Photography is something very banal and necessary in today’s world. With the variety of cameras at your disposal, you can surely have fun finding the one that suits you. There is a misconception that cameras are expensive and that using them does not cost much. First, the cameras are available in different price ranges. Of course, the dignity of the camera and the quality of the images it can squeeze out depend on the price. But there are a few cameras on the market that can get the job done without spending a lot of money. Check out our complete guide to the best cameras for filming sports.

Today, the popularity of DSLRs has skyrocketed and digital cameras are going unnoticed. Everywhere we see people with high-tech DSLR cameras clicking images. But not everyone makes full use of the machine at their disposal. These are advanced tools that allow you to greatly customize the way you take photos. If you are not a professional photographer, or if it is not your greatest passion, you do not need these cameras. We’ve also written a comprehensive guide on the best cameras for YouTube videos.

DSLR cameras are not the only ones that can capture high-resolution images. There are many digital cameras that are not as expensive as DSLRs and still produce reasonably detailed and sharp images. Can you get cameras like this on a $300 budget? Yes, there are some good cameras that have all the basic features and fit within our budget.

DSLR cameras are much more expensive than conventional digital cameras due to their complex construction. In short, an image taken with a DSLR camera looks exactly as it does in the camera’s viewfinder. He uses a mirror and a pentaprism. With a digital camera, this is done electronically, so the image you take is not the same as the image you see in the viewfinder. But when it comes to capturing moments from everyday life, digital cameras can do a pretty good job.

What should I look for in a camera?

The cameras are equipped with a large number of functions. Consider the features typically found in a digital camera in this price range ($300 USD).


One of the biggest advantages of a digital camera is the incredible digital zoom it offers for its price. There are models on the market that offer zooms up to 24-1200mm. The Superzoom is available in some models. The zoom offered by the camera affects its size and makes it unwieldy. The bigger the zoom, the bigger the lens. This of course increases the size of the camera. The other problem has to do with the resolution of the images. For a given price range, the larger the scale, the lower the image resolution. Therefore, it is advisable to find a balance between zoom, camera size and image resolution.

Sensor size :

The image quality of the camera is determined by the size of the sensor. In general: The larger the sensor, the more light and target information can enter the lens and the better the image quality. In this price range, you can’t expect a lens with the same dimensions as a DSLR, but smaller and with enough image quality to download on social media. If you want to shoot videos or print photos professionally, the quality may not be as high. So it’s a matter of choosing the camera with the largest lens.


Simply put, a pixel is a point in a captured image. If the camera has 16 MP (16 megapixels), the image consists of 16 million dots. People often don’t know whether they should choose a camera with a higher number of megapixels or a larger lens. In a camera with a smaller lens, even with a high number of megapixels, the resolution is lower than in a camera with fewer megapixels and a larger lens. So the size of the lens is of utmost importance, and the megapixels are as follows.

Height and weight :

Cameras in this price range fall into two main categories. One is portable and can be easily carried, while the other is a heavier camera that requires a neck strap or a separate bag to carry it. For example, if you choose a super-zoom camera, the dimensions and weight of the camera are considerably larger, and you may need a strap for the camera. Ultimately, it’s up to you.

Weather protection :

If you’re an adventurer and hike, or if you often spend time in rainy areas, or if you have trouble managing things, it’s best to choose cameras that are rated as rugged. They are dust and water proof and some are even frost proof. You can even use such a camera underwater to take pictures. But watch out! They also have limits. This feature is a godsend for anyone looking for a pocket camera.

Ultimately, it’s about choosing a camera that is balanced overall. If you are not looking for a camera for a specific purpose, a pocket camera with a decent zoom, an optimal lens size and lots of megapixels would be a must for you. If you want a camera with more zoom capabilities and an inevitably larger lens, you’ll have to put in extra effort to take it on the road, as these cameras sacrifice portability for a specific performance boost.

The cameras currently available are supplied as a set. For an additional charge, they offer camera bags, extra batteries, cables and memory cards. The package also includes a cleaning kit to keep the camera clean and a memory card that you can use to store photos and videos.


