In entertainment, speakers are one key component of a successful presentation. The THX certification is widely recognized as the gold standard for speaker quality among audiophiles and those looking for professional-grade sound.

“Tomlinson Holman’s eXperiment” is abbreviated as THX. When Holman was working with Lucasfilm Studio to develop a new standard for audio reproduction, THX was born. Regardless of the theatrical audio equipment, the standard assisted Holman in improving quality and consistency without sacrificing original clarity.

Obtaining Certification by THX is a problematic undertaking since it requires rigorous adherence to tight regulations that allow for ultra-high-quality digital playback. Not every manufacturer decides to adhere to the rules and regulations to satisfy industry standards. Constructing such a system is prohibitively expensive, and few consumers are willing to pay for it. Professional sound systems, cinema sound systems, surround sound systems, home theater systems, and cover sound systems for a desktop are among the methods that have received accreditation.

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The advancement aided in the establishment of demanding industry standards for audio reproduction. In addition, the certification assures that the audio heard on a 5.1 or 7.1 surround system at home or in a theater is exactly what the audio engineer intended while recording and mixing the audio in the studio.

What are some of the benefits of Certification by THX?

Top 12 Best THX Certified Speakers in 2020

THX audio experts use industry standards and testing procedures to analyze and verify speakers can give the best entertainment experience. The following are some of the certification’s additional benefits:

Optimal Performance: Because THX collaborates with several partners on the ground, certification is straightforward. The devices are equipped with the required hardware and software to provide consumers with a professional experience.

Superior quality: Because there are so many different types of items on the market, THX does not certify all of them simultaneously. It examines the product to see whether it meets industry standards before approving it. As a result, it provides unrivaled quality and consistency.

Because not all audio devices are created equal, THX attempts to verify that every instrument seeking certification satisfies the requirements. Furthermore, THX assures that certified devices of all sizes, shapes, and outputs function correctly because one’s imagination limits a perfect world.

Testing: THX conducts over 400 tests to ensure that the audio quality stays consistent. A gadget with Certification by THX distinguishes out from the others since no one else conducts such accurate and thorough examinations.

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What are the many sorts of Certification by THXs available?

Top 12 Best THX Certified Speakers in 2020

THX developed a certification procedure for audio equipment, such as home theater, home audio, and automobile components. Video game certification is one of the additional qualifications available. The company’s accreditation includes speakers, desktop systems, audio receivers, acoustic materials, soundbars, HDMI cables, and microphones.

The following are the many certifications that THX offers:

  1. Ultra2: THX has a certificate for home theater components called Ultra2. The accreditation is appropriate for big home cinemas of 3,000 square feet.
  2. THX Select2 accreditation is for home theater components with a total volume of 2,000 cubic feet and a viewing distance of 10-12 feet from the screen.
  3. I/S Plus Systems: The THX I/S Plus Systems certification includes the AV receiver and the speaker bundle. These audio systems may be used in a home theater when the screen is 6-8 feet away. Onkyo is now selling home entertainment systems that have received this certification.
  4. Multimedia products: The multimedia Certification by THX is given to devices designed for desktop and PC gaming.
  5. THX video certification is available for plasma, LCD, LED, and projectors. In addition, a distinct THX mode is available for video-playing devices. It enables users to see a movie the same way that the artist intended when filming and mixing.

What is the Certification by THX’s purpose?

Top 12 Best THX Certified Speakers in 2020

Purchasing an audio system that has a Certification by THX allows one to listen to the original sound when the video game or cinema also has a Certification by THX. Nonetheless, possession of the certification is not a compulsion. Many individuals may not opt for the right speakers. Those who understand the importance of sound and the difference the Certification by THX makes have the chance to purchase systems that reproduce professional quality audio intended for cinema and video games.

Sound systems are impacted.

Even if a video game or film is THX certified, it does not guarantee that the audio output matches what the audio engineer intended for the audience. The difference is noticeable when the output device, the speaker system, is THX certified. The only item to consider is the source audio since it is the only one capable of reproducing the original sound. As a result, many people regard THX accreditation as the Holy Grail of audio and home theater systems.

