Best CB radios are essential to have in the event of an emergency. However, it cannot be easy to know which model is best for you and your budget. Therefore, this article will break down the top 15 models by features and price so you always know what’s best for your situation.

CB radios are one of the earliest electronics seen in autos, trucks, and other vehicles. Truck drivers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, paramedics, and others continue to utilize them for communication, emergencies, and other uses. The popularity of these radios has dwindled due to the introduction of several modern technologies, particularly smartphones. Despite this, they remain one of the most effective forms of local communication.

What is a CB Radio, exactly?

Top 10 Best CB Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

The Citizens Band Radio Service, or CB, is a personal radio service that allows people to communicate with one another. It is, nevertheless, also employed in the corporate world. To use a CB radio, you don’t need a license or be above 18. However, if you wish to operate a CB transmitter in an area where the FCC controls radio communications, you’ll need a certification from the FCC (Federal Communications Commission).

There are 40 official channels for the CB service between 26.965 MHz and 27.405 MHz. You can catch them in AM or SSB (Single Sideband) mode. All the basic units have the AM mode, but the SSB feature can only be found on the top-end devices. The SSB functions at two levels, Lower Sideband and Upper Sideband, letting you communicate with other SSB CB radios.

CB radios come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

These gadgets may be classified into four main groups. Let’s have a look at:

CB Radio on the Go

It’s the most popular and available in a variety of sizes. It seems to be a little box with several knobs and a microphone on the front. The features vary depending on the models and manufacturers, so choose one that meets your needs.

The most common solutions for use in automobiles are mobile and all-in-handset devices.

CB Radio with Everything in One Handset

These gadgets, shaped like a phone, are tiny and ergonomically intended to fit all of the controls into a small area. As a result, they’re quite simple to use, and you can manipulate all of the dials with only one hand.

These radios are the best option for smaller cars or locations were mounting a full-size device would be challenging.

Top 10 Best CB Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

CB Radio on the Go

They are battery-operated walkie-talkie-type devices. Some variants have rechargeable battery packs that may be used while on the go. However, since most of the devices come with a cigarette cable and ports for an adaptor and a CB antenna, they may be used in automobiles.

CB Radio Base Station

Because they include a built-in power source, they are the finest gadgets for indoor usage. The units are powered by a standard wall outlet (usually 110V). To achieve the best performance, you’ll need a strong base antenna that you can install quite high.

CB Radios Have a Lot of Advantages

Top 10 Best CB Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

These gadgets may be used for a variety of reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits.

Get Notifications on the Go

It’s simpler to obtain weather, travel, and traffic information on the move now that you can put the gadget in your car. They’re also useful for receiving alerts about impending weather or safety issues.

You may avoid traffic jams on the highway and organize your travel around the weather conditions with a CB radio.

Low-Frequency Operation

It’s one of these radios’ finest features since it enables you to listen to voice messages and connect with others on the limited band. For example, you may simply send a signal at 151 MHz which would be impossible to do with conventional radios.

In Case of Emergencies

It’s a fantastic way to communicate in an emergency. Many people choose them since using a radio does not need obtaining a license. You may use the device while driving to coordinate a reaction, report during catastrophes and emergencies, and talk with other users.

A well-known pastime

Chatting and sending their own programs via CB radios is a popular pastime for many individuals. Due to the low cost of the devices, anybody may purchase one and establish a group to exchange messages. You don’t have to worry about other individuals overhearing your talks since the data transfer is encrypted.

High-Quality Features of the Best CB Radios

Top 10 Best CB Radios in 2019 - Complete Guide

Except for the SSB variants, which may transmit at 12-watts, all of these devices operate at the same 4-watt power level. As a result, size and feature set are the features that distinguish one from the other.

Detailed Technical Information

When it comes to CB radios, size does important. However, this is due to the fact that larger devices are more feature-rich and so have superior receivers and transmitters. They will almost certainly outperform the smaller versions.

The radios are expected to contain a public address (PA) mode that allows users to switch from the internal speaker to an external PA horn through a connection. In the PA mode, you may broadcast the broadcast over the horn.

The external speaker is another option that every high-quality CB radio should have. It allows you to have better reception with clear audio at a low volume. Activating it will disable the built-in speaker.

When looking for the finest CB radio, the existence of an LCD screen is an important feature to think about. It shows information about available channels for sending voice transmissions. There’s also an option that allows the user to pick the information they want to be shown or hidden on the screen.

Sound of Good Quality

Because all of the versions operate at a 4-watt limit, the radios are not suitable for long-range communication. As a result, sound quality should be a key consideration while choosing a model.

A high-quality CB radio should include a few characteristics that make it sound better than the basic models. The Filter settings reduce interference from the receiving signal, which blocks static and engine sounds and improves communication. The Squelch Control is a typical function that only activates the speaker when a signal is received. It relieves consumers from having to listen to distracting background noise.

RG Gain is another feature that helps to improve the Sound Good Quality. It can filter the signals based on their strengths. It can cancel out the weak transmissions to bring more clarity to the stronger signals.

