Shortwave radios provide some of the world’s most popular radio stations. They are a global tradition and have been around for over 100 years. The best shortwave radios in 2022 will be able to provide people with information on everything from breaking news to weather alerts, even while they’re out at sea or traveling across borders.

Shortwave radios were first produced in the early twentieth century as a kind of experiment, but they ended up revolutionizing the way of wireless communication. Their popularity soared to the point that they accounted for more than half of all Communication across a Long Distance by 1928.

Cellphones and the Internet are no longer as popular as they once were. However, the technology is still used by numerous worldwide broadcasting companies and outdoor enthusiasts, and survivalists.

What Is a Shortwave Radio and How Does It Work?

The Best Shortwave Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

It’s a receiver that can pick up radio transmissions on shortwave frequencies ranging from 1.6 to 30 MHz. The number indicates its capacity to spread across great distances.

High-frequency radio waves travel in straight lines and don’t work beyond the visual horizon of approximately 40 miles. However, the low frequencies can propagate over a large area, sometimes an entire continent or beyond.

Shortwave radios are capable of picking up frequencies within a specific range. On the other hand, some devices have a more comprehensive range and can receive normal AM/FM channels and other standard bands.

Shortwave Radios There are Several Types of Shortwave Radios

There are a few different types of these devices on the market. Take a look at a breakdown of each type:

Radios on the Go

If you’re on a budget or searching for a portable radio, this is the one to purchase. It’s small enough to fit in your backpack, glove compartment, bug-out bag, or jacket pocket! In addition, they’re generally solar or battery-powered, handy in an emergency.

They are lacking in features when compared to their more costly competitors. For example, they have a restricted frequency range and cannot detect single-sideband transmissions. On the other hand, some fully-featured devices are somewhat more expensive but have all of the functionality needed to be on the air right away.

Radios for the Desktop

Advanced listeners and amateur radio operators use these full-featured gadgets. They have more excellent audio quality than tiny portable devices and can receive frequencies outside of the shortwave bands. They are, however, less portable since they must be plugged into an electrical outlet.

The Best Shortwave Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

Radios with many functions

They can pick up both shortwave and AM/FM bands, making them perfect for serving as your home’s Entertainment center. They’re also well-equipped to deal with Emergencies. This category includes the majority of full-featured portable and desktop devices.

Software-Defined Radios (SDRs) are radios that are controlled by software (SDRs)

These products are unrivaled when it comes to getting the most out of shortwave radio. Of course, you’ll need a computer to use them, but they contain many unique features. For example, they can receive and broadcast a wide range of waveforms, making them particularly useful in cell phone and military applications where a wide range of radio protocols must be changed in real-time.

Radios for the tabletop

Although the introduction of SDRs has reduced their appeal, many people still prefer them because of their easy interface and sound display. To get the greatest results, pair them with a resonant external antenna.

Shortwave Radios and Their Applications

What is the point of owning a shortwave radio? On the other hand, these devices have a wide range of applications in today’s environment. Let’s have a look at some examples:

Broadcasting on a national and international scale

In shortwave bands, religious, political, and alternative media and commercial and non-commercial networks transmit programming. In addition to worldwide broadcasting, you may listen to these domestic programs on your shortwave radio. The majority of nations have shortwave radio stations that transmit news, music, and even outright propaganda. Your radio is a great way to learn about other cultures from across the globe.

The Best Shortwave Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide


Shortwave radio technology is a great way to send and receive Communication across Long Distances. It might save your life in the event of a crisis like a power outage or a nuclear electromagnetic pulse strike. You’ll be able to access news and information from all around the globe and contact other users and emergency services.

Communication across a Long Distance

Services that require something beyond the range of traditional VHF frequencies use the shortwave band for Communication across a Long Distance. For example, organic air traffic control and other utility stations use the signals for transmitting weather reporting, encrypted diplomatic messages, and more.


As a pastime, many amateur radio operators employ shortwave radio technology. Monitoring remote stations are referred to be ‘DXing.’ It’s used to converse with other operators, present their own programs, and have fun.


