Laptops are expensive devices that need excellent care and protection. If you use your laptop at home at work, you need a quality laptop backpack. A laptop backpack is ideal for carrying laptops while working outside the office. They have specially designed compartments for your laptop and other accessories. The best laptop backpack should provide excellent protection for your computer. It should have thick padding to absorb shocks in case of impact. There is a range of laptop backpacks on the market that you can buy. While this is a good thing, choosing a quality backpack that is suitable for your laptop can be a daunting task.

We’ve created this comprehensive review and buying guide to help you. Our reviews narrow down the selection of the best laptop backpacks to the top ten brands. These are high-quality laptop backpacks with great features. These backpacks are highly rated and recommended for versatile use. Read on to find the laptop backpack that best suits your needs.

1. AmazonBasics Notebook backpack 

It is our first choice for laptops and multi-piece backpacks. The backpack features a padded laptop sleeve. It is a versatile designer backpack that can accommodate a 17″ laptop. It is a secure computer carrier with mesh bottle holders on the sides. You can always carry water wherever you go. It is a backpack with an organizational design and multiple pockets for keys, pens, and cell phones. It is versatile, and you can carry various things in it except your laptop. The backpack has sturdy zippers to keep your belongings safe. All in all, this is a laptop backpack of decent quality with a capacity of 35 liters. The backpack is highly rated and is an excellent choice on the list.


  • Double-sided net for carrying water bottles
  • Large storage capacity for additional items
  • Softcover to protect the laptop from scratches
  • Organizational compartments for storing personal items


  • Not suitable for 17-inch laptops as specified, no restrictions

2. Mancro laptop backpack, waterproof laptop business bag

This is the ideal size for a backpack that can accommodate 15.6″ notebooks. It is a comfortable Notebook backpack that can also carry personal items. The backpack has interior pockets for books, clothes, files, etc. There is another slanted front pocket for frequently used items such as identification and keys. The backpack also has side pockets for water bottles and an umbrella. This is a USB port on the back of the laptop with a built-in charging cable. You can plug in the power adapter and charge your devices easily. This is a secure backpack with an anti-theft lock to protect your belongings. All in all, it is a comfortable and durable backpack with a waterproof nylon fabric.


  • The design of the anti-theft lock allows you to secure your goods during transportation.
  • USB port design for fast and easy charging
  • Impermeable nylon fabric for storing items
  • Comfortable to carry thanks to padded shoulder straps


  • The water bottle holder is a little small.

3. Waterproof backpack for the laptop while traveling

This is a travel backpack for laptop computers that offers plenty of space and storage. The backpack has a large main compartment that can accommodate 15.6″ notebooks. It is a versatile bag that can accommodate notebooks of different sizes. The bag also has front pockets for keys, phones, and other personal items. It is a practical backpack with a USB design and a headphone jack. You can easily plug in headphones and listen to music while wearing the backpack. You can also charge your device with a power bank located inside the backpack through the USB ports. It is an anti-theft backpack with a lock to protect your belongings. It is a versatile storage backpack made of high-quality polyester fabric.


  • Large storage capacity for additional items
  • Safe and secure thanks to the anti-theft design
  • Convenient USB port and headphones for easy charging and music playback
  • Front pockets for extra accessories


  • The laptop sleeve has no hook to prevent the computer from resting on the floor.

4. Modocher vintage laptop backpack 

This is another high-end laptop backpack with some very interesting features. The backpack has a versatile size and can accommodate laptops up to 15.6″. The backpack remains one of the best sellers and offers value for money. The backpack has a total of 6 pockets for additional accessories and personal items. The backpack fits snugly on the back for optimum comfort. It also has adjustable straps to create a custom fit. This is a backpack made of durable fabric for men and women who are seriously considering buying it. The backpack is made of 600D nylon for long life. It is a backpack suitable for day trips.


  • 600D Nylon fabric for long life
  • 6 compartments for universal storage
  • USB port for charging devices
  • Good back support for easy transport


  • The water bottle holders are too small

5. KROSER Large computer backpack

It is a high-quality material that is water repellent for excellent protection against water. It is a durable bag with an eco-friendly material accompanying you for years. The backpack has large, spacious compartments for versatile use. You can store groceries, handbags, clothes, A4 files, etc. It is a robust backpack that can accommodate notebooks up to 17.3″. The backpack also has a built-in USB port for easy cell phone charging. All in all, it is a specially designed notebook backpack with well-padded foam padding. It sits comfortably on the back, making it easy to carry. It is a well-knit backpack that you can take and use anywhere. This is a great backpack that you should seriously consider buying right away.


  • Well connected, so strong and durable.
  • You can easily charge your device via the built-in USB port.
  • The high-quality material ensures durability
  • Sturdy handle for easy transport

6. Herschel Little America Notebook Backpack

This is a classic American laptop backpack with a timelessly stylish silhouette. It is a backpack made of durable polyester and nylon that can withstand intense daily use. The backpack is extremely versatile and suitable for all adventures. It is a durable backpack that will serve you well and meet your daily needs. The bag has a striped lining and a drawstring closure. It also has magnetic strips and metal buckles. This exciting choice of backpack design is perfect for both men and women. Overall, it is a backpack with a capacity of 25 liters. It is an excellent choice of a backpack with multiple compartments for easy organization. It is a technically safe backpack with an inner lining so backpacks won’t get scratched.


