As the popularity of Bluetooth speakers has exploded in recent years, many people are considering upgrading to a better model. Of course, there are many options, but this list will help you narrow down your choices and ensure that you get one suitable for your needs.

The best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers in 2021 are the ones that offer a wireless connection and have an inbuilt speaker. They also have a microphone for phone calls, and they can be used with earbuds or over-the-ear headphones.

If you’ve ever “experienced” music, you’ll recognize how it flows effortlessly through your mind before plunging you into your happy place when the rhythm begins. Exhilaration is similar while skiing down a bumpy track. It’s a smooth trip with many surprising twists and turns, much like our favorite songs. So, what if your two favorite activities are inextricably linked? Skiing doesn’t have to be all about the silence of the mountains and the shrieks of other skiers. We’ve compiled a list of the 15 best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers to make it more about the music you like. These are simple to set up and help you be aware of your surroundings.

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What are the differences between ski helmet speakers and headphones?

Originally, audio devices were not meant to be put on ski helmets. As a result, we experimented with different headphones and speakers until we identified the ones that best served the skiers. The following is how the different portable audio devices performed in our tests:

  1. Full-size headphones feature the biggest drivers of all the headphones. As a result, they provide more detail and space than earbuds and on-ear headphones. However, they don’t fit well beneath ski helmets. Even those with tiny form factors put unnecessary strain on the arch and sides of the skull. Inside the foam earcups, the ears are also more inclined to sweat. If you do decide to use full-size headphones, go for open-back headphones so you can hear what’s going on around you. All sounds, including warning calls or warnings from your friends, will be blocked by closed-back headphones.
  2. Earbuds: The earbuds plug into the ears and bring you a sweet respite from the world around. They are easily portable and do not form any pressure points on the head. But it’s challenging to make the stay put. Simple earbuds keep popping out with the swift movement. The skier will have to keep inserting Top 15 Best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers in 2019them back. The cables of wired earbuds could also get in the way of your ski poles. Not to mention, their noise isolation can block out the excellent sound of shouted warnings and precautions.
  3. Neckband headphones have a headband that wraps over the back of your neck. They’re generally on-ear, so they don’t have the same fitting issues as full-size headphones. On the other hand, the neckband might become caught under the helmet and cause pressure points in these regions. As long as they are wireless, Neckband headphones are an excellent alternative for wearing beneath ski helmets.
  4. Ski helmet speakers are an alternative to ski helmet headphones. These are essentially thin speakers that are linked by solid cables. A Bluetooth module frequently accompanies these with playback and call control buttons. The speakers are meant to be slid into the mesh lining of the helmets or inserted in the helmet near the ears.

Many of these ski helmet speakers include intercom capabilities. As a result, a group of skiers can communicate and keep track of their movements. These kits often have all of the components needed to place them on the helmet for appropriate alignment and reception.

Other ski helmet headphones have the Bluetooth module built right into the earpieces. They condense the earpieces and remove the need for a third component that would otherwise be positioned on the helmet’s rim.

While we prefer Bluetooth ski helmet speakers, cable solutions are also available. Except for a separate Bluetooth module, they share a similar construction. These might also be a good alternative if the wires are appropriately tucked inside the garment.

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What should you look for in a Bluetooth ski helmet speaker?

The following are the criteria we used to narrow down and rank the top Bluetooth ski helmet speakers:


Music is secondary to the thrill of bolting down a snow-covered hill. So we focused on how easy these speakersTop 15 Best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers in 2019 were for the skiers to install and use. We checked if they sat well with the helmet structure without discomfort. We also ensured that their controls are easy to reach, the wires can be conveniently tucked away, and they don’t yank off with the skiing movements.


This was a huge source of anxiety for us. We want the skiers to have high-quality audio to accompany them on and off the slopes. Users’ audio choices are pretty diverse. While bass-heavy music adds weight to the lyrics and rhythms while skiing, many skiers prefer a clean, neutral sound signature. We were looking for audio that was both detailed and balanced. We also double-checked that they allowed for the best ambient noise levels, so you can listen to your music while keeping an ear out.


The leading competitors for the most delicate ski helmet audio devices are the neckband and ski helmet speakers. We’ve just spoken about ski helmet speakers since they’re the finest for this. They’re discreet and comfy down the slope.


We prefer Bluetooth speakers over corded speakers if we have the option. The latter runs the danger of becoming tangled up in the ski poles. We double-checked that the controls on wireless speakers were conveniently accessible. We also tested the Bluetooth and intercom connection’s range and stability.