Shortwave radios are pure entertainment. They open up a whole new universe of fresh politics, music, ideas, and other things from all around the globe.

The Best Shortwave Radios Have These Features

The Best Shortwave Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

The characteristics of all shortwave radios are essentially the same. The following are the essential properties that every unit should possess:

Detailed Technical Information

The most significant factor is frequency coverage since greater coverage allows the radio to pick up more stations. Therefore, coverage should be between 1.6 and 30 MHz as a minimum. Choosing a device that can receive frequencies below 1.6 MHz, on the other hand, will allow you to access additional low-frequency bands.

Another must-have feature for radio enthusiasts is the single sideband receiver. You’ll be able to listen to anything from weather reports to military broadcasts to amateur radio shows.

The frequency readout on most radios is shown digitally, which is helpful for fine adjusting to the precise station you’re searching for. On the other hand, an analog display does not show the exact frequency the device is receiving, making it harder to locate a certain station.

Reception & Sound Quality

A device with a strong signal will provide clear, high-quality audio. It’s also known as sensitivity,’ and it refers to a radio’s ability to receive transmissions despite lower signals. High-quality equipment will be more responsive to radio station broadcast strength.

Features Not Included

Shortwave radios in their most basic form only listen in to AM stations. The fully-featured ones, on the other hand, come with several settings, allowing you to listen in a variety of ways.

The upgraded units provide additional bandwidth selection flexibility. The more Expensive ones include up to five options for adjusting the audio quality of your chosen channel and reducing interference from nearby channels.

The majority of the devices feature a built-in antenna, however, some include an additional connection for connecting to an external antenna, which allows for greater signal reception.

After learning the basics of shortwave radios, including their kinds, functions, and vital attributes, it’s time to learn about the finest models available. Let’s have a look at our quick assessments of the top 10 shortwave radios.


1. Sangean’s ATS-909X

Sangean ATS-909X

Sangean’s ATS-909X is the successor to the original ATS-909. The old model’s muddy sound on AM and SW has been enhanced in the new one. It also has a fantastic FM tuner, but the AM and SW reception with the built-in antenna is still not up to par.

Regardless, the new model is an excellent radio. It has a pleasing appearance, with a small, contemporary design that seems to be well-made to high standards.

Detailed Technical Information

With the capacity to receive from 153 kHz on the longwave band to 108 MHz on the FM band while covering shortwave, mediumwave, and AM frequencies, the ATS-909X is a full package.

There’s a bandwidth switch for improving shortwave performance even more, and you may use the five tuning choices to tune to stations in various ways. It performs well on the single sideband. The SSB tuning to 40 Hz steps is suitable for casual SSB listeners, but not for professional SSB listeners.

With a white LED backlight, the LCD is big and brilliant. The frequencies, clock, alarms, and battery status are all shown, however, there are no broad or narrow filter options. In every condition, the screen provides excellent visibility.

Reception & Sound Quality

Because of a thin broad filter, the ATS-909X delivers better AM and SW reception than the previous model, with less noise and greater clarity. This enhancement will appeal to those who like exploring and listening to weak, noisy signals.

The reception of FM radio is great., with a bright sound that is likely to be the best audio quality available in a portable device. The 3-inch built-in speaker is loud enough for its size. There’s also a headphone jack, so you may listen to music without bothering others in a busy environment. The sliding tone control is arguably the finest feature, as it considerably improves your listening experience.

Squelch is a new feature on the ATS-909X. It reduces background static noise, allowing you to hear weaker and further frequencies more clearly than ever before!

Features Not Included

The ATS-909X includes 406 preset stations that you may access at any time without having to tune in. The Auto Tuning System looks for and adds all accessible channels to the memory bank automatically.

The radio may also be used as a clock, with the timings of 42 cities from across the world saved. It contains a three-type alarm system with three different alarm songs.

The device is powered by both an AC adaptor and AA batteries. When linked to an external power source, it may also charge Rechargeable batteries.


