With the rise of esports and booming growth in gaming culture, it’s no surprise that there are more speakers on the topic than ever before. The gaming industry is changing with each new company popping up or merging with another to become bigger and better. With so many conferences dedicated to one subject at a time, we wanted to list out some of our personal favorites for this coming year.

To be enjoyable, gaming must be a full-fledged experience. The audio in PlayStation and Xbox games is meticulously designed. They can rock your world when paired with the correct gaming speakers. The most excellent gaming speakers can pick up on the subtleties that make tracking down the adversary such a fun game. For a realistic experience, the greatest ones mix the strength of bass with Surround Sound. They come with everything you need to set them up and run them. So when Uncharted 4 seduced us into surrender to PlayStation, we went speaker shopping. We chose the finest gaming speakers for every budget, from a dedicated gamer’s tiny budget to a well-heeled bloke’s man cave.

What’s the difference between 2.1 and 5.1 gaming speakers?

When it comes to spending money, you have two options: the 2.1 system or the 5.1 system. A stereo system with two speakers in front of you, the 2.1 game speakers are a stereo system with two speakers in front of you. A subwoofer may or may not be included. Surround sound is provided through the 5.1 system. Two speakers are positioned in the room behind you. They’ll have a more realistic and immersive sound. The disadvantage is that there will be more cables to manage. Unless you have a dedicated gaming room, finding space for all technology might be challenging.

Which gaming speakers are the best?

Top 15 Best Gaming Speakers in 2019 - Complete Guide

In terms of specifications, gaming speakers are almost identical. Therefore, we carefully examined them to compile a list of the ten finest gaming speakers that expertly balanced the following factors:

Listening to the adversary is crucial to your game’s success. You must foresee the coming assassin before they attack you. Your team’s success is built on spatial clues and clear verbal orders. The amount of fun you have with the game is determined by how meaty that explosion was and how deep the rumbling of a rescue chopper was. The most significant aspect of a gaming speaker’s audio is the bass. As a result, they frequently have bass-level control.

Ease of use: The sound output may vary depending on the source to which the game speakers are connected. As a result, you must be able to adjust the master level and bass volume easily. Furthermore, from your perspective position, the controls must be reachable. Therefore, the first setup procedure should be quick and painless.

Budget: Gamers often need a large number of gaming-related equipment. It’s difficult enough to explain those in your financial situation. Spending a lot of money on speakers might be considered excessive. But don’t be concerned. We chose the best gaming speakers in the budget to mid-range price range. So whether you’re a 20-year-old in a dead-end profession or a wealthy father of two, you’ll find your gaming speakers here.

Accessories: When it comes to setting up your speakers, Radio Shack is never too far away. But wouldn’t it be fantastic if they came with all of the thingummies required for installation? The finest gaming speakers have everything they need to connect and start pumping out bass.

Chart of the Top 15 Best Gaming Speakers in 2022

1. Logitech Z623

The Best Gaming Speakers

Logitech makes computer and gaming accessories that are failsafe. The Logitech Z623 home gaming speaker brought back memories of long-lasting Logitech devices. This is an imposing pair of speakers. Compared to other THX-certified speakers on the market, it is reasonably priced. It has the same Logitech durability and audio brilliance as its other products. This 2.1 channel set is the safest bet among our top gaming speakers.

Features and Design

One large subwoofer and two satellite speakers make up the Logitech Z623 home speaker system. This, on the other hand, takes up a lot of room. The satellite speakers are slight, but the subwoofer is relatively large. The speakers have 7.5 inches and a width of 5.6 inches. On the other hand, the subwoofer is a cuboid of 11.911.1110.4 inches.

The volume, power, and bass level knobs are located on the right speaker. There are two 3.5mm inputs on the rear, one for headphones and the other for auxiliary devices. A 3.5mm input and RCA connectors are also included on the subwoofer. These may link this setup to a computer, DVD player, or music player, for example. The cable that comes with the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 may be used to connect them. This speaker system has wires going between the two speakers and the subwoofer, and it is permanently attached. If the cables fail, the whole system fails as well.

The power handling capabilities of this Logitech gaming speaker is 200W RMS. The ported subwoofer may claim 130W of that. A 7-inch driver is used. Each of the upward-facing satellite speakers is equipped with a 2.5-inch driver. This set is also available with a Bluetooth audio adapter as a package.


The Logitech Z623 gaming speaker system’s sonic response makes it a good bargain for the price. You may be underwhelmed the first time you hear it. However, once you’ve found the right EQ balance on your playback device, this speaker sounds fantastic! It complies with the fundamental THX requirements. At the flat response setting of the brass knob, the bass cuts deep into the sub-bass world. If you’re a true basshead, crank this knob up and dial down the level for a hysterical Muse Hysteria experience.

Once you’ve adjusted your equalization, midrange will become active. On this computer speaker, the conversation is delivered crystal clear. Cersei blowing up the Baelor’s Sept in the season finale of Game of Thrones gives you shivers with her brilliant music and cinematography. The treble is a little sharp in the Logitech Z623’s unmodified audio response. It gets mellower when the EQ is turned on. Even still, if we had to make a judgment, we’d say the treble is its weakest point.