This will be determined by the shape of the ski helmet speaker. The ski helmet’s liner has thin and light speakers that attach effortlessly and sit low-profile. Ear parts that are a little thicker may press on the margins of the ears, causing pain.


Skiing can be a physically demanding sport. Given the amount of physical activity involved, these Bluetooth ski helmet speakers should resist physical stress, sweat, and abrasions. We looked through many customer evaluations from the past to see how certain durable goods were. This is dependent on the wire strength, the durability of the mounting hardware, and the materials used to construct the speakers and Bluetooth module.

In 2022, the top 15 best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers

1. The Lexin B4M is an exceptionally well-put-together package. It offers both intercom and music playback abilities, LEXIN LX-B4FM 4 Way Bluetooth Helmet Intercom with speakersboth valuable aids to the skiers. These are compact yet well-made for all weather. Lexin ships these speakers with all the accessories needed to mount them properly. The entire battery life, along with all these features, bolsters them straight to the top of the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers.

Features and Design

A Bluetooth module, two Lightweight fabric speakers, and a boom mic make up the Lexin LXB4FM ski helmet speakers. The Bluetooth module is aerodynamically designed and small. This is attached to the exterior of the helmet and must remain stable in your movement’s slipstream. Lexin offers both standard and 3M mounting brackets and spring clips. The Bluetooth module is connected to the thin round speakers via cables. Because the speakers are so small, they may be attached to the helmet’s inside lining via Velcro speaker pads.

These are also available from Lexin. A boom mic is attached to another arm connected to the wireless module. This bolsters the intercom service provided. Intercom between up to four skiers is possible with these helmet speakers. The intercom range is up to 1600 meters, which is a convenient feature if you’re skiing with friends or family, and one of them is a little too daring. With speeds of up to 75 mph, the intercom stays strong. Bluetooth version 3.0 is used to wirelessly link these helmet headphones to their playback device. You may connect your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device with it. This is independent of media – you may listen to music, follow GPS directions, use music applications, or listen to the radio.

The Bluetooth module, which must be mounted outside the helmet, is water-resistant. As a result, it can withstand the snowfall and the resulting wetness. Both a button and a boom mic are included with these speakers. Button mics are more comfortable for us inside the ski helmet. However, this is a personal decision. The battery life on this set is excellent. They can play music for 15 hours and make phone calls for 8 hours. They can also last 120 hours on standby. The main drawback is that they need a micro-USB charger, which is fast becoming outdated.


On their intercom, the Lexin B4Mallows full-duplex communication. The voice reception was clear and static-free within half a mile of the closest skier. The Bluetooth connection was unaffected by speeding down the slope. These ski helmet headphones are simple to link with your smartphone. They rejoin just as rapidly as weave in and out of the range. The Bluetooth module houses the controls. The volume buttons are fairly near to one another. However, the power and pairing buttons are far away and distinguishable. Other intercom variants of these speakers are available for 2 and 6 users. In the 6-user version, the controls for reaching the other skiers must be learned. They are, nevertheless, just as simple to use.

For the price, the audio quality is excellent. These have a lot of bass, which helps the music seem significant even when there’s a lot of noise from other visitors. The highs are sharp and the voices are clear. The microphones were likewise fairly dependable. They conveyed the speaker’s speech and reduced background noise to the greatest extent feasible.


  • Affordable
  • For four skiers, a 1600m Intercom system with a full-duplex capability range is available.
  • Audio that is both punchy and clear
  • Performance on the microphone
  • Waterproof
  • Range of speed: 75 mph


  • The volume controls are a little too close together.

2. Yideng offers two Bluetooth headsets as a pair with everything required to install and operate them. These look Yideng Bluetooth headset for skiingand feel much like Sena at one-third the price. They are built to endure the rigors of biking and skiing. And they have a wickedly cool architecture. The fact that they are a full-fledged communication and music playback device adds to their street cred and lands them in the best Bluetooth ski helmet headphones list.

Features and Design

Unboxing Yideng Bluetooth headphones was a fantastic experience. Their directions, component lists, and packaging are all extremely well-organized. A Bluetooth module, two speakers, two boom mics, 2.5mm auxiliary cables, charging cables, and various mounts are all included. The Bluetooth module is mounted on the helmet’s outside. The speakers should be placed very near to the ears. To use the full range of loudness, they should deliver the music directly into the user’s ears.

