Are you looking for books on baseball? Then you’ve come to the right place. Finding a book in a more popular genre is easy enough, but finding a book in the sports genre can be tricky. There aren’t many books about baseball that can really inspire you and make the baseball fan in you happy. That’s why you need our help to find the best baseball books.

A good baseball book should give you everything you are looking for, a biography of a famous baseball player, some tips and tricks to become a good baseball player or a good story about baseball. Whether the book is based on facts or a fictional baseball story, the baseball fan will love it.

Speaking of the best baseball books in the world, we have managed to put together a list of the 15 best baseball books that you will love. So, check out the following list of the best baseball books and see if you can find the perfect baseball book for your next read.

The Best Books on Baseball

best baseball books

1. K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches

Our first choice for the best baseball book is “K: A Baseball History in Ten Steps” by Tyler Kepner. He has been a baseball columnist for the New York Times and has managed to bring out some of the best baseball stories of recent years and make it a book for real baseball fans.

Kenner has selected some of the most colorful stories behind the top ten spots. As the title indicates, there are ten in all, and each has its own chapter in the book. The story is told with a passion that would impress any true baseball fan. The book will tell what goes through the pitchers’ minds on those fields and how they play so well.

It gives an overview of the game and provides readers with some of the best facts and stories about the game. Some would say that this game is a celebration of baseball. All in all, you will enjoy it, so you should read it soon.

2. Moneyball

baseball books best

Moneyball is another popular baseball book that you should read at some point. The book was published in 2003.

The book is based on the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its manager Billy Beane. The book gives you insight into the analytical, scientific, and sabermetric way to build a team on a small budget.

You will benefit from the author’s wisdom as he strives to give readers an overview of players, managers, coaches, and even offices, basically everything about baseball. You’ll get an idea of how Bill managed to get his team back on its feet even when the balls were out of their field. The book could have a greater impact on young baseball players who want to be inspired by something legendary.

3. Ball Four

baseball best books

Next on our list of best baseball books is Ball Four. It is also one of the most famous baseball books of all time. But unfortunately, it was published in 1970, so you can expect outdated facts and ideas about the game.

The book is the diary of Jim Boughton, a famous American baseball player. He wrote about the 1969 season with the Seattle Pilots and then the Houston Astros. Jim also recounts his baseball moments with the New York Yankees!

The book’s title is “A controversial bestseller denouncing baseball’s biggest names.” So you can certainly expect this book to be a bit controversial (at least when it is published).

This book has changed the way you look at players and sports! And for that, you need to read a book once in a while!

4. The Boys of Summer

best baseball books to read

The book was published in 1972 and was written by Roger Kahn, a well-known baseball author. The book consists of stories from some well-known baseball personalities about the sport through his grandfather’s eyes!

He remembers when the Brooklyn Dodgers won the World Series in 1955. In this book, he interviews the star players of the winning team and gives an insight into the great victory. The book was a commercial and critical success, so you can read it without hesitation, and if you are still a Brooklyn Dodgers fan, the book is already a must-read.

5. The Natural

best baseball books of all time

The Natural is another baseball book that has earned a spot on our list of best baseball books! It was published in 1952, and even after nearly half a century, some may still find it interesting to read.

This is a fictional baseball book you might want to read. It follows the story of 19-year-old baseball prodigy Roy Hobbs. He may have been the greatest baseball player of all time, but his career ended abruptly when a girl mysteriously shot him. But, in the second half of the novel, the player can’t wait to come back and play baseball again. But, will he be able to? That’s what makes this book so interesting.

There aren’t many baseball fiction books or novels that deal with the sport, so sometimes it’s good to read about it.

6. Ty Cobb 

best baseball book

If you are waiting for a controversial biography of baseball’s greatest player, we may have found the best baseball book for you! As you can see, this book is the autobiography of one of the most popular and controversial baseball players, Ty Cobb.