Is it necessary to record audio in THX format on THX-certified speakers?

Top 12 Best THX Certified Speakers in 2020

The presence of an audio file in any format, whether Dolby Digital or another, is not required for THX-certified speakers. Compared to other audio systems, those with accreditation may offer high-quality or professional output. THX sound is played from computers, video game consoles, and TVs via sound systems such as 7.1, 5.1, and 2.1 multimedia systems, home theater systems, and other devices.

Is it possible to get a Certification by THX for free?

The certification of an audio item from a sound system manufacturer is charged by THX. The charge allows the business to assess the audio components. Due to the expensive expense of certification, only high-end models from all significant audio system manufacturers choose to participate. Even a high-end audio system, however, may not be certified. Therefore, the manufacturer’s preference determines the certification. Before introducing items, they generally look at the market, data, and consumer ratio willing to acquire THX-certified audio systems.

As a final, individuals who are searching for a THX-certified audio system end up using the internet. The internet provides the best means to come across the plans, specifications, and reviews quickly. It also makes it simple to compare the products of the same category and identify the optimum device that fits the budget and needs. The information provided above makes it worthwhile during the search, for they help narrow the list of products available in the market.


1. Is it necessary for an audio system to get Certification by THX?

It is not necessary to get a Certification by THX. However, when compared to an audio system that does not have the certification, the one that does has a superior outcome.

2. What prominent companies have cooperated with THX for certification?

Onkyo, Logitech, Klipsch, Sharp, Panasonic, Edifier, Acurus, Benq, JVC, Kordz, Jamo, JBL, Epson, Magnat, Meridian, Zylux, StreamUnlimited, Conviva, Damson, and Triad are among the companies that manufacture audio equipment.

3. Are there several kinds of Certification by THXs?

Depending on the output and coverage area, THX offers several certifications for audio systems.

4. Is certification available for all audio systems?

Although THX accreditation guarantees exceptional audio output, not all models from all makers seek it. Therefore, only high-end models are evaluated, which is also dependent on market share.

5. Is the Certification by THX free of charge?

No. The Certification by THX is not inexpensive. Companies are responsible for the cost of the audio system assessment. Only a few firms submit their items for certification due to the hefty expense.

In 2022, the top 12 THX Certified Speakers

1. Razer Nommo Pro

Razer Nommo Pro PC Gaming Speakers

Razer creates products aimed at gamers. Every product that it designs and manufactures has the desire to win at every level. The company consistently seeks to improve the competition by adding new products using the latest technology. The Nommo Pro PC gaming speaker is one of the models from the company aimed at customers who are seeking a worthy investment. These speakers provide enhanced audio output with multiple Connectivity choices.


The design of the speaker is outstanding and fascinating. The downward-firing subwoofer and two speakers with sniper-positioned tweeters contribute to the pleasure that gamers expect from a premier audio system manufacturer. Thanks to using an LED-illuminated control pod, operating the system is straightforward and stylish. In addition, Razer Chroma allows you to customize your listening experience by selecting 16.8 million color hues. The sleek design is ideal for gamers and anyone looking for the most significant audio experience possible.

Certification by THX

Premium components are used in the audio unit, including 3-inch Dupont fiber-coated drivers and 20mm silk-woven fiber tweeters. The usage of the coating aids in obtaining high output while also protecting the drivers. In addition, the tuning done by THX audio engineers guarantees that the audio engineer gets precisely what they want while recording and mastering audio in the studio. Listeners will undoubtedly have an enthralling experience as they continue to enjoy the excellent audio quality.

Immersion in a film

The inclusion of Dolby Virtual Surround System Technology in the system aids in creating a cinematic experience, giving the impression of being right in the middle of the action. In addition, the downward-firing subwoofer produces a stable and unrestrained bass output.


The Nommo Pro PC gaming speakers include a wide range of connecting choices. It is adaptable and can fit the majority of gadgets. The system may be connected to a computer through a conventional 3.5mm socket or optical connection, or Bluetooth 4.2. It is also possible to connect a USB device.