The kind and location of the antenna can have an impact on the audio quality and clarity. If one is not included with the device, you may buy one separately. The greatest results are usually obtained by putting the antenna in a higher location and removing any nearby impediments.

Features Not Included

CB radios of high grade are likely to include a wide range of features. You may expect them to provide weather channels with real-time weather notifications. They also feature switches that allow them to quickly access two channels: Channel 9 (for emergencies) and Channel 19 (for highway/truckers).

The Channel Scanning checks all available stations and quits when it finds one that is currently operating. It’s an excellent way to quickly search and tune in to networks without having to manually flick through the channels.

The Talkback feature allows you to listen to your favorite broadcast via the built-in speaker. It’s useful for adjusting the Mic Gain and setting the mic loudness to the proper level.

Let’s look at the top CB radios on the market right now, based on the debate above.


1. Cobra’s 29 LX

Cobra 29 LX

Cobra’s 29 LX is one of the most inventive CB radios they’ve ever made. Fans of the Cobra would anticipate it to have a robust chrome body and a strength meter, but if you focus just on these qualities, you’ll lose out on the model’s finest attributes. The pricing is also fair since this feature-rich gadget costs only a little more than $100.

Detailed Technical Information

With its black plastic body and silver metal plates, the radio seems to be sturdy. It includes holes on both sides for attachment to the bracket and comes with metal thumbscrews. A power wire, antenna input, and jacks for the external speaker and PA are located on the rear side (public address). Six knobs are housed on the front panel, giving the machine a simple appearance.

A microphone connection is also located on the front side, and the nine-foot mic wire makes it simple to reach any region of a car.

Instead of using the built-in speaker, the PA speaker enables you to broadcast over the horn. There’s also a place for an additional speaker that sounds better than the built-in one.

It boasts a huge, multi-color digital display with four distinct color options: red, blue, green, and amber. You can dim it for night driving and customize it to improve readability in both bright and dark environments. The reception intensity, SWR levels, current channel, and broadcast are all shown on the screen.

Sound of Good Quality

There are a few functions on the device that help to improve the audio quality. The Delta Tune improves the clarity of incoming signals so that you can hear the messages clearly. The Dynamike function is very customizable, and it improves the microphone for better speech clarity. When you use this function, other drivers will congratulate you on how clear your voice is, even if you’re driving 20 miles away!

The RF Gain feature, which may be adjusted, is very useful for improving both steady and weak transmissions. For optimal audio performance, you must purchase a second antenna and use the Antenna Calibration option.

The transmit power varies from 3 to 10 watts, with modulation swing allowing for up to 15 watts.

Features Not Included

The 29 LX has a dual-purpose clock/timer that may be used as an alarm clock as well as a tracker to keep track of on-time driving hours.

The Channel Scanning feature automatically analyzes all 40 channels and quits when it finds an active one. It can also save ten stations and give you access to Channels 9 and 19 right away. Because the gadget supports all 10 NOAA Weather Channels, you’ll receive notifications for severe weather.


  • Design that is cool and contemporary.
  • There are several features available.
  • Can hold up to ten channels
  • The Dynamike function improves mic performance.


  • With larger hands, the twin control knobs might be difficult to use.
  • In the dark, the lack of night watch illumination on the control panel makes it difficult to locate the knobs.

2. Bearcat 980 SSB 


The Bearcat 980 SSB is a full-featured radio in a small package, which is an uncommon combination in CB radios. It’s simple to install on your automobile, pickup truck, or another vehicle. It’s ideal for both pros and amateurs who wish to use SSB on their CB radio.

Detailed Technical Information

The Bearcat 980 SSB has a similar design to the Bearcat 880, but with Features Not Included and a smaller footprint. It’s perfect for contemporary automobiles with limited room for bulkier electronics.

The faceplate is made of plastic with a few metal elements, yet it does not feel cheap. It comes with mounting brackets as well as screw holes on both sides. With a power wire, antenna slot, and connections for an external speaker and PA, the rear is very standard. With 10 control switches and three dials, the front appears tidy. A microphone may also be inserted into the slot.

It sports a multi-color LCD display with seven distinct color options. You may adjust the brightness and contrast of the screen as needed. The bright display makes it easy to read while maintaining your eyes on the road.

Sound of Good Quality

The noise-canceling microphone, in combination with the RF Gain function, improves the sound quality for both speakers and listeners. The inbuilt SWR provides precise antenna matching, and proper antenna positioning may improve audio quality.

When you receive a transmission, the Squelch Control activates the speaker, and the Fine/Coarse Clarifier knob adjusts the reception frequency for enhanced clarity.

The radio broadcasts with a peak power of 5-8 watts AM and 10-12 watts SSB, which may be increased to approximately 10 and 15 watts, respectively, with a little adjustment. The receiver is sensitive, and some hissing may be heard, but the background noise is manageable. The incoming stations sound clear, and an extra speaker may increase the quality.

The mic is noise-canceling, but the sound quality is poor. It is audible, but it does not become loud in the air. The best option is to invest in a high-quality microphone.

