Let’s be honest. They love movies and TV shows, but to see them on a big screen where the characters appear more than life is pure bliss. Projection screens offer a phenomenal opportunity to create that theatrical look in your home. Because the projector produces a clearer, larger and sharper image, the projection screen takes it to the next level.

However, many of us deplore this cinematic feeling, which is connected to a smooth and clear image through the wall. If you want to enjoy real home entertainment, you need to invest in a 120-inch projection screen.

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What is a projection screen? (120 inches)

The 120-inch projection screen is an important investment to improve your home entertainment system. Top 15 120-inch projection screens - Complete and rated for 2020 for a more muscular cinema experience, 120-inch projection screens will make your life easier!

Want to take your home entertainment to the next level? We’ll help you! With a wide variety of projection surfaces available, it is easy to choose the best one for the intended purpose.

In this purchasing guide, we have researched, compiled and evaluated the best projection screens (120 inches) available for purchase in 2020.

Are you ready to take your home theater to the next level? Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

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Advantages of 120-inch projection screens

Even if the wall is perfectly smooth, it cannot surpass the perfect image produced by the projection screen. That is why it makes sense to invest in a 120-inch projection screen:

  • The projection screens are surrounded by a black frame that frames your films perfectly.
  • Projection screens are designed to absorb light better and offer a better colour composition than the wall.
  • Some projection screens are also built for HD or 3D experiences, some of which are shown below.
  • Some projection screens are portable, which means that they can be taken anywhere to enjoy a relaxing break.
  • They are available in a range of varied and variable prices.

Types of 120-inch projection screens

What makes projection screens universal and valuable is that they are available in different versions. For anyone who needs Top 15 best 120 inch projection screens - Full & Reviews for 2020 , a projection screen type is available in our service.

For your convenience, we examine all types of 120-inch projection screens. The large 120-inch projection screens are separated:

  1. Fixed frame projection screens
  2. Portable projection screens
  3. Wall Screens Projectors
  4. Fixed Frame Projection Screens : As the name suggests, these 120-inch projection screens remain permanently mounted on the wall. Because these screens are firmly attached to the wall surface, the image quality is excellent. Projection screens are still mainly used in home cinema applications.
  5. Portable projection screens : If you need to move your projection screen from one place to another, portable projection screens are the right choice for you. In contrast to screens with a fixed frame, mobile projection screens do not need to be permanently fixed. Instead, they can be installed and removed anywhere in minutes.

Portable projection screens can be divided into two subtypes:

  • Tripod Portable projection screen – These 120-inch projection screens come with a tripod for easy installation on the road.
  • Floor projection screen – Floor projection screens are rolled up in the cabinet. If necessary, loosen the housing shield and insert it firmly into the mounting hole. The placement of these screens is very similar to placing an advertising banner on a roll.
  • Wall Projection Screens : As with fixed-frame projectors, the projection screens are fixed for permanent use. However, the design of these screens looks more like an inverted version of the floor projectors.

Wall projection screens are mainly wall or ceiling mounted and are supplied in a housing. When these screens are not in use, you can scroll backwards.

The wall-mounted screens of the projectors are divided into two parts: the electric projection screen and the manual projection screen. The main difference between the two screens is the way they work. The first comes with a motor and can be operated remotely, while the second requires a manual process.

High quality 120 Projector screensTop 15 Best 120 Projector screens - 2020 Completion and Feedback

When you buy 120-inch projection screens, you need to make sure they are of high quality and choose the screen that best suits your needs.

Below you will find the most important features that we took into account when selecting the 15 best projection screens (120 inches) for you. We strongly recommend that you evaluate each item and invest your money in a valuable purchase.

Projection screens are available in different models and materials. Depending on the intended use, choose the material carefully.

White is mainly a universal colour used for projection screens. If you want to install a projection screen in your home cinema, the white screen produces a light colour.

If you’re looking for a projection screen that displays HD video, look for a screen that uses 4k hardware for a clear, detailed image.

Top 14 best 120-inch projection screens in 2020

Immerse yourself in home entertainment in HD quality with the STR-169120 Silver Ticket products Silver Ticket STR-169120 products Silver Ticket Fixed Screen Projector products

Are you a film lover looking for a high-definition movie experience? The Silver Ticket Products 120 fixed frame projection screen offers you an incredible home entertainment experience at a great price!

