One of the top trends in today’s technology is integrating wireless connectivity into every facet of life. With a wide variety of speakers on the market, choosing which one fits your needs best can be challenging. We have gone through dozens and selected our favorite 15 to make any room sound great while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The cloud of Apple devices is familiar to most of us. For the most part, people rely on their iPhones and Siri to get by. Even Android users value the usage of iPads, iPods, and other such devices. While everyone was losing their charge due to Bluetooth, Apple opted to use two widely accessible technologies to exchange audio-visual content: iOS devices and Wi-Fi effortlessly. AirPlay speakers are speakers that can instantly stream audio material from AirPlay. This is a pretty easy method to broadcast media over speakers for those who live in an Apple-enabled world. To fully leverage the power of your Apple device, the finest AirPlay speakers combine various connectivity protocols and uber-balanced audio.

What are the primary distinctions between Airplay and Bluetooth speakers?

Top 15 Best Airplay Speakers in 2019 - Complete Guide

Both have their advantages. AirPlay allows you more distance range between the playback source and the AirPlayspeakers. There’s absolutely no loss in audio, and the clarity and details of the file are conveyed as such. You will also not face any connection dropouts on even remotely stable Wi-Fi connections. If you have multiroom AirPlay speakers, there’s no easier way than this to broadcast the sound throughout the house.

Bluetooth speakers have been on the market for quite some time. They are compatible with Android and other Bluetooth-enabled devices since they don’t employ proprietary protocols. As a result, Bluetooth will be found on most current music playback devices. Furthermore, Bluetooth does not need the use of an existing Wi-Fi connection. As long as the transmitter and receiver have Bluetooth and are within range, you may transfer data in any rainforest. However, without AptX and A2DP, there is always the risk of audio file quality reduction while using Bluetooth.

How do you use AirPlay speakers to play material from your iOS devices?

AirPlay material may be broadcast from your iOS devices in just a few simple steps:

  1. Join a Wi-Fi network using both the iOS smartphone and the AirPlay speaker.
  2. Swipe the screen vertically from the bottom and then horizontally to find the Now Playing screen.
  3. To locate accessible AirPlay devices, tap the symbol.
  4. Choose your AirPlay speaker from the options.

Which AirPlay speakers are the best?

Top 15 Best Airplay Speakers in 2019 - Complete Guide

It wasn’t simple to choose the finest AirPlay speakers. These are high-end gadgets, and each one outperforms the last. As a result, it was like picking the cream of the crop. Nonetheless, we set our mushy eyes aside and compiled a list of the finest AirPlay speakers. The following are the selection criteria:

Of course! Said the audio. We’re talking about speakers here. The audio quality of AirPlay speakers is seldom questioned. These are mid-range to high-end peripherals with the ability to play AirPlay’s high-resolution audio. They have everything, from deep bass to gleaming treble. We also tested the audio quality using different connections to see if there were any issues with connection drops.

AirPlay compatibility: We tested how easy it was to utilize AirPlay with the AirPlay speakers. They have to be simple to match. Most of the top AirPlay speakers connect directly, although some, such as the AirPort Express, need an add-on. To be found, most of them just needed to connect to Wi-Fi.

Value for money: We found the best AirPlay speakers to be the most cost-effective. These must be able to play music without stuttering via all of the connections they claim to have. We also looked at the longevity and quality of the construction.

Because the AirPlay speakers will cost a lot of money, we tried to find ones that looked like they were worth it. As a result, the most excellent AirPlay speakers have some of the most elegant and attractive designs we’ve ever seen in speakers.

Bluetooth connection, 3.5mm aux ports, touch-sensitive control panels, up-firing tweeters, fashionable aesthetics, and other features are included in the finest AirPlay speakers.

1. Libratone ZIPP Wireless Multi-Room WiFi + Bluetooth Speaker


There is a rivalry between Bluetooth and AirPlay as a result. And then there’s the Libratone ZippAirPlay speaker, which has both features. Even at its relatively Expensive price, this wireless speaker has shown its value. It boasts a wide tone range and a powerful output. So, despite its small size, it makes a lot of noise. The fact that we can modify the color tone of the speaker for a modest fee adds to its allure. We couldn’t get one of the finest AirPlay speakers out of our hands fast enough.

Features and Design

The Libratone ZippAirPlay speaker maintains its cylindrical design, ideal for omnidirectional sound. It is covered with a zippered fabric towards the bottom end. This colored cloth may be removed and replaced with one of a different hue. These additional speaker covers must be purchased individually. We enjoyed each hue, from Deep Lagoon to Victory Red. To carry it, it features a leather lanyard latch.