Highlights of the product:

  • 2.1 gaming speakers with Certification by THX
  • Dolby Virtual Surround is a surround sound technique developed by Dolby.
  • The audio output is lifelike and immersive
  • Smooth highs with silk-woven 20mm tweeters
  • For a tight sound, 3-inch drivers with Dupont Kevlar fiber are used.
  • Subwoofer with dedicated downward-firing
  • Control panel with LED illumination and fast access functionality
  • Razer Chroma offers 16.8 million color possibilities for customization.
  • USB, Bluetooth 4.2, optical cable, and 3.5mm connector are all available connection choices.

2. Klipsch KS 525

Klipsch KS 525 Surround Speakers

Klipsch is one of the leading audio device manufacturers in the world. The quality of the product delivered by the company speaks for its reputation, and The volume of sound produced clarity. The KS 525 is part of the Ultra2 family of the Certification by THX. Klipsch ensured to choose high components and materials to meet the standards laid by THX to receive the certification with ease.

Immersion in the environment

The surround speakers deliver powerful and immersive effects. The speakers have the same output as those fitted in a movie theater because Klipsch opted for the same Technology in the KS 525 model. It scaled down the Technology for the KS 525 model and opted for components that reproduced professional sound clarity. The Certification by THX ensures that the speakers can deliver crisp and clear output in a demanding room that measures 3,000 cubic feet.

High-tech design

Klipsch performs rigorous research to deliver the best listening experience to the users. The KS 525 series speakers host the Klipsch Wide Dispersion Surround Technology, which places the tweeter and woofer combination in a diagonal position. The unique and High-tech design helped minimize interference with the drivers and provided the ability to deliver rich and enveloping surrounding effects.

Klipsch Tractrix horns and a one-inch titanium compression dome are used in each speaker. Rather than firing sound waves in all directions, the horns’ opening aids in delivering high frequencies in the intended order for a better listening experience. The horn design aids in precise audio reproduction while decreasing reflections. The Cerametallic aluminum woofers provide rich, powerful bass with little distortion in the midrange.


Klipsch has a well-deserved reputation, and the KS 525 is no exception. It ensures that the audio system will work for a long time. The dado and rabbet panel structure, which is standard in professional speakers for optimal structural stability, is used in each speaker. Using the exact mechanism in the KS 525 ensured that the speaker system passed THX specifications and continued to work well after many years of use. In addition, the adoption of high-quality internal wiring clears the way for better signal clarity.

Highlights of the product:

  • High-Performance surround sound reproduction
  • Power handling of 100 watts
  • Titanium dome tweeters with a diameter of one inch
  • Klipsch Tractrix horns with an angle
  • Aluminum woofer with ceramettalic coating
  • Premium wiring in a sealed enclosure
  • Locket cabinet with rabbet and dado
  • Anodized black fascia
  • Wall mounting slots and holes are available.

3. Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Speaker System

Logitech has a good reputation in the field of computers and their accessories. The quality products at an affordable price tag garnered attention worldwide. The speaker systems from Logitech are available in myriad choices. It made sure that there was an audio system available for every genre of the customer. It, today, is offering some of the most excellent audio systems. The Z906 is one of the premium models from the company with Certification by THX. The certification ensures that the audio system meets the THX standards and can deliver crisp and professional quality sound output.

Soundproofing certification

Only a few can choose a high-end speaker system that reproduces the original audio output as intended by the audio engineer during the recording period. However, the Z906 from Logitech solves the problem. The Certification by THX makes sure that the 5.1 surround system fulfills the need for a home theater system with ease. The speakers have met the stringent regulations to attain the certification, which in turn assure that they deliver a cinematic experience to the listeners.

The sound is really strong.

The 5.1 surround speaker system, which has a peak power output of 1000 watts, allows you to enjoy the pure audio output. The sound clarity is deep and real, and it is certain to make one forget about their surroundings. For movies, games, and music, clear and high-quality theater acoustics are now available. In addition, the system has been Encoded in Dolby Digital and DTS for genuine realism. The Z906 can turn a classic two-channel audio file into a clean output thanks to the built-in encoding of these two crucial parameters. When the audio is generated by the speakers, it is impossible not to get immersed in the experience.