Features Not Included

The device features a channel-changing knob that also brings up the menu options on the screen. You’ll get fast access to Channels 9 and 19, as well as the ability to listen to seven pre-loaded weather stations when you switch to the weather mode.

The radio also features a Talkback feature that lets you play around with the audio messages by adjusting the volume on a scale of one to ten.


  • Design that is both modern and tiny
  • The SSB is supported.
  • Seven weather channels are pre-loaded on the device.


  • The quality of the built-in speaker is below average.
  • Scratches are quickly picked up on the plastic surface.

3. President McKinley AM/SSB CB Radio

President McKinley USA 40 Channel CB Radio SSB 12/24V

The President McKinley AM/SSB CB Radio is a slick radio, which is an FCC type accepted CB radio. It is legal to both purchase and uses this radio in the United States.  The radio has been designed and constructed as a DIN size radio, which means it can easily fit into the stereo slot of a vehicle’s dashboard.  The radio has been equipped with a standard 23-pin power cord, a microphone as well as necessary mounting hardware. The radio has got single thumbscrew holes on the sides, which are used to mount it onto the dashboard.

Detailed Technical Information

Two of the knobs on the radio include dual controls for inner and outside settings. The radio’s LCD has been intended to be big and easy to view while driving. The user interface is simple and easy to use. The Power / Squelch / ASC knob is the first of the three knobs. This is a two-pot control system. The power/volume knob is on the inside, while the squelch knob is on the outside. The Automatic Squelch Control in the AM mode is activated when the squelch knob is turned counterclockwise. The Fine/coarse clarifier knob is the second knob. The channel selection is the third knob, and pressing it enables radio menu functionality.

Sound of Good Quality

This radio’s receiver sensitivity is fairly high, and it works well in this area. Both local and DX stations were received and sounded great. Despite its little size, the front-firing speaker produces a robust and clear sound. On AM, it has a 4-watt output and on SSB, it has a 12-watt output. With a little tweaking, it can generate 15 watts. In comparison to many others in its category, the radio offers more punchy sounds. An external noise-canceling microphone may always be linked to it to increase the quality of the microphone.

Features Not Included

The radio’s five buttons control three separate functions. The MODE / PA / VOX button toggles between AM, USB, and LSB modes, and long-pressing the button activates the PA. Long-pressing the VOX button while keying on the radio enters VOX mode. The driver may listen to weather stations by pressing the WEATHER / ALERT/ M1 button, which puts it in weather mode. It activates the weather alert when you push it for a long time. It works in conjunction with the memory button to save the channel and mode in the M1 slot. The NB/ANL/HIC / SCAN / M2 button is used to activate the NB/ANL/HIC / SCAN / M2 functions, which reduce electrical and static disturbance. Scanning allows for the scanning of 40 channels. M2 is the second memory slot. The 9/19 / DW / M3 button toggles between channel 9 and channel 19. It activates the dual watch mode and scans channel + 9 or 19. The M3 slot is the third memory slot. The F/ MEM / LOCK / MIC GAIN / RF GAIN buttons choose frequencies, while the RF Power button controls RF power.


  • In comparison to many others, the radio offers punchier audio.
  • There are 40 channels on it.
  • It’s DIN-sized and simply fits into the dashboard’s audio slot.


  • It uses the Proposition 65 cancer-causing chemical warning from California.

4. Cobra Electronics CBR29LTDCHR 

Cobra Electronics CBR29LTDCHR 40-Channel CB Radio with PA Capability

The Cobra Electronics CBR29LTDCHR 40-Channel CB Radio With PA Capability has been designed and constructed in such a way that it has become a radio standard for the current and future professional drivers on the roads. It has now been made available in chrome finish. The core design is the same, which has been a trusted and reliable design for both durability as well as high-performance.  Improvements have been implemented upon feedback from professional drivers. The radio continues to match the performance expected of the ‘Cobra tradition.’

Detailed Technical Information

Because the radio contains 40 CB channels, it can provide complete coverage and performance for CB stations. The radio comes with a heavy-duty dynamic microphone that is very sturdy and long-lasting. Adjustable Dynamike Boost is a feature on the CB radio that increases sensitivity and improves speech transmission clarity. The radio gives the driver rapid access to emergency channel nine, ensuring the driver’s safety at all times. The antenna Warning Indicator on the radio illuminates a red light if the antenna needs to be checked or calibrated. While on the road, SWR calibration is used to ensure that the radio is constantly operating at maximum power. All of the famous Cobra characteristics are wrapped in chrome, and the distinctive chrome finish gives it a very elegant appearance. With this radio fitted, the truck can goes to the next level.

Sound of Good Quality

The audio quality is excellent, thanks to the radio’s Switchable Noise Blanker, which reduces undesired electrical and static interferences caused by the vehicle’s engine. The RF Gain is used to fine-tune the reception sensitivity range so that communication is crystal clear. Because this is the highest power permitted by law, the radio’s 4-watt output provides a decent range of communications.

