Gaming chairs can be expensive, with the best chairs costing upwards of $300, but you can still find a cheap chair that is both durable and comfortable. We’ve listed the best cheap play chairs for you, from standard rocking chairs to recliners to play in. These affordable play chairs are available on Amazon, where they have hundreds of positive reviews from users. The best part is that all of the gaming chairs on this list are under $200, and most of them are considerably smaller. However, you may be missing some of the more opulent features of a high-end gaming chair. For example, B. four-dimensional armrests, polyurethane leather, and a folding footrest can keep you comfortable for long periods.

Thanks to extra lumbar support and head/neck support, the gaming chairs are more ergonomic than traditional office chairs, thanks to the extra lumbar support and head/neck support. An ergonomic gaming chair is a perfect choice if you have found that sitting in a traditional office chair causes lower back pain.
Gaming chairs can be expensive, but they bring elegance and comfort to your living environment. Here are some of the best gaming chairs under $200:

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

1. S-Racer Homall

With over 33,000 user reviews on Amazon and an average rating of 4.3/5, the Homall S-Racer is even more popular than the Gtracing gaming chair.

Black, blue/black, red/blue, yellow, and purple is just some of the colors available. Aside from the adjustable armrest, you get the same features as the other chairs on this list, including the back cushion and headrest. This omission makes it slightly cheaper than similar types.

You can remove the headrest and replace the large lumbar cushion. The sponge cushion assumes the body’s shape and returns to its original shape after each use.

2. Pursuit game seat

This Gtracing play chair is one of the most common budget play chairs on Amazon, with a standard racing chair style design. The Gtracing chair is a crowd-pleaser with an average of 4.3/5 stars and over 19,000 reviews on Amazon. The Gtracing game chair, with its flexible backrest with lumbar padding and removable headrest, has everything you need to sit relaxed for long periods – exactly what you’d expect from a good value game chair.

This inexpensive chair is characterized by its ergonomic shape. Raised leather fenders protect the recessed seat cushion on both sides, and the rear seat cushion is distinctive but straightforward. Adjustable armrests and a gas spring allow you to adjust the height of the racing seat.

3. Speed play seat

While some people prefer gaming chairs that stand out, others may prefer a less flashy design than the typical computer gaming chair. That’s where the cheap Vitesse gaming chair comes in. This elegant all-black chair has a simple design but offers many of the same features as the other chairs on this list. The Vitesse gaming chair has a fairly large neck pad, which should serve as a headrest and adjustable lumbar support for most people.

It tilts 180 degrees and has a button to tilt the chair. In addition, of course, the chair has an easy-to-use lever for height adjustment and a lock that prevents accidental adjustment.

4. Musso Chair in Camouflage

Musso has some good camo gaming chairs that are highly rated on Amazon, with over 500 user reviews for Call of Duty fans and other military shooters (or hunters in general). Like the others on this list, these camouflage seats have a comfortable adjustable lumbar cushion and a removable headrest. In addition, the height can be adjusted using a gas spring, and the padded armrest can be easily raised and lowered.

The chair can rotate 360 degrees and tilt 180 degrees. At $190, this chair is on the higher end of the price scale. Still, the Musso chairs are made from high-quality materials, such as thick PU synthetic leather to prevent wear and tear, a steel frame, and a high-density sponge to maintain resilience over time.

5. OFM High chair

The Essentials chair from OFM is a simple gaming chair that costs about $100. It sacrifices features to cut costs. While it doesn’t have lumbar support or headrest, it’s made of the same polyurethane synthetic leather and soft terry cloth cushions as the other chairs on this list.

The OFM Essentials Running Chair has a comfortable, wide mesh cushion, perfect for anyone who wants to use it as an office chair. In addition, each armrest can be easily folded up and hidden under the table when not in use.

UNFORTUNATELY, this PC gaming chair is not adjustable, making it less flexible than the other gaming chairs on this list.

6. Marvel Play Chairs

Play chairs based on three iconic Marvel heroes: Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America, can add some superhero flair to your game setup. Conceptually, all three chairs have something to offer. Each chair is equipped with a head and neck cushion and a lumbar cushion with an integrated massager.