Without proprietary software, this AirPlay speaker streams music and video over Wi-Fi. To connect your smartphone, iPad, or another device to the speaker, utilize iOS AirPlay or Android DLNA. If that isn’t handy enough, you can also use Bluetooth communication with any Bluetooth-enabled device. The control array is located on the upper side of the speaker. It’s a touch-based user interface. To change the volume, run your finger around the edge. There are additional track navigation buttons and a logo-marked Play/Pause/Call/Bluetooth pairing button. There’s a button to preset up to 5 radio stations for simple tuning next time, as you can also stream Internet Radio with this. Because the touch panel is quite intuitive, read the documentation thoroughly before using it. On it, you’ll discover a slew of convenient features. To adjust the frequency response and play AirPlay music, use the Libratone app.

This is a genuinely wireless speaker since it can run for up to 10 hours on a single charge.


The acoustics of the Libratone ZippAirPlay speaker is excellent. It produces oomphy bass that works in tandem with the midrange rather than dominating it. Low frequencies penetrate deeply, although the sub-bass area may benefit from a boost in power. Listening to Adele’s excellent voice-over of other instruments reveals the midrange. The music is dynamic because the highs are sharp and bite to them. Zipp’s audio is much more balanced than any other speaker in this price range. Some, such as the UE Megaboom, have deeper bass.


  • Audio that is well-extended and tonally balanced
  • Bluetooth-enabled, Wi-Fi-capable
  • The Speaker grille fabric is replaceable.
  • Control panel with a touch screen
  • Battery life of 10 hours


  • Occasionally, the face-to-face link breaks down.

2. Zeppelins


Zeppelins look funny even though they are cleverly engineered. Bowers & Wilkins emulated the popular oval design into one of the best Air-Play speakers. Get it? Yes, these guys are witty. And intelligent because Zeppelin Air comes with a dock for the most popular Apple devices. The wireless speaker has the subtle looks and seamless installation and connectivity that earn it one of the top spots on our best AirPlay speakers list.

Features and Design

The Zeppelin AirAirPlay speaker looks like… wait for it… a Zeppelin. The oblong body is supported by a short pedestal, allowing it to be placed on a flat surface. The finish is a beautiful matte black. A gleaming silver strip goes down the center. This is where you charge your phone. On the dock, you have one model with a 30-pin connection. The iPhone 4S, 3GS, 3G, iPod touch, iPod Classic (1-4 versions), and iPod Nano are compatible (2-6 generations). A lightning variant also works with iPhone 5 and newer, iPad 4 and newer, iPad mini, and iPod Touch 5G and newer. This edition is more expensive than the previous one.

This AirPlay speaker outperforms the previous Zeppelin by a long shot in terms of longevity. At the bottom is a touch-sensitive control panel that lets you choose between Bluetooth and a 3.5mm aux connector for playing. You’ll find the volume controls and the Play/Pause buttons on the top. Bluetooth 4.1 and Spotify Connect are also supported in addition to AirPlay. DLNA isn’t supported, unfortunately.


Two 1-inch dome tweeters, two 3-inch midrange drivers, and one 5-inch subwoofer are housed in the Zeppelin AirAirPlay speaker’s substantial design. All of this adds to a magnificent and robust soundscape that rocks in every way. It produces audiophile-quality music even via a wireless connection. Throughout the frequency response, you can hear subtle intricacies in the sound. The beefy bass reacts rapidly to rhythm changes. As a result, you may use it to perform complex bass songs. The middle and highs are free of sibilance and bass interference. Its audio surrounds you with a large soundstage, completely immersing you in the experience. It would be the most excellent AirPlay speaker if it had Android compatibility.


  • The aesthetic is elegant, and the construction is sturdy.
  • Excellent audio quality
  • A 30-pin or Lightning connection dock is included.
  • Bluetooth 4.1, AirPlay, and a 3.5mm aux input

3. Play 5 


Although the Play 5 has been in the Sonos portfolio for a long time, it was updated in 2015 to be larger and better. This AirPlay-compatible speaker does not come with AirPlay built-in, but it can be simply upgraded to stream there with the Airport Express. You may say that it’s a waste of money, but wait till you hear the audio on Play5. It’s pricey, so you’ll have to budget for a somewhat significant investment in this set. Nevertheless, we immediately included it among the finest AirPlay speakers.

Features and Design

The Play 5 wireless speaker has a basic appearance since Sonos believes in delivering a multi-room experience. Its simplistic construction has clean lines that go nicely with any décor. However, it does not seem as beautiful as the Zeppelin Air. It’s matte black. A gesture-intuitive panel and touchscreen buttons for volume navigation are located on the speaker’s top side.