Features Not Included

The driver may utilize the CB radio as a Public Address System with the aid of a PA Speaker thanks to the radio’s PA functionality. The driver may also use the PA to monitor the received signals. Instant access to emergency channel 9 is a fantastic feature that assures the driver’s safety at all times, beginning with the commencement of the voyage. A 9-foot-long Microphone Cord is included with the CB radio, allowing it to be extended throughout the whole cabin area of the car in question. A front microphone connection is also included with the CB radio, allowing for simple installation in the dashboard or, if necessary, beneath the dashboard.


  • The CB radio now offers complete 40-channel coverage.
  • It has a maximum output of 4 watts, which is the legal limit.
  • The radio includes a 9-foot microphone line that extends throughout the cabin.


  • Some drivers believe that the display is still excessively bright even when dimmed.

5. Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC AM/FM 

Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC AM/FM 10M RADIO

The Stryker Radios SR-497-HPC AM/FM 10M RADIO has been designed and constructed as a very elegant and colorful radio with a brilliant 7-color LED Backlit faceplate. The driver can always push a button to choose the colors, or the CPU controller can be allowed to control the scanning of colors all by itself. The design of the faceplate is exploitive to this radio, and the manufacturer has ensured that the operators of the radio are provided with backlighted controls, and this way, they can use the radio even at times when it is pitch dark. The design of the radio is such that it is very durable and the display can always be dimmed by using the color/dimmer button which is located on the front panel of this CB radio. This is useful at times when the driver does not want to be bothered by too bright a display.

Detailed Technical Information

The driver for the CB radio is provided by six IRF-520 MOSFET transistors. An operator with a power output of more than 100 watts (PEP). This radio has a lot of power, and if the operator wants to be heard, this radio can supply it. The radio’s Multiple Step Dimmer enables the operator to adjust the brightness of the display to the appropriate level. Because the dimming is continuous, the operator is not limited to the high, medium, or low brightness levels; instead, by holding the button down, the brilliance may be adjusted to the desired dimness level.

Two distinct Roger Beeps are available on the CB radio. These are controlled via the switches on the front panel. These aren’t available on any other radio that comes straight from the manufacturer. When the Roger Beep isn’t needed, it may even be turned off. The CB radio’s Variable Power Control allows the operator to effortlessly change or alter the carrier power from 1 watt to 25 watts. This function is required if the operator wishes to utilize an external power supply.

Sound of Good Quality

A Heavy-Duty AM Regulator has been installed in the CB radio, which ensures great dependability. The Dual Front-Mounted Controls are a nice touch. When compared to factory-made or even aftermarket echo boards, digital echo provides the radio operator with a far wider variety of options and effects. This radio board can readily replicate human speech with minimal distortion and gives a high level of clarity, resulting in optimum listening enjoyment.

Features Not Included

The Variable Speak Back Control avoids the dreaded squeal from the talkback system. This function is enabled via the integrated talkback circuitry, which may be operated individually. Depending on the working circumstances, the volume may be adjusted to the ideal level. The operator is not needed to reduce the microphone gain to eliminate the distracting squeal that is often caused by poor design or manufacture.


  • The CB radio has a top output power of 90 watts.
  • It features a meter light and a 7-color channel display.
  • There are two distinct Roger beeps on it.


  • There is no guarantee on the radio.

6. President Electronics USA Bill CB Radio 

President Electronics USA Bill CB Radio

The President Electronics USA Bill CB Radio has been designed and constructed as a very slick and elegant ultra-compact CB radio, which is ideal for use in such vehicles as Tacomas, Jeeps, UTVs, and other vehicles which have small cabins.  The CB radio is so so small and compact that its size can be compared to that of an iPhone. The CB radio is designed to include a quick release bracket as well, which facilita6es its very easy removal. The radio can be very easily tucked into a very small space thanks to its compact design, and the channels can be easily controlled via the 6-pib microphone.

Detailed Technical Information

The CB radio offers a channel scanning capability as well as NOAA weather. Despite its modest size, it offers a number of highly vital and crucial elements that give a great deal of convenience to the vehicle’s driver on the road. If you buy the equipment with a President Antenna, the manufacturer will extend the guarantee to five years. The CB radio comes highly recommended for drivers looking for a highly trustworthy, dependable, and durable CB radio that is both small and equipped with all of the required CB radio capabilities for usage on the road. Off-road, the CB radio may be utilized in Cruisers, Jeeps, Tractors, and other HD equipment, among other things.

The radio has manual/automatic Squelch, ANL filter, Roger Beep, Beed functions, NB, Front-facing 6-pin microphone plug, HI-CUT, and Quick release radio mount, among other features. The CB radio may be used with any kind of CB antenna available on the market; however, if the manufacturer’s antenna is defective, the manufacturer’s warranty is extended for the advantage of the buyer. Standard CB PL-259 connectors are used for the cable connection. With the aid of the ‘U’ mounting bracket, the radio may be conveniently placed on a flat surface.

Sound of Good Quality

The CB radio’s frequency ranges are 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz, with a total of 40 channels. The antenna has a 40-ohm impedance. The sound quality is strong and clear, and the CB radio has a connection for attaching an external loudspeaker, allowing the driver/operator to be heard by everyone in the vicinity. Despite its small size, it produces high-quality sound.

