Since they first came out, Bluetooth speakers have been essential for our lives. They are portable, easy to connect, and can be used with just about anything- phones, tablets, computers- even TVs! So while we already know the best Bluetooth speakers available today (hint: it’s Bose SoundLink Revolve+), what will the world look like in 2022?

Bluetooth speakers are the luxury item that you only know you need after you have purchased one. Speakers open up music playback and enable you to converse with others while listening to music. There are numerous inexpensive Bluetooth speakers to select from, whether you are new to the Bluetooth speaker world or want to keep on a budget. However, it might be a complicated process. Don’t be concerned because we combed through a slew of them and compiled a list of the finest Bluetooth speakers under $100. These should keep your fund’s secure while also keeping your ears happy. Staying Happy with Pharrell Williams won’t cost you an arm and a leg any longer.

Bluetooth speakers vs. wired speakers: what’s the difference?

Top 15 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 In 2019 - Complete Guide

The age-old dilemma. The audiophiles will not let any amount of wirelessness desecrate the sanctity of wired speakers. Are they right in doing so? Only partly. Bluetooth speakers use Digital Signal Processing, which compresses the audio files for better Bluetooth transmission. If you are a casual music-lover with no idea of bass-this and treble-that, you are most likely to download MP3 audio files of 128 kbps bit rate.  These sound reasonably similar on wired and wireless speakers. A wired speaker may seem at par with a slightly pricier Bluetooth speaker, but the same audio experience is achievable.

When using larger bit rate audio files, such as 192 kbps, the performance disparity between wired and wireless speakers worsens. Music fans will avoid Bluetooth speakers with a ten-foot pole since their high-resolution music files will sound less appealing on them. However, the vast majority of us are just casual listeners. Check out some of the finest Bluetooth speakers under $100 if you value mobility or don’t have the room for a wire-nest.

Who manufactures the most excellent Bluetooth speakers for less than a hundred dollars?

In the market for Bluetooth speakers, there are a lot of options. JBL, Bose, UE, Anker, Jawbone, and others are all well-known brands. We also looked for younger or smaller manufacturers for budget-friendly Bluetooth speakers. Some of them are unique in design, battery life, or sound. Finally, we also looked into this relatively untapped talent for our best Bluetooth speakers under the $100 list.

What are the finest Bluetooth speakers for less than $100?

We discovered the truth. After performing extensive research, we chose 10 Bluetooth speakers that cost less than a hundred dollars and provide the best value for your money. They were chosen based on the following criteria:

Audio Quality: We place a high value on audio. It’s difficult to notice the difference between tiny speakers’ auditory replies. In such instances, we consider the minuscule differences in loudness and audio tracks. We looked at one of the variables below to see if they still sounded the same.Top 15 Best Bluetooth Speakers Under 100 In 2019 - Complete Guide

Value for money: If you’ve come this far, you probably want to make a wise investment. We covered a price range of up to USD 100. We concentrated on obtaining the most value for the money we paid for the Bluetooth speaker.

The mobility of a Bluetooth speaker is its key selling point. So we were looking for small speakers and light. We also looked at whether they might be linked to your baggage or carried in your pocket if you want to take your music with you.

While we simply require the Bluetooth speakers to listen to music, each button and additional function makes them more comfortable to use. We appreciate it, whether it’s a speakerphone, NFC functionality, or even a power bank.

In 2022, these were the top 15 best Bluetooth speakers.

1. JBL Flip 2

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The JBL Flip 2 is a suitable successor to the JBL Flip. JBL has succeeded in accomplishing the difficult feat of cramming enormous sound into such a tiny and economical container. The size of portable Bluetooth speakers is usually a constraint. The JBL Flip series, on the other hand, manages to get beyond these limitations. Aside from the mediocre battery life, the Flip 2 shines in every category, propelling it to the top of our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100. We would have chosen Flip3, but it cost more than $100. After all, this list aims to help you save money.

Design and Function

JBL Flip 2 wireless speaker has a celebrity-like appearance, particularly in black and white variants with delicate silver trim. It has a canister form, but the top and bottom faces are tilted. Because of this, we assumed that Flip 2 would not sit vertically, yet it did! The majority of the cylindrical body of this budget-friendly speaker is covered with a speaker grille. It is 7.5 inches tall and weighs 12.8 ounces. That’s what we refer to as portable.

A micro-USB charging connector is included on one side of the JBL Flip 2 portable Bluetooth speaker. This is a much-desired update over the Flip, which came with a proprietary charger. In addition, there’s an auxiliary 3.5mm input adjacent to it in wired mode for connecting playback devices. The power, Bluetooth pairing, call, and volume controls are all located on the top face of this speaker. Unfortunately, the rules for play/pause and track navigation are visibly lacking. However, most people won’t mind since Bluetooth products are designed to be managed from a distance.

On this wireless speaker under $100, wireless communication is provided using Bluetooth pairing and NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC, or Near Field Communication, is a wireless data-streaming system similar to Bluetooth. You can quickly link two NFC-enabled devices by simply tapping them together. Unfortunately, the Flip 2 only gets 5 hours of battery life per charge on moderate levels. This is far less than the industry average of 8 hours, which even the most inexpensive speakers can give. This speaker comes with a solid can-like zipped bag and an excellent wall charger to make up for it. When linked to your phone or computer, it also contains an inbuilt noise-canceling microphone for taking calls. On both sides, the sound is articulately transferred. Because the Anker A3143 lacks a Speakerphone, it lost some marks.