  • Bass’s response is deep and rumbling.
  • With little EQing, you can get a rich, whole tone.
  • Set includes a 7-inch ported subwoofer.
  • Connects to PS3, Xbox 360, PC, cellphones, and tablets, among other devices.


  • Treble sounds sibilant without EQ.
  • Also, the length of permanent wires might be increased.

2. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

The Best Gaming Speakers

The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III speaker system has caused quite a stir. This speaker set’s sparkling appearance is a work of art. It developed from Soundsticks II, which had a similar appearance. Skeptics claim that it’s all about the appearances and not the content. However, we determined that charge to be unfounded. Haters are going to hate. With panache, Soundsticks III sings. The sound engineering of Harman Kardon shines through. The bass isn’t loud enough for a party, but it’s great for gaming and watching movies. This one stepped right into our list of the best gaming speakers.

Features and Design

Harman Kardon is a well-known audiophile brand. Soundsticks presented the stunning design, which is now part of the permanent collection of the New York Museum of Modern Art. Soundsticks III uses the same architecture as the previous games, but with new and enhanced interiors. The subwoofer is translucent and like a large trendy bulb. Clear shells are also seen on the four-driver satellite speakers. The see-through cabinets only reveal the most basic electrical circuitry. Harman Kardon has put his heart and soul into this project.

The subwoofer is 10.2 inches tall with a base of 9.2 inches. When it’s turned on, it emits a bright blue glow, giving it an extraterrestrial appearance. The satellites are connected to the sub’s bottom. The power and bass level settings are located on the sub, which is a design flaw that Harman should have addressed with Soundsticks III. A 3.5mm connection on the sub allows for computer audio input. The bass is powered by a 20W amplifier.

This gaming speaker set’s satellite speakers are a 10-watt setup with four 1″ drivers. They’re doughnut-shaped tubular constructions that sit atop doughnut-shaped mattresses. They may be adjusted to face you this way. Because this is a hardwired system, if the cables go, the speakers go as well.


The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III is a gaming speaker system with a 2.1 configuration. In our gaming testing, it performed well. The bass isn’t quite earth-shattering. It did, however, have the kick that gives gunshots and explosions their full force. In flat bass response mode, the low-end offers a lot of information. Throughout the bass performance, we found no distortion at the maximum level.

Harman Kardon’s treble is a little more polished than the Logitech Z623 game speakers. While the Z623 is an excellent speaker in its own right, the Soundsticks III provides an additional shine. On Soundsticks, good formats are also handled nicely. It can keep up with even the most difficult music tracks. Its clear sound will enhance gaming and movies.


  • Stunning appearances
  • The sound is crisp and balanced, with a strong bottom.
  • Satellite speakers with four drivers
  • It’s simple to change the speaker’s position.


  • The subwoofer has all of the main controls.
  • There is no headphone jack.

3. Logitech Z506 

The Best Gaming Speakers

The Logitech Z506 gaming speaker is a full-set 5.1 Surround Sound System speaker that can instantly convert a simulated game situation into a realistic experience. This set is a powerful Soundblaster, with a subwoofer and 5 satellite speakers. It is well-designed and makes efficient use of space. Its ability to connect to a variety of devices makes it adaptable. It didn’t have the same mounting capability as its predecessor. However, its audio has improved while retaining a reasonable price. We snatched it up and put it on our list of the best gaming speakers.

Features and Design

The Logitech Z506 gaming speaker system is designed in a modern style. Smooth contours and ergonomic cabinets have replaced the sharp edges. A central speaker with a retractable stand joins the four-side satellite speakers and subwoofer. This stand may be used to install the monitor or television on top of it. The Z506 speakers, unlike their predecessors, cannot be mounted.

To connect multiple devices, this gaming speaker set offers three audio-in connectors, one headphone jack, and two stereo RCA input connections. Within these, the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are readily covered. The bass control for the subwoofer is located at the rear of the sub, which was a painful design choice for us. However, we are prepared to ignore it. One of the right satellites has volume and power buttons. The whole system is connected. It is capable of managing 75 watts of total power.

A twin speaker system serves as the center satellite. The remaining satellites are all single-speakers. It’s simple to set up the complex system. The RCA ports that satellites use to connect to the sub are color-coded to make the operation easier.


The Logitech Z506 gaming speaker set is one of the more affordable Surround Sound 5.1 systems available. Its audio is just as important as the hardware. The 5-inch driver in the ported sub sends sound downwards. A flat response is achieved by placing a pounding bass a little below the mid-level. This option is suitable for movies and games, and we recommend it since the bass knob is difficult to reach. The audio is as close to 5.1 as you can get. Around you, the combat scenes and rat-tat-tat of gunshots are both unreal and real.

The satellites put quite a strong showing. They don’t have to compete with the sub in order to get seen. Warm and clear voices were used in the song. At any level, there is no distortion from this gaming speaker. Through all types of music, the balanced sound kept us captivated.