Features Not Included

The CB radio features a TOT (Time out timer) and programmable pre-set channels. The device is 32 grams in weight and is 102 x 100 x 25 mm in dimension. EMG is the pre-programmed channel (customizable). It features a Roger Beep and Key Lock feature, as well as a F/Menu function key. The item is powered by 12 volts and has an up/down channel selector. Both AM and FM radio stations are accessible.


  • The device is small, yet it has all of the required CB radio features.
  • An external loudspeaker may be attached to the device.
  • The CB radio offers complete coverage of all 40 channels.


  • Some individuals are skeptical about its quality.

7. President Johnny III USA 40 Channel CB Radio

President Johnny III USA 40 Channel CB Radio 12/24 V

The President Johnny III USA 40 Channel CB Radio has been designed and constructed to ensure that it delivers the right functionality the right way to the drivers and its operators in the true sense of the word. It has been built on a very compact HD chassis, and it serves the professional driver as well as others as a perfect piece of communication equipment that can be used for the off-road rig, commercial vehicles, tractors, etc. very easily and conveniently.

Detailed Technical Information

When bought with an antenna from the manufacturer, the equipment comes with a 5-year guarantee. This is a warranty extension over and above the usual warranty. The CB radio is very tiny, yet it has many of the same capabilities that can be found in full-sized CB radios. These capabilities include Channel scan, NOAA weather channels, Automatic Squelch, PA, RF gain, and many more that are regarded as essential for a high-performance and high-quality CB radio. The major motivation behind the development of this tiny CB radio is to guarantee that not only professionals, but everyone has the opportunity to get behind the wheel and spend time on the trail while the radio facilitates communication.

The CB radio has 40 AM channels, an AM transceiver, a weather alert, a channel rotary switch, a multi-function LCD display, volume adjustment, and on/off, among other features. It comes with both manuals and Automatic Squelch Control (ASC). The radio includes features such as Public Address, Backlit display, Murata Noise Filter, Instant Channel 9/19, 6 -pin microphone with channel control, and more. It can be used with any type of CB antenna on the market, but it comes with an extended 5-year warranty when used with a President’s antenna.

Sound of Good Quality

The equipment’s frequency range is 26.965 MHz to 27.405 MHz. The weather channels may be found on frequencies ranging from 162.400 to 162.550 MHz. The antenna impedance is 40 ohms, and the system has both an External Vox microphone and an External loudspeaker connector. It produces a clean and strong sound that facilitates conversation. Key locking and Roger Beep are both accessible.

Features Not Included

Volume control and ON/OFF are included, as well as manual and automated Squelch and a digital S-meter. It features both an ANL and HI-CUT filter. It has one memory slot and a F/Menu function key. The power supply is 13.8 V / 27.6 V, and the display is LCD multifunctional. The device measures 4.92 x 1.77 x 5.91 inches and weighs just 1.54 pounds.


  • The CB radio has a total of 40 channels.
  • Despite its small size, the CB radio provides all of the required functionality.
  • If a President’s antenna is bought along with it, the guarantee is extended from the regular 2-years to a 5-year warranty.


  • The mounting screws are causing some dissatisfaction.

8. Cobra 29 NW

Cobra 29NW

The Cobra 29 NW is an improved version of the brand’s popular 29 LTD model. It has been introduced to the market with several new features and styles that the previous model lacked. It’s a fantastic radio, and one of the most attractive Cobra radios ever produced.

Detailed Technical Information

Even if you’ve never used a CB radio before, you’ll find it simple to set up this gadget. You’ll need to use the mounting brackets and hardware to install the device in a convenient area, attach the microphone, then put the power cable into an electrical outlet to complete the setup.

The power cord, as well as ports for an antenna, PA horn, and external speaker, are all included in the device. Several control knobs and dials may be found on the front side. These switches are very sturdy and have the perfect amount of resistance.

It comes with a Public Address System (PA) that uses a horn instead of the built-in speaker to transmit messages. You may also use it to keep track of the signals you’ve received.

The NightWatch Illumination that illuminates the front panel and meter display is the 29 NW’s most notable feature. It’s ideal for evening use, and the dimmer adjustment option assures the proper brightness while reducing eye strain.

Sound of Good Quality

The 29 NW does well when it comes to reducing electrical noise. Its Noise Blanker switch aids in noise reduction, effectively suppressing fuel pump and engine rumbles. As a result, it is the most popular radio station among truck and tractor-trailer drivers.

The device broadcasts at roughly 3.5 watts dead key with a swing to about 8-10 watts and covers all 40 channels. The typical power range for transmitting voice messages is 5 to 8 watts.

Receiving capabilities are likewise excellent, with little difficulty picking up distant stations. You may improve it by using an external antenna, which you can calibrate for optimal performance using the SWR calibration. Furthermore, the RF Gain is useful for regulating gain in both strong and weak signal locations.

Features Not Included

The 29 NW includes a mic hookup on the front panel, and the 9-foot microphone wire offers you some movement. It also gives you immediate access to Channel 19 (information) and Channel 9 (emergency).