The sound quality of the JBL Flip 2 portable wireless speaker is excellent. It comes with two 6W amps and a bass port. They work together to produce loud sounds for their size. It has a powerful bass that isn’t overpowering. It’s tight, and the Harman brand’s quality shows through. The Boom series of UE speakers have more excellent bass, but they are more pricey.

This Bluetooth speaker’s essential masterpiece is its midrange. It has a forward-thinking tone to it. With a deep bass backdrop, the vocals are clear and seamless. A comparable increase is seen in the treble. At maximum volume, it might sound a little harsh. However, the bass sounds calm in comparison to these two aspects. This portable Bluetooth speaker would sound too sculpted if it were amplified. As a result, we accept the deal. Flip 2’s audio is also elegant. It reacts nicely to intricate tunes.

Because of its improved power handling capabilities, the Flip 2 sounds a bit louder and better than the original Flip. Because of its 45mm drivers, the JBL Charge 2+ provides a fuller sound than both. However, it is much heavier and more prominent. Flip 2 destroys other speakers in the same price range, including the UE Mini Boom.


  • The sound is loud and rich.
  • Warm, forward midrange
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Stylish appearances
  • It comes with a noise-canceling Speakerphone.


  • Battery life is just 5 hours.

2. JBL Flip4

JBL Flip 4 Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

JBL Flip4 Bluetooth speaker has taken the market by storm. Even though it doesn’t make many under-the-hood changes, the overall quality trumps most competition in the same price range. The design is more durable and ready for the outdoors than the predecessor, Flip3. The lively colors and the ability to flip the orientation only make it more party-ready. It sings right to the best Bluetooth speaker under the $100 list.

Design and Functions

The JBL Flip4 Bluetooth speaker is mainly similar to the Flip 3. The Flip 4 is also a cylindrical construction with mesh covering most of its body. It is slightly bigger, with a height of 6.89 inches and a circumference of 2.76 inches. The Flip3 has a screen size of just 6.3 inches. The primary alteration is less noticeable. The mesh that surrounds the speaker is more densely woven than in prior generations.

As a consequence, the Flip4 is now water-resistant to IPX7 standards. This implies it can be submerged in water for up to 30 minutes at a maximum depth of 1 meter. We’ve brought it to the pool, but we’ve never attempted to take it into the water. In contrast to the metal body of the Bose SoundLink Mini II speaker, the mesh is also an effective shock absorber.

This may use this inexpensive Bluetooth speaker horizontally or vertically. It’s best to keep it horizontal since it has a flexible spine that keeps it steady. The major playback controls for this speaker are located just above this strip. A triangle play button, volume controls, and a dedicated Bluetooth connection button are all included. It’s possible to go to the next track by double-tapping the Play button, but there’s no way to return. A carabiner hook is included for hanging the speaker from a tag. The power button, the JBL Connect+ button, and a recessed region protected by a water-tight silicone cap are located along the spine. The charging micro-USB port and the 3.5mm aux input are hidden below the final one. The JBL Connect+ lets you broadcast music to up to 100 additional Flip4 speakers at once.

The Flip4 can connect to the internet through Bluetooth v4.0 in low-energy mode, saving battery life. It can link with two devices at once and prioritize playback. The wifi range is 30 feet, but we were pleasantly delighted to find that it stayed connected even when there were walls between us and it. It may use the 3.5mm aux input to connect additional devices to the speaker. The battery lasts for 12 hours on a single charge.


JBL Flip4’s sonic characteristic is nearly identical to that of its predecessor. The bass is a significant improvement. The Flip3 concentrated on the mids, which is fantastic in and of itself. Flip4, on the other hand, offers somewhat more bass punch and definition. On both ends of the body, there are linked bass ports. However, it is not a bass cannon like the UE Wonderboom. Flip4 is better ideal for outdoor music playing since the audio has greater substance. The purity and musicality of the mids are similar to the previous generation. The vocals are pretty precise and alive, and the guitars are rather dynamic.

The treble is powerful and has a bit of a bite to it. This also has an effect on the upper midsection. However, this turned out to be a plus since it guarantees that the music cuts through the background noise outside. Flip4 features a well-balanced stereo sound with enough bass. The loudness range is ideal for use in noisy environments.


  • Detailed mids and a well-balanced tone
  • IPX7 water and dust resistance
  • The Bluetooth connection is strong
  • Mic


  • Bass might be more powerful.
  • Backward compatibility is not available with JBL Connect+.

3. UE Wonderboom 

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Waterproof Super Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker is aptly named. Once you hear it, you will be forced to shake your head in wonder that such a small package can create such a ruckus. And we mean it in a good way too. This floating speaker is perfect for pool parties and makes up with some killer bass. It competes for neck-to-neck with the JBL Flip4 which is slightly more balanced. Otherwise, Wonderboom is a top choice for the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker is a smaller version of the Flip4 Bluetooth speaker. We thought the plump figure was cute, however, it’s more difficult to pack for the trip. It has a height of 5.24 inches and a diameter of 4.6 inches. It is barely 0.94 pounds in weight. As it approaches the margins, the girth narrows. Mesh totally covers it on the sides. It has IPX7 water and dust resistance due to the close spacing. On the grille itself, there are huge volume controls labeled + and –. On the upper side of the logo is a multipurpose button that enables you to play/pause and skip music. The absence of further controls, such as a Bluetooth connection button and a 3.5mm aux input, left us perplexed. But we can’t complain about the pricing.

This low-cost Bluetooth speaker uses Bluetooth v4.0 to connect wirelessly. The line-of-sight wireless range is 100 feet. It still holds up to 60 feet with some barriers in between. The battery is rated to last 10 hours on a single charge. The speaker can float in water if it falls in, however, unlike the UE Roll2, which comes with a floatie, it cannot play music when submerged. The Wonderboom’s body is shockproof, and it can withstand falls of up to 5 feet. A loop at the top allows it to be hung from the shower. A water-resistant silicone tab conceals the micro-USB.