We recommend utilizing the Velcro mount for the Bluetooth module to provide the optimal fit for charging. When the module has to be charged, it may simply be removed from the helmet. The hard mount, on the other hand, is more durable, but it will wear out and shatter if the module is removed from it often. You may also charge them by leaving them on the helmet. With the help of the online installation instructions, the Bluetooth module is simple to set up. It’s also waterproof, so the skier won’t have to worry about getting it wet. On the front, there is a huge call button. It’s simple to contact to start a discussion. There is an on/off power button as well as a Bluetooth connecting button. For easy identification, the volume controls are located around the rim.

Bluetooth version 3.0 is used to link these ski helmet headphones to the playback devices. It can play music from any of the device’s applicati and as GPS directions and FM radio. If Wi-Fi doesn’t work for you, they also offer a 2.5mm jack to connect to the playback device. They also provide an intercom between two or more skiers. Over the intercom, up to two speakers may communicate in full-duplex mode. Ying only allows skiers to go at 75 mph so that they may have clear, static-free discussions.

The Lexin headsets outperform these headphones in terms of battery life, Yideng can only get 8 hours of talk t on a single chargeime. It has a 240-hour standby time.


The Ying Bluetooth headsets have a good range of volume, which is important if the skier wishes to be alone and away from the outside world. The speakers should be situated to shoot straight into the ears, creating a broad and active soundstage. The bass is oomphy, and the crisp middle is well supported. Vocals and guitars may both be heard well. Throughout the range of volume, there is no obvious boominess or harshness in the audio.

The Bluetooth connection is reliable. With the playback device on our person, we didn’t experience any substantial drop-offs. Up to 400 yards, the intercom maintains a steady connection. When you’re skiing with kids and need to keep track of their locations, this comes in helpful.


  • Auxiliary connector (2.5mm) and Bluetooth
  • Intercom system with full-duplex capability
  • range of volume
  • Audio that is clear and complete
  • Buttons that are simple to use
  • Controls that are simple to use


  • The battery life might be improved.

3. The Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 are an exciting take on the ski helmet headphones arena. These are drop-in devicesOutdoor Tech Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet headphone and walkie-talkie that can be used with any ski helmet that has liner pockets to drop them in. They are way more convenient to some than the Bluetooth modules. These are wireless and double as a walkie-talkie system as well. They chip in with great features to make one of the top spots on the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list.

Features and Design

The Chips 2.0 helmet headphones offer a simple yet effective design. They are made up of two speakers linked by a flat wire. These are about the size of poker chips, but a little thicker. These speaker constructions have a Bluetooth module built in. As a result, there is no distinct component on the exterior of the ski helmet. The Chips must simply be inserted into the helmet’s liner slots. Before you purchase them, make sure that these spaces are accessible in your helmets.

The speakers on these ski helmet headphones each feature one giant button. Even with mittens on, they are simple to use. Volume control, track navigation, play/pause, and power settings are all controlled by the same controls. You may also use your connected device’s voice assistant (Siri). Within a 33-foot range, they connect wirelessly to the playback device through Bluetooth.

Outdoor Tech has also provided them with a companion app called dot walkie talkie. This program connects the Chips 2.0 to cell towers and allows them to be used as intercom devices. You have the range as long as you have bars on your mobile content since they utilize cell towers. The walkie-talkie has an unlimited capacity in an area with adequate mobile service. Chips 2.0 now features a built-in microphone for making phone calls.

These headphones have a battery life of 10 hours on a single charge. This is just enough juice to get you through a day of skiing. In addition, these, according to Outdoor Tech, are sweat-resistant and can survive cold temperatures in the snow.


The Chips 2.0 Bluetooth ski helmet headphones made their presence felt right, awaEvenven though it was hidden in the helmet pock. The mic communication was fantastic pets. We made phone calls using our smartphones, and the other party could clearly hear us.

In terms of audio quality, Outdoor Tech has excelled themselves. With any form of music, Chips 2.0 sound meaty and straightforward. In addition, they feature a bright, open sound with a bass that doesn’t drown out the mids.

The main drawback to their Performance is that sure of their items lack Bluetooth connection. It might be choppy if the playback device is not kept in a breast pocket. In regions with decent cell service, the walkie talkie feature works nicely. We suggest that you keep your mobile data turned on. These headphones will not be able to substitute vital walkie talkie communication in off-piste locations.


  • Bluetooth is included inside the ear pockets.
  • Excellent Performance on the microphone
  • The function of a walkie-talkie
  • Mobile companion app
  • Battery life of ten hours


  • The Bluetooth connection may be improved.

4. Sena has long been known as the go-to brand for helmet communication and audio devices. They have driven Sena 20S-02 20S Motorcycle Bluetooth Communication System with Slim-fitting speakersexceptional innovation in this niche and are known for their quality products. Their 20S02 ski helmet headphones are no different. They disrupt many accepted technologies and speak volumes of quality. If you have the budget and will to invest and want a product that guarantees good Performance, these are the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers for you.