The Lumix FZ80, Panasonic’s top model, is one of the best cameras under 300. For that reason, it is a strong competitor in the market for the camera.

Functionality :

The Panasonic Lumix FZ80, with a single zoom of less than 300, has a high-resolution sensor of about 18 megapixels and a 3-inch LCD touchscreen.  It is slightly heavier than its predecessor, but the 4K capability overcomes this limitation. The controls are limited to a single wheel that can be pressed and turned to select different functions.

Including Panasonic’s exclusive 4K photo series, the camera lets you switch from the viewfinder to the rear view by simply sliding the dial. The touch screen has a fixed display of 1040000 points. Shoot 4K video in standard Full HD resolution, with high-quality image movement for fast-paced action and exciting scenes.

This camera feels good in your hand and takes pictures like no other camera. His vision is clear, even in direct sunlight. It also has a Wi-Fi function that lets you transfer and control photos and videos wirelessly with your smartphone.


The FZ80 offers everything from a wide angle (20mm) for beautiful landscapes to an impressive 60x zoom for capturing distant moments. This 20 – 1200mm DC VARIO lens offers an 11.81-inch focus range. The DFD system ensures fast and accurate focusing.  The camera is also a travel companion, as it includes a USB battery charger inside.

In addition to the 4K video mode, the camera also lets you take 4K photos with various modes, such as. B. Continuous shooting. This allows the camera to record images at 30 frames per second. The camera offers good autofocus performance. Although the camera offers good low-light performance, the use of a 60x lens slightly reduces low-light performance.

Spot metering provides excellent metering performance and is linked to the autofocus option. Exposure compensation is an easy way to solve most problems, and white balance metering is also exceptional. The focus stacking function provides a greater depth of field and allows multiple focus points to be selected.

In summary, the Panasonic Lumix FZ80 is an affordable, high-quality camera that’s a perfect fit if you’re interested in photography.

The second most powerful camera on the market is the Canon Powershot SX530 digital camera. Therefore, theis quite famous.

Functionality :

This camera has built-in Wi-Fi technology that lets you transfer photos and videos to compatible devices using the Camera Connect App2. This function also allows you to take pictures remotely and upload them directly to various web services. The Device Connection button is used to access wireless data transfer with the iTransfer 4 Gateway using the one-touch image synchronization feature.

Beautiful 1080p video can be easily recorded with the dedicated Movie button. A large 30-screen with a resolution of 461,000 dots allows for easy viewing from wide angles. The PowerShot SX530 HS is compatible with Canon’s Connect Station CS100 photo and video storage system. A 1TB hard drive makes it easy to store, manage and sort.


Capture the detail in your shots with the powerful 50x optical zoom. The sturdy and ergonomic handle makes freehand shooting easy and comfortable. Stable images can be obtained with Intelligent IS, which analyses camera movement and applies the best method to correct it. The IS normal, IS panorama, IS macro and IS tripod modes are available for still images, while the IS dynamic, IS motorized, IS macro and IS active tripod modes are used for movies. The 16.0 megapixel CMOS sensor1 provides incredible shooting performance and high sensitivity for better image capture at high ISO speeds, while reducing noise.

Advanced dynamic range features are supported by Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor, which dramatically reduces image noise to deliver good image quality even in low light. Electronic Dynamic Image Stabilizer prevents camera shake for sharp, clear images at all magnifications. Hybrid Auto captures up to four seconds of video each time you take a photo, then automatically combines them into one video. The PowerShot SX530 HS’s Creative Shot mode allows you to create images with an artistic touch. It includes each scene, subject and exposure to apply one of the 46 filters available. The camera automatically creates and saves five additional composition variations to the original photo. The filter selection is grouped into the categories Retro, Monochrome, Special and Natural for easy access.

The conclusion is that the Canon PowerShot SX530 digital camera is a real bargain for many photography enthusiasts.

3. GoPro HERO5 Black

The GoPro Hero5 is preferred by a third of customers and is one of the best competitors for the following reasons .