The STR169120 is widely known for its high quality products and competitive price. The STR169120 is further proof that the Silver Ticket is the best projection screen in its class.

The STR169120 projection screen not only offers a luxurious look, but also Full 1080HD and active 3D mode for your movies and games.

If you want to enjoy quality cinematic entertainment at home without having to spend crazy amounts of money, then STR169120 is usually the right choice for you.

Materials and construction

Designed as a fixed projector, the STR169120 is made from high quality matt white vinyl that enhances the tone and nuance of your movies and games. The viewing angles of the screen give you a clear and subtle picture of every corner of your home cinema.

In addition, the screen frame is made of wear-resistant aluminium and covered with a black, light-absorbing velvet. Thanks to this felt fabric, any beam of projected light is immediately absorbed. In addition, the overall design of the projector’s screen is designed so that it can be installed on the wall in a single step.

Installation and assembly

Another remarkable feature of the STR169120 is the ease of installation, which saves time, energy and headaches. The fabric comes with the Silver Ticket Tension Rod System, where the rods slide into the pockets of the fabric to attach it to the frame. In this way, the screen is stretched over the entire frame and securely fastened.

Main points

  • Premium Tails sees and feels at an affordable price.
  • Produces HD quality images and active 3D images.
  • The matt white vinyl screen offers excellent colour composition.
  • The sturdy aluminium frame anchors the screen firmly to the wall and increases the durability of the product.
  • Easy installation takes a few minutes to mount and wall mount.

Thanks to the Vamvo’s 120-inch exterior screen, you can take an exclusive entertainment partner with you wherever you go. 120-inch vamvo exterior screen for indoor installation

Do you need a simple projection screen that is easy to transport and install? You’ve got a solution! The 120-inch projection screen is perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition, the screen’s minimalist design, light weight and ease of installation certainly make it a portable screen to choose from.

The product comes in a well-packaged box containing a monitor, several pieces of steel tubing that can be configured to make two tripod stands, and a 22*14*4-inch carrying case.

What else? The screen of the Vamvo projector is also incredibly light and weighs only 9 pounds.

The product also comes with a 2 year warranty and a 3 month replacement, as well as friendly customer service.

Materials and construction

The 120-inch exterior screen of the Vamvo projector is made of a high-quality, foldable, lightweight yet robust material. A pure white background with black edges ensures a clear image and prevents excessive light projection.

Once installed, the screen offers a 160-degree view, so anyone sitting in front of or next to the screen can enjoy a clear, flicker-free picture.

Installation and assembly

If you travel or camp, you’ll probably hate editing, and Yamvo knows that. Your 120-inch outdoor projection screen for indoor installation takes just 5 minutes! A pair of unique tripods, easy to set up and take down, is also included.

Super easy, isn’t it?

Main points

  • Lightweight, portable and comfortable design.
  • Simple setup process that only takes 5 minutes.
  • Including two tripod systems.
  • It offers a full 160 degree view.
  • Includes 2 years warranty and 3 months replacement.
  • Delivered with a light transport case.
  • The price of the budget.

Enjoy the big screen with the 120-inch Bull Down Portable Screen from Elite Screens. Portable Bull Down Screens B 120-inch Projector .

For more than 15 years Elite Screens has been a pioneer in the field of projection screens. The Handbook B Series is widely recognized for its high quality and functional products at affordable prices. It is ideal for an entry-level projection screen and for professional use.

The screen is especially recommended for projections with short and ultra-short lines that create a flawless visual effect. It also has an automatic locking system that allows you to set the height, optimize the image size and securely reinsert the screen into the housing.

And there’s a lot that Hand Bull Down has to offer. Let’s look at the possibilities of screen design and configuration.

Materials and construction

If we had to choose one of the best features of the B Series in the manual, it would be the matte textured finish of the MaxWhite screen. The hardware provides ultra-smooth reproduction of 4K Ultra HD, HDR-ready and Active 3D images with a viewing angle of 180 degrees. The surface is also resistant to mold and mildew and makes it possible to remove stains. All you need is a little water and a clean cloth to wipe the beeping off the screen!

The screen has a size of 72.0 inch H x 96.0 inch B and is equipped with an automatic height adjustment locking system. It also makes the screen incredibly easy to get in and out.