Features and Design

Sena 20S02 is a Bluetooth headset with a stylish appearance. Its modular design makes installation a breeze. The Bluetooth module is one piece, as is the jog dial. This module is connected to a separate connection with a boom mic. You may easily delete the mic section if you don’t want to talk. The module may also be connected to two speakers that are Velcro-attached to the helmet liner. They have a little meatiness to them and may also be placed into the audio drop-in pockets. The exceptional quality of construction ensures that it will last a long time. Despite their small weight, they are made of durable plastic.

Bluetooth version 4.1 is used to link the ski helmet speakers to the playback device wirelessly. Because most other speakers utilize Bluetooth version 3.0, Sena is the most sophisticated device on the list in this regard. The higher Bluetooth version gives the sound more clarity and improves the wireless functionality. They also have Audio Multitasking, which smooths the transition between calls and music. Even when switching from calls to music and back, it maintains a good audio balance.

In addition, the 20S-02 has outstanding full-duplex intercom capabilities. Sena allows up to 8 skiers to converse at the same time. Sena has a 1.5-mile enhanced intercom range. This unit’s jog dial is useful for a variety of applications, including FM tuning. The multipurpose call button is more compact and convenient to use. A charging connector is included, as well as the ability to execute firmware upgrades. You may use them in wired mode since the mic attachment has an earphone connector. For usage in the snow, the module is waterproof. On a single charge, the battery provides 13 hours of talktime.


Sena’s 20S02 Bluetooth ski helmet headphones provide excellent audio quality for skier/rider conversations. We observed a better Bluetooth connection with outstanding audio response as a single skier. The bass is deep and resonant. The voices and guitars are loud and clear. The treble is bright and clear. Overall, the Performance resembled that of a headphone rather than a communication device.

The Performance on the microphone is a revelation. Over the calls, the user on the other end could not make out that the call was being made over a Bluetooth headset. It also wound down some of the ambient noise and provided great clarity to the calls.

Connecting the intercom is more difficult. We had considerable trouble connecting the headsets with the rest of the group. They provided a stable intercom connection once established. We also found Sena Tech support to be really helpful. They listened intently to our concerns and offered suggestions for resolving them.


  • Audio in high definition
  • Construction of high quality
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Full-duplex intercom range of 5 miles (8 users)
  • Battery life of 13 hours


  • It’s difficult to set up an intercom link.

5. The iAsus XSound 3 are a set of speakers that add earbuds quality sound to otherwise brilliant Bluetooth ski helmet iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers audio sets. They are a popular replacement option for the speakers of the Sena 20S. These iAsus speakers brings audiophile standards of sound to portable helmet communication systems. They also boost the audio range of volume of many Bluetooth modules. Worth a shot in the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list, what do you say?

Features and Design

The iAsus XSound 3 speakers are a pair of earphones with a 3.5mm jack on the end of the cord. Please note that a Bluetooth module must be purchased separately since it is not included with the device. Most people couple them with Sena or Trond since they work best with a high-output power module. To get the most out of them, you’ll need to utilize an amp. In any case, when they’re utilized to their maximum capacity, they’re fantastic.

These ski helmet speakers are carved out of Lightweight aluminum and acoustically tuned for great audio. They only weigh 34g, so they don’t add significantly to the helmet weight.  iAsus is very specific that the speakers should be touching the ears for the best range of volume. They attach to the helmet lining with Velcro pads and stickers which are provided in the pack. iAsus has also provided spacers. These are meaty rings which can be used to project the speakers out from the helmet lining and bring them closer to the ears. These are useful if the audio pockets of the helmet are too deep.

Soft comfort fit covers are also included with these speakers, ensuring that they make pleasant contact with the ears. Kevlar-reinforced wires link the speakers to the 3.5mm socket. These can withstand up to 10 pounds of stress, so if your helmet is dropped, it will ideally hang in equilibrium and be supported only by the cable. We don’t advocate splicing the wires to replace the jack since the speakers are so well-made. It’s advisable to look for a Bluetooth module that can be plugged into a 3.5mm headphone socket.


With the tuning of these speakers, iAsus has outdone themselves. They sound more like audiophile earphones than helmet speakers when correctly positioned. They add a lot of bass to the mix, which gives it a lot of punch and energy. Despite this, the lower frequencies do not overpower the vocals and do not bleed into them. Even at high levels, the bass Performance remained clear. The boominess that we’ve come to expect from helmet headphones was absent.