You can link two Wonderboom speakers and duplicate the music, thanks to UE. The versatile UE logo on top of the speaker may be used for this. Because it lacks a microphone, you won’t be able to use it to make hands-free calls.


The UE Wonderboom Bluetooth speaker packs a punch in terms of sound quality. It has a broad, rich sound that is ideal for outdoor use. The bass is strong and well-defined. It has the panache that Flip4 lacks when it comes to bass-heavy genres. However, at greater levels, Wonderboom’s audio suffers from some distortion, which isn’t an issue with Flip4. The midrange benefits from the bass’s weight. However, it lacks the clarity and crispness of the bass-light JBL Flip4.

The higher mids and treble of this UE Bluetooth speaker are smoother than the Flip4. This makes them less taxing on the hearing while listening inside. One disadvantage is that when two Wonderbooms are paired, they just exchange music. As a result, they can’t be used as the left and right speakers in a stereo set.


  • For a bit of size, there is a big sound.
  • The intuitive operation
  • IPX7 floats on water
  • Good bass and a well-balanced sound
  • Range of 100 ft

4. Echo 2nd gen

Echo (2nd Generation) – Speaker with intelligence with Alexa

The Echo 2nd gen is a smart Bluetooth speaker. Your home assistant uses the powerful Amazon Alexa to manage your home. Having this functionality itself trumps most other competitors in this price range. Even better is that it’s affordable and has an elegant design. As a result, this Speaker with intelligence takes a well-deserved place in the best Bluetooth speakers under the $100 list.

Design and Functions

The Echo 2nd generation Bluetooth speaker is much smaller than its predecessor. It has a height of 5.8 inches and a diameter of 3.4 inches. This cylinder’s sides are entirely covered with speaker mesh. This may now swap out this interchangeable mesh shell for a different color. Up/down buttons, mute, and setup buttons are located on the top side. You can set up and begin utilizing this gadget via the Alexa app with no effort. It may use Alexa’s voice commands to search the internet or operate intelligent devices in your house.

The Drop-ins and Alexa Routines capability are the two critical improvements of this Bluetooth speaker over the original. You may use Alexa Routines to build a custom phrase that performs various tasks. For example, saying “Goodnight, Alexa” will lock the doors, turn out the light, and turn on the nightlight. You can check in with other people’s devices using the drop-in function. In addition, speech recognition has been enhanced. As a result, Alexa picks up your voice instructions even better in noisy environments.

You can wirelessly save music on this inexpensive Bluetooth speaker using both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s not an outside speaker since a cable powers it. Instead, it contains a 3.5mm output connector that may be used to connect a more prominent external speaker if necessary. Echo 2nds gen comes in a variety of hues that complement a variety of interiors. You may listen to music straight from Amazon Prime or Spotify if you have a membership. There aren’t many differences between the Echo2 and the Echo 1st generation; thus, there’s little need to upgrade. On the other hand, it is less expensive than the first-generation Echo.


On the surface, the Echo 2nd gen Bluetooth speaker improves on the original by adding Dolby processing. However, the audio stays primarily unchanged. A 2.5-inch woofer and a 0.6-inch tweeter are included. The bass is in harmony with the mids and highs. As a result, Echo 2 is gentler on the lower registers than the original Echo. This is ideal for interior use since the sound bounces off the walls. The midrange is free of blemishes. The vocals are also plainly audible. It lacks the melody of Flip4, but with all of the other capabilities, a casual listener will be delighted.

The treble is a little brighter than the original Echo’s. This improves Alexa’s audibility in noisy environments. It’s also not very irritating with the music, which is more lively than the Echo version.


  • Speaker with intelligence
  • Alexa-integrated
  • Streaming through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Drop-ins and Alexa Routines

5. Sony XB10 

Sony XB10 Portable Wireless Speaker with Bluetooth

The Sony XB10 Bluetooth speaker is an excellent investment for the price. The long battery life trumps Flip4 and Wonderboom. The audio is packed with a punch for the size, given this is the smallest of Sony’s offerings. It also boasts mic and stereo pairing features. This mono unit makes a beeline for the best Bluetooth speaker under the $100 list.

Design and Functions

The Sony XB10 Bluetooth speaker is a stubby speaker with a small length. Its speaker grille is at the top, unlike the Wonderboom, which has a similar form. The sides have a nice matte silicone texture on them. The hollow bottom half has little cutouts. This permits air to circulate via the bottom bass radiator. A control strip runs the length of the bottom panel. Simple playback controls and a button for combining two XB10s in a stereo system are included. It may be set up as a stereo pair only by pressing this button; no software is necessary. There’s a USB charging port and a 3.5mm aux input for a wired connection near the controls. A silicone cover keeps them in place. There is also a reset button.

This low-cost Bluetooth speaker supports both Bluetooth and NFC. It joins in a flash and maintains a strong connection for up to 30 feet. On moderate levels, the battery life is rated at 16 hours. The XB10 is IPX5-rated, which means it can withstand mild water splashes. It comes with a unique feature: a chain with an oval loop for hanging it. This challenging loop also serves as support when you wish to set the speaker horizontally. It also features a built-in Speakerphone for taking calls, which is a feature that the Wonderboom lacks. It comes in six hues, ranging from a soft white to a bright yellow.