Installation and assembly

The Bull Down projector’s portable screen offers ultra-fast and easy installation. Supplied with an automatic locking system and additional mounting brackets. In addition, the screen body is made of solid steel, which can be easily attached to the wall or ceiling.

Main points

  • Suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting.
  • Manual withdrawal with slow withdrawal mechanism.
  • Built with Premium Maxwhite B 1.0 Getting the projection equipment
  • Offers high quality and performance at a reasonable price.
  • Includes at least 2 years warranty and customer support.

Enjoy a movie night in the garden with the projection screen in standby JWST mode. JWST projection screen with tripod .

Whether you’re planning a home theater, an outdoor adventure or a formal show, JWST is behind you.

The 120 JWST Projector Screen offers a practical and economical solution with a portable design suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

What’s more, the screen is incredibly light and robust, with an unprecedented projection display. It comes with a 120-inch screen for the projector, a frame, an aluminium stand, a pair of support washers and handle screws, and two pairs of ground pegs.

What’s more, the JWST projection screen is covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty, a hassle-free return guarantee and lifelong technical support!

Materials and construction

The outer layer of the JWST projection screen consists of a high-quality matt PVC film with a strong polyester layer underneath. The use of PVC gives the screen a smooth, wrinkle-free surface that is easy to maintain and clean.

In terms of image quality, the JWST projection screen produces an active 3D and 4k Ultra HD screen, allowing you to shoot a real movie with vivid colors. A wide viewing angle of 160 degrees makes it possible to obtain clear images from different positions.

Finally, the black back of the screen prevents loss of light. On the other hand, the screen of the projector is perfectly framed by a cracked polyurethane frame.

Installation and assembly

The JWST projection screen comes with a stability guarantee set that contains all the components needed to configure the screen.

The installation process is simple and the package contains all the necessary tools to install the screen.

The assembly includes a pressure frame that can be opened by loosening the safety clasp. Then you need to place the screen of the projector on the frame. Press the buttons on the screen to attach them firmly to the four sides of the frame. Now mount the bracket and tighten it with the supplied screws. Finally put the structure on the ground and you’re ready to go!

Main points

  • Portable and lightweight projection screen suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • The high-quality, matt PVC material keeps the surface wrinkle-free and is easy to clean.
  • Creates an Ultra-HD screen with enriched colors.
  • The black back of the screen prevents loss of light.
  • Offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees.
  • Including one year warranty.

Enjoy your favourite movies and show them on the big screen with a 120-inch P-JING portable projector. 120-inch P-JING Portable projection screen

It’s compact, lightweight, portable and foldable – it’s a super-comfortable 120-inch screen from P-JING!

If you are looking for amazing visual effects and a clear screen, P-JING will not disappoint you. The 120-inch portable projection screen is versatile enough to work with the large LED, LCD and DLP projectors on the market.

The originality of the P-JING screen lies in its smooth surface, which prevents the formation of wrinkles and folds. There are also front and rear protrusions. Finally, don’t forget that the 120-inch P-JING screen is offered at a reasonable price.

The complete package consists of a 120-inch projection screen, two cutting cables and 16 easy-to-install hooks. P-JING also offers professional technical support with a response time of 12 hours!

Materials and construction

The P-JING Portable 120 umbrella is made of a high-quality fabric that is 2.5 times thicker than conventional umbrellas. When the screen is slightly stretched, the screen can resist wrinkles and absorb light better. In this way, the display on the screen is clear, lively and colourful with negligible transparency.

What’s more, the screen offers a 160-degree viewing angle, making it perfect for you and others.

Installation and assembly

We like screens that fit in a few minutes, and PJing is one of them. It only takes a few minutes to rotate the screen and attach it to the wall. With the 12 supplied metal sleeves, the umbrella can be held on the wall with a hook or a rope. That’s it – no trouble handling the frame or the heavy bars.

It’s pretty simple, isn’t it?