Functionality :

This economical camera is available up to 300 and is also designed to be waterproof. The rounded edges and small size increase the grip and portability of the device. There is a micro SD slot on the bottom of the camera, and the long life quick charge battery extends the life of the camera. The waterproof design allows you to mute and record underwater sounds with three stereo microphones.

With this camera, you can view, play, crop and change the settings of your favorite images. It is operated with a single button. When you press this button, the camera can continuously record video and photos. Additional control is possible via voice, so that you can operate the camera hands-free. This device offers a new user interface that supports 4K and touch. Compatible GoPro accessories for this new camera include a waterproof Remo Remote Shutter Release, USB-C Quik Key and microSD card reader.


This camera allows you to record videos at intervals of 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds. The battery lasts about 60-90 minutes while shooting 4K nature videos. Although the charger is not included, it offers three shooting modes for 4k photos and movies: single shot, continuous shot, and time-lapse. One of the great features of this camera is the stabilization of the video image. Whether the GoPro is used as a handheld camera or attached to your equipment, it captures video with amazing fluidity. With an optional subscription, you can back up your photos and videos to cloud storage for easy access.

The built-in spot metering also allows you to change the exposure settings and, in low light conditions, increase the ISO sensitivity to reduce noise. The addition of electronic image stabilization is a big advantage for this camera, as it makes videos and photos smoother.  While EIS remains an added benefit, it is not available in 4K mode and the battery drains faster than expected. The camera can be easily connected to a smartphone via Wi-Fi technology with the Capture application.

So the black GoPro HERO5 is best suited for people who love adventure. You can take them with you on your travels to capture the most exciting and vivid moments of your life.

The Lumix ZS50 camera is another Panasonic purchase that’s worthwhile for customers for the following reasons

Functionality :

On top is a mode dial, zoom switch, on/off switch, record button and shutter button. This makes it easy to operate the functions with one finger. Thanks to the WiFi function, you can transfer photos and videos to your system without any problems. The resolution of the monitor has been increased to 10,040,000 dots and the resolution of the electronic viewfinder is 1,166,000 dots.

The lens-mounted control ring lets you manually control exposure, zoom and focus, so you can concentrate on the shutter button. Innovative design, precise focusing and smooth, quiet operation give you total control over every photo and video you shoot. The RAW file format allows you to capture subjects in greater detail.

High-resolution videos can be recorded in mp4 format, which allows high-resolution videos to be played on a PC. This camera allows you to capture complex details by bringing them down to 3cm for macro shooting. With the timer recording function, you can time the beginning and end of the recording to capture the natural movement of the sun and moon in the sky in Full HD quality.


O.I.S. Hybrid is used to minimize blur and produce a stable image. The 5-axis optical image stabilizer can automatically detect and compensate for image noise for a stable and clear image. The Flat Shot function allows you to correct the horizontal shooting line even when the camera is tilted.

The camera’s fast response lets you capture any moving object quickly. The rapid burst autofocus lets you capture razor-sharp images at a frame rate of up to several frames per second. Videos are recorded at 100 frames per second in HD and 200 frames per second in VGA.  The Leica DC Varion Elmar 24mm lens and the robust 30x optical zoom allow you to zoom in on any subject.

The highly sensitive MOS sensor and Venus engine image processing allow you to capture more images in low light with less noise due to the low resolution. This increases the performance of the camera at night. The built-in viewfinder improves focus without flash and eliminates glare in bright sunlight.

In summary, the ZS50 is the only camera priced under $300. While it is quite expensive for the image quality, it is worth the price for a product that has very few direct competitors.

Another powerful camera from Canon – this is why this is the best product to buy.Canon EOS Rebel GII 35mm Film SLR Camera

Functionality :

The Canon EOS Rebel GII camera is a real eye-catcher and has an elegant silver finish. The unit’s compact and lightweight design allows automatic and manual functions to be controlled at the touch of a button for superior performance and smooth operation. This camera comes with an EF 35-80mm lens.