  • One center speaker, a subwoofer, and four side satellite speakers
  • Bass that packs a punch and a well-balanced tone
  • There are other connection connections available, including a headphone jack.
  • 1 Surround Sound System


  • It’s difficult to get to the brass knob.
  • Matrix Mode makes stereo separation difficult.

4. Cyber Acoustics CA-3602

The Best Gaming Speakers

The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 speakers are an excellent choice if you have a limited budget. For the price, these speakers provide outstanding performance. To wake up the neighbors, they become loud and strong. CA seems to have heeded user input on the placement of buttons on several speakers. All of the speaker controls are conveniently located on their desktop pod. These are stylish speakers that do not represent their reasonable pricing. We took off our audiophile hats and jumped straight into our list of the finest gaming speakers.

Features and Design

For young men and women, gaming is a full-time pastime. As a result, they’re always on the lookout for low-cost add-ons to keep their World of Warcraft alive. The Cyber Acoustics CA-3602 is a perfect example of superb audio, imaginative design, and innovative construction. This kit includes a subwoofer and two satellite speakers. The sub is ten inches tall and eight inches wide. Each of the elegant satellites is 8 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

It contains a tiny circular desktop controller pod in addition to the essential parts. This is a nice touch that makes controlling the speakers a breeze. A 6-foot wire connects it to the speakers. On the sides, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary port and a headphone jack. The subvolume is a bit farther to the side. With this wheel, you may adjust the bass levels. The volume wheel is located on the pod’s top face. It’s designed to give you a tactile edge.

This gaming speaker also has a dock for charging your phone or iPod. It comes with all of the essential cables, which are quite lengthy. They may be easily routed to position your speakers around your television or computer. A short 3.5mm male-male cable is also included. At this price, the accessories are a huge benefit.


You can hear the clean and crisp treble response if you turn down the bass and listen to the satellite speakers of the CA-3602 game speaker set alone. There is no harshness even without EQ. They may be used directly out of the box, unlike the Logitech Z623. When the level was cranked all the way up, it became loud and thunderous.

We were thrilled for the amount we paid when we switched on the subwoofer with its 5.25-inch speaker, but not anymore. The bass isn’t as precise as it is on the Logitech Z623. However, it costs three times as much as the CA-3602. There was no hollow or distorted bass. However, the lower frequencies seemed a touch murky. These flaws are obvious to even the most devoted music enthusiast. The genuine auditory response and volume will delight the general public. The whole set can tolerate 30W of RMS current.


  • Very cost-effective
  • All buttons and controls are located on a desktop pod.
  • Wires with a lot of lengths
  • Audio that is both loud and natural
  • Excellent treble performance

5. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

The Best Gaming Speakers

The Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 game speaker system is an attractive package that combines a reasonable price with high-quality sound. The matte-finish and classily subdued appearance combine with such jarring acoustics that you’ll be compelled to adopt it despite its flaws. These speakers, which are at the top of the Surround Sound 2.1 audio scale, are incredibly loud. If you have a reasonable budget and aren’t looking for something excessive, consider investing in these speakers, since they have made their way to the top of the best gaming speakers list.

Features and Design

A powerful subwoofer and two satellite speakers are included in the Klipsch ProMedia gaming speaker system. The subwoofer stands about 10 inches tall and is about the same width. The satellites stand 8.5 inches tall and have an upward-facing orientation. The speaker cables are hardwired, so if they are destroyed, the system is doomed. The cables are 9.5 feet long and seem to be rather sturdy based on our observations.

One issue we have with the design of this game speaker is the button location. The right satellite speaker has both the master volume and bass level knobs, which is good. The power button, however, is hidden behind the sub. If you want to turn off the speakers, you’ll have to do some uncomfortable crawling. A remote control or control pod, similar to the CA 3602 with ProMedia, would have been nice. We are, after all, paying a premium for it.

The right-hand speaker has a headphone connector and a 3.5mm aux input. If you wish to connect to this speaker wirelessly, you may do so using certain USB dongles. A 6.5-inch driver is included in the package. A 0.75-inch tweeter and a 3-inch woofer are included in each satellite speaker.


The Klipsch ProMedia game speaker system can achieve a maximum loudness of 106dB. That’s somewhat more audible than the Logitech Z623. With Klipsch, though, you’d be lucky if you got more than 60% of the peak volume. With its larger subwoofer, the Z623 wins the game in terms of bass. Klipsch’s bass response, on the other hand, is far from deficient. In the lower registers, there’s plenty of power. It’s a little thumper than the Z623.

The audio in the treble and midrange is clean and sharp. They’re not at all muddled by the bass. The vocals may breathe freely without being suffocated by the bass. At high levels, there is a small distortion, but you’re not likely to play that loud without drawing the attention of the authorities. With the exception of the odd clumping of notes in the bass, it is well worth the money.


  • No muddiness, just a deep, balanced sound.
  • 1 THX-certified movie
  • Set of attractive speakers
  • Wires that are 9.5 feet long


  • The power button is located behind the sub.
  • The bass response should be improved.