The Sony XB10 Bluetooth speaker offers good value for money with excellent audio. It has remarkably clean and articulate mids for its pricing. The vocals and guitars have a deep tone, and the bass is well-supported. Although the bass has a powerful presence, it is never overpowering. It features a powerful assault and quick movement, ideal for playing complex bass-heavy tunes. Although the bass distorts at greater levels, it toes the line up to 70% loudness. The more giant speakers, such as the Flip4 and Wonderboom, may seem filler, but the XB10 has a distinct sound character that suits all genres.

Its mono nature restricts it, but the opportunity to change to a stereo pair appears quite appealing for the price.


  • Audio that is complete and balanced
  • It’s possible to connect them for stereo audio.
  • horizontal stand-cum-tag horizontal stand-cum-tag horizontal stand-cum-tag horizontal stand-
  • Battery life of 16 hours
  • NFC is supported.


  • At high volumes, the bass distorts.

6. Sony SRSX11 

Sony SRSX11 Ultra-Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Sony SRSX11 Bluetooth speaker is a little dynamite in its own right. This is the most portable unit we have seen at its price. Sony created a beautiful design that we love to flaunt. It’s also durable, with controls placed in all the right places. The audio sounds big for the price, and Sony makes maximum use of the available real estate. This ends up straight in the best Bluetooth speaker under the $100 list.

Design and Functions

The Sony SRSX11 Bluetooth speaker is a tiny cube weighing only 7.6 ounces. That’s a lot lighter than the majority of headphones. The majority of the components are made of high-quality plastic. It has a relatively modest footprint since each side is 2.4 inches long. The speaker grille covers at least three sides, with the remainder having a smooth, soft surface similar to a silicone casing. To inspect the drivers within, the speaker grilles may be removed. The rounded edges prevent snagging on clothing or other objects. This unit comes in a variety of hues and color combinations, including cerulean blue.

The major four controls are located on the upper side of this inexpensive speaker. A power button that also serves as a Bluetooth connection button is included. The volume up/down controls are on the left, while the call button is on the right. There’s a mic on board so you may make calls hands-free with this speaker. For the price, the call quality is adequate. The ports and less-used controls are located on the rear of the speaker. For wired connection with the playback device, you have a 3.5mm aux port. There’s also a charging port. You’ll see a reset button as well as an Add button. You may link two SRSX11s and construct a stereo system using the Add button. Without any obstructions, the Bluetooth range extends to 30 feet. The speaker comes with a strong Strap made of silicone that may be used to hang it in the shower or wherever. For this purpose, the status LEDs are neatly located at the bottom edge. The battery lasts 12 hours on a single charge.


The Sony SRSX11 Bluetooth speaker has a power output of 10 watts. The midrange is the speaker’s best strength since it is a compact speaker. For the price, it is clear and informative. We performed symphonic music, and the SRSX11 handled it well. The bass is powerful, although it distorts at high levels. This is a problem with most smaller wireless speakers, but Sony has done all it can to address it. For EDM and Techno tunes, we do not suggest them. We liked it because of the quiet music that didn’t have a lot of basses. The highs are never sibilant and are always smooth.


  • Compact and small
  • Speakerphone
  • Strap made of silicone
  • Mids in music


  • At high volumes, the bass distorts.

7. Anker SoundCore

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

For a long time, Anker has been battling it out with the best speakers on the market. On e-commerce platforms, the less discriminating customers flock toward their clever prices. In the end, they receive extraordinary audio and indestructible battery life. To keep costs low, Anker foregoes accessories. However, we don’t mind since they employ standard hardware that is readily accessible. The Anker SoundCore is so stylish that it quickly makes our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speaker offers the most understated design of any speaker in this price range. To attract attention, most low-cost speakers aim to seem fashionable. This one is basic, cuboidal, and black. The speaker grille is located on the front face. On the upper side, the button array is embossed. Volume controls, a power button, pairing, and a multifunction button are among them. The final one is responsible for the Play/Pause/Skip/Call response functionalities. An auxiliary connector and a micro-USB charging port are located on one speaker’s side.

The Anker wireless speaker is 12.5 ounces in weight. Its physical stress resistance is due to the plastic coating surrounding its sides. It just comes with a USB charging wire. You must get your wall charger. You’ll be guided through the matching process by a disembodied voice. On the SoundCore, there’s an in-built microphone for taking calls.

This Bluetooth speaker has accessible wireless communication. Bluetooth 4.0 is used, having a range of 66 feet. This range will be reduced if additional barriers exist between the speaker and the playback device. In a typical living area, the number is closer to 40 feet. The battery lasts a remarkable 24 hours on a single charge! That’s about five times the price of the JBL Flip 2. It’s also possible to play it while it’s charging. As a result, you’ll never be cut off from your music again.


The strength of Anker SoundCore is its flat natural response. After the 100Hz mark, the bass begins to emerge. Compared to its more expensive twin, the Anker A3143, it sounds hollow. In speakers this large, it’s usually tough to place the bass on a pedestal. SoundCore, on the other hand, goes above and beyond what its size asks. At high levels, there was no bass distortion.

On this Bluetooth speaker, the midrange and highs sound great. Despite having more excellent bass, A3143 said muffled and indistinct overall compared to SoundCore. In higher frequencies, the latter sounded smooth and crisp. Treble was significantly more prominent in SoundCore than it was in the A3143.

The detailing isn’t as lovely as it is on the JBL Flip 2 and JBL Charge 2 +. JBL, on the other hand, has a wealth of expertise to back them up. As a result, Anker is a good choice for casual listeners. The JBL Charge 2+ is a good option if you have a more refined musical taste and want your symphonic songs to sound flowing. The SoundCore wireless speaker’s pleasant, open audio readily fills a mid-sized space. The JBL Flip 2 is a little louder and has more bass presence.