This AirPlay speaker has an Ethernet and power connector, but Wi-Fi powers the sound. The music is streamed using a Sonos app. By purchasing an AirPort Express, you may activate AirPlay. Connect it to the Play5’s line-in aux port and choose AirPort Express as the audio source. All primary streaming services, like Spotify, are supported by the Sonos app. It collects all of your music from different applications into one place, making it easy to choose tunes. You may think of this as a benefit of owning the Sonos app.


The audio quality of the Sonos Play 5(gen 2) has vastly increased over that of the original Play 5 AirPlay speaker. Thanks to its increased size, the former now has six drivers, three mid-woofers, and three tweeters. TruePlay is the true brilliance of its acoustic engineering. It adjusts the audio to sound clean and balanced regardless of where your speaker is placed. You won’t have to sacrifice interior design for decent acoustics this way. Two of these may be connected for superb stereo separation and bass. The stereo picture will converge at your seated area if you put them vertically. With Play5, you may add Surround Sound or Multiroom Sound to your current Sonos system.

This AirPlay speaker is powerful and produces a lot of basses. However, it is securely kept and blends well with every genre, from classical to hip-hop. In addition, the treble and midrange are aligned to provide you with a balanced output.


  • It may be positioned almost anyplace yet provide a clear and robust sound.
  • The Sonos app collects all of your music in one place.
  • Six antennas provide flawless Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Control panel for gestures that flips with the orientation.


  • For AirPlay, you’ll need an AirPort Express adaptor.

4. Polk Audio’s Woodbourne


Polk Audio’s lower-cost, custom-made speakers, have been a huge hit. With their wireless Woodbourne speaker, they upped the ante. In your wooden cabinets, this Bluetooth-enabled speaker looks fantastic. However, it receives no marks for portability. On the other hand, Polk Audio makes up for it in terms of sound quality. Woodbourne has a battery bank as well as a variety of communication possibilities. We didn’t have to seek far for another winner on our list of the finest AirPlay speakers.

Features and Design

Polk Audio’s Woodbourne AirPlay speaker features an almost circular base that is 24 inches long and 6.9 inches deep. It has a height of 7 inches. With a thin control array, the front face is entirely white. A wood veneer covers the top face. You’ll want to design your living space around it since it’s so gorgeous. It will perch on your mahogany shelf at 17.5 pounds. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of room for portability.

The power indicator, volume navigation, and audio source controls are all located on the front panel of this AirPlay speaker. AirPlay requires some basic configuration. Connect your device to the speaker using a USB cable to download the Wi-Fi settings. It can also broadcast audio through Bluetooth. It comes with the AptXcodec, which improves audio quality via Bluetooth. An aux input enables you to connect to your device through a wired connection. It also functions as a full-fledged TV speaker thanks to optical information. The main drawback is the auto-sleep feature, which hibernates the device if playing is interrupted by a call.


Many people agree that the Woodbourne speaker is still one of the most excellent AirPlay speakers in acoustics. It delivers the type of strength and bass that can drive even casual listeners into a state of bliss. Polk Audio has tinkered with the audio to keep the bass in control. However, it doesn’t take away from the purity of the vocals or the lovely guitar thrumming. In the intricate tunes, the sub-bass area shows through. The highs are highlighted and seem to be dazzling. This is a vibrant and energetic audio reaction. Turn to the Zeppelin Air if you’re searching for a more straightforward answer.


  • Finished with a wood veneer
  • Bluetooth+AptX
  • The sound is powerful, with great bass extension.
  • There is an optical port accessible.


  • When the phone feature pauses the audio, the phone goes to sleep automatically.
  • Expensive

5. Riva Arena 

RIVA Arena Audio compact Multiroom Digital Music System Black (RWA01)

Riva Arena belongs to their prestigious Wand (Wireless Audio Network Design) series. This multi-room Airplay speaker is packed with features, each more valuable than the next. The garrulously loud and full audio, the intelligent controls, and the classy design fit into a reasonable budget. The middling price point also helped seal its place in the best Airplay speakers list.

Features and Design

The Riva Arena airplay speaker has a beautiful look, particularly the white variant. These are small enough to fit on a bookshelf, measuring 5″ x 4.9″ x 7″. The arena is all business, with a speaker grille covering three sides and most of the rear side. Metallic accents and a glossy strip are ribboned at the top and bottom. The top-end is matte, and in the middle is an easy controls pad. It is kept upright by robust support at the bottom. A mounting port, power port, 3.5mm, and USB port are all located on the rear. Arena’s power may charge another device through the USB connection. There is also an “Away” button that allows two Wand series speakers to connect without WiFi or Chromecast.

In the center of the controls panel is a play/pause button. It’s encircled by an LED ring whose hue displays the connected source. The volume and track navigation buttons are on each side of this. Chromecast, Airplay, Spotify Connect, DLNA, Bluetooth, and a 3.5mm cable connection are all available with this airplay speaker. They connect instantly and work with a variety of devices. The similarly priced Beoplay M3, on the other hand, lacks Spotify connect.