He is considered a king of baseball, and you should know that his batting average is still the highest of all time. At the time of his retirement, he has 90 records. That is the glory of his life, but there is also so much controversy associated with this man. He fought a lot, he was accused of being aggressive, and after his death, it was claimed that he was also racist and sexist.

The book tells the story of who the real Ty Cobb was and how we were in the field and in his personal life. It is well worth the read!

7. The Hero’s Life

baseball book

We have another autobiography for you, and this time it’s about Joe DiMaggio! The book focuses on the life of Joe, an immigrant boy who becomes a baseball player. He played for the New York Yankees. He had a great career, but he was also the one who wooed the eternal beauty of Marilyn Monroe.

The author has succeeded in highlighting his life and all the aspects that made him a star: the struggles, the dedication, the hard work, the ups, and the downs. Joe DiMaggio was undoubtedly one of the most popular baseball players in history, so it is fun to read about him.

8. The Art of Fielding 

baseball books

Fieldings’ art follows a young boy, Henry Scrimshounder. It is played out on the shores of Lake Michigan, and over time it moves the fates of five people who depend on it.

Henry struggles with doubts in his sled, and they could mean the end of his career before it has even started. The book contains everything from a love story to a climactic ending, so it’s a perfect book to read sometimes. It is as much about baseball as it is about a player’s personal life. A fictional baseball book can be one of the best you can read.

9. 5 seasons

all time best baseball books

Five Seasons is meant to cover five baseball seasons from 1972 to 1976! This period is also called the most important half-decade of the game, as the world was introduced to some of the greatest baseball players in history, including Hank Aron, Lou Brock, and others.

You will also get a glimpse of the world’s greatest World Series, which took place in 1975!

The book is written at the highest level, and the readers also enjoy each part. Overall, this book also provides a good reading experience.

10. A Fan’s Guide to Baseball Analytics

best baseball books

It was last published in 2020. But, as the book’s title suggests, it gives you a glimpse of modern baseball.

This book is designed to provide a comprehensive guide to the importance of modern statistics in baseball. The reader will understand the concept of baseball as a whole and the importance of learning all the complex statistics that represent the present and future of baseball.

In short, someone who would like to read a baseball manual and become familiar with the game should read this book for a while.

11. The Only Rule is it Has to Work

top baseball books

What happens when you lead or coach a baseball team? Are you embarrassed? Well, that’s what this book is about. The book tells what a baseball team would look like if a layman took over in a frenzied experiment.

The authors discuss the different tactics and ways to build and manage a baseball team. The book also has colorful characters that make the book even more fun, interesting, and insightful. If you are looking for a book about the role of a team leader or coach, this book is for you.

12. If I Never Get Back

top baseball book

We found another sports novel for you. It is the first novel by author Darryl Brock, published in 1990.

The book follows the character of contemporary journalist Sam Fowler, who finally joined the baseball team in 1869. Soon his life is turned upside down, and crazy things happen, including meeting Mark Twain and falling in love with a girl. Again, this is a good fictional baseball book to read.

13. The Soul of Baseball 

baseball books

The book was published in 2007 and is based on the famous American baseball player Buck O’Neal. He played in the black leagues in the 1940s and 1950s. The book tells the story of his life and experiences, and if you are a fan, this book is for you.

14. Sandy Koufax

baseball books

We’ve selected another autobiography about a popular baseball player, Sandy Koufax! You get a look into the legend’s life and what he was like off the field! The book received great acclaim and was also a success because who doesn’t want to know an old baseball legend!

15. Lords of the Realm

popular baseball books

Finally, we have picked the best baseball book with “Reign Lords” for you. As the title suggests, the book is about the history of baseball and what lies behind the game, and how it became America’s greatest game! If you are a big baseball fan, you will love this game!


So these are some of the best baseball books you can find. These books are for you, whether it’s to inspire or motivate you to play baseball. The above books are among the best-selling baseball books and have been praised by critics and readers alike.

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