Main points

  • Direct installation.
  • The thicker screen provides a brighter surface for viewing.
  • Enables front and rear projection.
  • The front projection offers a viewing angle of 160 degrees.
  • Drawing without bending or folding.
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Get ready for a grand theatre adventure at home with a 120-inch Super Deal projection screen. 120 Super Deal Projection Screen

Whether it’s your favorite movie, the most anticipated sporting event or a formal presentation, the 120-inch Super Deal projection screen shows everything like a boss. The light-absorbing screen surface, the wrinkle-free texture and the 160 degree viewing angle ensure that no aspect of the visual representation is disturbed.

Another interesting feature of this screen is its adaptation. Using hooks, cords, nails or simple wall tape, you can attach the screen at any height. It also has an automatic locking mechanism that makes it easy to remove the screen.

Are you ready to install a home theater? Super Deal will certainly do you the honors!

Materials and construction

High quality matt white polyester gives a clear image. The surface is also incredibly resistant to dust and acids and easy to maintain. A clean cloth and a little water is all you need to make your screen shine.

In addition, the screen’s black frame prevents light distractions and makes it possible to use 4K Ultra HD and 3D display. Another striking feature of the screen of the Super Deal projector is that it has a black frame. It not only creates the perfect frame, but also provides the contrast, sharpness and definition of the final image.

Installation and assembly

We love how easy it is to install a 120-inch Super Deal projection screen. Whether you want to attach it to the wall or ceiling, it probably won’t take much time to install.  It is also equipped with an automatic locking mechanism and a height-adjustable regulator, depending on your needs. Finally, the screen is ideal for use indoors and outdoors, at home and in the office.

Main points

  • The black back, the matt white surface improves display and brightness.
  • Easy to clean, wrinkle-free and dust-free surface.
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • The height is adjustable and the automatic locking mechanism makes it possible to adjust the height.
  • It is intended for indoor and outdoor use.

Personalize your home theater with Vankyo’s 120-inch StayTrue projection screen. Vankyo 120-inch StayTrue Projector Screen Fixed Projector

One of the best ways to enjoy your favourite shows with bigger than life characters is to watch them on the big screen. Vankyo’s StayTrue projection screen creates a theatrical image to give you the perfect visual experience.

Finely tuned to a 1080 HD and 4K Ultra HD screen, the Vankyo projection screen offers super-bright, colourful and vivid images. It is also resistant to rare splashes and works both indoors and outdoors.

Whether you want to install a home theater, teach a lesson, give a presentation at a conference or watch a movie outdoors, Vankyo can help.

The set consists of a 120-inch projection screen, two cables and 16 self-adhesive hooks.

Materials and construction

The Vankyo projector’s screen is made from a smooth, non-deformable, wrinkle-free spandex and polyester fabric and provides a smooth screen for HD video playback. The screen also offers a 160-degree viewing angle, with vivid images and colours from every corner of your room. In addition, the use of polyester materials makes it incredibly easy to clean the screens in just a few minutes.

Installation and assembly

We love how easy it is to install a Vankyo projection screen. Since no frame is needed, you can easily install the screen with the included hooks, ropes or nails and double-sided tape, and voilà, everything is ready!

You can then remove and fold the screen in the same way. Don’t worry, he won’t bend!

Main points

  • It produces rare frontal projections.
  • Offers a wide viewing angle of 160 degrees.
  • Made of a material without folds or wrinkles.
  • The cleaning process is simple.
  • Super easy and hassle-free installation and removal process.

Create your own theatre at home with a 120-inch tripod projector. 120-inch fixed-frame .

Are you looking for a personal space to enjoy your favourite films and screenings? The fixed Yodolla screen offers unsurpassed home entertainment for a fraction of the price you pay for the movies!

Designed to produce 4K Ultra-HD and 1080 HD picture quality, this 120-inch projection screen will give your game a powerful performance. It not only delivers high quality, clear and vivid images, but also creates the 3D look you normally see in cinemas.

And that’s not all, an ultra-thin 0.4-inch frame ensures a smooth and subtle colour transition during your movie adventure.

In general, the Yodovo projection screen provides a comprehensive view for all types of internal screens.

Now let’s look at the screen material and the design elements.

Materials and construction

The screen is constructed as a projection screen with a fixed frame and has a 0.4-inch aluminium frame that is both light and solid. While aluminum adds strength and stability to the structure, a dense black velvet finish combined with a PVC screen enhances visual contrast for refined image quality. In addition, the 160 degree angle of the screen ensures that the image projection remains the same for each viewer.