6. Genius SW-G2.1 2000 

The Best Gaming Speakers

The Genius SW-G2.1 2000 gaming woofer speaker system is designed to simulate gunshots and meaty explosions in staccato rap. This speaker has the appearance and sound of a game speaker. The design may seem cumbersome due to its many protrusions, however, it is rather simple to install. They’ve added a control tower to the 3-piece kit as a surprise design choice. We’ll take this with a grain of salt. The Genius SW-G2.1, on the other hand, beats out many other speakers in the market for a coveted position in our list of the best gaming speakers.

Features and Design

The Genius SW-G2.1 2000 gaming speakers are designed with the curves that gamers want. They’re completely black, with pulsing blue lights on the satellite speakers. These are wonderful effects that you may disable if you live with your mother. At their tallest point, the satellite speakers reach 7 inches tall. The subwoofer’s hardwood enclosure is virtually a cube in shape and extends around 10 inches in all dimensions. The controller is a slim box with a width of fewer than 3 inches and a height of 7.5 inches.

The control box serves as a hub for all wire connections and houses all of the controls. It controls the speaker and bass level from the front. The ‘Stand By’ mute button is located on the right side of the screen. Another Source button is used to switch between the front, rear, and RCA plug aux inputs. This control box’s power button is located at the rear. It also serves as a microphone input. While the control box separates the functions, we still need to connect it to the speakers and sub. This results in more cables and an issue with organizing.

This gaming speaker system’s satellites may be wall-mounted. Because of the power cable, they are semi-hardwired. The system’s overall RMS power is 45 watts. Two 3.5mm male-male cables and one aux-to-RCA connector cable are included.


With the Genius SW-G2.1 2000 game speakers, the bass goes low and dirty. Bass creates actual vibrations through everything surrounding the subwoofer at a setting over the flat response level. This gaming speaker’s impact will appeal to bassheads and bloodthirsty gamers alike. The audio quality is acceptable. It can’t compete with the best sets, such as Z623. However, it is in the top 1%. When you connect to a PC for gaming, the audio surrounds you.

The only issue we encountered was at the higher frequencies. They lacked the sparkle that is required to compliment such Bass that packs a punch. You can save the sound by lowering the bass a little and EQing the treble. That is, assuming you notice the absence of upper treble at all.


  • Bass that is visceral and deep
  • Knobs, buttons, and connectors have their own control tower.
  • Speakers may be installed on the wall.
  • Headphone jack and dual input jacks
  • Design that is appealing.


  • The higher frequencies are a tad muted.
  • Extra cables are added to the control tower.

7. Corsair SP2500 2.1

The Best Gaming Speakers

The Corsair SP2500 2.1 gaming speaker is the way to go if you want to go big in terms of size, price, and audio. It takes up a lot of room, so you’ll need to make sure you have enough room. This three-piece kit includes a controller and a lot of audio power. At the low level, it may be rather loud and grand. This beauty comes with a hefty price tag from Corsair. If you want to spend a reasonable amount of money, we recommend the Logitech Z623. However, if you want mind-blowing sound, the SP2500 is on our list of the best gaming speakers.

Features and Design

The Corsair SP2500 gaming speakers will take up a lot of space on your gaming altar. Corsair, on the other hand, has their most valuable functions down on remote control, so we don’t have any beef with them. We were able to effortlessly connect the sub and store it away from our computer. It also comes with an abundance of cords, making setup a snap. This speaker set has no hardwired connections, however, some of the cords are difficult to repair.

The rear of this game speaker’s sub-features one RCA and one 3.5mm aux input. Corsair came up with the idea of placing one 3.5mm aux input at the top of the remote control. A micro-USB connector is also included. The remote control is a high-tech gadget. The power button, volume and bass volume buttons, a menu button, and a scroll wheel are all located on it. The scroll wheel is allocated to the volume button after you press it. On the screen, you can check the volume level. The volume is muted when the scroll-wheel button is pressed.

The subwoofer is 18 inches wide, 10 inches tall, and 10 inches deep. The satellites, on the other hand, are 6.2 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide. The sub is powered by a 120W RMP power amp and has an 8-inch driver. A 3-inch midrange driver and a 1-inch driver are used in each of the satellite speakers. They each need 50 watts.


The Corsair SP2500 gaming speaker has a number of preset EQ and audio choices. This remote is quite easy to use, and the many audio settings make a significant impact. It contains a karaoke option that filters out the voices so you may sing along to the music. What a time saver! Its late-night function turns off the sub automatically, allowing the missus and children to sleep soundly.

As far as the sound quality goes, the massive power of this gaming speaker reflects on it. The bass rings deep and true. The midrange and treble are crystal clear. The sound does not distort at any volume. SP2500 reminds you what a 2.1 Surround Sound System is actually capable of. The balance of audio is precise with the partnership of taut bass, pure midrange, and refined treble going strong.


  • A powerful speaker with a well-balanced tone
  • It comes with an easy-to-use remote control.
  • All wires may be removed.
  • There are two aux inputs and one RCA connector input.