Canon is updating its popular Rebel G SLR with the affordable Rebel G II, which allows people with previous camera experience or novices to easily transition to a 35mm SLR. An interchangeable Canon EF 35-80mm high quality zoom lens is included.

Fully automatic, compact and lightweight, the Rebel G II features a retractable built-in flash with red-eye reduction and multiple exposure settings. It offers 11 exposure modes with multiple exposure, compensation and AE bracketing. The new Night Scene mode combines the perfect balance of natural light and flash for beautiful portraits at sunset.


The three autofocus sensors are positioned in the centre and offer additional autofocus functions to the existing manual selection function. The camera works very well when exposed to direct sunlight and blinding reflections hitting the camera.  With shutter speeds from 30 to 1/2000 seconds, the exposure and auto functions are ideal for novice photographers.

Using glass instead of a prism in the camera’s direction finder reduces weight. A manual metering mode offers creative exposure flexibility. The camera’s low-light performance is comparable to most competitors. The camera exposes and measures in 30 seconds, which works well for shooting at night or in low light. The partial measurement option is used to compensate for bright portions of the image, thus not destroying the image.

The image accuracy of this model is better than most cameras. Everything shown in the slides contains slightly more than what is present in the viewfinder, which increases the sharpness of the image of the EOS Rebel GII. The flash charging time of about 2 seconds is sufficient to fully charge a flash. With multiple flash modes, you can also adjust flash duration for a bright and sharp overall image.

In short, although the camera does not have many features for professionals, it is ideal for beginners who want to learn some photography techniques.

This camera is Nikon’s best-selling product and is preferred by many photographers for the following reasons.Nikon COOLPIX B500

Functionality :

The Nikon Coolpix B500 is equipped with a 40x optical zoom. This allows a zoom range of 22.5 mm to 900 mm in 35 mm increments. Built-in optical VR image stabilization ensures sharp shots at night or when using the optical zoom. The 16-megapixel CMOS sensor and a range of modes enable FullHD video recording. The camera has no manual controls, but does allow you to change settings like ISO and white balance.

This camera has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC technology to connect to a compatible smartphone or PC. The camera also has a built-in Bluetooth system that can be used with the Snapbridge software to enable image transfer. This makes it easy to transfer photos and videos, which can also be done remotely.

The battery life is also decent, and with lithium batteries you can opt for 1240 shots, which is a lot for a camera. This camera also comes with an accessory kit that includes a 32GB Class 10 SDHC memory card, Xpix protective case, 4 AA batteries, compatible charger, SD card reader/writer, 2-in-1 cleaning pen, microfiber cloth and air cleaning brush.


The exposure is reliable because the camera produces decent color images. Dynamic range is maintained with D-Lighting, resulting in images with low sharpness. Although image quality declines slightly at the 30x optical zoom, macro quality remains good, allowing detailed images of the subject to be captured.

The auto white balance function works well with artificial light and fluorescent light. You can choose from different styles, such as. B. Depth, light, selective color, variety, black, classic and memory. With this function, the camera takes a normal photo plus 4 different photos to which the effects are applied. You can use HDR shooting mode simultaneously with Highlight mode, which combines multiple shots in the camera.

The panoramic image has a relatively low resolution, but the image is staked well enough to reduce noise. The camera records Full HD video with stereo sound. The optical zoom and focus are excellent all the way to the end of the telephoto range.

This makes the Nikon Coolpix B500 the best companion every professional photographer needs.

Another excellent offering from Canon is the reason why this camera is in the top 15 of the market.Canon PowerShot SX730

Functionality :

Suitable for travel photographers, this impressively slim camera retains features such as the 20.3 Megapixel, 1/2.3-inch CMOS sensor with 40x zoom available in previous Canon SX models. This camera is also equipped with a Digic 6 processor and supports Full HD video recording.

The rubber texture on the right side of the device provides a good grip on the surface. The shutter button and zoom button are located on the top, which is easy to use. The screen is a tilted LCD with 920000 dots. With built-in Wi-Fi and NFC, you can easily share photos and videos with a PC, tablet or smartphone. You can also use a low-power Bluetooth connection to pair with your phone so you can control the camera remotely.