  • Clear sound is provided via the AM and SW frequencies.
  • The reception of FM radio is great.
  • It also works with batteries.


  • AM and SW reception might be improved.
  • Expensive

2. Tecsun PL880

Tecsun PL880

The Tecsun PL880 is an improved version of the PL660, which is one of the brand’s most popular models. Despite the fact that the new model costs almost twice as much as the old one, it is a powerful gadget with exceptional reception capabilities. If you’re a professional DXer searching for a full-featured portable radio, this should be at the top of your list.

Detailed Technical Information

The PL880 picks up signals on four different bands: FM, AM, SW, and LW. Shortwave frequencies vary from 1711 to 29999 kHz, longwave frequencies from 100 to 519 kHz, FM frequencies from 64 to 108 MHz, and AM frequencies from 520 to 1710 kHz.

It has a broadband filtering array with three SSB choices and four AM options. It runs at a low frequency (2.3 kHz) and has only a little impact on audio quality in order to maintain readability.

The device includes a huge screen that displays frequency, time, band name, and battery life. It features lighting that you may turn off when not in use.

Reception & Sound Quality

For its size, the PL880 boasts an amazing sound quality. Across all of the bands, it gives a great auditory experience. There is a switch for changing the EQ intensity, which is tuned for MW/SW audio and FM stations.

With a high degree of sensitivity to weak signals, the device delivers exceptional AM performance. Background hisses and digital sounds, which affect many older and new devices, will be absent.

The PL880’s strong suit is SW reception, which may be improved with the included wire antenna, but its FM performance outperforms all of its competitors. Many distant FM channels may be identified, and frequencies that are quite near to one other can be distinguished. The telescopic whip antenna is very strong and sensitive, allowing it to pick up even the faintest signals. When listening to local stations, though, don’t extend it since it will overrule them.

The coarse and fine-tuning knobs on the PL880 make SSB tuning a lot simpler than on comparable portable devices. With both sidebands, the Sync Mode sounds symmetrical, but the restored audio is of low quality.

Features Not Included

The PL880 has a storage capacity of 3050 stations that may be accessed with a single button click. The telescopic antenna has incredible sensitivity and can pick up a large number of signals. When adjusting between signals, it has a Soft Muting option that keeps the device quieter. Unlike other versions, though, the PL880 allows you to turn it off.

The gadget is powered by a rechargeable battery, and the smart charge feature will alert you when it is fully charged.


  • Ergonomics are excellent.
  • There are several filtering options.
  • Carrying a case with a lot of strength
  • A single Rechargeable battery is included.


  • The performance of the Sync Detector is average.
  • Expensive

3. Skywave speaker

C Crane CC Skywave

DXers looking for a good travel radio can consider the C. Crane CC Skywave. It’s a lovely little radio with a simple look and a lot of functionality. Its design and construction quality are great, yet for radio under $100, it shines in audio and reception.

Detailed Technical Information

On shortwaves, mediumwave, and air bands, the Skywave has five bandwidths. Its shortwave wavelengths extend from 2.3 to 26.1 MHz, and it receives AM and FM signals well. What’s particularly amazing is the addition of weather and airband, which keeps you informed about local weather warnings and air traffic controllers.

Although the orange backlit LCD is modest, the readings are crisp and visible from a variety of angles. It may display either the frequency or the time, and either can be selected as the default.

Reception & Sound Quality

The Skywave speaker is tiny, and the sound quality isn’t great, but that’s to be expected for a pocket radio. Although the bass is completely gone, it does include two settings – music and speech – that you may use to reduce noise on poor signals and improve voice clarity.

The headphone output will compensate for the speaker’s shortcomings. It sounds almost like hi-fi, providing you with a great time on your commute or while traveling.

The Skywave’s AM reception is adequate, but it excels at picking up the majority of FM stations. The small whip antenna’s capacity to pick up even weaker FM transmissions will astound you.

For a radio of its size, the Skywave boasts remarkable sensitivity and selectivity on the SW band. Although the absence of an SSB function is inconvenient, you will not miss it due to the abundance of other features.