  • Sub is a big guy.
  • The cables are not long enough.

8. GOgroove BassPulse 

The Best Gaming Speakers

The GOgroove BassPulse computer speaker certainly adds a new dimension to gaming. This appealing set is accompanied by adequate sound. The manner this speaker has been developed to match the gamer’s virtual personality will appeal to them. This attracts a lot of attention. The audio includes everything that casual gamers and movie buffs need. We battled our audiophile ego, but our objective approach prevailed. BassPulse has earned a spot on our list of the finest gaming speakers.

Features and Design

The GOgroove BassPulse gaming speaker boasts an eye-catching design. A subwoofer and two satellite speakers make up the system. The speakers are made of a thin plastic plate that looks like glass. The translucent acrylic is linked to a simple speaker circuitry. Geometrical designs are indentations on this sheet. Speakers are very light and take up very little space. Subwoofer, on the other hand, resembles a CPU but is far smaller. It also includes a transparent plate with markings on the front side.

I’m not sure what the transparent plastic is for. Light fills the markings on the glass plates when you turn on the button near the bass volume and insert the output cable into the sub. If the room lights are turned out, the effects are amazing. They seem to be a piece of art. This gaming speaker is the way to go if you like gaming in the dark.

BassPulse is quite standard for the remainder of the album. It has an aux 3.5mm input and a headphone connector for connecting to different devices. The bass unit’s front panel has all of the controls. This is another blunder that many speakers have made. When the bass level is ramped up over 80%, according to GoGroove, the LED light flashes. This set comes in three colors: red, blue, and green.


Many individuals want their bass to be all-encompassing, causing their Coke to fly off the table. This is a unique feature of GOgroove BassPulse. The sub is only rated at 10 watts RMS, while the speakers are individually rated at 5 watts. From its side-facing aspect, the bass thumped directly next to us, causing intense vibrations. The lower register isn’t quite as clear as we’d want. The Logitech Z623 and Soundsticks III offered better bass details. BassPulse lacks the same level of control over the bass. As a result, in certain songs, the lower midrange may battle with the bass. The satellite speakers, on the other hand, beautifully play out the highs.

Except at high bass and unit volume at the same time, there is no distortion. For gaming, we really loved the speakers. They have the right attitude and audio for the job. When you’re blowing the heads off your foes, the 2.1 stereo sound surrounds you.


  • Appealing to the eye
  • Bass that packs a punch
  • Satellite speakers are small and portable.
  • There is a headphone jack.


  • The sub has all of the controls.
  • The speakers are composed of low-cost plastic.

9. Logitech Z906

The Best Gaming Speakers

If you are going to blow money all-out on a Surround sound Dolby Digital 5.1 System gaming speaker, there is no better product than Logitech Z906. The price is great for its worth. It comes as a full set of the sub, satellite speakers, a console, and a wireless remote.  The audio immerses you into whatever deranged violence you are indulging in, virtually. HDMI ports are conspicuously missing from this mammoth set. But they are pretty valuable regardless, hence their place in our best gaming speakers list.

Features and Design

The money spent on the Logitech Z906 Surround Sound gaming speaker is not spent on its appearance. The set has a low-key look about it. It isn’t as attractive as Soundsticks III or as elegant as the BassPulse. It seems to be a little hefty. However, looks may be misleading. Like an old Chevy, the Z906 speaker system has a strong structure that lasts a long time. The package includes eight pieces of hardware. There are five satellite speakers mounted on the wall, one console, one subwoofer, and one wireless remote.

For an optimal output from its 165W amplifier, the subwoofer has a side-firing design. An 8-inch driver provides the bass response. All of the buttons and volume knobs are located on the console. The individual channels are identified by LEDs, while the different inputs are identified by number. You may pick between three audio modes: 3D Surround Sound, Stereo 2.1, and Stereo 4.1. The remote control may also be used to control all of these functions.

The subwoofer houses all of the input connections for this gaming speaker. There’s a 3.5mm connector for cellphones, tablets, and MP3 players, as well as an analog stereo input. For computers, there is a six-channel input. DVD players and game consoles may be connected through digital audio inputs.


The Logitech Z906 Surround Sound Speakers provide deep, rich sounds that are strangely satisfying to listen to. Bass isn’t a very hard-hitting instrument. However, it conceals the hostility that lurks under the surface. It’s kept in check so it doesn’t overpower the middle. Vocals and acoustics are built with precise subtleties that trump the explosions’ bass. The high-frequency range is the most noticeable part of the spectrum. They’re clean and clear, with no sibilance. There isn’t much to complain about in terms of audio quality.

The Z906 gaming speakers would have been a great run if they could play Dolby True HD. Aside from that, they seem to be a decent value for the money.


  • Surround sound Dolby Digital 5.1 System
  • Console and wireless speaker are included in the kit.
  • The sound is rich and full.
  • Audio that has been refined


  • The functioning of the console is not simple.