In addition to full manual control, you can choose between standard and ultra-temporal JPEG due to the lack of raw recording. The autofocus function allows you to choose from three options to increase image sharpness.


From ISO 3200 upwards, the camera has seven sensitivity setting ranges. Shooting at 5.9 frames per second, the Intelligent IS system combines exceptional image stabilisation with total noise reduction. This function also allows you to take photos or record videos while driving, guaranteeing perfect picture quality.

Although this product is a certified refurbished product, the Full HD 1080 video recording is flawless and works like a brand new camera. This camera comes with all the necessary accessories, such as the SD card and cleaning kit, and has a 90-day warranty, so you will get your full purchase price back if your camera is damaged during this period.

The camera is capable of focusing from 24 mm to 960 mm. This is the maximum wide-angle focal length which, in combination with the macro function, provides a unique opportunity to capture objects with complex detail. A key feature of this camera is the red-eye reduction, despite the choice of flash. The flash is available in 4 options, namely auto sync on, auto sync off and slow sync off.

The Canon PowerShot SX730 HS is a handheld camera, ideal for photographers on the move.

The Lumix DMC ZS60 is one of the bestsellers for professionals and beginners, and for these reasons is a competitor to weight .

Functionality :

The camera’s heavy and robust processor enables 4K video recording via an 18.1-megapixel sensor. Movies can be shot in super-fast burst mode at 30 frames per second. The 30x zoom draws attention in a way you’re not used to for a small, inexpensive camera. The small camera is compact and can be taken to most places. The ZS60 comes with a power adapter, rechargeable battery and USB cable with a hand strap that allows you to hold the camera firmly in your hand.

Navigation through the menus and basic image settings can be done via the 3-inch LCD monitor. The autofocus function has a special option to lock on to the target even if it moves, to get a clear, detailed image. The mode dial on the top of the camera gives you access to all the different shooting modes, while the two control buttons allow you to change the settings. The camera can take photos in RAW and JPEG modes, providing excellent image quality. This unit has a one-year warranty.


Compromises in design did not affect performance. The camera is equipped with a highly sensitive 18-megapixel MOS sensor that allows you to capture the smallest details of the subject. The LUMIX DMC-ZS60 delivers crisp, clear results in exceptionally low light with maximum stability and low noise. The sensor is complemented by a powerful Venus engine that reproduces beautiful colors that remain consistent for the composition seen through the lens.

Panasonic’s optical image stabilization system and 5-axis hybrid system provide unprecedented image stabilization. Defocus depth of field technology with 10 fps single AF and 5 fps continuous AF lets you capture moving subjects clearly without missing a single detail. The electronic viewfinder and LCD monitor go hand in hand. You can use the touch panel to focus while pointing the electronic viewfinder at the subject.

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS60 is a solid travel camera with 30x zoom and a compact format.

Designed by the most renowned camera company, this is the perfect handheld camera for you.

Functionality :

The Canon PowerShot camera comes with a number of accessories, including the Canon NB-11LH Lithium Ion Battery, CB-2LF Charger, WS-800 wrist strap, USB interface cable, 1 year limited warranty, 32 GB 320x UHS-I Class 10 SanDisk High Speed memory card, spare battery, card reader, memory card case, table stand screen protector and soft camera bag. The camera is only 0.9 inches thick, so it fits easily in your pocket. With this feature, you can take your camera anywhere without worrying.

Another advantage of this slim camera is that the ELPH 360 is equipped with a 12x optical zoom. This mini model breaks stereotypes and offers a 12x zoom instead of the usual 5x. The camera is also available with Wi-Fi technology with NFC, which allows photos and videos to be transferred remotely to PCs and tablets. The LCD screen of this camera has more pixels and thus provides a bright, clear and sharp image while shooting.