Installation and assembly

The Yodovo projector screen comes with a spring-loaded tensioning mechanism and tensioning rod, which ensure that the whole installation process runs smoothly. Other elements included in the package are sliding wall brackets, plasterboard plugs and screws. So you don’t need to buy advanced tools to install the screen.

Main points

  • The unique design with a fixed frame makes it possible to create visual effects of cinema quality.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Offers a full viewing angle of 160 degrees.
  • Creates high-contrast, vivid images with a high level of detail.
  • A reinforced construction and an aluminium frame provide more stability and durability.
  • The design of individual frames reduces delivery costs.
  • Displays high quality graphics at an affordable price.
  • Ideal for indoor use.

Enjoy vivid colors and high-resolution images with the JiuBaDianZi 120-inch screen Portable projection.

Are you tired of going to the movies to see the movie? JiuBaDianZi gives you a great home cinema experience with an electron projection screen. It has been one of the leading manufacturers of projection screens for many years.

The screen of the 120-inch handheld projector is one of the ten best screens of the year. It uses advanced manufacturing technologies, such as light-resistant technology, to withstand the light around it. It also displays high resolution, detailed and vivid images that ensure a pleasant viewing experience.

The screen cloth is also very stiff. You can fold it into any shape you like without worrying about wrinkles. The light and flexible profile allows you to carry it in your backpack or suitcase. The JiuBaDianZi screen is ideal for office meeting rooms, conference rooms, lecture halls and lounges.

It is also an ideal walking partner because it is resistant to deformation forces. The sturdy black frame on all four sides gives the screen stability and durability and makes it resistant to damage. In addition, the smooth surface of the sieve makes it possible to wash and iron in the machine. Stains and traces of dirt are therefore no longer a cause for concern.

Finally, the display is available at an unbeatable price and comes with a twelve month money back guarantee.

Materials and construction

For the production of this mesh we use high quality, soft and natural polyester fabric and elastane. It is at the top of the list in terms of durability, strength and stability.

In addition, it is specially designed for ultra-wide viewing range and 4K video resolution. You can view it comfortably at a viewing angle of 160 degrees. The best way to watch baseball and rugby games with a group of friends.

Installation and assembly

The JiuBaDianZi projection screen comes with plastic hooks, stickers and nail hooks. You can set it up fast. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact our friendly customer service.

Main points

  • Uses light resistance technology to increase optical reflection up to 98%.
  • Ultra HD, vivid and detailed images.
  • Bidirectional projection of the screen with a viewing angle of 160 degrees
  • Takes care of the cleaning and ironing of the cars.
  • 100% money back guarantee over 12 months.

Proud of luxurious surveillance with the corrosion resistant 120 inch handheld projection screen from Chalpr Electronics. 120 inch Chalpr Portable Projection Screen

Are you a film lover looking for a large portable projection screen to watch movies at home? Do you like watching rugby and baseball with your friends outside? Whether it’s a meeting room in your office or a living room in your home, Chalpr offers you the most elegant projection screens you can buy!

The 120-inch projector screen comes with sixteen sticker hooks and two five-metre-long cables and an ultra-wide portable screen. Thanks to the excellent and very sharp images it shows, it adapts to any location.

In addition, the beautiful matte white screen is covered with black on all four sides. It improves color rendition and is brighter than conventional displays. The clarity of the film’s image is simply unsurpassed.

The screen is mainly washable and stackable. You don’t have to worry about stains anymore. Simply wash the screen in soapy water and dry immediately. You don’t have to worry about wrinkles either. Simply place a heavy object or gently stroke the wrinkled area to make the screen look new.

Materials and construction

For the production of the 120 inch Chalpr projection screen, high quality natural polyester fabric is used. This makes the screen brighter and clearer. You can enjoy compelling videos at home. Moreover, the equipment is light and can easily be moved from one place to another.

The viewing angle of the screen is 165 degrees. It minimizes light reflections and offers an excellent cinematic presentation. It also allows two-way projection and is an ideal choice for office, school and home.

Installation and assembly

It takes a few minutes to set up the projector’s screen. All necessary hooks and ropes are included. The entire assembly process can be carried out effortlessly.