The Arena comes with a power wire that must be connected at all times. It does, however, come with a 20-hour attachable battery pack for on-the-go music listening. It is also water-resistant, making it ideal for a pool party. In addition, Google Assistant may be used to control it. Two Arenas may be coupled and allocated left and proper channels for real stereo.


The Riva Arena airplay speaker is a stereo device that can provide a surprising amount of power. Its presentation has a large soundstage and sounds rich and full. Without compromising punch, these cannons may be heard well in a medium or large room. The sound is well-balanced and precise. The sonic characteristics enthralled our audiophiles.

The bass has a lot of depth to it and is well defined. It features a quick assault, making EDM and Techno genres get the party started. A little midbass bump helps the music seem more robust but is hardly detectable. Even at maximum volume, the bass never sounds boomy. The bass does not interfere with the middle. We might play classical and symphonic music and expect the Arena to perform admirably. Crisp, but never harsh, treble. Warm tones and a large soundstage characterize the overall sound characteristics. The stereo picture is accurate.


  • Audio that is warm and punchy
  • a large soundstage
  • There are several choices for connecting.
  • Compact
  • Battery backup for 20 hours


  • Except for Airplay, Sonos One is a close competitor.

6. Riva Festival 

RIVA Audio tabletop Multiroom Digital Music System Black (RWF01)

The Riva Festival Airplay speaker is the more significant, evil brother of the Riva Arena. This beast of machine packs ten drivers and plays better than the direct Sonos Play:5 competition. A wooden speaker cabinet sheathed in the modern touches of metal grille chugs out nuanced and rich audio—this unit more than vindicates its price, hence its place in the best Airplay speakers list.

Features and Design

At first impression, the Riva Festival Airplay speaker seems to be a larger relative of the Riva Arena. However, there are a few tweaks behind the hood. The Festival is 14 inches wide by 8 inches tall. Because the ten drivers point in the front, sides, and rear, we suggest putting it up in an open area. A metal grille covers three sides and a portion of the fourth. The driving assembly is housed in a wooden box on the inside. This improves both the audio’s endurance and clarity. The 3.5mm connector, a USB port for charging other devices, and an optical input port are all located on the rear panel.

This Airplay speaker, like the Arena, features a control panel on top. A multipurpose button is flanked by volume and track controls on this device. The playback source is indicated by an LED light surrounding the multipurpose button. The Festival’s streaming choices are pretty flexible. It’s integrated with Google Home, so it’s compatible with any Google cast-enabled device. WiFi, Airplay, Spotify, and DLNA are all supported. Ultimately, any Bluetooth-enabled source may be played via this speaker. Using a button on the panel, you may effortlessly switch between the heads. The EQ settings are available in the Riva Wand app. On the other hand, everything else is handled by Google Home with ease. Because it’s a multi-room speaker, it can wirelessly relay audio to other speakers.


The Riva Festival Airplay speaker uses six active drivers and four bass radiators. These are housed in a non-resonant hardwood frame that keeps the sound from bouncing around within the speaker cabinet. As a result, the audio response will be as precise and straightforward as possible. These speakers have a broad sonic spectrum and can be loud enough for a huge pool party with teenagers.

This Airplay speaker has been compressed and incorporated into the design to provide bass like a subwoofer. It’s well-defined and extends well into the sub-bass. The lowest registers have a lot of detail and are pretty tight. However, the assault quickly and has an excellent transitory reaction. Because there are passive radiators in the rear, it’s preferable to place it somewhere open to evenly distribute the additional bass punch.

Despite the robust bass, the midrange takes center stage. This is densely textured, conveying several nuances in a wide stereo stage. It prompted us to go through our whole jazz collection searching for fresh information. The violins performed with precision, and the voices sounded concert-like. There isn’t any coloring from the bass. The treble is silky smooth, with just a hint of glitz. Regardless matter the genre, the festival seems spectacular.


  • Audio that is both powerful and rich
  • detailed and well-spoken
  • Bass that sounds like it’s coming from a subwoofer
  • Connection choices are excellent.
  • Excellent volume range

7. Crescendo

MartinLogan Crescendo Wireless Speaker System

The Crescendo Airplay speaker is MartinLogan’s first stab at wireless speakers. And did they nail it! This is a very elegant speaker that blends right into the modern décor. And it gets the technicalities right too. They have a whole lot of wired and wireless options along with an Output for the subwoofer. Again, MartinLogan’s excellent design attitude lands them on the best Airplay speakers list.