Compared to other competitors, the camera is quite fast when the light is on. With this model, the problem of delayed shutter response has been solved, ensuring the best shots even in low light. The camera is equipped with a 20.2-megapixel 1/2.3-megapixel CMOS image sensor that lets you capture beautiful and scenic scenes without imperfections. The Digic 4+ image processor combined with the 12x optical zoom works perfectly to enhance your experience with this camera.

The high processing speed ensures a clear and detailed image of the subject in focus.  The maximum focal length of the wide-angle lens is between 25 mm and 300 mm. The 3-inch LCD screen has 461,000 pixels, allowing you to see your subject clearly while looking through the viewfinder. It can record Full HD 1080p video at 30 frames per second. Intelligent Image Stabilization functions allow you to take pictures of moving or blurring subjects. This balances the horizontal line of sight to create a stable image.

For every photo taken, the PowerShot ELPH 360 HS uses Hybrid Auto to capture up to four seconds of video, then automatically combines these clips into one movie. The Hybrid Auto function recognises the scene and optimises the camera settings for high quality images.

In conclusion, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 360 HS is the best choice for aspiring photographers and nature lovers, despite its average lifespan.

The DSC WX350, developed by Sony, is the best choice for bright and beautiful photos.

Functionality :

Its light weight and compact design make it the smallest 20x zoom camera on the market. The DSC WX350 is equipped with a special dial that allows you to switch between shooting modes. Intelligent mode applies the perfect combination of settings and multiple shots to increase dynamic range in high-contrast situations.

The white balance and ISO sensitivity can be set automatically with this feature, but the shutter speed and aperture are a bit difficult to set. The 3-inch, 460000-resolution LCD screen provides a clear view of the subject you are focusing on while shooting. This camera also features a control wheel with flash and continuous shooting settings.

Wi-Fi with NFC enables remote access to photos via mobile phone or laptop. In addition to images being transmitted, images can also be captured remotely with a smartphone. This camera records video in Full HD 1080p with wind noise reduction and stereo sound.


The accessory kit includes a rechargeable battery, AC adapter, wrist strap, micro-USB cable and user manual. To express the full resolution of the lens, this camera is equipped with a 20.4-megapixel, 1/2.3-inch Exmor R CMOS image sensor. Using this sensor has a number of advantages, including B. High resolution, exceptional low-light sensitivity, high speed and improved image sharpness with less graininess.

As with autofocus, AF lock lets you focus on multiple points with subject detection, even when the subject is moving. The shape and trajectories of an object can be explored using a playback feature called motion-shot video, which allows you to follow the movement of an object for a unique visual effect.

You can take remarkable and amazing photos by going beyond the normal wide-angle lenses. This can be done with the panorama scan mode. By holding the camera in the desired position and pressing the shutter button, you can take a series of pictures that can be combined to create a panoramic image.

The Sony DSC WX350 is a powerful street camera with zoom, a slim design and unparalleled performance.

The Canon Powershot SX720 digital camera is one of the most competitive cameras on the market. It is quite famous for these reasons – .

Functionality :

This camera has built-in Wi-Fi technology that lets you transfer photos and videos to compatible devices using the Camera Connect App2. This function also allows you to take pictures remotely and upload them directly to various web services. The Device Connection button is used to access wireless data transfer with the iTransfer 4 Gateway using the one-touch image synchronization feature.

Beautiful 1080p video can be easily recorded with the dedicated Movie button. A large 3-inch screen with a resolution of 922,000 dots makes it easy to view images from a wide angle. The PowerShot SX720 HS is compatible with Canon’s Connect Station CS100 photo and video storage system. A 1TB hard drive makes it easy to store, manage and sort.


Capture the detail in your shots with the powerful 40x optical zoom. The sturdy and ergonomic handle makes freehand shooting easy and comfortable. Stable images can be obtained with Intelligent IS, which analyses camera movement and applies the best method to correct it. This allows you to capture a stabilized image while driving. The different modes for still images and movies are as follows: Normal IS, Pan, IS Macro and Active Tripod IS.