Main points

  • Extra wide viewing angle of 165 degrees with minimal reflection.
  • Supports bi-directional projection for fun.
  • 100% customer satisfaction and money back guarantee.
  • Foldable, low-friction, lightweight and easy to adjust.
  • High-quality matte screen for high-quality colour reproduction.

Enjoy captivating and immersive film footage with the 120-inch Ylife portable projection screen with anti-scratch technology.

Ylife has been producing the best projection screens and accessories for the theatre for years. If you are looking for a durable portable display for home or office, Ylife is definitely a good option for you.

The portable projector’s 120-inch screen provides an exceptional viewing experience. With its clear image presentation and excellent workmanship, it distinguishes itself from the conventional displays on the market. The strong and light material makes it ideal for camping and hiking.

You can fold it into the desired shape and carry it easily in your backpack without worrying about folds or wrinkles. Moreover, the umbrella is very stable and washable. Convenient for storage and transport.

Also included are sixteen metal canisters with suspension holes and two five-metre cables for easy installation. Another striking feature of the Ylife projection screen is the use of double stitching with reinforced edges and tight seams for greater elasticity and durability.

In general, it offers you a pleasant television experience and makes your rugby match a pleasure. It has a wide range of applications and is ideal for classrooms, office meeting rooms and home theatres.

Materials and construction

The production of Ylife projection screens uses high quality polyester and elastane. This improves color reproduction and image quality. Another remarkable feature of this screen is its excellent video display.

Thanks to its ultra-wide 165 degree viewing angle, you can view it comfortably. It is therefore ideal for presentations at conferences and in lecture halls. In short, the Ylife screen is unsurpassed in terms of image quality and matt finish.

Installation and assembly

And finally, it has a super easy installation procedure that only takes a few minutes. You can set it up easily by following the instructions in the manual.

Main points

  • A large 120-inch screen to entertain more people.
  • Metal connections for suspension holes for quick and easy installation.
  • Specially designed for an ultra wide viewing angle of 165 degrees.
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to store.
  • Rich, high-quality color reproduction with exceptionally sharp images.
  • Fantastic support and customer service.

Thanks to Powerextra’s highly reliable 120-inch portable projection screen, you can watch whatever you want in your home theatre. Powerextra 120-inch projection screen

Are you looking for a simple and sustainable solution to film-related problems? Do you think the atmosphere in the cinema isn’t quite right? Powerextra offers the best products and accessories for private cinemas.

The 120-inch projection screen meets all your surveillance requirements and the latest fashion trends. It is very solid and ideal for hiking, climbing and trekking. In addition, the high-quality fabric offers extra protection against creases.

You can fold it into any shape you like without worrying about wrinkles. In addition, the screen of the projector is suitable for hand and machine washing. Say goodbye to stains and dirt with a little soapy water.

However, a striking feature of this display is the 4K Ultra-HD display. It brings you a spooky and incredible cinematographic effect. Above all, Powerextra offers a 30-day return time and friendly customer service. In case of problems, please contact your support team.

The packaging contains eighteen pieces of shell, thirty pieces of adhesive hooks and two five-metre-long ropes. High quality projection screen suitable for professional, educational and home use.

Materials and construction

The natural, corrosion-resistant polyester fabric used to make the screen guarantees sharper and brighter projection than traditional screens. It is compatible with machine cleaning and does not form creases when folded.

In addition, the screen is designed for an ultra-wide field of view and bi-directional projection. Suitable for playing video games and watching movies. In addition, the light fabric ensures a pleasant wearing comfort.

Installation and assembly

Like most other high quality projection screens, the Powerextra projection screen can be installed within minutes. Just follow the detailed instructions in the user manual.

Main points

  • Portable and lightweight (only 2.2 pounds).
  • Includes thirty self-adhesive hooks and two five-metre ropes.
  • Machine washable.
  • Super easy to install and pack.
  • Can meet professional, educational and personal needs.
  • Thirty days return policy with friendly customer service.

Enjoy crystal clear images and high-resolution video with Alopex’ 120-inch portable projection screen. 120 Alopex120-inch Projection Screen

Are you looking for a portable display with unique features and accessories? The Alopex 120 projection screen is the best choice for any environment. Alopex has produced the thinnest projection screens that are widely used.

Over the years, it has maintained its reputation as the best-selling brand. It continues to dominate the industry with high-resolution, rectangular Ultra-HD projectors.