Features and Design

The Crescendo Airplay speaker by MartinLogan is shaped like a half-moon. This is a lovely and well-presented piece that may be used as a bookshelf or a center table. Real natural walnut veneer or gloss piano black veneer is used to cover the speaker. All of the drivers are at the front, disguised by a magnetic metal grille. It may simply be popped back into place and reattached. A brushed metal stand supports the moon-shaped speaker. The Crescendo’s bass ports are located underneath the speaker, making it Location-independent and freeing up the back for connections.

Ethernet, optical, USB, aux-in, and Output for the subwoofer are all available on the rear of this Airplay speaker. Yes, a separate subwoofer may be connected to this speaker. Custom crossover settings are available. Because you can just plug it in, copy the WiFi setup as instructed, and start playing, Airplay is the most simple method to connect wirelessly. A WiFi setup port is available for other devices. It also supports DLNA and Bluetooth connections, however, Spotify Connect isn’t mentioned. Toggling through sources and controlling playback are controlled via buttons on the front. For various sources, an LED cycles through several colors.


The MartinLogan Crescendo Airplay speaker performs consistently regardless of its position, which is a significant plus if it’s part of a very particular décor. The audio blends in well with every genre we tried with. The tweeters are slanted to provide a 160-degree listening area. The voices sounded authentic, almost as if the artists were performing right next to us. Classical music is performed with studied elegance in the middle.

The bass is powerful and tight. It can go down to 50Hz, which is fantastic for a solitary speaker. MartinLogan, on the other hand, does not claim to be able to fit a subwoofer into a tiny package while maintaining speaker placement independence. As a result, you have the option of connecting a sub through the sub out, which we highly suggest. MartinLogan, in fact, makes some great wired and wireless subwoofers that pair well with the Crescendo Airplay speaker. They’ve even suggested volume settings for their Dynamo subs. As a result of this arrangement, they sound like a full-fledged home theater system with an outstanding bass slam.


  • Natural, well-balanced audio
  • Output for the subwoofer
  • The design is stunning.
  • Audio that is not reliant on its location
  • There are many wired connection possibilities.

8. B&O Beoplay M3 


The B&O Beoplay M3 Airplay speaker is a compact device meant to fill in both standalone and multi-room roles if demanded. This well-proportioned speaker needs to be wired only for power. Over the air, it delivers strong bass and pumpin’ audio. The hassle-free operation lands it straight in the best Airplay speakers list.

Features and Design

The B&O Beoplay M3 Airplay speaker is the Most Affordable in their line-up. Yet nothing in its build suggests this. It stands 5.9 inches tall, 4.4 inches wide, and 5.5 inches deep. The cross-section is a racetrack oval. The back half is plain and the front is covered by a speaker grille. The grille is replaceable with either light aluminum or Kvadrat fabric. You can select the color but this is an additional but. M3 weighs 3.2 pounds and the power cord settles its status as a stationary speaker. The exterior is covered with a polymer coat for shock-proofing. The bottom has a rubberized finish to keep it stable on surfaces.

Outside, there are just a few buttons on this Airplay speaker. A multipurpose button and volume controls are located on the rear of the device. The versatile button can switch between sources, control playing, and connect to multi-room speakers or a Bluetooth playback device. Some of the controls are hidden behind a flip-up cover on the back panel. The power and settings buttons are located on it. The 3.5mm and micro-USB connectors are also available. In the event that you don’t have a wall adapter, the micro-USB port may be used to charge devices like smartphones using the M3’s power.

Bluetooth v4.2, WiFi, Airplay, 3.5mm connector, and built-in Chromecast are all supported by the M3 Airplay speaker. It can replicate music across multi-room speakers using Google cast or Chromecast. The Beoplay software is straightforward, yet it offers a variety of EQ and playback choices. With a Warm/Excited/Bright/Relaxed graph that is simpler to configure than traditional EQ faders, the EQ is very straightforward. You may also adjust the audio depending on the location of the speakers in the room and the dynamics of the space. Unfortunately, M3 is monochrome. There’s no way to make it stereo by pairing it with another M3.


A variety of tuning and EQ options are available on the Beoplay M3 Airplay speaker. It’s best to experiment until you discover the right spot for it then adjust the EQ/tuning appropriately. The sound is rather directional. A 3.75-inch woofer and a 0.75-inch tweeter are included.

For M3’s size, the bass thumps with surprising force and power. It has a beefy texture and hits quickly. The punch of bass doesn’t get in the way of the details. However, there is a noticeable Boosting in the bass that may sometimes leak into the mids. On the plus side, it sounds full in a diffused environment. At mid- and mid-high levels, the bass is deep. To prevent distortion at greater levels, the DSP cuts the lower frequencies. As a result, M3 is best suited for small space with a volume need of 50-80%. When the midrange is pushed, it takes on a strong presence. The voices are conveyed with the kind of detail that only a mono can provide. The treble is affected by the positioning of the speakers. To obtain that shine, the speaker should be level with or above your ears.