  • Battery life is 24 hours.
  • Bluetooth range of 66 feet
  • The middle and highs, in particular, provide a rich tone.
  • There is a speakerphone.
  • Portable and compact


  • Lower frequencies provide a leaner bass.

8. JBL Charge 2+

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The JBL Charge 2+ Splashproof Bluetooth speaker is stuck in the midst of two generations. However, as soon as you turn it on, it grows into a true skill. Charge 2+’s rich, deep audio is enticing. It puts many more expensive speakers, such as the UE Boom, to shame. The cost is increased size and weight. It also costs less than many of the other speakers on our list. Its outstanding performance makes it a worthy addition to our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The Charge 2+ wireless speaker, like the JBL Charge 3, has a can-like appearance. This one, in our view, has a more conservative appearance. Charge 2+ comes in a variety of colorful hues. It has a height of 8.5 inches and a weight of 21 ounces. It weighs almost twice as much as the JBL Flip 2. It’s still transportable, but you’ll be conscious of the weight. It has a micro-USB port, an aux input, and a USB-out port strategically placed on it.

A speaker grille covers the cylindrical body of the Charge 2+ Bluetooth speaker. On one side, a panel runs down and holds the button array. The volume buttons, Bluetooth pairing button, power button, and call/Play/Pause/Skip button are all included. There is also a separate button for ‘Social Mode.’ This button allows you to connect three devices to a single Charge 2+ speaker and play music in rotation. The one who clicks the Play button gets first priority. Under the buttons is a battery-life indication LED strip. It’s easy to leave the playback device behind when all the buttons are on board. The lack of a simple Play/Pause button on Flip 2 puts it at a disadvantage here.

The JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth speaker can also serve as a power bank with a capacity of 6000 mAh. The USB-out connection may be used to access this capability. It has a battery life of 12 hours on a single charge. It’s also splash-proof, so you can wear it in the shower but not submerge it. It also has a speakerphone for taking calls while on the road.


The amazing audio of the JBL Charge 2+ Bluetooth should be worth much more. It is equipped with two 7.5W drivers. That translates to a 15W power handling capacity. Although the UE Boom can go a bit louder, the Charge 2+ has actual bass movement. Bass ports may be found on both sides of this speaker. And you can see them turning up the volume on the bass. It doesn’t get into the middle range. The bass is well-controlled and gives Charge 2+ an unmistakable punch.

The higher frequencies sound exactly as good as the lower ones. The overall sound is smooth and balanced. The robust bass undercurrent helps the midrange a lot. It gives classical music a new depth. The bass boost, on the other hand, maybe audible to audio purists. Even the enhanced Charge 3 wireless speaker, however, cannot match the acoustic control of the Charge 2+ wireless speaker.


  • The sound is warm, powerful, and enjoyable.
  • Splash-proof and long-lasting
  • It serves as a power source.
  • It’s possible to link up to three devices at once.


  • Flip 2 is heavier.
  • The charging ports are exposed and might be harmed.

9. Jawbone Mini Jambox

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The Mini Jambox embodies Jawbone’s pioneering work in the field of Bluetooth speakers. It’s a whirlpool of possibility. This speaker’s striking appearance, which came in a variety of shiny hues, became something of a fashion statement. It got even more brownie points for being able to play amazingly good audio for its size. Music lovers on a budget may now enjoy these quality speakers since their costs have fallen. It makes our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The Jawbone Mini Jambox is a 6-inch long, 2.2-inch thick box. It is barely 9 ounces in weight. It’s the most delicate of the bunch. It may be carried in your pocket or stuffed inside your handbag. When you go camping and want your music to accompany you, it may be a terrific friend. Its body is made of a single piece of Aluminum, despite the fact that it is feather-light. The speaker used to come in eight different colors. Except for black, all colors seem to be out of stock, however, they are still available online.

The Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker’s standout feature is its grille design. Its style is defined by the strong pattern. This speaker comes in a variety of colors and designs. It’s the pinnacle of speaker design. On the top, there are three buttons: volume, play/pause, and power. The power and Bluetooth connection controls, as well as the charging and aux connectors, are located on the side. The Bluetooth connecting button may be used to exchange music between two Mini Jamboxes. Siri or S-Voice is also activated by pressing the Play button.

The live audio function is a nice feature that all Jambox Bluetooth speakers offer. This unique technique expands the soundstage and increases the dynamic range of the sound. There’s also a Jawbone app that can expand the Mini Jambox’s already impressive capabilities.

This wireless speaker’s battery lasts for 10 hours on a single charge. When the playback device disconnects or shuts down, it features an auto power-down feature. When Bluetooth devices are turned on, it automatically connects with them. It also offers a speakerphone for when you need to make a quick call.


The sound quality of the Mini Jambox Bluetooth speaker is excellent, despite its small size. Because of the diminutive size, the loudness and bass capabilities are limited. However, it overcomes numerous obstacles and sounds better than many larger speakers, particularly given its present price. The bass is a bit bigger than its proportions suggest. It corresponds to the lower register need of the majority of individuals. To get the most out of its bass performance, put it in a corner.

With accentuated voices, the midrange is easily handled. Mini Jambox, in our opinion, is the greatest at playing acoustic music. This wireless speaker can’t compete with the JBL Flip 2 or Charge 2+ in terms of volume. It also won’t sound as full-bodied. The live audio mode only has an impact on the songs that have been encoded for it. In these tracks, though, you can see the digital voodoo taking form. The sound may be made to sound like it’s coming from a massive home theater speaker using live audio. It’s immersive, although the audio is softer than normal.