The robust structure ensured that the product met THX’s certification requirements. Furthermore, it aids the speaker system’s integrated Construction, which aids in the avoidance of distortion. The system has both digital and analog inputs, giving the user total control. The speaker system may be connected to a computer, music player, DVD player, gaming console, and other devices.

Highlights of the product:

  • With a peak output of 1000 watts, this device is quite powerful.
  • The THX-certified system produces theater-quality audio and video.
  • Encoding in Dolby Digital and DTS
  • Multiple inputs make it possible to connect it to a variety of devices.
  • The stackable and compact design fits in every space.
  • The console provides complete control.

4. Monolith

Monolith 10-inch 500-watt THX-certified Subwoofer

Monolith has come a long way in offering high-quality and premium audio systems to customers. The consistent research and use of new Technology helped it to come out with new speaker systems that reproduced near-perfect audio output. The THX certification helped Monolith reach a new spot in the audio industry. It sets a new standard for bass output and helps those who are seeking to set up a sound system that reproduces theater experience at home. The woofer can deliver low distortion. The primary advantage is the price tag, which makes it convenient for anybody to buy it with ease.

Class for performers

Receiving Certification by THX is a difficult undertaking because of the severe standards and limits that must be followed. Nonetheless, Monolith made sure to keep up with them, releasing a 500-watt subwoofer with THX Ultra2 certification. It implies that the woofer may take the place of a home theater system in a room with a volume of at least 3,000 cubic feet and a viewing distance of at least 10-12 feet. Monolith studied all of THX’s standards to ensure that the woofer easily fulfilled the benchmark. At the same time, it ensured that audiophiles could access the system.

Exceptional output

The Texas Instrument 48-bit data path and DSP engine are used in the 500-watt amplifier, which has a peak power of 900 watts. Regardless of the audio format, the DSP engine and the usage of 28-bit filter coefficients guarantee that clear and crisp audio output is reproduced. The 10-inch woofer driver was completely redesigned by Monolith. The new design aided the corporation in producing a higher-quality product than prior iterations. It focused on improving sound quality by providing high precision, linearity, and dynamics. The improved version also helped to reduce distortion.


The cabinet of woofer is made of HDF material. The structural integrity is such that sound clarity is maximized while distortions are minimized. Internal bracing and twin ports with foam plugs are further features.

Highlights of the product:

  • THX Ultra2 accreditation has been given to the 10-inch woofer.
  • Suspension is lowered.
  • Cone and spider venting
  • Eddy currents are reduced by using two aluminum shorting rings.
  • The HDF material aids in the reduction of distortions.
  • Amplifier with an RMS power of 500 watts (reaches 900-watt at peak power)
  • Woofer design prioritizes precision, output, linearity, and dynamics.
  • For improved clarity, Texas Instruments’ 48-bit data route is used.

5. Logitech Z-5500

Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Surround Speaker System

Logitech has a reputation for offering the finest computer accessories. Not only are they reasonably priced but have a longer life when compared with other products. Keeping the requirement in mind the need for high-quality audio output, Logitech has come out with the Z-5500 model. When compared with the predecessor and other models, the speaker system stands out – thanks to the Certification by THX. The subwoofer and the satellite speakers saw most of the improvement.

The modifications

The advancements make the Z-5500 stand out when compared to its predecessor. These enhancements enabled Logitech to seek Certification by THX. While the build quality has improved significantly, the use of real-time sound equalization has also aided in the delivery of crisp, clear sounds with minimum distortions. The 5.1 surround system met the THX requirements and was certified as a result of the hard effort.

The volume of sound produced

Given that the speakers have Certification by THX, listeners are bound to experience the best The volume of sound produced when connected with any of the audio sources such as television, laptops, desktops, DVD/Blu-Ray players, and gaming consoles. It produces an immersive sound experience.

The 500-watt speaker system has everything you’d expect from a speaker system, as well as a few surprises. The speaker serves as a stand-in for a home theater system in a 3,000-square-foot space with a viewing distance of 10-12 feet from the screen.