It features a weather band that functions well and lets you listen to all NOAA weather updates. The Airband is ideal for listening in on neighboring air traffic controllers, pilots, and ground staff.

Features Not Included

The radio may be used as both a timer and an alarm clock. Your alarm bell may be tuned to a radio station or a buzzer tone.

It comes with earbud-style headphones that are stylish and function well when you want to disconnect from the outside world.

The device may be powered by two AA batteries or an AC converter. You may also utilize Rechargeable batteries, which will be charged internally when connected to a power source.


  • Touch controls on the keypad are really responsive.
  • There is no hash sound when the tuning knob is turned.
  • The battery lasts 60-70 hours.


  • The whip antenna is just 16 inches in length.
  • Only a few channels are picked up by the weather band.

4. Eton Grundig Satellite 750 

Eton GrundigSatellit 750

The Eton Grundig Satellite 750 is a good shortwave radio for individuals who wish to play around with some complex capabilities without sacrificing portability. It’s a little pricey, but the number of features, classic design, and excellent performance seems to make up for it. It’s a great option for intermediate and advanced users.

Detailed Technical Information

Shortwave (between 1711 and 30000 kHz), longwave (between 117 and 137 MHz), AM, FM, and aviation bands may all be received using the GrundigSatellit 750. It provides you with a broad range of radio listening possibilities. You may gain access to anything with one single device, whether you like breaking news from across the globe, FM music stations, AM talkshows, programs aired by amateur users, or DXing.

The yellow backlit LCD is bright and big enough to display accurate information. The frequency, clock, and alarm time are all shown. You may darken the display to guarantee that no one disturbs you while you sleep.

Single sideband (SSB) was also heard on the radio, which is a popular band among amateur radio operators.

Reception & Sound Quality

The Grundig Satellite 750 has great reception. The tuning is seamless, and once a station is tuned, there is just a little drifting. The antenna included inside the device is powerful enough to pick up even weak signals. It also has a 360-degree rotating capability that makes it easy to alter the angle and pick up distant frequencies.

This device was created with high sound quality in mind by Eton. As a result, it has set aside a spacious compartment for the speaker and amplifier, leaving plenty of space for reverb. The speaker produces clean and crisp music, with bass and treble controls that can be customized. The bass control, on the other hand, seems to alter the volume level, which is strange.

Features Not Included

External AM/FM antenna connections for the GrundigSatellit 750 increase reception and give you access to a larger range of frequencies. However, the normal user will not need it since the built-in one is more than enough.

There are 1000 preset stations available, 500 of which are customizable and 100 for each of the five bands. As a result, you may save your favorite channels and access them with a single button push.

It offers a dual alarm clock capability, allowing you to set two distinct alarms.


  • Elegant and timeless design
  • The sound quality is excellent.
  • It is capable of receiving a broad variety of frequencies.
  • Antenna connectors on the outside


  • The loudness level is harmed by the bass control.
  • Expensive

5. Tecsun PL-600 

Tecsun PL-600

Tecsun is one of the most well-known manufacturers of radios. The PL-600 is one of their mid-range models, which is both affordable and equipped with enough capabilities to satisfy experienced listeners.

Detailed Technical Information

The PL-600’s complete HF coverage, which spans 1720 kHz to 29.999 MHz, sets it apart from many more expensive variants. It also includes the AM/FM channels, longwave frequencies from 100 to 519 kHz, and extended medium wave frequencies from 520 to 1710 kHz. It offers single sideband (SSB) reception, which is ideal for picking up amateur radio transmissions.

It has an orange backlit LCD that displays frequency, reception strength, time, and battery level. The digital screen makes tuning in to a certain station much simpler.

Reception & Sound Quality

The PL-600’s audio quality is full and rich, particularly on the FM band when playing in stereo via the stereo headphone and on the AM band while playing in mono through the stereo headphone. Because of the built-in ferrite loopstick bar antenna, the receiver is sensitive and can pick up weaker signals. You may also utilize the radio’s long-wire antenna that comes with it.