  • Stylish and ultra-portable design
  • Audio that is well-balanced and has good bass.
  • It’s possible to utilize it to reflect audio from other speakers.
  • Battery life of 10 hours


  • It’s not that loud.
  • Other hues have been phased out.

10. TDK Trek Max A34

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The TDK Life on Record Trek Max A34 Bluetooth speaker is well-balanced in terms of its functionality. There isn’t a single thing about it that you can criticize. You have the impression that you are nitpicking. A34 is a straightforward music machine with a pleasant tone. Although it won’t be seen on the runways of Paris Fashion Week, we appreciated the beautiful cut. It has all of the playback controls onboard. The battery life is adequate, as is the Bluetooth performance. This speaker is just too good to be left off our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The TDK Trek Max A34 wireless speaker’s simple design and curving edges deliver a punch. This 3-pound box is 9.5 inches long and is 2 inches thick. On the plus side, it is quite long-lasting. It’s also dust and splash-proof, with an IP6 rating. Water splashing with panache is required, but do not toss it in the pool. It’ll sink and perish far quicker than Jack’s grip on Rose. The only decoration on an all-black face is a metallic medallion in the middle with the company name.

The A34 is a low-cost wireless speaker with controls on the top. It contains volume controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and call controls in addition to the additional power button. The playback buttons are on the right-hand side. Separate Play/Pause and track navigation buttons are included. Yay! This is something JBL Flip 2 failed to notice. The power port, USB-out connector, 3.5mm auxiliary port, and master power button are all housed in a closed hatch on the side of the A34 speaker. Even if water spills on A34, the flap keeps these ports dry.

This Bluetooth speaker has an 8-hour battery life on a single charge. Instead of using micro-USB, it uses a proprietary charger. In an emergency, the USB-out connector may be used to charge a smartphone. It also comes with a speakerphone for taking calls. Your voice will transmit properly if you are near to the speaker; otherwise, it will not. In a 33-foot range, this speaker supports both Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. You may tap to connect your smartphone quicker using NFC.


The easiest way to get the most out of Bluetooth speakers like the TDK Trek Max A34 is to place them near reflecting surfaces. It has a pleasant tone to it. With two drivers and a subwoofer, it works well. It may not have the same level of sophistication as the cutting-edge Bose SoundLink Mini 2, but it’s getting there. The A34 is a small upgrade over its predecessor, the A33.

The trip Max A34 wireless speaker sounds incredibly loud due to its size. It has the power to light up a medium- to large-sized space. The bass has a punch to it that smaller speakers like the Mini Jambox don’t have. To provide the bass frequencies, A34 takes full use of its capabilities. Mids have a little thrust to them and are noticeable. Vocals, guitars, sax, and other instruments have a liquid aspect to them. Only Treble has the potential to make amends. At high volumes, it becomes grating. It’s possible that this is due to a lack of refinement at these frequencies.


  • A sound that is well-balanced and has a lot of bottoms.
  • It also functions as a battery bank.
  • Bluetooth and NFC are included.
  • There are distinct track skip buttons.


  • Heavy
  • At high levels, the treble becomes sibilant.

11. UE Mini Boom

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The UE Mini Boom wireless speaker barely makes the top Bluetooth speakers under $100 list in terms of price. However, most websites are offering discounts. It benefits from UE’s acoustic engineering. The Megaboom and Boom 2 are two of UE’s most impressive speakers. Mini Boom has comparable acoustic capabilities, although its size limits them significantly. There are traces of the psychedelic hues that decorate UE Roll 2 and Boom. UE’s support for companion apps makes a big difference in how well it works. We’d be too conservative if we didn’t include it in our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker comes in a simple box. It’s not as slim as the Mini Jambox. It has a boxy appearance, but its curved edges save it. It reminds us of certain vintage radios, now that we think about it. Its three dimensions are 4.4″ x 2.6″ x 2.2″ and it weighs 10.6 ounces. As you can see from the measurements, it’s quite portable. However, when it came time to pack our belongings, we didn’t like how we had to organize them. Its rubberized exterior makes it shock resistant.

UE thinks that Bluetooth speakers should provide the bare minimum of controls. On the top face of the Mini Boom, there are just three large buttons. Bluetooth pairing and loudness are controlled by these buttons. The micro-USB charging connector, power button, and auxiliary 3.5mm input are all located on the rear side. It’s a shame that the auxiliary cable isn’t included in the real pricing.

If available, the Mini Boom wireless speaker can connect to playback devices through Bluetooth and NFC. The Bluetooth connection has a 50-foot range. As you build more barriers between them, it becomes smaller. However, the strength of the connection is still amazing since it does not drop often. The battery lasts for 10 hours on a single charge until it dies. You may download their companion app to regulate the speaker’s behavior totally. You may use it to produce a stereo pair and it features a battery progress bar.

The UE Mini Boom comes in four different color schemes: all-black, orange/white, black/red, and purple/green. Once we grew acclimated to it, we began to appreciate its appearance more.


The audio output of the UE Mini Boom Bluetooth speaker is created by two 1.5-inch drivers and a 3-inch subwoofer. It’s tough to have a lot of oomph in the acoustic response because of its size. Mini Boom performs an excellent job of overcoming its physical limitations in order to generate a rich and booming sound. It’s loud enough to fill a medium-sized room. It can reach 90 decibels, but the Mini Jambox can only reach 80 decibels.