Meeting THX’s specifications is a difficult process since it raises manufacturing costs, and only a few consumers are willing to buy such items. Despite this, Logitech made sure that the Z-5500 was accessible to consumers and that it exceeded THX criteria. It carefully selected materials and components to ensure that the specifications were met and that the cost did not rise. The speakers last longer as a result of this, and they aid in the reproduction of professional-quality sound. The speakers create high mids and clarity, while the 10-inch subwoofer delivers deep bass with minimum distortion.

Highlights of the product:

  • 1 surround system with Certification by THX
  • Serves as a stand-in for a home entertainment system. in a 3,000-square-foot space.
  • Deep bass and minimal distortion are produced with a 10-inch subwoofer.
  • Up to six separate devices may be connected.
  • SoundTouch control center in digital format
  • Controlled using a remote control is wireless.
  • Four satellite speakers, one subwoofer, and one center channel
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee of two years

6. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Computer Speaker System

Klipsch has a reputation for offering incredible audio systems in different outputs, specifications, and sizes. Maintaining the quality of the product and the sound production is essential in an audio system. With audiophiles looking for products that deliver a clear and cinematic experience, Klipsch is offering ProMedia 2.1 computer speakers for those who are seeking a smaller version of the theater experience.

A legend

The ProMedia 2.1 speaker system from Klipsch is the first product in its category to receive Certification by THX. The introduction of the system into the market raised the stakes and set a new standard for listening to and experiencing the best of the audio from CDs, MP3 and streaming radio.

The clarity in the workplace

Many rivals spent a lot of money to imitate the design product and get comparable results. But none of them were effective in the end. Klipsch made sure that the product’s characteristics set it apart from others in its class, and that it had everything that audiophiles wanted in a speaker system. Klipsch’s horn-loaded technique ensures that the speakers deliver professional-quality audio. The Micro Tractrix is a vital contribution to the system’s efficiency, even after long periods of inactivity.


Klipsch opted for premium materials to ensure that the speaker system met the requirements of THX to receive the certificate. The sturdy build helps in reducing noise distortion while increasing the bass output. Likewise, the company’s speaker design is such that it increases The volume of sound produced for every watt increase in power.

The Micro Tractrix aids in the control and reduction of distortion by shooting sound waves in the correct direction rather than scattering them in various directions. As a result, it assists the listener in immersing themselves in the cinematic and life-like experience. The combination of quality materials and THX professionals adjusting the speakers meant that the clarity remained consistent even at maximum volume.


With ProMedia available for regular users, it is possible to connect it to different devices. The Certification by THX allows for producing better audio clarity and bass from the subwoofer. Establishing Connectivity is simple by using the headphone jack and mini plug input.

Highlights of the product:

  • ProMedia is the first to receive Certification by THX in its category
  • The audibility is improved by using horn-loaded Technology.
  • With little distortion, the output is crisp and clear.
  • Micro Tractrix minimizes distortions by controlling sound waves.
  • The headphone jack and small plug input make it simple to connect to a variety of devices.

7. Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 

Logitech Z-5300e 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

There is nothing like indulging in pure audio delivered by a surround system. However, not everybody understands the importance of sound and often chooses budget speaker systems. Keeping the requirement in mind, Logitech came out with the Z-5300e 5.1 channel speaker system. The fascinating point about the system is the Certification by THX, which is unusual in its category. Logitech is bringing more and more audio systems with Certification by THXs for customers who are now coming forward to buy speaker systems that reproduce cinematic and clarity output as intended by a sound engineer during the recording phase.


The sound system is simple. The layout, on the other hand, grabs the user’s attention and is sure to give the greatest immersive experience possible. The four satellite speakers, together with a center speaker and a subwoofer, make it easy to position them where you want the finest sound. Similarly, the wired remote control makes managing the device with the spinning pedestals straightforward.


Achieving Certification by THX is an important task, as there are several guidelines that a manufacturer must follow. Logitech implemented the rules and opted for premium materials for the Construction of the speaker system. The integral strength of the unit helps in reducing the distortion while achieving deeper bass. Likewise, high-quality wiring makes sure to deliver lag-free and lossless signals.