10. Logitech X-540 

The Best Gaming Speakers

The incredible X-540 gaming speaker system from Logitech is a worthy follow-up. It’s the forerunner of the Z906, but it’s still a strong contender. Apart from the dependable musical output we’ve come to expect from Logitech, this speaker offers a variety of convenient positioning choices. They are designed to take up the least amount of space possible. In order to keep the budget down, they kept the aesthetics minimal. The X-540 proved to be an all-around performer that snuck into our list of the best gaming speakers.

Features and Design

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound System gaming speaker consists of a subwoofer, 4 satellite speakers, one central speaker, and wired remote control. To keep the game real, it comes with a game console adapter as well. There are color-coded wires for six-channel surround sound on PCs. The colors make them easy to pair on both ends. These speakers are highly durable. They have been in the market for a long time. And they still make the top charts.

The base of these gaming speakers rotates 180 degrees. They can be wall-mounted if the base is swiveled back. This is a great design approach that optimizes speaker placement and space. Near the PC, the center speaker might be positioned. It may also be positioned on top of the display. Each speaker consists of a driver and a tweeter.

The remote controls the power, main volume, and bass level. While shooting orcs, this controlling pod may be held near at hand. Activate the Matrix mode to activate all speakers in a Surround Sound mode when you have a basic stereo source with a single input.


Logitech X-540 gaming speaker set is a boon for the users who have a low budget and need to utilize that 5.1 Surround Sound System-ready card on the PC. X-540 has a balanced and immersive soundstage that gives away a lot of positional cues. The ability to use matrix mode to convert 2-channel stereo to Surround Sound expands this 3D experience to simple music playback devices as well. Matrix Mode does not sound as natural as the original audio but at least you have the option.

This gaming speaker’s acoustic response is pleasant and enjoyable without being remarkable. Of course, we didn’t expect much for the price. It has a more nuanced sound than your TV speaker, but it falls short of a full-fledged home theater system.


  • 5.1 Surround Sound is a lot of fun. System
  • It’s possible to convert 2-channel audio to surround sound.
  • Design that saves space
  • It is possible to install it on the wall.

11. Bose Acoustimass 10 

Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Home Theater Speaker System

Gaming speakers need not always be your typical boomy 2.1 system which blares at top volume and fails miserably to sound encompassing. Bose Acoustimass speaker system brings the luxurious touch to the gaming speakers domain with a complete home theater setup. The main advantage is that its sleek profile doesn’t clutter the gaming den more than it already is. So Acoustimass gets top dibs on our best gaming speakers list.

Features and Design

The Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V gaming speaker system is made up of six different parts. The tall subwoofer is the biggest, at 16.3 inches high, 8.1 inches wide, and 21.6 inches deep. The good news is that if you hide it behind the sofa or drapes, its performance is unaffected. The center speaker is squat, measuring 3.4 inches high, 7.3 inches wide, and 3.3 inches deep. The remaining four speakers are 7.5″ x 3.3″ x 3.3″ in size. Because all of the speakers weigh about 2.2 pounds, they are all readily wall-mountable. Bose anticipates this and provides the system as a separate package with mounts. Installing them on the wall frees up space for you to organize your gaming equipment elegantly.

This is a wired gaming speaker setup. It must be sent via the subwoofer module from a 5.1 receiver. At 4-8 Ohms impedance, it takes 10-200W per channel. It includes 50 feet of rear speaker cables, 20 feet of front speaker cables, and a 20-foot system input cable for connection. The front and rear speakers of the Series V use direct reflecting II technology. Inside the speaker, cabinets are angled reflecting speakers that provide a complete and dynamic music experience regardless of speaker location. The primary volume and bass-adjustment knobs are located in the sub-module.

The Acoustimass 10 system also includes a remote control. It comes with a variety of pre-programmed choices. The box also includes four rubber feet for supporting the center speaker.


The Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V gaming speaker system is the best in the lineup for bass. The rumbling low-end adds depth and punch to the gaming audio. The perk of 5 speakers flanking you from all sides is that it creates an immersive experience. For their size, they can really kick up the ruckus. The low-end extension is decent and there’s a calculated boost in the frequencies which contributes to a Bass that packs a punch experience, especially in gaming where you need a robust bass cannon. There’s no distortion at high volumes. True purists audiophiles are likely to find issues with the low-end boosting but for casual listeners, Bose sounded golden.

A natural and smooth middle complements the high-impact sounds. The highs are well-defined and never sibilant. For the price, the overall auditory response seems to be enormous. Bigger speakers, on the other hand, can handle larger drivers and provide greater sound. The downside is that they aren’t as attractive as the Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V. Bose aims to pack as much spaciousness and airiness into the soundstage as the size permits.


  • It’s little and may be hung on the wall.
  • Audio that is natural and expansive
  • Bass that packs a punch
  • Presets for audio
  • Create high-quality products.


  • A bass extension might be improved.
  • There are much too many cables.