Incredible shooting performance and high sensitivity are made possible by the camera’s 20.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, which outperforms the previous model and contributes to higher ISO performance while reducing noise. Canon’s DIGIC 6 image processor not only provides advanced dynamic range capabilities, but also supports low-light performance that dramatically reduces image noise and delivers great image quality. The Dynamic Electronic Image Stabilizer produces clear, sharp images at any magnification. A notable addition, called Hybrid Auto, allows up to four seconds of video to be recorded each time a still image is captured and then automatically combines it into a single video.

Creative Shooting mode takes into account the individual scene, subject and exposure to apply the best filter option to the image. In addition, the camera automatically creates and records five other composition variations in addition to the original photo. The filter selection is grouped into the categories Retro, Monochrome, Special and Natural for easy access.

The conclusion is that the Canon PowerShot SX720 digital camera is a real bargain for many photography enthusiasts.

This camera is Leica’s best-selling product and is preferred by many photographers for the following reasons.Instant Camera

Functionality :

The optical viewfinder in the top corner of the camera is there to help you take a picture. The lens, which is on the front of the camera, turns off when the camera is not in use. When the camera is turned on, the lens unfolds automatically. A focus ring is provided to switch between near and far focus around the lens. There are four buttons on the back of the camera.

These buttons are used to switch between modes such as Standard, Party, Selfie, Sports, Double Exposure and Macro, as well as to switch on the flash, activate the self-timer and switch on exposure compensation. The LCD screen displays the selected game with a battery level indicator and a remaining movie indicator. The Leica Instant Camera comes with an accessory kit that includes a BP-DC17 lithium-ion battery, BC-DC17 charger, strap and a 2-year limited warranty.


It has a very high startup speed and is relatively the best choice among flash cameras because it has the best image quality characteristics. This camera offers a decent amount of detail, and the best photos are taken with light. In low light, Bulb mode can be used to improve image sharpness for long exposures. The camera has the following lens specifications. It has an aperture of 60 mm with three different focus ranges.

Available in the following focus levels: 0.3 to 0.6m for macro, 0.6 to 3m for close-up and 3 to infinity for long distance. The camera also offers several settings that allow you to take reasonably good photos. There’s the macro, the light bulb, the car, the timer, the party and people, sports and action, double exposure and selfie. The mechanical shutter has a speed of 1/8 to 1/400 of a second. The film is very quick and easy to install thanks to the switch located on the back of the door. The camera is equipped with an exchangeable battery that allows you to take up to 100 photos.

For an instant camera, the Leica SOFORT delivers a relatively sharp image for the type that has nostalgia in every shot.

Another product from Canon’s flagship series is the PowerShot SX 610 HS. Therefore, they are preferred by many customers.

Functionality :

The powerful 18x optical zoom provides a fast and accurate zoom, and the genuine optics ensure brilliant, clear images. Chromatic aberration is balanced across the range and the lens resolution works in conjunction with the high-resolution sensor to produce clear, sharp and detailed images. Canon’s innovative Intelligent Information System is used for crisp, stable images in low light. The system automatically detects camera movements and applies the best correction factor for e.g. vibrations based on your situation. B. Normal image stabilizer, electric image stabilizer, dynamic image stabilizer and panoramic image stabilizer.

Integrated near-field communications and Wi-Fi technology eliminate the need to manually identify the camera using the Canon Camera Connect application. Sharing photos and videos is easy with this feature, as you can send them directly from your camera. You can also print photos directly via a wireless LAN. With the new and improved Image Sync function, you can view, download and wirelessly transfer photos and videos.


Equipped with a highly sensitive 20.2 Megapixel CMOS sensor, the PowerShot SX610 HS delivers class-leading image performance. Advanced light capture design provides high sensitivity for better shots at high ISO speeds with less noise. The high-speed version is able to capture the image quickly and transmit it to the processor. This feature enables fast, continuous shooting with enhanced autofocus. Canon’s DIGIC 4+ image processor supports the camera’s advanced features, including Hybrid Auto, Creative Shot and Full HD video recording at 30fps.