The audio output is immersive, making it an excellent option for individuals who want to enjoy theater-style audio at home. The audio output is clear thanks to the deeper bass and low mids. The tweeters were placed in such a way by Logitech that the sound was clean and sharp. Rather of scattering sound waves in all directions, they guide them towards the listener. As a result, the user will undoubtedly have a cinematic life-like experience.


Logitech thinks about how a user might utilize an audio system a lot. The Z-5300e model connects to many audio inputs with ease, which is convenient if you have numerous devices to connect. A computer, DVD/Blu-Ray player, AV receivers, and gaming consoles may all be connected to. A headphone port on the controller allows you to immerse yourself in the game.

Highlights of the product:

  • Speaker system with multi-media surround sound
  • Serves as a stand-in for a home entertainment system.
  • Certification by THX
  • One subwoofer, four satellite speakers, and one center speaker
  • Integrated amplifier Technology
  • The high-quality structure aids in the reduction of distortions.
  • Silver highlights with black fabric grilles that may be removed
  • Dual-chamber subwoofer with a patented design

8. Klipsch ProMedia

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System

Klipsch is one of the leading audio device manufacturing companies in the world. Although there are several products under its name, only a few have Certification by THX. The ProMedia series, which is for computers and laptops, is the first one in the entire 2.1 speaker categories to receive the Certification by THX. The speaker system gives better output with reduced distortions.


ProMedia’s design effortlessly attracts attention. It’s not only simple and straightforward, but it also produces deeper bass and low mids. The resulting output is useful and fills the space with amazing sound. Even when the volume is turned up to eleven, listeners will be immersed in a lifelike and cinematic experience. The speakers elevate the listening experience beyond a 2.1 speaker system and establish a new benchmark.


It is the Construction of the speaker system that helped in achieving the Certification by THX. THX states manufacturers follow stringent norms and guidelines, which are hard, to receive evaluation and certification. The fee for this is high. Therefore, not every model from Klipsch has a certification. But, the 2.1 ProMedia system is the right choice for beginners.

The use of premium materials for the structural Construction and high-quality internal wiring, enhance The volume of sound produced while decreasing the distortion levels to the bare minimum. Even when the sound is high, one is bound to hear the professional-quality output. The 6.5-inch subwoofer driver with 200-watt of power helps in creating an immersive experience.


Klipsch Horn Microtractrix technology distinguishes the ProMedia 2.1 computer speaker system. The proprietary technique directs sound waves in the appropriate direction by removing or decreasing distortion levels to the absolute minimum. As a result, watching a movie or playing a game at maximum volume is no longer a bother.


The speaker system may be easily connected to a computer, laptop, mobile phone, iPod, iPhone, DVD/Blu-Ray player, and game consoles. There is also the option of connecting directly to the headphones through the headphone port.

Highlights of the product:

  • Even at maximum level, it fills the space with excellent sound.
  • Certification by THX – a first in its category
  • For decreased distortions, premium materials were used in the construction and wiring.
  • Immersive bass is produced by a 5-inch 200-watt powered subwoofer system.
  • Klipsch Microtractrix Horn Technology Klipsch Microtractrix Horn Technology Klipsch Microtractrix
  • There are a variety of ways to connect and enjoy the life-like experience.

9. Logitech Z-2300 

Logitech Z-2300 2.1 Speaker System

Logitech garnered a lot of attention in the computer accessory world. It began developing quality products at an affordable price. Although it designs and manufactures several audio speaker systems, the Z-2300 has a special place in its catalog. The reason is the Certification by THX.


Logitech often opted for a simplistic approach for most of the speaker systems that it manufactures. The Z-2300 is no exception. However, the silver outline and slanting layout of the satellite speakers make it apt for those who are seeking a smaller audio system with The sound really strong. output. The black grille, 8-inch subwoofer driver, and wired remote with a round knob to control volume bring the best of the audio output.