It has a few different tweaking options. The ‘Auto Search’ feature is very handy for discovering FM and AM stations. It also has a strong SSB reception. To acquire the optimum sound quality at your chosen frequency, pick either the higher or lower mode and utilize the fine-tuning knob.

Although the audio does not fill a room, the quality is acceptable given the size and price.

Features Not Included

It is powered by four AAA batteries, which might be regular or Rechargeable. It has an automated battery charger built-in. So, when the battery runs out, all you have to do is plug it into an outlet.

Direct, manual, scan and preset tuning are the four choices available. You may either tune in to your favorite stations directly or browse for all available receptions. It can save up to 600 radio stations, and the ‘preset tuning’ feature lets you listen to them all at once.

It may also be used as an alarm clock since it contains two alarms and a sleep timer that can be set from one to 120 minutes.


  • At low volume, there is no hissing.
  • FM receiver with sensitivity
  • Reasonable cost


  • When you switch on the radio, the batteries do not charge.
  • When inputting a frequency, you must be quick with your keystrokes or the first entry will be canceled.
  • The bass music drains the battery very quickly.

6. Kaito’s Voyager Pro KA600

Kaito Voyager Pro KA600

Kaito’s Voyager Pro KA600 is the bigger sibling to the KA500 Voyager. The updated model has a hand crank dynamo, solar panel, reading light, flashlight, wideband radio receiver, and other capabilities, making it a must-have for survival scenarios. The portable device is only $100, so it won’t break the bank.

Detailed Technical Information

AM, FM, shortwave, and NOAA are the four bandwidth choices available on the device. Shortwave frequencies range from 2300 to 23000 kHz, longwave from 150 to 521 kHz, FM from 88 to 108 MHz, and AM from 520 to 1710 kHz. Through this gadget, you may access seven NOAA weather band channels.

The frequency, time, date, alarm, and volume status are all shown on a huge digital display. The temperature and humidity are shown on a little circular screen beside it.

Reception & Sound Quality

The Voyager Pro KA600 is a good shortwave receiver that does somewhat better on AM and FM radio broadcasts. The reception quality is improved with a completely telescopic antenna. You may also use a manual input keypad to get direct access to any frequency.

It has excellent FM band reception, which is aided by the radio data system (RDS). The built-in speaker, on the other hand, is modest, so don’t anticipate high-quality music or booming sound. Nonetheless, the stations sound better using the included headphones.

Features Not Included

Because it is primarily built for use in the outdoors and in emergencies rather than for entertainment, the Voyager Pro KA600 contains a number of added functionality.

You may choose from five different charging modes, so you’ll never be left without power. The battery pack will be charged by the connected fold-up solar panel, however, it will take longer than the hand crank dynamo. You may also use an AC converter, AA batteries, or a USB connection to power it.

It comes with three different kinds of lights to keep you safe when camping or during a power outage. It also has a humidity meter and a digital thermometer, making it an ideal emergency tool.

If you set your radio to Alert mode, it will automatically activate and notify you if there is an environmental, natural, or public safety hazard in or near your region.


  • For emergencies, it’s jam-packed with features.
  • There are several possibilities for supplying energy.
  • The reception of FM radio is great.


  • The battery life is inadequate.
  • Other crank radio versions are heavier than this one.

7. Tecsun PL-380


The Tecsun PL-380 is a fantastic alternative for DXers searching for a pocket-sized radio on a tight budget. It includes a number of innovative features that will delight amateur and professional radio enthusiasts alike. It’s a solid item with high audio quality, a broad frequency range, and several tuning options that you won’t regret purchasing.

Detailed Technical Information

The PL-380 covers five bands of frequencies: AM, FM, SW, MW, and LW. The shortwave frequency coverage is from 23000 kHz to 21950 kHz, thus even distant stations should be picked up.

The LCD display, which has a yellow backlight, is big enough to read comfortably. It may be turned on and off depending on the time of day. The tuned frequency, clock, alarm time, received signal strength, and temperature will all be shown. You may pick which one you want to see all the time.