In the dark, the night light is a terrific way to view the controls. The knobs are also tactile, allowing you to sense their precise position without taking your gaze away from the road.


  • Option for NightWatch Illumination
  • All 40 CB channels are covered.
  • SWR calibration ensures that the antenna performs at its best.
  • The dials and knobs have a tactile feel to them.


  • The microphone’s performance is below par.

9. Galaxy DX 959


The Galaxy DX 959 is one of the most popular and best-selling CB radios. In comparison to the competitors on the market, the device is a little pricey. Its enormous number of features and ability to play in both AM and SSB modes, however, keep it ahead of the competition.

Detailed Technical Information

With a plastic body and a chrome faceplate, the DX 959 seems to be durable. The yellow display is attractive at night and provides improved visibility throughout the day. Unlike the majority of other models. On the left side panel, it holds the headphone connection.

All of the levers and knobs for adjusting and twisting the transmission and reception operations are located on the front panel. You may use the PA and external speaker instead of the built-in speaker to deliver your messages.

The radio features a big S/RF meter, which makes getting a more accurate reading simpler. SWR, Output Power, Incoming Signal, and Modulation are the four scales. It’s easy to read in the dark thanks to the LED-lighted screen. There’s also a dimming option for when the driver doesn’t want to be distracted.

On the front side, there are two screens: a two-digit channel display and a five-digit frequency counter. The numerals are shown in yellow lights on each of them.

Sound of Good Quality

RF Strength and Mic Gain on the DX 959 are particularly useful for maintaining the mic and signal gain at the proper amount. It performs well as a receiver, outperforming many earlier versions in this aspect. If you’re an expert and know your way around MOSFETs, you can get it to swing approximately 28 watts from a 7-watt dead key. Furthermore, its Galaxy Noise Filter (GNF) function aids in the reception of distant signals in SSB mode.

This device functions as a transmitter in the same way as any other Galaxy CB radio. It generates clear, powerful audio that sounds better on AM than SSB. If you use a power mic, your voice will shout loudly to people on the receiving end!

By employing a decent antenna, you may extend the range of its usual coverage.

Features Not Included

The Variable Talkback tool is great for altering your voice’s loudness and gain. To get the desired outcomes, you may adjust the scale to different levels.

If you can enhance the frequency capabilities of the device, the 5-digit frequency counter is a helpful feature. It will display the new wavelength readings. For the SSB mode, however, a 6-digit frequency would be useful.


  • Both AM and SSB modes are available.
  • As a transmitter, it emits a loud sound.
  • Plays the role of a competent receiver.


  • On SSB, there are modest drifts.
  • For SSB users, a sixth digit on the frequency counter would be preferable.

10. Cobra 75 WXST 

Cobra 75WXST

The Cobra 75 WXST is ideal for those who desire a tiny radio with a lot of functions. It’s a little portable device that takes up little room in a car. If you wish to leave your hand’s free while driving, you may suspend it from the mic holder. When not in use, store in the glove box.

Detailed Technical Information

The 75 WXST is made up of two parts: a microphone with all of the controls and a built-in speaker, as well as a compact remote connection box. It also has a connector for an external speaker, a power line, and a coax cable jack.

It sports a backlit LCD display for bright and clear sight. On the neutral backdrop, the readings show in a black tone that seems simple to read.

Sound of Good Quality

Although the 75 WXST is smaller, it can readily compete with any full-featured radio. With strong and clear audio, it covers all 40 CB stations accessible. Its proprietary SoundTracker System reduces background noise by 90%, allowing for clearer conversation.

The device can only broadcast at a power of 4 watts or less. It will, however, give a less-noisy reception and clear transmission. Using a magnetic mount antenna may increase the quality. When you use it while driving on the highway, you’ll be able to pick up and send signals from almost 11 miles away.

When working in a noisy area, the built-in speaker is adequate but not quite adequate. Adding a second speaker might be the answer.

Features Not Included

Channels 9 and 19 are available immediately on the 75 WXST. In addition, the built-in NOAA radio receiver provides instant access to all 10 weather channels. As a result, you’ll constantly be informed if there are any impending weather threats or crises.

When it comes to scanning the stations, it gives you a few alternatives. The All Channel Scan enables you to keep an eye on incoming signals, while the Dual Scan is ideal for those who often move between two channels. It has the ability to save four channels in memory for subsequent use. The Last 3 Channels option keeps track of the last three stations you listened to.


  • It is small enough to hold in your hand.
  • It can be mounted in almost any place since it is so compact.
  • All 40 channels are covered.
  • NOAA weather channels built-in


  • When compared to full-size units, it seems to be costly.
  • Unless you utilize an external speaker, the sound quality is awful.

11. Midland 75-822

Midland 75-822

The Midland 75-822 is a one-of-a-kind contribution to the two-way radio industry. It’s a true game-changer, since switching between mobile and portable radio modes is a breeze. It is ergonomically designed to fit in your hand while yet providing the functionality of a big mobile device with the added benefit of battery capacity.