The Z-2300 has industry-leading Performance, for it has the Certification by THX. Experts at THX tuned the speakers such that it reproduces cinematic experience for listeners even when the volume is to the maximum. Logitech achieved the certification by choosing premium materials for the Construction of the system. The circuit components and high-quality internal wiring further assist in reducing distortion, which makes it perfect for anyone to immerse in the sound that the speaker produces.

Reproduction that is accurate

To guarantee that every detail is there, Logitech used phase plug drivers. The cone-shaped plug in the middle of the driver allows for precise reproduction of both high and mid-range frequencies. Furthermore, the phase plug serves as a heat sink, allowing the speaker’s dynamic range to be preserved. As a result, it can easily recreate both a whisper and a loud pounding noise. It even functions as a reflector, hitting the sound wave’s sweet spot.

Bass that is both rich and satisfying

The 8-inch driver in the subwoofer delivers Bass that is both rich and satisfying with extra punch. There is no distortion, and the 120-watt driver reproduces a wide array of low frequencies to provide an optimum and life-like experience. The flared side-port on the subwoofer system eliminates the porting sound that is common in a woofer system. Enriching the experience is the use of the SoundTouch control that allows controlling master volume, subwoofer power, and even has a headphone jack.

Highlights of the product:

  • 2.1 speaker system with THX certification
  • Internal wiring of superior quality and premium materials
  • High and mid-range frequencies are accurately produced using Phase Plug technology.
  • Long-throw impact 8-inch 120-watt subwoofer with side port
  • A headphone jack is included in the SoundTouch wired control system.
  • Audio adapter with numerous inputs and outputs

10. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 

Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speaker System

Klipsch has always delivered the most exquisite audio systems. With different categories available, Klipsch has often opted for versatile Technology to fit the speaker systems in varied pricing ranges. However, every product is unique, and only a few stand out as exceptional products. The ProMedia 2.1 computer speaker system is one such product. What makes it unique is the Certification by THX. The 2.1 ProMedia speaker is the first one in its category to receive accreditation.


The product’s minimalist form makes it a suitable alternative for folks who are both space-conscious and audiophiles. The 2.1 speaker system is little, yet it produces excellent sound, as the customer will discover while listening. It adapts to any surroundings thanks to its dark colors and satellite speakers.

A performer who stands out

Not all audio speakers are capable of producing high-quality sounds. Many speakers produce distortions when the volume is turned up loud, making it hard to hear the details. Klipsch’s ProMedia speaker system, on the other hand, assures that there are no distortions. The reason for this is due to THX professional tweaking. It is the first 2.1 speaker system to achieve the certification in its category.


The THX accreditation is not given to every audio system. The manufacturer’s costs and poor market share are the reasons behind this. The ProMedia is a budget-friendly speaker system for individuals who value quality and want to save money on their audio system. For the building, the organization utilized high-quality materials. The use of HDPE material decreases deformation and improves structural integrity, both of which are important considerations.


Although a 2.1 speaker system does not provide an adequate listening experience, the ProMedia speaker system from Klipsch stands apart. The reason is the Certification by THX. Furthermore, the company opted for MicroTractrix Horn Technology. The Technology increases the listening experience, for it directs the sound waves in one direction rather than spilling across the room. The 200-watt hybrid amplifier driver is an added advantage to the system.


The user may connect the speaker system to a variety of devices, including computers, cellphones, tablets, and game consoles.

Highlights of the product:

  • The THX-certified three-piece PC speaker system
  • Klipsch Microtractrix Horn Technology Klipsch Microtractrix Horn Technology Klipsch Microtractrix helps in creating an immersive sound experience
  • Driver with a 200-watt digital amplifier for improved bass
  • Laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and more are all compatible.
  • The use of premium materials lowers distortion and boosts high and mid-range frequencies.
  • Control system with a headphone connector located on the speaker

11. Edifier’s M3600D 

Edifier USA M3600D Multimedia Speaker System

Edifier has a great history in the field of audio devices. Not only does it comes out with products that use the latest technologies, but it also creates sophisticated products that deliver professional-quality audio. The M3600D speaker system is the right choice for those who are seeking a versatile audio device that is compact, convenient, affordable, and, most importantly, delivers a cinematic experience.