Reception & Sound Quality

The PL-380’s built-in mono speaker is modest and offers adequate sound, but it will sound much better if you wear headphones. Even at maximum volume, it will not fill a room or a garden table, but the headphones will provide the greatest service for private listening.

This device’s FM and AM receptions are excellent, and the programs sound much better with the stereo headphones. Shortwave reception is hit-or-miss, but with an external antenna, you may anticipate strong reception in the evenings and nights.

It has a small ferrite bar antenna for improved LW and MW reception, as well as a telescopic whip antenna for improved FM and SW band frequencies.

The PL-380 features five digitally filtered selectivity modes, which seems to be rather good for such a little radio. Even if the filter bandwidth is set to 1 kHz, the function works perfectly since it provides outstanding recovery of weakly received signals.

Features Not Included

The gadget can remember 550 stations for you, and the presetting is simple. Furthermore, the Easy Tuning Mode takes just a single button push to examine all accessible channels (ETM).

The device is powered by three AA batteries, which may be either standard or Rechargeable. You can charge the batteries or use a small USB charger as an external power source.

It also functions as a clock, with a two-way alarm and a sleep timer that turns it off after a defined length of time.


  • Considering the size and price, there are a lot of features.
  • Headphones improve the sound quality.
  • Inexpensive


  • The sound produced by the little speaker is of medium quality.
  • The built-in antenna isn’t very effective.

8. Sony ICF-SW11


Sony is a well-known multinational brand for producing high-quality and creative electronics. The Sony ICF-SW11 is a shortwave radio that isn’t the greatest on the market, but it is still a good device. You can obtain a good-looking portable gadget with a few essential features for less than $100.

Detailed Technical Information

The ICF-SW11 is capable of covering four separate bands at different frequencies. Shortwave frequencies range from 4.75 to 21.25 MHz, longwave frequencies from 141 to 290 kHz, AM (MW) frequencies from 525 to 1620 kHz, and FM frequencies from 87.50 to 108 MHz.

There is no digital tuner or display on it. To discover your favorite stations, crank a knob, and an analog screen will guide you to the correct frequencies. Because there is no illumination on the LCD, tuning up in the dark will be difficult.

Reception & Sound Quality

The radio has a little speaker, but the sound quality is adequate for its size. The FM and AM receptions are both great and do not drift, which is remarkable given that it is an analog tuning radio. It will pick up all local FM stations and all AM stations within a 20-mile radius with ease. The remote channels, on the other hand, maybe lacking in clarity.

The shortwave reception is good, and it may pick up a variety of stations in your region. With an extra antenna, you may improve the capabilities even further. The built-in antenna performs well, particularly on AM and FM bands. The gadget is adequate, but it falls short of meeting the needs of dedicated shortwave listeners.

Features Not Included

The ICF-SW11 is a simple device that should only be used by individuals who are new to DXing. As a result, it lacks many of the features that other devices in the same price range provide. There are no preset systems, SSB, alarm, or clock capabilities on it. It does, however, come with two antennae that help with FM and AM reception.

It has excellent battery life. If you use two AA batteries, the radio will last virtually indefinitely! It will last for 30 hours, but depending on how loud you play the speaker, it may last longer.


  • The reception on AM and FM is excellent.
  • The battery has a long life span.
  • Two antennae are included.


  • Given the price, it is lacking in features.
  • There is no alarm clock or alarm clock function.
  • Display on a manual basis
  • Tuning by hand

9. Kaito Electronics

Kaito KA500

Kaito Electronics makes shortwave radios with features designed to help in emergency circumstances. The Kaito KA500 shortwave radio is ideal for hikers and explorers since it runs on solar power and will keep you informed in the event of a hurricane, power outage, or another calamity.

Detailed Technical Information

The receiver receives signals from AM, FM, shortwave, and all seven NOAA channels across four bands. The SW1 frequency runs from 3.20 to 9.00 kHz, whereas the SW1 frequency extends from 9.00 to 22.00 kHz. As a result, it provides you with sufficient alternatives for staying informed about what is going on in your immediate environment.