12. Logitech Z5300

Logitech Z-5300e THX-Certified 280-Watt 5.1 Surround Sound System PC and Gaming Speaker System

Logitech Z5300 is an affordable THX-certified home theater system that can easily double as your gaming speaker set. With the ability to upmix stereo sound to all 5 speakers, it can make any audio sound reasonably enveloping. For a small den, this can be an incredibly satisfying buy. The ability to drive the volume up through the roof and the strong bass earned it a place in the best gaming speakers list.

Performance and Features

One subwoofer and five satellites make up the Logitech Z5300 gaming speaker system. The subwoofer houses an amp that powers the Z5300’s string sounds while also serving as the control center. All connections come together at the subwoofer. For some inexplicable reason, the satellite speakers are hardwired. However, they quickly became used to our arrangement. The speakers are already mounted on stands. These stands are wall-mountable and pivot to face the sweet spot. As a result, putting the entire thing together was a breeze. Because the subwoofer’s power cable is on the short side, its placement will restrict it. For this price bracket, the woofer is large and strong.

These game speakers can upmix a stereo channel for playback across all satellites. As long as you connect to a sound card that supports 5.1-channel audio, you’ll have comprehensive home theater audio. Logitech has included an adaptor for connecting it to a game console. However, there are no digital inputs. The primary control module has a headphone input, a power button, and an upmixing switch. There’s a corded remote with a variety of customization possibilities. It contains a fader to adjust the audio’s center of gravity across the front and surround speakers, as well as master volume, bass, and balance controls. There are also bright LED indicators, which are handy in gaming rooms with dark lighting.


For the money, The Logitech Z5300 provides a consistent and adaptable acoustic response. With reasonably immersive audio, it does credit to all genres. The whole system consumes roughly 280 watts, which is enough to raise the loudness to unacceptable levels. It never distorts, even at the highest levels. The center speaker is given a boost in power to ensure that the conversations are delivered clearly and audibly. The bass is meaty and has a lot of depth. Its bass may not be as fast as that of more costly gaming speakers. The bass, on the other hand, never becomes boomy and has enough power.

The middle is rich and lovely. It has excellent clarity and plays with nice details even in upmixed mode. Throughout the loudness range, the treble is smooth and never becomes sibilant. We were also impressed with the system’s overall performance as a home theater system. The 3D audio experience and audio directionality were well worth the money. You are more likely to acquire a better system if you increase your budget. However, if you’re on a tight budget, this is the best option.


  • 1 system of surround sound
  • Stereo audio is upmixed.
  • Audio that is balanced and clear
  • The bass is excellent.
  • Versatile


  • Short cable hardwired sub/control module

13. AverMedia Ballista

AVerMedia Ballista Trinity Gaming PC Speakers, 2.1 Sound System Speakers

The AverMedia Ballista gaming speakers are designed specifically for gaming. The looks, the audio, and the controls are all geared towards gaming. These are stunningly colored and look like a gamer’s pride. The strong audio has an impactful presence that complements gaming in a great way. An independent controls unit and the 3-way design add to their unique spec. This makes a beeline for the best gaming speakers list.

Features and Design

The AverMedia Ballista gaming speakers seem to have sprung straight from a video game environment. In a dangerously stylish design, bold crimson streaks slash across a matte black body. With a subwoofer, two satellites, and a central control box, this is a careful system. Because it’s a large cuboid, the subwoofer takes up considerable room. The control box is a compact panel with front-facing controls. The satellite speakers are small and portable. They’re small and easy to transport. They’re actually excellent enough to hang on the wall.

The rear of the control panel has all of the connectors for these gaming speakers. This panel connects the satellites, the computer, and the subwoofer. For electricity, the control box is also linked to a wall socket. Three types of input ports are available on the rear panel: one for big media players, a twin RCA port for gaming consoles, and a 3.5mm port for smaller MP3 players. The master volume, as well as the bass and treble volume knobs, are located on the front of the control box. In comparison to other systems that have similar adjustment knobs on the rear of the subwoofer, they are quite simple to reach. In the front, there’s a mic input as well as a line input port. For a gamer, the connectivity choices are rather extensive. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, WiiU, cellphones, tablets, televisions, MP3 players, DVD / Blu-ray players, and other devices are all compatible with the Ballista.

The Assassin Mode is available on the Ballista. A button on the front of the control box may be used to activate it. This lowers the loudness while maintaining the detail and bass. In addition, it allows you to listen to the Ballista sounds all night long without disturbing others in the home.


The AverMedia Ballista gaming speakers provide good performance if there are no quality difficulties. The lower-end has enough of that satisfying rumbling that brings games to life. Ballista adds a nice low-end boost to the sounds of automobiles whizzing by and gunshots. It isn’t the cleanest bass, but when the going got rough, we didn’t notice. The middle has a lot of oomph. Over the chaos of bass, the lyrics seemed clear. The treble is never harsh or sibilant, which may be distracting.

It can produce high-quality audio when linked to a suitable sound card. The volume range is rather extensive. We like the Assassin mode, which is particularly useful if you live in an apartment and don’t want to disturb your neighbors.


  • Game-like design
  • The control box on its own
  • a single speaker
  • The bass is powerful.
  • At night, use the Quiet Assassin mode.