A multimedia system’s design is critical since it necessitates high-quality materials, a small footprint, and improved audio output. Edifier’s M3600D verifies compliance with THX’s rules and regulations in order to gain certification.

A space will be filled with amazing sound thanks to the subwoofer system with side ports and two satellite speakers. The master volume control is conveniently located on the speaker system’s control panel. It also contains a headphone jack, allowing people to enjoy their solitude.


In a speaker system, Performance is very important. Edifier has established high standards with THX tuning the M3600D model. The 2.1 multimedia system guarantees that the audio it provides is of cinematic quality and fully immerses the listener.

Even at maximum level, the 130-watt subwoofer system offers clear and crisp output. Similarly, the two 35-watt satellite speakers reproduce all of the highs and mids of the frequencies, allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the music.


The multimedia system’s design distinguishes it from others in its class. It’s all down to the usage of high-quality materials. To guarantee that it meets the THX requirements, Edifier used high-quality materials and circuitry. Even at maximum volume, the MDF cabinet with the 8-inch speaker produces deeper bass than before, with little distortion. The grain laminate easily blends in with the interiors.


Edifier made care to provide several inputs since people prefer varied listening sources. Coaxial, line-in, AUX and optical cables may be used to connect the multimedia system. Connecting desktops, laptops, cellphones, and gaming consoles is no longer a time-consuming task.

Highlights of the product:

  • 2.1 multimedia speaker system with THX certification
  • Two satellite speakers with a total output of 35 watts and a subwoofer system with a total output of 130 watts
  • The MDF subwoofer’s side port significantly lowers distortion.
  • Crisp audio with high and mid-range frequencies is reproduced.
  • Even when the volume is set to the maximum, there is little distortion.
  • Optical, AUX, line-in, and coaxial inputs are all available.

12. Logitech Z906

Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Speaker System

Only a good audio system helps one listen to every detail of the audio produced or engineered by the audio engineer. The high-end audio systems are the ones that reproduce the audio as intended. However, not everybody possesses the capacity to purchase the same. Understanding the requirement, Logitech has come with the Z906 surround speaker system.


The aesthetics of the speaker system were carefully considered by Logitech to ensure that it received a second look. The remote control is wireless., and four satellite speakers, center speakers, and a subwoofer make it the most persuasive addition for anybody who wants the greatest sound system in the house instead of an expensive home theater.


The performance of the Z906 surround speaker system sets it apart from the competition. Unlike a standard speaker system, the model is tuned by THX audio professionals. The accreditation ensures that the speaker system generates a professional quality distortion-free audio output.

Even when the volume was turned up to its maximum, Logitech ensured that the system produced clear and crisp sounds. The system includes Dolby Digital and DTS coding and THX professional tuning. The speaker system can deliver immersive sound output with the aid of these modes. They can also transform two-channel audio files into an exciting production.

The speaker system has a constant power output of 500 watts. During the peak phase, it may also reach 1,000 watts. Even with the volume turned up to eleven, every detail is audible.


Attaining the Certification by THX is not easy, as there are stringent rules and guidelines to follow. Logitech made sure to follow the same to receive the accreditation. The use of premium material for the Construction of the subwoofer and high-quality components makes the change. The speaker system produces distortion-free output with every detail audible.


The Z906 surround system allows the user to connect various input devices with simplicity. Computers, TVs, game consoles, music players, and more may relate to the six audio inputs.

Highlights of the product:

  • The THX certification
  • Surround system with One subwoofer, four satellite speakers, and one center speaker
  • Elevates listening experience through Encoding in Dolby Digital and DTS
  • Converts old tunes quickly and easily.
  • The power output of 500 watts continuously.
  • Under some conditions, it reaches a peak power output of 1000 watts.
  • Distortion is reduced by using high-quality materials and components.
  • The remote control is wireless.
  • Connects to six different devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Is JBL THX certified?

A: Yes.

Is THX any good?

A: THX is a type of sound and video processing found on many audio/video devices. It’s been around for decades, and most people who have it are happy with the quality they’re getting. However, if you’re not familiar with this, I recommend researching before making your purchase decision.

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