Thick armrests, a tilt adjustment, and a height adjustment are included with each chair. Unfortunately, one of the biggest drawbacks of these Marvel chairs, at least in this price range, is that they can only swivel backward, not lean backward.

7. X Stool

Floor chairs have been around for decades, and while new table chairs are often called play chairs, some floor chairs are still common. Take the X Rocker Surge, for example. It has two speakers and a subwoofer and is compatible with mobile devices and PCs for audio output via Bluetooth, and it looks like it’s plugged into a race car. Of course, it would help if you used an HDMI audio splitter to play audio from game consoles such as Xbox One/Xbox Series X, PS4/PS5, and Switch.

The ergonomics of the X Rocker Surge contribute to lumbar comfort. While floor chairs are not ideal for home offices, they are perfect for game rooms and basements, especially if you have kids or play consoles yourself.

8. Homal playground Bed

The Homall Gaming Recliner is different from all the other chairs on this list because it can be used as both a gaming chair and a regular recliner. It has the look of a modern movie chair, which is very cool, but it lacks some of the features of other chairs, such as an adjustable armrest. The two-tone design in red/black, white/black, and blue/black builds heavily on the traditional black look. The scooter has a lumbar cushion and headrest similar to those on rental gaming chairs, except it is much larger and designed to be used in a TV position.

The lumbar pillow also has a built-in massager with different settings and intensities, which can be moved with the included remote control. The polyurethane leather construction also adds to the comfort.

9. Lorell high back play chair

The large mesh back of this chair is probably the first thing you think of. It is a low-density net, which means that the individual threads that make it up are further apart, but the high-quality nylon compensates for this. Since this chair contains a high percentage of nylon, you can be sure of its durability. However, keep in mind that a low-density nylon chair net is also a disadvantage.

For the price, this chair offers excellent comfort. It has one of the most comfortable backrests of any chair in this collection. In addition, the chair’s stability is almost identical to that of a firm mattress so that the body sinks in easily.

10. RESPAWN high chair

The Respawn 110 is an almost exact replica of the famous DXRacer chairs. Respawn offers a wide selection of seat types, each with its own standard and price range. The Respawn 110 is on the lower end of its product line, but it’s a good chair with most of the basic features of a racing chair. The 110 can be tilted from 90 to 155 degrees and rotated 360 degrees. Unfortunately, the armrests of this chair are not as adjustable, which is a major drawback.

Purchasing Guide

If you sit in the wrong chair and lean forward during stressful moments, your neck may start to throb. If you plan to use the chair for computer games, you should also ensure that the chair can easily reach your desk. Think about where you need it in your home and what meets your specific needs. Consider a height-adjustable model if you are unsure of the height you need. There are also chairs with height-adjustable armrests if that’s important to you.

Breathable Fabric

People who have never bought gaming chairs often mistake buying chairs with leather or other finishes. While leather is attractive because it is easy to clean and extremely durable, it is also one of the most painful materials to sit on for long periods because it makes you sweat.

The number of chairs with extra cushions will surprise you. Unlike cushions or pillows, which do not come with the chair, they are usually attached with Velcro or a Velcro fastener so that they can be easily added and removed. Of course, you don’t move when you play either. Cushions are often available for the armrests, headrests, neck area, and lumbar support.

Quality of Service
You know the expression: Do you get what you pay for? This applies to a wide range of products, including gaming chairs. Cheaper isn’t always better unless you can find a gaming chairs coupon or discount code that will save you money. When choosing a chair, make sure it has a strong resistance between the top and bottom. You can also check the armrests, wheels, and other parts that may break.


Finally, when buying an ergonomic gaming chair, remember to put your well-being and comfort first. If you spend hours at your computer every day, it is more beneficial to invest in a chair than a piece of furniture that you only use occasionally. In the age of modern computing, there is a reason why ergonomic chairs are so widespread, and investing now can pay off in the long run. I hope this guide has been helpful; now looking for places!

Frequently Asked Question

Are cheap gaming chairs worth it?

A: Gaming chairs are often criticized, but the truth is that people buy them because they look cool, and as long as they look cool, people will keep buying them, including me. But gaming chairs are not a terrible option, and some are better than others.

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