The 120-inch portable screen folds easily and fits in your backpack or suitcase. The light, wrinkle-free fabric makes it the ideal hiking partner. Thanks to this high-quality screen you can watch movies, play rugby or baseball, give lectures or presentations.

One of the many advantages of the projection screen is that you can see everything you want in your personal space. It allows you to enjoy much-needed privacy. It can also be used in meeting rooms and conference rooms in offices.

In addition, the package includes fourteen sockets and two five-metre-long cables for easy installation. You can adjust the screen using the upper and lower mounting brackets. Alopex mainly offers a painless return and exchange policy. In case of transport damage, call customer service and you will receive a solution within two days.

Materials and construction

This canvas is made of high quality polyester fabric and white canvas (with a profit of 1.1). Reinforced black edges provide strength and stability. In addition, the screen is specially designed to provide a smoother surface that is more resistant to wear and tear.

In addition, an ultra-wide viewing angle provides cinema-quality visual entertainment. The fabric is also suitable for hand and machine washing.

Installation and assembly

Unlike conventional projection screens, the Alopex screen has a simple installation procedure. It’ll take a few minutes to pack up and get away.

Main points

  • Hassle-free return and friendly customer service.
  • Soft white fabric with a smooth, dimensionally stable surface.
  • The kit includes hooks, ropes, staples and nails for installation.
  • Ideal for outdoor parties.
  • Suitable for professional, educational and recreational purposes.
  • Extremely durable, elastic and inexpensive.

Immerse yourself in an exceptional TV experience indoors and outdoors with the high-quality 120-inch Veesoo Portable Screen.

In recent years Veesoo has become one of the best selling manufacturers of electronic products. It has produced some of the most durable and reliable theatre products. If you are looking for a combination of quality and durability, then Veesoo projection screens are definitely the best choice!

The 120-inch anti-fog projection screen is the ideal replacement for white walls. So you can have an unforgettable film experience in your personal space. Whether you’re watching a movie at home or outside a baseball game, the Veesoo screen meets your needs.

It can also be used in the office and for presentations in meeting rooms. The high-quality projection screen can be folded into the right shape and stored in a backpack or suitcase. You can go camping and walk with him.

Moreover, the screen is very wrinkle-free and does not fall apart easily. Small wrinkles can be removed by placing a heavy object on the screen or by smoothing the screen a little. Eight plastic hooks and eight stainless steel rings are included. Above all, it is available at an unbeatable price and costs every penny.

Materials and construction

The 120 inch Veesoo projection screen is made of a soft, natural and high quality polyester fabric. The black border on all four sides gives extra strength and resistance. The screen also has eight mounting holes, making it easy to hang anywhere.

The screen is specially designed for high resolution projection and clear images. It brings you an exciting cinematic image that makes your games entertaining.

Installation and assembly

Veesoo projection screens have a simple assembly process that can be completed in minutes. The screen can be adjusted by following the detailed instructions in the user manual.

Main points

  • High-quality video playback with brighter colours.
  • Efficient, sustainable and rewarding.
  • Suitable for home theatres, conference rooms, presentation rooms and office meeting rooms.
  • An ultra-wide angle of 160 degrees to eliminate chromatic aberrations.
  • Eight stainless steel rings hung with ropes, nails and staples.

FAQ (frequently asked questions)

What is the best projection screen for movies?

If you want to watch movies with a real cinematic experience, switch to the 2.35:1 format. This format is ideal for playback of Blu-ray movies.

Which projection screen is best for games?

The 16:9 screen of the HDTV projector is best suited for gaming and home theater applications.

Does the projection screen work in daylight?

Yeah, that’s it. We’ve looked at some of the best outdoor projection screens we can vouch for. Look around you and decide for yourself.

What is the best way to get a clear picture when using the projection screen outdoors?

Invest in a high quality screen. Then try a small projector. The closer the distance between the projector and the screen, the clearer the picture quality.


Let’s be honest: There’s nothing like a home theater. You can enjoy hours of entertainment, games and everything you like without having to leave your home and spend a penny. The 120-inch projection screens do an incredible amount of work without you having to use your hand or foot. Whether you need a screen for company presentations, classrooms or just for an indoor or outdoor cinema, we have everything you need.

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