The voices are crisp and clear. We could hear the hushed words as we listened to some of our favorite songs. The treble has the perfect amount of bite. These speakers were created particularly for skiers who place a high value on music. When you pair it with your preferred Bluetooth module, you’ve got yourself a dream team of helmet audio.


  • Speakers that are light in weight
  • Cables with Kevlar reinforcement
  • Bass that is both bold and defined.
  • 5mm jack
  • Spacers are included for appropriate placement.

6. If you are looking for a Very cost-effective ski helmet headphone that you’ll use only occasionally, Wingsport BTS3 is WingSport BTS3 Helmet Bluetooth Headphonesa great budget option. This is combination of intercom headset and media-streaming audio device. It’s equipped with all the accessories required to install it on a helmet and needs only simple handiwork to get started. This simple device brings enough value to score high on the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list.

Features and Design

The Wingsport BTS3 Bluetooth helmet headphones include a simple Bluetooth module, speakers, and a microphone. Wingsport has supplied a helmet clip for mounting the Bluetooth module. This clip should be secured to the helmet’s side. An LED status light and four controls are aligned on a dial on the module. The multipurpose play/pause/call/answer button is one of them. Volume, track, and FM channel navigators are controlled by two up/down buttons. With gloves on, it’s possible to push the buttons, but it’s not really handy.

These helmet headphones allow up to three skiers to communicate at the same time. The intercom’s line of sight range is 1000 meters. We still achieve a range of 400-500m with skiing stints. These may automatically juggle this and the intercom if they are linked to the phone through Bluetooth. They include noise-cancelling technology built in, which reduces background noise and improves call quality at speeds up to 75 mph. You may redial a previous call or answer incoming calls automatically using the Bluetooth hands-free option.

The 3M adhesive may be used to adhere the speakers to the helmet liner. They’re around 10mm thick and fit inside most ski helmets comfortably. The boom mic protrudes from the module and may be positioned to capture the speaker’s voice effectively. The Bluetooth module also offers FM station search in the ultra-wide band region, in addition to standard audio playback. The battery has a 6 hour intercom or 8 hour talktime capacity. Apart from Bluetooth, it has a 2.5mm auxiliary connection for cable connectivity.


The Wingsport BTS3 Bluetooth ski helmet headphones provided excellent value for money. They provide great clarity in intercom and calls for their pricing. The people on the other end could plainly hear us, even though they knew it was coming from a Bluetooth device. Speed does have an effect on clarity. It becomes noticeably distorted over 75 mph.

We were more interested in their music streaming capabilities, which they did not disappoint us with. These headphones have excellent bass and a wide voice range. There’s no boominess or veil, which are common in headphones in this price range. Warm and clear are the lower frequencies. There’s no harshness or sibilance in the highs. The Bluetooth connection is quite robust, with just a little latency that is easily controllable.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Full-duplex intercom for three users
  • Bluetooth version 3.0
  • Audio clarity and loudness
  • Consistent results
  • Looks

7. Vnetphone V6 helmet headsets are a middle-of-the-road product which provides reliable audio Performance over a VNETPHONE V6 Helmet headsetgreat battery life. These are quality headphones that seamlessly combine intercom and music-playing abilities. They come as a package complete with speakers, clips and other mounts. They take a well-deserved route down to the best Bluetooth ski helmets list.

Features and Design

The Bluetooth module with intercom, a set of speakers, and a microphone are all included in the Vnetphone V6 skiing headphones. The Bluetooth module features all of the controls for 5 skiers, including play/pause, power, volume, and intercom. This comes with a clip that attaches to the helmet. It’s simple to set up, and we like to charge it while wearing the helmet. From this module, two speaker pads protrude. There’s a boom mouse that links to it immediately. They link to the module via a port at the structure’s bottom.

The intercom on these ski helmet headphones has a maximum range of 1200 meters. You may link up to 5 skiers at once and chat to one of them in full-duplex mode. The aforementioned buttons on the module may be used to contact the skiers who need to be talked to. To recognize each user button in the blind, you must remember its location. The intercom is capable of working at speeds of up to 75 mph. Wind noise suppression has been added to the microphone function. Because the module is weatherproof, you won’t have to worry about snow falling on it.

The V6 offers a 3.5mm jack for cable input in addition to Bluetooth connection. The battery lasts for 8 hours of conversation time on Bluetooth.


The continuous Performance of the Vnetphone V6 ski helmet headphones is outstanding. Once set up, the intercoms provide trustworthy communication capabilities, with modular yet clear talks taking place over the intercom. We obtain consistent audio throughout a decent range of non-line-of-sight distances. It could be operated without a hitch after it was attached.