  • Bass that packs a punch
  • Wireless and cable connections are available.
  • Playback in many rooms using Google cast
  • Design that is resistant to shocks
  • An app that is simple yet effective.


  • There is no stereo pairing, only mono.
  • Spotify Connect isn’t available.

9. MartinLogan Crescendo X

MartinLogan Crescendo X Wireless Speaker, Bluetooth and PlayFi

The MartinLogan Crescendo X Airplay speaker is the more powerful and evolved model of the original Crescendo. It’s almost twice as pricey too. It leaves none of the streaming services behind this time and the overall audio performance can stand alone without a sub. This is one of the best Airplay speakers money can buy.

Features and Design

The MartinLogan Crescendo X Airplay speaker looks exactly like the original with the wood veneer cover and half-moon shape. It is 26 inches wide and 8.1 inches high. At 15 pounds, it’s not portable at all. There is standby and volume control buttons upfront. The backside carries all the connection ports: 3.5 mm aux, USB port, and an Ethernet port. There’s an Output for the subwoofer connection here as well. An optical cable with an optical-3.5mm adapter is provided.

Airplay is the most convenient method to connect this speaker wirelessly. WiFi and Bluetooth are also available. The remote control for this speaker contains Boosting the bass and Normal Bass buttons to choose the bass mode. These controls aren’t seen anywhere else.


The acoustic characteristic of the Crescendo X Airplay speaker is reasonably balanced and natural. Even without a sub, the bass is meaty and tight, with nice extension. However, in Bass+ mode, it can get down and dirty. This option isn’t recommended for songs that already have a lot of basses. The voices and strings are portrayed in a spacious soundstage with airy detail. The stereo picture is broad and comprehensive. To complement the bass, the treble glows. The Bass+ option, which merely adds a little oomph to the lower registers, does not sully the precise presentation.


  • Audio that is both powerful and balanced
  • Boosting the bass
  • The design is stunning.
  • There are several ways to connect.
  • Location-independent

10. GGMM M3


The GGMM M3 AirPlay speaker is also featured in our best Retro speakers list<Insert link to article Best retro speakers>. The vintage looks of this speaker do not indicate that it has frozen in technical space. The fact that it’s an AirPlay speaker tells you how far-reaching its design is. It is also a Bluetooth speaker and has the finesse of Santana while playing songs in any medium. If you care about both looks and awe-inspiring audio performance over Wi-Fi, this is a strong contender for the best AirPlay speakers list.

Features and Design

The GGMM M3 AirPlay speaker’s hardwood chassis is coated in microfiber leather. The design is reminiscent of an old-fashioned speaker, and it sounds just as warm. Speaker grilles are visible in four rings on the front side, which are finished in brushed metal. A chimney-like protrusion protrudes from the cabinet’s top. This allows you to choose between Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Aux as your audio source. The cuboid has a length of 13.4 inches, a depth of 6.9 inches, and a height of 5.8 inches at its highest point.

It’s easy to set up the Wi-Fi on this speaker since it’s an AirPlay speaker. AirPlay music may be streamed over the air from any Apple device. Without many connection dropouts, Bluetooth communication works nicely. It can remember up to 16 devices that were linked to it lately. There’s also a 3.5mm aux input if you want to go old school. It’s available in black, camel, coffee, and red. With a Wi-Fi connection between the speakers, it offers multi-room audio.


The GGMM M3 focuses on matching the audio quality of its contemporaries since it’s an AirPlay speaker. It also delivers. The acoustic reaction is normal. You’ve got punchy bass, warm mids, and glistening highs. It has a polished tone across the frequency range, featuring notes and clefts. The audio may not be as dynamic as that of the Woodbourne or Zeppelin Air. The balanced tones and Surround Sound generated by numerous GGMM M3s are worth the price for a casual listener. Because these AirPlay speakers are in the reasonably low price bracket, setting up Surround Sound or multiroom audio with them will be pretty inexpensive.


  • a vintage look
  • Affordably priced
  • Natural sounds with a good balance
  • Bluetooth and aux-in are also included.


  • Bluetooth dropouts occur from time to time.

11. Sony SRSX9


Sony is known for its simplicity, and the SRSX9 AirPlay speaker is no exception. We were surprised to learn that such a basic-looking speaker had AirPlay and Bluetooth capabilities. Because it’s a Sony product, the audio is of Sony quality. This speaker supports high-resolution formats that maintain the integrity and subtleties of music. Because of its size and price, it ranks at the bottom of our ranking of the best AirPlay speakers.