Detailed Technical Information

The Midland 75-822 has a cigarette lighter adaptor and appears like a walkie-talkie. The built-in speaker and many control controls are located on the front panel. The illumination on the multi-function LCD ensures that you can read the numbers at any time of day or night.

On the top, there’s a slot for an antenna, which you can simply remove when transporting, and the adaptor may be attached at the bottom. With the keypad, you may lock in your favorite settings, so there will be no more bothersome channel switching due to an inadvertent hit of a button. External headset jacks allow for hands-free operation. They’ll be fantastic for motorcyclists who utilize a helmet-ready headset.

Sound of Good Quality

Despite the fact that it is a portable device, the Midland 75-822 provides users with all 40 communication channels. The 4 watts of output power will enable you to pick up low frequencies at a distance of a few kilometers.

The factory antenna is sufficient for receiving decent reception. On the road, you can also clearly communicate across a quarter-mile range. An extra antenna, on the other hand, may be useful for making a reception as clear as day and expanding the broadcast region.

With its automatic noise limiter (ANL) function, the gadget is also great at filtering out-static annoyances. The Squelch Control may be used to reduce background noise. Both of these features are fantastic for straightforward communication when traveling.

Features Not Included

Keeping the Midland 75-822 in the vehicle will be a sensible decision if you are insane enough to venture out in inclement weather. It provides immediate access to Channels 9 and 19 as well as Channel 10 of the NOAA weather channels. You may use the dual-watch feature to keep an eye on both the emergency and routine stations at the same time.

You may use it with a power adapter, but the battery pack allows you to become completely mobile when required.

It offers an automated channel search function that ends after five seconds on each active station. It also has a memory that stores five channels and remembers the last one you used before turning it off.


  • A two-way radio that may be used in a variety of situations.
  • It may also be used by motorcyclists.
  • All 40 AM channels are covered.
  • The battery life is excellent.


  • The range isn’t as good as a full-featured machine, but it may be improved using an extra antenna.

12. Cobra 25 LTD

Cobra 25 LTD

Cobra has been providing fantastic items with superb features and affordable costs to CB lovers since 1963. The 25 LTD is one of the less costly versions in the brand’s lineup, yet it still covers all of the channels. It’s a little smaller than the 29 series and misses a few features.

Detailed Technical Information

The 25 LTD is a fully functional radio. With a plastic body and a chrome faceplate, it’s built to last. On the rear, it contains a power connection, an external speaker jack, and a socket for a PA horn. All of the control knobs and buttons are located on the front side, along with a display that shows the channel number and an analog screen with illumination for S/RF meter control.

It has a front-panel microphone connection for easy in-dash installation. The nine-foot cable lets you move around freely inside a car without interfering with conversation.

Another good feature of this gadget is the Controls that are tactile, which make changing functions more precise and safer without taking your eyes off the road.

Sound of Good Quality

The 25 LTD operates at 4 watts of power, which is the FFC’s maximum range. If you use a high-quality antenna with the ideal SWR, you will be able to hear all of the stations well. The transmission is also fantastic, as you will come across as extremely clear to the individuals you are speaking with.

You can make this 25 LTD sing if you’re an expert and have plenty of experience tinkering with CB radio mechanisms. You can obtain more than 20 watts of swing with loud and clear music by adjusting the power knobs and replacing one of the jumpers with a capacitor and resistor. Turn the VR 5 up and adjust the dead-key using RF Gain and Mic Gain to achieve the best results. However, keep in mind that such changes are unlawful in the United States and may void your warranty.

The basic microphone is OK, however, a power microphone will provide greater results.

Features Not Included

The 25 LTD doesn’t have a lot of Features Not Included. Nonetheless, it provides rapid access to Channels 9 and 19, ensuring that you are not stranded in a distant location in the event of an emergency.


  • Inexpensive
  • Tactile controls
  • Mic input on the front panel


  • This may improve the resistance of the dials.
  • There aren’t many other features.

13. Uniden PC 78 LTD

Uniden PC78LTD

On Uniden’s 50th anniversary, the PC 78 LTD was released globally. For a radio that costs less than $100, it delivers some high-quality transmissions. Unfortunately, Uniden’s CB radio lineup has been lacking in the ‘high-cut’ audio option for a long time. The new model has been reintroduced with several other excellent features for professional radio operators.

Detailed Technical Information

With a black plastic body and silver accents on the knobs and dials, the PC 78 LTD is a robust item that looks great. The power socket and ports for the PA and external speaker are on the rear panel, which is customary.

A mic connection is also located on the front side, and the 9-inch long mic wire allows you to roam around while conversing with other CB users.

The numerals are shown in red light via a bright LED channel indicator. So whether it’s day or night, you won’t be able to ignore it. There’s also an analog S/RF meter control with illumination on the front panel.

The lighted control knobs provide good visibility at night. Furthermore, the dials and switches are tactile, allowing you to use them in the dark while keeping your eyes on the road.

Sound of Good Quality

The PC78LTD covers all 40 AM frequencies permitted by the FFC. The dynamic Squelch Control eliminates distracting background noise by activating the speaker only when a signal is received. In addition, the RF and Mic Gain control increase reception and modify mic sensitivity.