The music Performance of these helmet speakers is significantly more articulate. While not as good as earphones, they do a good job with music. The low-end has a lot of oomph to it. The midrange is distinct and unaffected by bass. The highs are reasonable. Together, they accomplish all an intercom headset should do for the music, and then some.


  • The sound is clear and articulate.
  • Duplex between two people on a 5-user intercom.
  • Bluetooth and a 3.5mm jack are also available.
  • Battery life is adequate.
  • Durable


  • The first setup of an intercom system might be perplexing.

8. While helmet intercoms are dime a dozen, there are only a few headphones that are meant for music playback. The NikoMaku Helmet Headphones Nikomaku helmet headphones are one such system. This is an audio-only device meant simply to enjoy and revel in music. While it has a mic, the intercom ability is not coupled in the model we tested, albeit that option is also available. Their audio quality ultimately lands them right in the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list.

Features and Design

The NikoMaku ski helmet headphones are similar to the Chips 2.0, however they are much more compact. One of NikoMaku’s main selling points is the form factor. Despite the fact that the earpieces are Bluetooth-enabled, they are very thin, measuring just 0.27 inches in thickness. Wires link the two speaker parts, which are then connected to the helmet-mounted microphone. The mic and earpieces are held together using 54 Velcro strips. The mic has a super-flexible boom that allows it to move around freely.

These headphones utilize Bluetooth version 4.0 to connect wirelessly to playback source. This is unprecedented because most of these units use Bluetooth version 3.0. The latest version offer better detailing and battery economy. The battery of this unit lasts through 7 hours on a single charge. That’s plenty of life to ski for the day. Although battery life could have been better, it does have the advantage of getting charged in one hour.


The NikoMaku ski helmet headphones impressed us with their gusto and musicality. They get real loud when the situation demand. Skiing down through a throng of tourists, we could still hear our audio plenty clear. The range of volume is great and covered all our expectations for both some quiet time and hair-raising loudness.

These are backed up by solid bass with nice extension. The low-frequencies were not drowned out by the talk of other skiers. Even at modest levels, they sounded solid. The voices and guitars were clean and unaffected by the volume reduction. There was no static or roughness in the audio at all. It didn’t have much boominess at high levels, allowing us to clearly hear the singing.


  • Sound that is balanced
  • range of volume
  • Ear parts that aren’t too thick
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Battery life of 7 hours


  • Mic has a problem with wind noise.

9. The SCS ETC S Bluetooth ski helmet headphones are a new find from one of those lesser known companies. These SCS ETC S Bluetooth 4.1 Helmet HeadsetAffordable speakers are a complete package along with the Bluetooth module. They are good for listening to music and podcasts, provided you keep you audio ambitions in check. These take a practical turn into the best Bluetooth ski helmet headphones list.

Features and Design

The SCS ETC S Bluetooth speaker set contains the Bluetooth module, two linked speakers, a detachable mic, and all mounting and usage accessories. The Bluetooth module is mounted on the exterior of the helmet and is unlike any other we’ve seen. It surely has a low-key appearance. The buttons are also positioned with care and are conveniently accessible by touch. Because they’re so widely apart, pushing one instead of the other is less likely.

The speakers are hardwired to the module. They come with sponge pad projectors which project them closer to the ears for better range of volume. They can be attached using the Velcro pads provided in the pack. There’s a boom mic as well. It connects to the module via a micro USB jack. Additionally the module has a 2.5mm port for wired connection. In the wireless mode, it uses Bluetooth version 4.1 for connecting to the playback devices. The battery lasts through 8 hours on a single charge. There’s a separate intercom cable supplied with the pack.


For the price, the SCS ETC S Bluetooth ski helmet speaker exceeded expectations. Across genres, they had a respectable Performance. We put them to the test on a bassy tune that made skiing a lot of fun. We also listened to some nice jazz and rock. We were never let down. We didn’t judge them on the same criteria as the others since they were so inexpensive. We were just pleased to discover a set that avoids the boomy, muddy sound character that is typical of this price range.

Our expectations for the microphone were also exceeded. Over the background noise, the other person could plainly hear us. Another useful feature is that when you get a call, a voice alert announces the phone number.


  • Affordably priced
  • System that is fully functional
  • Bluetooth version 4.1 enabled
  • Performance on the microphone
  • When you call, your cell phone number is exposed.

