We all have problems with malfunctions or damage to devices, and the only solution is to repair them. However, it is helpful to call a professional or technician who can fix anything that needs to be repaired in your home. But there are times when that’s not possible. Sometimes we have to intervene as quickly as possible to fix a broken faucet, and sometimes for many reasons, we can’t find a master. Whatever the reason you can’t find a handyperson, you have to fix something.

So, what are you going to do? You may think, okay, I get it, but once you do this, you realize it’s not as easy as it looks, and that’s where the problem begins. Luckily, with increasing technology, we’ve gotten so much that we can do anything, which means we’re a master. While some applications give you tips and tricks to do it yourself, others give you an assistant if you like. How? Well, for Android and iOS, there are a lot of assistants.

But how do you choose the best from the hundreds of applications available? Here, you need our help! We have looked at several main applications and found the best ones for Android and iOS for you. So let’s start with this so you can get help from a professional on the phone to solve your problems at home.

Best Application Assistants

1. Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius

Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius is one of the best applications for iPhone and Android. This application lives up to its name because it offers many essential tips for different household tasks. For example, you can easily find information for cleaning windows, carpentry, painting, pest control, woodworking, etc. Here you will find photos with a complete description of what you are looking for so that it is easy to understand.

Here you will find a lot of information about household issues. These natural, gullible tips help you save time, energy, money, and other resources by determining what you want in your home. Here the application is straightforward, and you can easily search for tips. You can also highlight tips you may find helpful for future use. Using the application, you can improve your work and make it more efficient and effective!

2. TuskRabbit iPhone

TaskRabbit should be your official assistant, and it’s a kind of application where you can ask for help at any time. So whether it’s cleaning the house, assembling furniture, or even supplying food, the request got it all.

With this application, you can set up a wizard where and when you want (but not everywhere!). The application only takes a minute to teach you a magician who can do all this, and it is also very effective. Just describe the work you want, and you’ve got a magician at your door. It is currently available in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada!

3. Telephone sketch

The fact is, you can find help in almost any area here. Whether it’s studying paintings, planning a birthday, designing something, or repairing a broken TV, you can find it all in one place. People love the application because they can find a professional assistant and a specialist for almost anything.

Using the application is also very easy. Start the application and find a service for which you need help (or you can just search). The application offers you 5 craft profiles, giving a short description of the craftsmen with their experience and knowledge. You can choose the one you need most and your work before knowing it.

It is so easy to use and offers more than 1000 types of services for which you can find a craftsman. This application can be downloaded for Android and iPhone.

4. BrightNest Android

BrightNest is also an informative helpdesk application that gives you useful tips for many small tasks. It’s one of the best Android apps where people can find ways to do and do things without paying a lot.

Here you will find cleaning tips, decorating, changing the car filter, unlocking the showerhead, etc. For your comfort, they offer advice with photos and a full description. It has a simple interface and is well organized; what more could you want? Download this Android application on your smartphone!

5. UrbanClap 

UrbanClap is also a very reliable and proven application for iPhone and Android. Thanks to this application, you can find good electricians, plumbers, masseurs, yoga teachers, make-up artists, etc. In general, the application offers you professionals, the services you are looking for.

There are 9 different services on request, and you can choose one of them and find good service professionals near your location. The application saves time and money when it comes to finding a professional.

6. WikiHow

Do you want to know how it works? Do you want to know how to fix, clean, or decorate something? Well, Wiki. How do you do that? As the name suggests, it’s like a mini-Wikipedia where you can find out everything about what you’re looking for.

This application is one of our most popular do-it-yourself applications. This is because they offer a reliable learning experience for many things. You can find help for almost anything, and the application has better instructions and illustrations that you can easily follow to get it working. The application also contains several videos that facilitate the learning process. You will be surprised that the application contains more than 15,000 articles on various subjects. So you’ll find almost anything. This application for Android and iPhone should be your first choice if you want simple instructions for almost anything.

7. Takl

Takl is another popular wizard application where you can find good wizards to provide any desired service. This American supplement involves 55,000 soldiers who will assist in 79 metro districts. You can find masters to clean houses, breaking something like a TV or refrigerator, install large appliances, organize shops, etc.

This application for iOS and Android is all you need for your last-minute emergencies where you don’t have time to find a good assistant. As we’ve already said, you’ll get professional help at a reasonable price.

8. Household effects

Do you need someone to help you with your projects and services at home? Then, the house psychologist got you! It’s also a great application that will help you find good masters near you who can come and fix anything or help you do anything.

You don’t need to make an appointment because the application can deliver an expert directly to you (option available for immediate booking). As with the other entries on the list, you will receive a craft profile from which you can see their skills and the prize. The application has an easy-to-use interface, and its presentation is also very surprising, so you can generally rely on it.

9. Mr./Mr. Application

Forget the difficulty of finding the right hand when using the Mr./Mr. Application. That’s right! This application for Android and iOS has become everyone’s favorite thanks to its intuitive interface and reliable services. As the name suggests, the application helps you find the right specialist for the service you are looking for in your community. Open the application and turn on the GPS.

The application now offers craftsmen more than 300 services. So you have to select the services you need help with, and the application does the rest. This master application covers several cities in India, making it one of the best master applications in India.

10. Master

All said and done, isn’t that what you want? But unlike other applications, it doesn’t offer you a real assistant but helps you in your work. It will help you measure things and know how to do them. It’s for people who want to have fun.

11. Helpr

Helpr is another excellent application for your smartphone. Because it guarantees that you can master all the crafts when you want and for what you want. It offers many services that help you do things your way.


Our list ends here with the best applications for the master’s program in 2022. From time to time, we all need the help of artisans. And these applications are beneficial. We hope you enjoyed our article, so thank you for visiting our site!

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