For its small size, the bass output of this inexpensive Bluetooth speaker is impressive. The midrange is very clean and energetic. Only the higher frequencies have a little haze to them. In the Mini Boom, the treble detailing has to be improved. The spatial cues on one of them are scarcely discernible, despite the fact that it is stereo. For further instrument separation, you may combine two Mini Booms using their software to form a stereo pair.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • For its small, it can be rather loud.
  • The Bass and midrange are excellent.
  • It comes with a helpful companion app.


  • Treble is devoid of specifics.
  • Onboard controls are fewer.

12. Braven BRV-1 

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth speaker is primarily an outdoor speaker. It’s tough and water-resistant. It has the appearance of a tank. Lower registers are not its strong suit, as they are for any compact speakers. Despite the small limitations, it still produces good sounds. Some of the hues make you smile. It may also be used as a power bank, making you happy. It would be a fantastic investment if its price dropped even a little. Nonetheless, it earns a spot on our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

On the machismo surface, the Braven BRV-1 Bluetooth speaker looks a lot like the UE Mini Boom. The speaker’s curves have been ribbed for greater grip. The speaker grille covers the front face. With the cap screwed on, the backside resembles a camera focus. It seems to be hefty, yet it barely weighs 12 ounces. It measures 4.7 inches in length, 3.25 inches in width, and 2.25 inches in depth. The bottom of the speaker includes little feet to make it sturdy on any surface. A cover protects the micro-USB port, USB-out connector, and power button on the rear of the BRV-1 wireless speaker. Underneath it, a battery-indicating LED strip runs.

The IPX7 rating of the BRV-1 portable speaker is impressive. It can thus be buried in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes. So you can take it to the beach, on hikes, or on camping vacations without worrying about it dying too soon. It features a speakerphone for making and receiving phone calls. The top face has buttons along with the corners. Volume up/down, power, and play/pause/call buttons are all included. The track navigation buttons are also used as volume controls.

This Braven Bluetooth speaker has 12-hour internal battery life. The USB-out connector allows you to charge another device, such as a smartphone or a portable MP3 player, using the 1400mAh internal power bank. It isn’t much, but it will suffice in an emergency. It works nicely within a 33-foot Bluetooth range.


In Bluetooth speakers, volume is important, and the Braven BRV-1 does not disappoint. It can reach a maximum volume of 80 decibels, which is enough to fill a medium-sized room. At its maximum level, the UE Mini Boom maybe even louder. The BRV-1 can handle 6 watts of electricity. It’s not awful for such a little speaker. It doesn’t have a lot of stereo separation, as you would imagine. The bass is lively and well-played. It has a strong presence wherever it is needed.

This wireless speaker’s midrange provided improved clarity. Slower acoustic tunes did very well. The more difficult ones threw BRV-1 for a loop. We didn’t find the treble to be very unpleasant. Overall, the BRV-1 is a good choice for a casual music listener. Music enthusiasts who can distinguish between bass and treble may find consolation in the compromise between mobility and durability. It is a solid performance at its present pricing.


  • Waterproof and dustproof to IPX7 standards
  • It’s shockproof thanks to the rubber casing.
  • Speakerphone capability and a battery bank
  • The sound is well-balanced.
  • Easily transportable


  • Details in the treble range might be improved.

13. Logitech X100 

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker is the smallest and least expensive on our list. This is a simple contraption that looks like a shower speaker. To keep costs low, it just provides the bare minimum of necessities. It does all of these functions well. It’s also quite lightweight and portable. When you get it out and crank up the music, the cheerful colors brighten your day. Such a fortunate product earns a spot on our list of the finest Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The wireless speaker Logitech X100 is about the size of a small pie. It also comes in a variety of mouthwatering hues. Green, blue/orange, burgundy/red, grey, and blue/yellow are among them. With its spherical front and artistically decorated speaker grille, each specimen will brighten your day. All of the buttons are on the side of the device. Volume Up and Down, Power, and Bluetooth connection are the four buttons. You may also use the volume controls to go to the next track or go one track backward. In comparison to comparably priced speakers, Logitech’s quality shows through in the X100’s graceful curve.

The circular face of this Logitech cheap wireless speaker is 3.3 inches in diameter and 1.5 inches thick. It’s just 5.6 ounces in weight. You may carry it in your handbag or backpack everywhere you go. The top of the speaker has a loop that may be used to hang it. A wrist and back cord are included. We found the X100 to be quite sturdy, despite its low weight. With a slight fall, it did not knock out of senses.

The speakerphone is the sole added feature, and it works nicely. A 3.5mm auxiliary connector is also included. In wired mode, this may be used to connect a playback device such as a smartphone, MP3 player, or laptop. Within 30 feet, Bluetooth communication is good. The Lithium-ion battery in this portable speaker may last up to 5 hours on a single charge. The charging is done using a typical micro-USB charger.


We tried to keep our expectations reasonable since the Logitech X100 Bluetooth speaker is tiny and cute. We didn’t want to despise the minor detail. We didn’t have to do it. Considering its small size, the X100 performed well. We weren’t expecting much bass. It did all it could to create as much as it could. It did a fantastic job with the more straightforward tunes. We predicted that the songs with a lot of basses would sound empty.

We were delighted by how well the music was handled by this wireless speaker, especially in the middle and highs. At high volumes, there was no sibilance. When smaller speakers approach greater levels, they tend to get distorted. The X100, on the other hand, did not have this problem. As a result, we thought the Logitech speaker was a good value for the money. Only a few speakers, such as the Anker SoundCore Sport, are similar. However, they all sound almost identical. The difference is in the device’s distortion and dependability. On both counts, the X100 comes out on top.