14. Creative A250

Creative A250 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System

The Creative A250 gaming speakers are for the players on a shoestring budget. These excel as regular computer speakers too. For an affordable set, the A250 brings excellent value for money.  The compact design with a small footprint is easy to place around the PC. The ported subwoofer boosts the lower registers and adds fuel to the gunfire. This is one of the best gaming speakers for shallow pockets.

Features and Design

The Creative A250 game speakers seem to be substantially more expensive straight out of the box. They use matte black bodies to avoid smearing. A cuboidal construction with a passive bass radiator makes up the subwoofer. It is 19cm in length and 22.5cm in width. The front of the satellite speakers has a shiny appearance. They are tiny and slender, with a height of 14.7cm and a width of 7.9cm. The subwoofer device is connected to both satellites. The wires are connected to the satellites. However, the subwoofer may be unplugged. The power outlet and the playback source are both connected to the sub. The satellites are slightly tilted upwards to produce a sweet spot near the viewers’ ears. Rubber feet on each satellite make them stable on any surface.

These game speakers, according to Creative, have Dual Slot Enclosure (DSE) and Image Focusing Plate (IFP) technology. Both of these phrases may be more than jargon since they work. The DSE uses a port tube in a tight enclosure to reduce reverberations. In the same way, IFP enhances audio imaging by adding a flare around the satellites. A 3.5mm connector on the sub allows you to connect to playback sources. There is no bass or treble adjustment, but there is volume control. By simply clicking a Bluetooth adaptor to these speakers, they may be turned into a Bluetooth system. The subwoofer must be set back from the wall for the port to operate correctly.


Audio-wise, the Creative A250 gaming speakers provide a lot of bang for your dollars. We were blown away by the audio quality and amount of different bass. First and foremost, despite its price, the subwoofer is not only a prop. It boasts deep and rumbling lows that provide for full-fledged gaming pleasure. And, unlike many other subs, they don’t become boomy even at modest levels. For the price, the midrange offers surprising clarity. Unlike many low-cost speakers, it is not overpowered by bass. The highs are pleasant yet vivacious.

The audio also performed well in technical testing, with a steady auditory response. The audio maturity is the most significant distinction between this and other sets in this price range. The bass and treble are both well-extended. The bass has been tamed to the point where it does not have different muddy sections of the spectrum while still sounding terrific for gaming.


  • Inexpensive
  • Bass that is both powerful and tight
  • Compact design
  • Balanced audio
  • The volume range is good.

15. Logitech X540

Logitech X-540 5.1 Surround Sound System Speaker System with Subwoofer

The Logitech X540 surround sound system can double as gaming speakers on a budget. This 5.1 set can create the ultimate gaming audio experience that surrounds you sonically as you see it visually. Logitech has tried to pump its best sound and user experience into a very restrictive budget. The effort pays off as this is one of our best gaming speakers.

Features and Design

A subwoofer and five satellite speakers make up the Logitech X540 surround sound system. They’re supposed to work together to spread the sounds to a more prominent sweet spot. The subwoofer has a good amount of power. It features a ported front and a down-firing driver. It is supported by tall feet that prevent the speakers from being damaged by the surface on which it is situated. All of the connections are controlled via a control panel on the rear. This features color-coded satellite ports as well as an input port. The color-coding makes connecting the wire that comes with it much more manageable. Wired control is connected to another cable from the rear. The power and matrix buttons and the master volume knob and bass knob are all located on this control.

A central speaker, two front satellites, and two back satellites make up this game sound system. Because they’re all wired, you may anticipate wireless. The center speaker has a stand that may be adjusted: the stand swivels and converts to an LCD mount. As a result, it may be placed directly on top of your display. The satellites have grille-covered faces and are slightly inclined. They are each outfitted with two drivers. A 3.5mm to RCA converter is also included. This makes it easier to connect it to game consoles, DVD players, and CD players.


The Logitech X540 surround system fared best with our game consoles in our testing. The subwoofer provided a whole, rich audio experience without the typical boominess. The detail in the midrange was adequate. For a more realistic experience, they undoubtedly disperse the music throughout the satellites. We didn’t notice any harshness or sibilance in the audio at normal volume levels. Again, we were blown away by the value for money. The Matrix Mode is also available on the X540. This mixes stereo audio to 5.1 channels, which is helpful in many situations.


  • Affordable 5.1 surround sound system
  • Audio that is well-balanced and vibrant
  • Easy to set up
  • Mounting for the center speaker
  • Audio is upmixed from stereo to 5.1.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which speaker is best for gaming?

A: A 5.1 surround sound speaker set is the best for gaming, as it will provide you with enveloping sounds that make your experience more immersive and enjoyable.

Do gamers need speakers?

A: No, not always. Most games these days have a built-in sound system that you can use to enjoy your favorite game without an external speaker setup.

Are Logitech speakers good for gaming?

A: Logitech speakers come from a company making gaming headsets for years and have had its fair share of quality issues. However, they typically last for about three to five years before needing replacement.

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