10. The Esoku V6 BT ski helmet headphones are one of those high quality units that defy expectations from their price ESoku V6 BT Helmet Wireless Headphonesrange. This complete full-duplex set can support multi-user intercom for clear and crisp conversation. They also pull their weight around for some banging music. This lands them straight in the best Bluetooth ski helmet headpones list.

Features and Design

The Esoku V6 device comes with everything you need to get started. The Bluetooth module is in a usable state. This includes all front-facing buttons as well as the antenna on the rear. The buttons are separated apart, and the skier must remember where each one is located. For intercom, each of the six supported skiers has their own button. The module is attached to the helmet via a clip. For charging, the module may be detached from the clip. It is waterproof, therefore it will not be affected by light snowfall or snow spray.

The audio jack connects the speakers to the module. These are placed on the sides of the ears, where they may shoot straight into the ears. Each kit also includes a microphone with a flexible boom. The speakers within the helmet are connected by Velcro straps. These are Bluetooth-enabled and may be used to listen to music and make phone calls. After 5 seconds, the calls are picked up. Users may choose to hang up at any time. On a single charge, the battery may provide up to 8 hours of conversation time.

The intercom feature may accommodate up to 6 people, including full-duplex communication between two of them. The intercom range is a whopping 1200 meters.


From the first music we listened, the Esoku V6 device excelled its pricing. Even in the freezing temps, they produced excellent audio. The sound is well-balanced and organic. There’s lots of bass, which softly supports rather than drowns out the singing. Even with a lot of obstacles in the way, the intercom worked flawlessly in the 300-500 yard range, was reliable in the 500-800 yard range, and then started to turn iffy beyond that.


  • Audio that is clear and clean
  • With up to 6 users, this is a powerful intercom.
  • Two riders do a full duplex.
  • Battery life of 8 hours
  • Speakers that can be taken apart

11. The Rugged Radio ski helmet speakers are a simple pair of speakers and mic. The Bluetooth module is not includedRugged Radios HK-OFSP-M Off-Road Helmet speakers but they work with wireless modules too. They enable you to break free of the OEM speakers provided by many off-road Bluetooth modules to combine great sound with wireless capability. They run straight into the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list.

Features and Design

The Rugged Radio HKOFSPM ski set constitutes two speakers and a mic. These Clear-Hear speakers have speaker covers and are reasonably thick and soft. The way they are shaped, they sit flush into the ears and direct sound right into the canal. This way, the user can take benefit of the entire range of volume. The cover is also quite soft so it feels comfortable over long durations of use.

The microphone is likewise attached to the same mechanism. This is a completely flex boom mic that can be twisted in any direction to achieve the greatest sound quality. The microphone is shielded by a wind sock, which prevents wind noise from obscuring the speaker’s speech. This, together with the flexible boom, improves their Performance when participating in active activities such as skiing or off-roading. The duraseal design is included on this item. This prevents dirt or water from entering the intercom connection at the speaker cable’s ends.

Because they feature a Nexus jack, they may need an adaptor to connect to standard Bluetooth modules. Nonetheless, the work is well worth the result.


The Rugged Radio HKOFSPM ski helmet headphones were chosen because of their superior audio quality. We had as much fun listening to various genres with these speakers as we did with high-quality headphones. The bass is well-defined and robust. Even at low volumes, the low-end extension keeps it significant. Because the bass does not spill into the middle, the voices are crystal clear. The treble is crystal clear and sharp.


  • Natural and well-balanced sound
  • Bass with a lot of punch
  • Clear Performance on the microphone
  • Construction of high quality
  • Connector for the duraseal
  • Designed with off-roading in mind


  • The Nexus plug necessitates the use of an adaptor.

12. The VR robot helmet Bluetooth headset is a very handy design for those who want a quick install. Since it doesn’t VR-robot Helmet Bluetooth Headsethave a separate Bluetooth module. The wireless capability is built into the speaker pieces themselves. These get a free ride into the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list.

Features and Design

Two ear pieces are linked by a wire and a microphone is hooked to the VR robot headphones. Because the ear pieces are somewhat buff, we’d make sure they don’t cause any pressure points inside the helmet throughout lengthy periods of use. They are, nevertheless, comfortable and simple to position with the included Velcro straps. A flexible boom connects the mic to the right ear piece.

The playback controls rest near the tip of the mic. They are easily accessible with gloved hands. These include the power button and the volume navigation buttons. The power control is multifunctional, it also supports play/pause. This unit supports Bluetooth version 4.1 for wireless connectivity. The battery runs out of juice in 8 hours. And takes approximately an hour to charge to full capacity.