  • It is tiny and light.
  • There is a speakerphone. capability
  • There is a 3.5mm auxiliary input on the device.
  • Audio that is clear and devoid of distortion
  • Colors that stand out


  • It is neither waterproof nor dustproof.

14. Philips BT3500B

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

The Philips BT3500B portable Bluetooth speaker is a valuable device that is twice the size of the BT2500. It has a significantly better audio response than many speakers in the same price range, even some that are slightly more expensive. The sleek appearance and unusual volume button appealed to us. Minor architectural elements enhance its capacity. It contains all of the essential features. However, it concentrates on providing you with pure sound quality. We loved this flat speaker so much that we included it in our list of the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

The Philips BT3500 wireless speaker is a purse-like accessory 7.91 inches long and 1.37 inches thick. You may not identify it as a speaker if you saw it with a lady. On the scale, it weighs 17.6 ounces. The flat design makes it simple to pack in your baggage. It also features an angled corner through which a cable may be threaded to carry it. It seems to be more portable than either the Mini Boom or the Braven BRV-1 speakers.

The speaker grille covers one face of this Bluetooth speaker. It has a trimmed edge on one side. Philips includes a volume knob. This is a unique idea among the Bluetooth speakers we’ve seen. It’s easier to use with a volume knob, but it’s also possible that it’ll be changed by accident. There are just a few buttons on the upper side. Slider control for switching between Bluetooth and cable audio is one of them. A Bluetooth pairing/call stop button is the other. NFC is given some space next to it. Pairing them is as simple as tapping this region with your NFC-enabled smartphone. A micro-USB port and an auxiliary 3.5mm port are located on one side.

The rear of this portable Bluetooth speaker has a flip-out stand. Pull this out to raise the speaker when you wish to direct sound over a greater area. Unfortunately, it only has a 5-hour battery life. We cringed when we saw this number, much as we saw JBL Flip 2!


The Philips BT3500 Bluetooth speaker is a step up from the BT2500. The former is twice as big as the latter and comes with two 2-inch drivers. As a result, the audio on the BT3500 is richer and more profound. The sound of all decent speakers in this size and price range is almost identical. They play brilliantly until their size limits halt them in their tracks. The BT3500 speaker is also in this category. It produces natural sound over the whole frequency range. In addition, it amps up the tunes by creating as much bass as possible.

This Philips wireless speaker has no distortion or sibilance in the standard volume range, which sets it apart from others. In addition, simple music is efficiently handled at normal levels, such as 50-80% of the entire loudness.


  • Slim and transportable
  • Instead of buttons, it has a volume knob.
  • NFC and Bluetooth compatibility
  • Good, well-balanced sound


  • Battery life is just 5 hours.

15. Sony SRX2

Bluetooth Speakers Under 100

We’ve returned to retro curves. The Sony SRX2 Bluetooth wireless speaker encapsulates the company’s excellent sound expertise in a stylish compact. This speaker excels in one area where other tiny Bluetooth speakers fail: bass. It also comes with various communication options, including NFC and Bluetooth. Sony is a master at creating excellent sounds from nothing, and the SRSX2 exemplifies this talent. We loved what we saw, so we included it among the best Bluetooth speakers under $100.

Design and Functions

Sony SRSX2 wireless speaker emulates the curves of Mini Boom. But its contours are more subtle.  It is longer at 6.75 inches, and the other edges measure 2.25 inches each.  It weighs 16 ounces even. So we would say it’s Portable and compact. But as with Mini Boom, we have trouble packing it properly. There’s something about the slim body of the Philips BT3500 that makes it look more orderly.

This Bluetooth speaker is supported by four stubs that provide grip and elevation above the surface on which it is placed. On the top, there’s a row of six indentation buttons. Volume controls, power, Bluetooth connectivity, and a call button are all included. There’s one additional button, ‘Sound,’ that you may use to change the audio mode. As shown by the regulators, this speaker features a microphone that may be used to answer calls received on your phone when connected to SRSX2. In addition, Sony’s ClearAudio+ function provides crystal-clear sound during phone conversations.

This speaker works wirelessly over a 30-foot range thanks to Bluetooth and NFC. It lasts roughly 5 hours on a single charge. Compared to the Anker SoundCore’s 24-hour performance, this battery statistic seems to be a joke. However, you will likely get more out of this speaker if you utilize the typical volumes. It charges pretty quickly. It comes with an AC wall converter, a micro-USB cable, and a stylish travel case.


Because of its natural audio response, we chose the Sony SRSX2 Bluetooth speaker among a slew of other options. Sony has a history of delivering pretty lovely audio. It also manages to do so with the Sony SRSX2. It is deafening. It reaches 90dB, much as the UE Mini boom. That is loud enough to be heard in a medium or big room. The bass capacity of most micro-and mini-speakers is limited. As a result, they concentrate on the middle. The SRSX2, on the other hand, produces a lot of bass for its size. The audio has a richness to it that comes from the low frequencies.

Mids are as well represented in this portable speaker. However, they may not be as aggressive as the other small speaker next, entertainer surround sound mode by pressing the “Sound” button. This has a larger soundstage, which gives the audio a more open feel. But, again, the sound’s size restricts how close it comes to becoming ‘Surround Sound.’ In the case of SRSX2, it’s a relative term.


  • The sound that is both loud and natural
  • Bass performance with a punch
  • Compact
  • It has both Bluetooth and NFC capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Bluetooth speaker version is best?

A: Samsungs Bluetooth speaker is the best one overall. They have a longer battery life, are louder, and are more durable than other brands of speakers.

Which Indian Bluetooth speaker is best?

A: The Bose SoundLink speaker is the best of all.

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