Features and Design

The weight of the Sony SRSX9 AirPlay speaker becomes apparent as soon as you take it up. The physical interface of the speaker is made of metal and resin. It has beveled edges and is fully matte black. The drivers and woofers are visible through the metal grille on the front. Despite its simplicity, the speaker has a quality and elegant appearance. The touch-capacitive panel is located on the top face. These keys light up with a wave of the hand. We were on the verge of creating a game out of it.

The audio source may be connected to this AirPlay speaker in a variety of ways. It has two USB ports, an Ethernet port, a WPS key, and a 3.5mm aux-in connector on the rear. By just touching your NFC-enabled phone against it, you may link it. For high-quality sound via wireless, Bluetooth and Apt-X operate together. AirPlay and DLNA both broadcast over Wi-Fi, so Android users may rejoice. SRSX9 can play a variety of high-resolution codecs, including FLAC, DSD, and WAV.


Two up-firing super-tweeters, two 0.75-inch tweeters, 2-inch midrange drivers, a 3.75-inch woofer, and a handful of passive radiators power the music of the SRSX9 AirPlay speaker. The seven active drivers work together to provide a stunning auditory response. The sound refinement is the greatest you’ll find on this list. It’s a genuine hi-resolution speaker thanks to the audio details. They’ve positioned the super-tweeter so that the sound is more tactile and surrounds you from all sides. Although it prefers high-resolution music, it is also capable of playing MP3s. There will be no unpleasant gaps in the music that show through. Although the bass has considerable length, it lacks the meatiness of Woodbourne’s.


  • Audio that is both natural and visceral.
  • The output that is both powerful and loud
  • AptX and Bluetooth
  • NFC-enabled
  • Control panel that responds to gestures

12. Wren Sound V5US


The Wren Sound V5US AirPlay speaker is another stunning example of the power of white. The speakers on the top and rear have a hardwood veneer, making them a focal point in the living area. Play-Fi provides an additional connection option. You may use the combined power of these speakers to create a full Surround Sound setup. The audio quality is comparable to that of established brands such as Zeppelin Air, which has been on the market for decades. The V5US adds a lot of value to our list of the best AirPlay speakers.

Features and Design

The clean and simple appearance of the Wren Sound V5US AirPlay speaker. It has a color scheme that is similar to that of most iOS devices. It is 16 inches in length and 6.1 inches in height. On the scale, it weighs ten pounds. Curvy shapes are prominent in the design. A speaker grille is installed on the front side. The control panel is located after the curve. There are three buttons: volume, power, and source.

AirPlay, Play-Fi, and Bluetooth are the main connection choices for this AirPlay speaker. The AirPlay connection is a breeze to set up. It will be found on any iOS device that is compatible. The Play-Fi feature connects wirelessly to any mobile playback device using dts. The Wren Play-Fi app makes it easy to set up the connection and listen to music on the go. If none of these services work on your phone, Bluetooth comes in helpful. It can remember up to six devices that have been associated with it before.


The audio quality of the Wren V5US AirPlay speaker is hard to fault. The audio is dynamic and rich. There’s a Boosting the bass button at its back which can be used to tune the bass response based on whether the speaker is against the walls or in an open space. There are bass ports to the back which affect reflection and make for punchy power in the lower end. The vocals and guitars have a presence of their own. The bass partners with them rather than interfere with them. Treble has the required bite and softness to it. It is a safe choice for people who play all genres of music. This speaker can get pretty loud and fill up a moderately-sized room.


  • Sleek design that matches Apple’s colors
  • Non-iOS devices may use Play-Fi.
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Audio that is both natural and balanced


  • The audio quality isn’t great.

13. Sony SA-NS410


In the category of best AirPlay speakers, Sony has yet another winner. Until recently, their SA-NS410 has gone undetected. However, it remains a heavyweight in the AirPlay arena. This speaker has a smaller physical footprint than the majority of the speakers on this list. The sound, on the other hand, is authentic and powerful. With your home Wi-Fi connection, AirPlay compatibility is much greater. In comparison to many complicated types of equipment, we found the SA-NS410 to be rather simple to use. It snatched a spot on our list of the finest AirPlay speakers.

Features and Design

The Sony SA-NS410 AirPlay speaker is shaped like a small trapezoid tower with a tapered bottom. The speaker grille on the front face is curved and directs sounds to a vast area. The control array for managing the music is housed in a compact base. The power button, volume navigation buttons, and audio source buttons are all included. The whole body is finished in a matte black finish, which adds to the beauty of the piece.

When it comes to connecting to AirPlay, this AirPlay speaker takes a centralized approach. You must set up an app for which the setup instructions may be found in the handbook. You may use this to stream music from any audio app on your iPhone or iPad. All major music-streaming applications, such as Pandora and Slacker, are supported, and music from your PC may also be played. There’s also a 3.5mm aux input. This is a real wireless speaker that can last up to 5 hours on battery power.