The high treatment speed gives a light and natural feeling. The DIGIC 4+ image processor also improves image quality and reduces processing time by 60%. This quality significantly reduces noise and guarantees vivid colours and a high level of detail, even in low light. The electronic Dynamic IS system compensates for various types of movement by reducing angular motion blur, parallel motion blur, shear blur, and tilt and shift blur. Smart AUTO automatically detects scenes by analyzing various factors, both in the background and in the subject.

The Canon PowerShot SX160 is a high-quality camera that is ideal for price-conscious photographers.

Another great offer from Kodak. The Pixpro AZ652 is your best photographic companion for the following reasons.

Functionality :

It is a mini camera equipped with a 52x zoom lens with a focal range of 24 to 1248 mm. It has the features of the most expensive cameras, which are usually its competitors. Astroscaling provides an exceptionally sharp super zoom with an effective resolution of 16.38 megapixels. In addition to the handheld camera, optical stabilization is a key feature of this camera, which allows you to compensate for the horizontal line of sight and shoot moving subjects with clarity and low noise.

This camera’s 3-inch tilting LCD lets you capture non-standard angles for perfect shots, from selfies to wide shots. This camera is equipped with 65x optical zoom, so you can easily focus on your subject. While Wi-Fi isn’t powerful enough for decent data transfer, the ISO range of 100 to 3200 and 360-degree panning make up for this drawback.


This camera’s 20-megapixel CMOS sensor focuses on detail and helps you up your photographic game. This means that even the smallest detail of the subject can be captured with ease and attention to detail. This ensures that the pixels in the photo remain intact, resulting in a clear image whether natural or cropped.  This lens offers a fast and accurate system for focusing objects.  The camera is also a travel companion, as it includes a USB battery charger inside.

The camera lags behind in terms of video recording quality. Although most competitors offer 1080p video recording, this camera still operates in 720p, which may be unpleasant for some, although the video quality is still good. In addition to video mode, the camera also allows you to capture images with multiple modes, such as B. with Multi-Splash. This allows the camera to capture images at 5 frames per second in this mode. The camera offers good autofocus performance.

By switching from RAW mode to JPEG mode in your camera, you can get the most out of the photo you upload. The internal details are the information stored in the images and the ability to edit these images.

This makes this device with its practical wallet best suited for trial use or for beginners who have yet to experience the best features in the industry.

The latest product on the list of the best cameras under 300 is the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180. That’s why he’s still a strong competitor.
Functionality :

This camera comes with the following accessories: NB-11LH lithium-ion battery, CB-2LF battery charger, WS-800 wrist strap, 1-year limited warranty, SanDisk 32GB 320x Class 10 high-speed SDHC memory card, card reader, memory card case, table stand, soft camera bag and screen protector. A notable feature of this camera is face detection with focus. This means that the camera is able to recognize faces in order to focus better.

Although this camera does not have a RAW format, the lens does most of the detail work and produces images with decent resolution. Weighing 187 grams, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 is a lightweight in its class. The camera also features a 28-224mm F3.2-6.9 lens that provides a pleasantly wide viewing angle and is flexible enough to meet your needs.


The fixed 2.7-inch LCD screen has a resolution of 230,000 dots. This figure is relatively low compared to some competitors in the market. The lack of a viewfinder means you can’t look through the lens to get a better view of the subject, but the LCD screen can ensure you get a good view of the subject while looking at it. This camera has a maximum shutter speed of 1/2000 second, allowing images to be captured at 0.8 frames per second. The 20-megapixel CCD sensor remains the same and the 8x optical zoom offers decent image sharpness.

The flash is also limited to the built-in flash. Contrast-detect-AF and Face Detection-AF enable focusing based on color variation and contrast, which can be locked for more precise focusing. Thanks to the built-in mono microphone, you can record videos with 720 pixels of sound, which is significantly less than the 1080 pixels offered by other cameras. The battery is designed for long life and can handle up to 250 strokes. Images and videos can be transferred to other systems and to your smartphone via a USB cable or a traditional Wi-Fi connection.

In summary, the Canon PowerShot ELPH 180 is an interesting purchase despite its weak points.

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