  • The easy organization thanks to multiple compartments
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to straps and back lining
  • Sustainable
  • A classic and, therefore, attractive design

7. Heawair notebook computer travel backpack with USB charging

Heawair is a laptop backpack for work and travel that you should consider buying. It is an eco-friendly backpack with a waterproof canvas. The backpack is soft and feels good on your back. It is a backpack with a minimalist and fashionable design that suits you well. It is a multifunctional backpack with an easy access door. It is a spacious designer backpack with a steel frame and reinforced edges. The back keeps its shape nicely without folding. Moreover, the back of the backpack is padded for comfortable transportation. It is a backpack with a comfortable design and a USB port to charge your device. It is a large and spacious backpack that can hold various items.


  • Flexible back panels for easy transport
  • Multi-purpose pockets for extra storage space
  • Easy access thanks to a large main opening
  • Convenient USB port for easy charging


  • A bit small for large laptops

8. Tocode laptop backpack with a USB charging port

This is a large and spacious laptop backpack that you should consider buying. It is a great backpack that can also hold extra personal items. This is a laptop backpack with a capacity of 35 liters, suitable for laptops of 17 inches. The backpack has a special notebook compartment that provides maximum protection for your computer. It is a simple and easy to organize bag. There are four zippered pockets, two mesh pockets, one notebook pocket, two small interior pockets, and two pen loops. It is a high-quality laptop backpack with an exterior made of waterproof material. The backpack is comfortable to carry, and you can easily transport a laptop in it.


  • A breathable backpack for greater comfort
  • Waterproof and thus comfortable material
  • Ease of organization
  • Spacious


  • The chest strap is a little small.

9. J World New York Sundance Laptop Backpack

It is a laptop backpack and a good choice for a weekend trip. It is a convertible wheeled backpack with a huge load capacity. It is an excellent backpack choice that is also suitable as a school backpack. The backpack is suitable for both adults and children. The backpack can hold a laptop, 3 textbooks, 3-inch files, and portable hard drives. It is a backpack with a secure design and a fully padded interior. The inner lining prevents stains and scratches on the backpack. All in all, it is a secure laptop backpack with an adjustable handle for comfortable transportation. In addition, the backpack is lightweight for easy transportation and use.


  • Easy turning thanks to smooth-running wheels
  • Adjustable handle, so comfortable to carry
  • Fully padded interior to prevent scratches
  • Huge capacity to hold more items

10. Anti-theft business travel backpack

This is our best laptop backpack and a very decent solution. It is the leading backpack of the brand, with some pretty interesting features. It is a large capacity backpack with multiple compartments for different needs. This bag is ideal for commuters and is a great way to travel with your laptop. It also has a convenient USB charger and a headphone jack. So you can easily charge your devices and listen to music. It is a safe and convenient laptop backpack that you can order today with confidence. It is a comfortable and durable backpack that will meet a wide range of needs.


  • Versatile design for a wide range of needs
  • Multiple pockets for easy organization
  • Convenient USB charger and headphone jack
  • Safe and convenient


  • Too small for a 3-ring binder

Purchasing Guide

Finding the right laptop backpack can be overwhelming if you don’t know what factors to consider. There are so many different brands of laptop backpacks out there. Understanding your needs and knowing the key features will help you make a wise purchase decision. Below we discuss some of the key features you should consider before purchasing.


The backpack and laptop bag size is an important consideration to keep in mind. It would help if you had a backpack that is the right size, easy, and comfortable to carry. Most laptop backpacks are between 15 and 35 liters in size. However, there is no standard size for a 1-liter capacity. The capacity of a 15-liter laptop may be the same as that of a 20-liter laptop from another brand. The size of the laptop and suitcase will depend on the size of your laptop and the extra items you need to carry.

Need a laptop backpack that also fits clothes and a lunch box? Then it would help if you considered a large-capacity laptop backpack.


Next, you need to consider the style of the backpack and make an appropriate choice. There are different types of laptop backpacks in the market that you should buy. It would help if you had a backpack that suits your style and fashion. It is something that you will love to wear and feel comfortable with. Some of the most common styles in backpacks are sporty, technical, heritage, business, casual and fashionable.

You should consider different styles and choose the one that best suits your needs and desires. The perfect style should match what you wear to look good.

Design of materials

Various materials are used in the manufacture of laptop backpacks. The ideal laptop backpack should be made of high-quality materials. The most commonly used materials for making backpacks are standard nylon, ballistic nylon, polyester, canvas, sailcloth, etc.

It would help if you chose backpacks with quality materials and excellent workmanship. This is important for durable use and long life. Ballistic nylon and ripstop nylon are the best choices when buying a laptop backpack. We also have canvas and leather, high-quality but durable materials. These are sturdy backpacks, but they are not suitable for frequent travelers because of their weight. Canvas is waterproof but very susceptible to scratches and stains.

Sliding fasteners and hardware

Finally, consider the zipper of the backpack and the quality assurance. Consider backpacks with a strong zipper and equipment that guarantees sturdiness and long service life.


In short, these are the best laptop backpacks on the market that you should seriously consider buying. Backpacks are very popular and recommended to transport laptops safely. They are a great way to get around with your laptop. Backpacks have multiple compartments and a padded laptop sleeve. You can rest assured that your laptop will be safe wherever you go. Look through them carefully and choose the best one you need.

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