The VR robot headphones proved to be pretty robust for their price. They are durable which is great since they can pump out some quality sound. The audio signature is balanced and has plenty of punch even at high volumes. The Bluetooth connectivity is strong and operates drop-off-free. The maximum range of volume is limited but this can be construed as an advantage given skiers need to hear critical ambient sounds.


  • Very cost-effective
  • Audio is in good shape.
  • Strong Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Battery life of 8 hours
  • Earphones with Bluetooth built-in

13. The Meetou Bluetooth ski helmet headphones are another speaker and mic set. This quality unit has in-built Meetou Helmet Bluetooth HeadphonesBluetooth and work without the need of any external Bluetooth module. These super-Slim-fitting speakers bring the best out of these modules and shoot straight into the best Bluetooth ski helmet list.

Features and Design

Two speakers and a microphone are coupled together in the Meetou helmet headphones device. The strength of these speakers is that they manage to cram a lot of punch into such a small space. They only have a thickness of 0.27 inches. Despite this, they have all of the Bluetooth capability needed to send audio wirelessly from the playback device. They may be placed without the need of any clamps or mounts. Voice instructions will help you through the procedure.

This unit uses Bluetooth version 4.1 to connect wirelessly. The latest version offers better clarity and detailing. The mic has a hyper-flexible boom with volume button near the actual mic location. Along with the charging capability, this is pretty self-sufficient unit. The battery lasts through 6 hours on a single charge. While this is on the lower side, we can take the trade-off in return for the slim speaker form.


The Meetou Bluetooth ski helmet headphones offer up a great audio signature. They sound rich and dynamic even at low volumes. They also have plenty of clarity in the midrange and highs. They worked well with songs of different genres and molded their Performance accordingly. They also have a great range of volume so you can blast music, although we wouldn’t want to do that while skiing.


  • Bluetooth built-in
  • Slim-fitting speakers
  • Audio that is well-balanced and substantial
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Mic performs beautifully.

14. The EJEAS E1 ski helmet headphones are a pair of compact music-only unit.  They are a hassle-free set and channel EJEAS E1 Helmet Bluetooth 4.1 Headseta great sound signature for the audio. These are reliable and durable based on studying the feedback from the users. These are a great addition to the best Bluetooth ski helmet speakers list.

Features and Design

Two speakers are linked via a speaker cord in the EJEAS E1 ski helmet headphones. The main speaker is also equipped with a microphone. Although the ear pieces have Bluetooth built in, the speakers are small at 12mm. When appropriately positioned adjacent to the ears, they sit pleasantly. They come with special adhesives that let them to be aligned perfectly near the ears. They are conveniently transportable since the whole assembly weighs just 46.8g.

The mic is connected right to the speaker using a bendable boom. The mouthpiece has the volume buttons and the power button. There’s windshield provided with the pack, which reduces the impact and noise of wind on the mic. These contain a Bluetooth version 4.1 module that allows multipoint Bluetooth i.e., connect to two playback devices at a time.  There are voice prompts to guide the user through all the functionality. The battery lasts through 12 hours on a single charge.


On average, the EJEAS E1 ski helmet headphones operate well. They worked nicely with a variety of tunes. Some may not provide the same amount of clarity, so it’s a hit-or-miss situation. The quality-controlled ones, on the other hand, have done well in terms of pricing. They are reliable and long-lasting as a basic audio instrument.


  • Bluetooth built-in version 4.1
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Battery life is 12 hours.


  • Better quality control is required.

15. The LeaningTech wireless ski helmet headphones are an efficient buy for any skier who wants to keep the LeaningTech Wireless ski helmet headsetmusic on. While the communication capabilities are sufficient, these are built more towards playing audio. These have a great range of volume which earns them a well-deserving position in the best Bluetooth ski helmet headphones list.

Features and Design

The LeaningTech headphones are a simple device. They consist of a pair of Bluetooth speakers with a built-in boom mic. The speakers are 16mm thick and fit inside the helmet with a low profile. They feature soft-touch speaker coverings that rest on the ears. The wire that connects them is long enough to go around the back of your head.

The mics are mounted on a super-flexible boom. The mic rests on the end with playback buttons flanking it. They connect wirelessly through Bluetooth version 4.1. You can play music and also take calls from your phone. It has the call answer/reject and automatic call back facility. The battery lasts 8 hours on a single charge.


At their budget, the LeaningTech ski helmet speakers performed better than anticipated. They get rather loud when used for skiing. However, they may not be loud enough for motorbike riding. They drowned out a lot of background noise when on calls. As a result, those on the opposite side could easily hear us. They’re generally pure and free of any harshness or false boominess.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Speakers with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth version 4.1
  • Battery life of 8 hours

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