerous awards.

She has mainly written separate novels, so you can take any book without worrying about the order in which you read it. Here we list all of Sandra Brown’s books, so you can find the one that suits you best.

Books by Sandra Brown

1. Love’s Encore

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Sandra Brown’s first novel was published in 1981. It is a rich novel, but we must remember that it will not be modern since it was published a long time ago. Several things make us realize that the book is not yet written. Still, it’s good to read, and you’ll like it.

The book’s story revolves around Zack and Camille, who are the main characters of the book. Camille is an interior designer, and Zack plays his love of books (good role). Many years ago, Camille spent a few nights with Zach. And now that enough time has passed, she’s met Zach again. And this time, will it be something between them, love or just a meaningless physical encounter? Find out by reading the book.

2. Love Beyond Reason

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This is Sandra Brown’s second book, published in 1981 under the name Rachel Ryan. The book is about Katherine, who her mother and younger sister raised because her father died too soon. Soon, her sister will marry a rich man who used to laugh at her. Her sister died in childbirth, and Catherine took full responsibility for her baby.

Soon there will be a message from Jace, the brother of Katherine’s sister, to which Katherine is attracted. But she’s holding back because she couldn’t trust him because of her brother. So that’s where the story begins, and you’ll be very interested in Katherine’s feelings and what happened between her and Jace.

It’s a pretty big romantic novel and definitely a book you should read. Although this is the first book, it has a lot to offer, and you might like to read it.

3. The Silken Web

best book by Sandra Brown

The Silken Web, Sandra Brown’s third novel, Laura Jordon. The book was published in 1982 and was a rather dramatic but simple love story for three people. The book is a love triangle, and you can enjoy it if you live in a love triangle.

The characters in the story are Kathleen, Eric, and Seth. Kathleen is a sweet and innocent girl, married to a man, but in love with others. She is in love with Eric, who easily seduces women and doesn’t interfere with them. Two years ago, she left Eric because she thought he was married; it could be a misunderstanding between them.

After leaving Eric, she meets Seth, a renowned man who can offer Kathleen anything but true fulfillment. After a while, Eric comes back into the picture and leaves chaos in Kathleen’s heart. It would be interesting to see what she would do now and how all three of them are doing.

4. Not Even For Love

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The book was published in 1982 under the name Erin St. John. Claire. This book is another love triangle and a fictional novel by Sandra Brown, for whom it is widely known. The story revolves around Jordan Hadlock, who achieved all this thanks to excellent work and a good man as a lover, Helmut Eckhardt, who is a famous industrialist.

But somehow, she’s not sure about her relationship with this man. And soon, there will be a new man in her life, Reeves Grant. She shares her precious moments with him and discovers that she might not want to marry Helmut after all. After meeting Reeves in her life, she discovered that Helmut had announced her marriage. Jordon now faces the biggest dilemma of her life, and she has to decide what she wants in her life.

5. Eloquent Silence

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Eloquent Silence is Sandra Brown’s next book, published in 1982 as Sandra Brown. The book is about Lauri, a dedicated young deaf teacher. She’s very passionate about her work. However, she’s had a difficult past and hasn’t fully recovered from it yet. Their past constantly influences their present.

She often uses her work to hide her loneliness. But she soon got to know Drake, a popular television star. After the death of his wife, he also suffers psychological pain, and now he is responsible for his daughter. His daughter is a hard-of-hearing child. It will be a bridge between Lori and her father, the Drake. It would be interesting to see if something happens between them and if they can declare their love for each other one day!

6. Hidden Fires

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Hidden Fires was also published in 1982 under the name Laura Jordon. In this book, Sarah Brown tries to portray a difficult love story and the struggle of two people to maintain their relationship. Here, too, it was highly appreciated by readers.

The book presents the figure of Lauren, who is the preacher’s daughter. According to her, she works as a secretary for a rich woman, Olivia Lokette. But she’ll soon find out that there’s more at stake than secretarial work. She proposes to Lauren outrageously because she wants her son Jared to marry her, but only with a name. Lauren, on the other hand, has pretty strong feelings for Jared. What happens then? Are they getting married and falling in love, or is it just a contract between Lauren and Olivia?

7. A Treasure Worth Seeking

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Here’s another book by Sandra Brown from 1982 that you might want to read. Here the book is full of intrigue, tension, and romance between the main characters. The book begins with the character of Erin, a nice girl who is looking for her brother, about whom she knows little. But, after a long struggle, her luck finally changed when she got her brother’s address.

But it’s not what she expected. Soon she will know a hidden lie and that her brother will be investigated. That’s where she met Lance, one of the agents who invested a lot of money in the scam. He fell in love with Erin at first sight and broke all the rules for her. But is it worth it?

8. Seduction by Design

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Seduction By Design was released in 1983 under the name Erin St. Johnston. Claire. The story revolves around Hayley Ashton, an insecure girl who thinks she doesn’t love. She had a difficult childhood and youth, in which her sister-in-law always overshadowed her. Today she works as a manager at Serendipity Amusement Park. It’s a tough job, especially with their boss, Tyler Scott, and his daughter.

Tyler Scott was interested in her and decided to seduce her. But, on the other hand, Hayley says he only wants her as a nanny because she can’t consider herself worthy.

The book is very interesting because we see that the book’s protagonist is aware of its beauty and ultimately sees its value. The hero of the book is always so charming and handsome.

9. Tempest in Eden


Tempest in Eden was published in 1983 under the name Sarah Brown. A book about the famous fashion designer Neck Morrison. When it comes to art, she is not afraid to expose her body and inspires great works of art. However, few people knew that her beautiful body contained the pain of a failed marriage.

Soon her life will change when she meets Ian Douglas and accidentally bumps into him when he gets out of the shower. And that’s when Shay falls in love with him and finds him just as chic and sexy. So she decided to seduce him and make him hers. However, he’s a little mysterious about his work and everything. So it would be interesting to see if Shay is doing the right thing and if she can do it the way she wants.

10. Yesterday’s Shadows

Yesterday’s Shadow was published in 1983 under his own name. It’s also a romantic drama you could enjoy. This time the book is about Lee and Chad. Lee is a pregnant woman about to have her first child. She lost her husband eight months ago, and now she’s all alone. But soon, a handsome man comes in trying to help. His name is Chad.

Although he tries to help her, he seems a little mysterious and can capture Lee’s ability to break her heart again. Here’s the story. Read it to see what happens between them.


These are the books Sandra Brown was looking for. We hope you find a good book for you, even if you want to read them all after reading only one book. So keep reading books and enjoy the romance and excitement she has written in her books.

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