The FFC has allowed the equipment to receive signals at 4 watts. The reception quality is excellent enough that a decent-quality antenna may somewhat increase it, particularly while traveling on the road.

The transmission is also of excellent quality. The high-cut audio switch is a dream come true for both professional and amateur operators, as it provides unrivaled clarity and frequency response to conversations and listening.

Features Not Included

An SWR meter is included in the package for improved antenna tuning, which improves reception and transmission quality. Furthermore, the Channel Knob makes selecting channels simple.

Like most other CB radios, this type has rapid access to Channels 9 and 19 so you may speak with others in an emergency.


  • Elegant design
  • The control knobs include lighting for sight at night.
  • The dials and buttons have a tactile feel to them.
  • Produced in Japan


  • The control dials seem to be of low resistance.

14. Uniden PRO505X

Uniden PRO505XL

The Uniden PRO505XL is the cheapest CB radio on our list, but it’s an excellent choice if you’re searching for a low-cost option. In addition, it is one of the most popular versions among new users because of its tiny size and low price (less than $50).

Detailed Technical Information

The Uniden PRO505XL’s black plastic body and compact knobs appeal to current radio operators who aren’t interested in the chrome faceplate and huge dials of the 1980s.

The antenna and external speaker ports are located on the back of the unit. The gadget is connected with a power cable. The previous model, the PRO510XL, did not have a PA function, but the PRO505XL has one.

It can find a basic configuration with a few control choices, a screen, and a mic connection on the front panel. For ease of usage, the mic cord contains plenty of flexible wire.

The readings are displayed on a digital LCD with big black numbers and an orange backlight. As a result, you won’t miss any information even if it’s dark inside the cabin. It shows the chosen channel and the RX or TX sign, which refers to the receive or transmit indication. In addition, the signal strength for the receiving or transmission mode is shown by a four-bar graph.

Sound of Good Quality

The PRO505XL gives you access to all 40 CB channels, allowing you to communicate with other drivers, listen to traffic, and remain informed during crises.

The Squelch knob aids in adjusting the radio’s signal strength and filters out static noise for a better sound. The gadget has high sensitivity and is an excellent receiver. As a result, the audio signal is crisp and clear. You may raise the transmission power from the permitted limit of 4 watts to 8 watts. In the United States, though, making such changes is prohibited.

The built-in microphone does precisely what you’d expect from such a low-cost device. Nonetheless, unlike other low-cost versions, it does not sound muffled. The volume, on the other hand, is not up to par. You may purchase a power mic to give your voice a boost.

You may also include an antenna with a long coax cable base into the arrangement for excellent highway reception.

Features Not Included

The device has a PA jack for connecting to a PA speaker and a socket for connecting to an external speaker for improved sound. In addition, there is a separate button for Channel 9 so that you don’t have to worry about calling others in an emergency.


  • The radio is tiny and may be stored in a remote location.
  • All 40 channels are covered.
  • Inexpensive


  • Beginners’ guide
  • The supplied microphone is of poor quality.

15. Midland 1001Z

Midland 1001Z

The Midland 1001Z is a compact, small unit ideal for both seasoned and novice CB users. Although it’s not a fancy unit with scores of features, All 40 channels are covered. And has the essential qualities that will keep you going on the highway.

Detailed Technical Information

The radio is wholly composed of plastic and is relatively light. It’s cheap, and its shaky build gives it that impression. The knobs and dials themselves have a fragile feel about them. Nonetheless, it will suffice unless you want to pull off a Fast and Furious stunt.

A Power On/Off switch, a CB/PA button that permits switching between a CB mode and a public address system via an extra PA speaker, an RF Gain to modify reception sensitivity, and a Squelch Control slider are all located on the device’s front side.

There is no LCD on it. Instead, a tiny screen with a green light that shows the chosen channel and a simple design LED indicator that shows the signal strength.

Sound of Good Quality

The radio enables a maximum output power of 4 watts (as permitted by the FFC) to provide you with the best communication range. It has decent reception and transmission, and you can improve it even more by using the Squelch Control and RF Gain settings.

To improve the performance, you may purchase an extension aerial. However, to have optimal sound reception and transmission, you’ll need to link it with an SWR meter and tune it appropriately.

The built-in speaker is rather loud and does not shatter even at the maximum level. If you wish to boost the volume of your transmitted voice, you may still use an inexpensive extension speaker. You may potentially improve your results by replacing the original mic with a more powerful one.

Unfortunately, the Midland 1001Z lacks a noise-canceling feature. As a result, it is common to hear your engine and ignition whine through the speaker even if you use the Squelch Control.

Features Not Included

The 1001Z does not offer a lot of features for an entry-level device. You will, however, have immediate access to Channel 9. It does not have a separate Channel 19 switch. You must manually scan it each time.


  • A simple design and a compact figure
  • A dedicated button makes switching between the CB and PA systems easy.
  • Channel 9 is available now.
  • For an entry-level CB radio, it’s reasonably priced.


  • The channel knobs and switches are fragile.
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