The AM and FM ranges are 520-1717 kHz and 88.00-108.00 MHz, respectively, giving you access to a wide choice of stations in your immediate area.

There is no digital tuning or display on the KA500. The frequencies must be manually set on an analog display.

The unit’s overall quality is tough. It’s composed of a high-quality ABS plastic that’s water and impact resistant. As a result, you may use it both indoors and outside.

Reception & Sound Quality

The sound quality and clarity of the KA500’s little speaker will wow you. It will transmit perfectly heard music, news, and another programming even at a volume of 25%. However, listening using earbuds will improve the experience. It’ll boost the sound quality and even add some bottom tones.

The unit’s AM and FM reception is adequate, but its shortwave sensitivity is impressive for a self-powered analog radio. The selectivity option also works well since nearby signals are unlikely to interfere with the frequency you’ve chosen.

Features Not Included

It is one of the most effective survival radios available. This unit’s 6-way powering systems are one of its most outstanding characteristics, making it an excellent addition to any disaster preparedness pack.

A hand-crank dynamo generator, solar panel, three AA batteries, a Rechargeable battery back, AC/DC converter, and a 5V micro USB may all be used to power the radio. So no matter how awful the situation gets, you will never be disconnected.

It contains three lighting systems, each useful in different conditions. The white LED flashlight is ideal for transmitting SOS and the built-in five LED reading lamp is ideal for emergency usage. There’s also a red LED that blinks to inform you in case of an emergency.

Another lifesaver is the NOAA Weather Radio Alert, which will send out warnings when there is a weather or safety issue in your region.


  • There are several features for emergency circumstances.
  • Options for powering in six different ways
  • In the event of a dangerous situation, send out an alarm.


  • The hand crank mechanism isn’t very good.
  • The tuning knob might get stuck at times.
  • There is no digital display.

10. TIVDIO V-116 


The TIVDIO V-116 is an excellent alternative for new DXers who wish to begin their shortwave listening experience with something that won’t break the wallet. You may use it as a music player or an alarm clock, and the Rechargeable battery allows you to take it about in your pocket.

Detailed Technical Information

The V-116 is capable of covering three bands – AM, FM, and SW – at different frequencies. The shortwave coverage range is between 3.2 and 21.85 MHz. Unfortunately, the tuning knob can only be used to manually search for stations, which is made simpler by the digital display.

It does not feature SSB, much to the dismay of ham radio enthusiasts. Furthermore, it doesn’t even cover the LW band.

Your tuned frequency, the band’s name, and the battery status are all shown on the LCD screen. It does not show the time of the alert. It includes a green backlight that makes it simple to use in the dark.

Reception & Sound Quality

The little speaker isn’t hi-fi, but it meets all expectations for a device that costs less than $50. In addition, the AUX connector allows you to connect to an external device and listen to music via the speaker.

All of the bands have a more extraordinary reception outside than inside a house or structure. It performs an excellent job of receiving AM and FM frequencies, but not so much when you’re near the transmitters. Because there are no High Pass or Low Pass filters, the powerful neighboring frequencies interact too much.

If there are too many FM stations in your region, shortwave reception will be mediocre. It will pick up the necessary SW channels. However, live FM broadcasts will be interfered with.

Features Not Included

It includes a micro SD card slot that can hold up to 16 GB of data. You may use external storage to play music files in different formats and read eBooks. The interface, however, will not display any information about the music file other than the tracking number, forcing you to go through the card each time you wish to choose a song.

The screen does not display more than four lines of text per page while reading an eBook. You may, however, travel ahead or backward, and you can even program it to scroll the lines at a preset speed automatically.

A USB cable is included for charging the radio. However, hooking it into a PC or laptop will instantly change the unit into the device’s speaker.


  • The size is ideal for travel.
  • FM reception is excellent.
  • Rechargeable
  • Inexpensive


  • The reception in the SW is mediocre.
  • Active FM frequencies cause significant interference with other bands.
  • There is no automated tuning.

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