The sonic characteristic of the Sony SA-NS410 AirPlay speaker is unlike anything we’ve ever heard before. We get used to it over time and even considered it pleasant when compared to today’s bass-heavy speakers. From bass to treble, the audio is clear and crisp. There are no sibilance or distortions to be found. Power and bass extension are significantly missing. As a consequence, the sound is brighter, which many music fans like. Place it in the corner and let the bass reflect for a warmer response with more bass. It includes four built-in speakers that provide a 360-degree field of view.


  • It takes up less desk space.
  • The design is straightforward.
  • Audio that is well-balanced and has a steady bass.


  • Bass is a lean fish.
  • Bluetooth isn’t available.

14. Pure Contour 200i


The Pure Contour 200i AirPlay speaker has the appearance of a turtle peeking out of its shell. This beautiful speaker is pretty capable when it comes to generating music. Inside the attractive exterior are iron lungs that pump forth a lot of power. It’s even more appealing for its price because it comes with a stylish charging dock in the front. This speaker has all of the qualities necessary to place it among the top AirPlay speakers. You can also take a look at our list of the best wireless speakers.

Features and Design

The Pure Contour 200i AirPlay speaker’s semicircle bob deserves its moniker. It’s a half-moon pie-shaped speaker with a little stand that raises it off the ground. The dock is attached to the front face at the bottom. It’s compatible with iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches. The control array wraps around the semicircle’s top.

A 3.5mm auxiliary input and a coaxial digital connector are located on the rear of this Airplay speaker. If the built-in Wi-Fi doesn’t operate, the Ethernet connector is always accessible. A Pure Lounge companion app is also available. This, like the Philips SoundAvia, allows you to listen to a variety of online radio stations. The speaker’s audio operation, on the other hand, is not reliant on the app.


The Pure Contour 200i AirPlay speaker is aimed at a broad audience. Two 3.5-inch drivers and bass ports are included. It might be a basshead’s fantasy since they channel Bass that packs a punch in the sound output. As a consequence, audio’s concentration is on the lower registers rather than the treble. As a result, the treble’s range seems to be confined. If you like hip-hop, techno, and electronic dance music, this speaker will liven up your party.


  • The design is attractive.
  • Has a charging station
  • Bass that packs a punch

15. Philips AD7000 Fidelio SoundAvia


The Philips AD7000 Fidelio SoundAvia is another AirPlay speaker with a minimalist design. It has the appearance of a sleek tiny TV and blends in nicely with contemporary furniture and home design. It packs a lot of punch in terms of audio for its small size. It is the most economical speaker on the top AirPlay speakers list due to its low price. Although it cannot compete with its more expensive counterparts, frequent music listeners will appreciate the quality and simplicity of AirPlay.

Features and Design

The Philips SoundAvia AirPlay speaker’s broad, curved front face is 11.7 inches in length and 6.61 inches in height. It reaches a depth of 4.2 inches in the rear. The whole body is supported by a bit of stand that elevates it above the ground. It needs to be plugged into a power outlet in the back. There is only an LED on the front that indicates whether the power is on or off.

This AirPlay speaker allows you to stream music from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and other Apple devices easily. If you have a decent Wi-Fi connection, the wireless connectivity here is robust and unambiguous. It contains an aux-in connector that may be used to connect it to a playback device in wired mode. When you connect your iOS smartphone to it, it also serves as a battery bank. It also comes with the Fidelio app, which gives you access to up to 7,000 Internet radio stations, allows you to set alarms on the speaker, and allows you to share music with friends.


The Philips Fidelio SoundAvia Airplay speaker’s sound quality is designed to match its pricing. It produces a reasonable amount of production, which appeases the general junta. The audio is tonally balanced, with equal emphasis on all frequency bands. On the other hand, the bass fades away when the loudness is reduced. The highs are clear, but they lack the luster that distinguishes superb speakers. If you are not an audiophile, these distinctions may go unnoticed.


  • Affordable
  • An app that may be used as a companion
  • It may be used as a battery bank.
  • Sleek and space-conscious

Frequently Asked Questions

What speakers work best with Apple?

A: To ensure the best sound quality, you should connect your speakers using a 3.5mm audio cable with an RCA adapter on one end of the cord and two headphone jacks at the other end.

Which is best, AirPlay or Bluetooth?

A: This is a difficult question to answer because so many variables come into play, such as the frequency of use and distance. However, for general purposes, AirPlay seems like it would be better if you were planning on using Beat Saber with your iPhone or iPad often and from close distances (like within 10 feet)

Is AirPlay good sound quality?

A: Yes. AirPlay works well for sound quality and has been used to stream music from a computer or phone to an Apple TV, which is then connected with speakers such as Sonos speakers.

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