Your keyboard is the center of your computing experience, and it deserves a sturdy stand to match. These top 15 best stands will ensure you get what you pay for without breaking the bank.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional pianist, the value of a solid and trustworthy keyboard stand cannot be overstated. An excellent keyboard stand helps you feel comfortable when playing music, but it also makes the whole experience more pleasurable.

A stable, well-built, and supporting stand can allow you to concentrate exclusively on playing the most incredible music possible. As perplexing and time-consuming as the hunt for the ideal critical board stand might be, here is some helpful advice on choosing the most exemplary support for your keyboard. Also, check out our most recent article on the most outstanding piano keyboards.

A critical board stand may be one of three styles depending on its design.

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Keyboard stand in the shape of an X

The X-Style critical board stand is usually the sturdiest among key board stand designs, making it the top choice of Top 15 Best Keyboard Stands in 2018professionals worldwide. In addition, you are equipped with height positions to locate your keyboard at the perfect height.

There are single-braced and double-braced versions of these stands. Single-braced X-Style critical board stands are ideal for lighter and smaller instruments, while the latter is ideal for heavier instruments. These stands are also very adjustable, allowing you to remain comfortable while playing for long periods of time.

Keyboard stand in the style of a mixer

These are also known as Z-Style stands, and they’re a wonderful choice if you have a heavy keyboard. The Mixer-Style key board stand, although somewhat more costly than the X-Style key board stand, is recognized for providing extra legroom below the key board, making it the ideal alternative for you if you want to play while sitting.

The Mixer-Style key board stand is popular due to its long-lasting, dependable, and strong design, as well as its capacity to support a large amount of weight.

Made-to-Order Keyboard Stand

Apart from the two types mentioned above, several manufacturers now provide custom-made key board stands that match your keyboard exactly. If you want a key board stand that is completely secured to your keyboard and are ready to spend a little more money, custom manufactured key board stands are the way to go.

Despite their high cost, these stands frequently have bolts modified to guarantee a proper fit and that your keyboard does not slip off your stand.

As the name suggests, a Single-Tier key board stand is constructed to support one key board, a Double-Tier key board Top 15 Best Keyboard Stands in 2018stand is constructed to support two key boards and a Triple-Tier key board stand is constructed to support three key boards. All of these designs are sold in a variety of models and prices, and offer competitive features. These advanced key board stands usually come with convenient features like smooth and quick height adjustments, Storage and mobility are both convenient., and effortless assembly and set up.

While all three kinds of key board stands meet your demands for stability, comfort, and support, it’s better to choose the one that’s right for you. Three-tier key board stands are much more costly than their single and two-tier equivalents in terms of price. A three-tier key board stand is the most sturdy of all the kinds since it is intended to support and accommodate three key boards.

Pro tip: When arranging numerous levels of key boards, make sure the lightest one is on the topmost tier of your key board stand.

Before you decide to purchase a key board stand for your instrument, there are a number of factors to consider. While purchasing relying on professional advice seems to be the safest option, understanding why certain elements are important and where they stand may help you estimate the entire cost and lifetime of your goods.

Dimensions and design

The Dimensions and design of your key board stand must be in strict accordance with the size of the instrument as well as the Top 15 Best Keyboard Stands in 2018player.

In addition, when playing in both standing and sitting positions, one must ensure that the width and height adjustments are smooth, accurate, and in accordance with one’s comfort level.


Another significant factor to consider when purchasing a key board stand for your instrument is its portability. Its weight, as well as how simple it is to fold it down and reassemble it for a performance, are all factors in its portability. Simple to assemble is also essential if you’re a touring musician who has to transport your instrument from one performance to the next.

Choosing a light-weight, portable key board stand can save you a lot of time, energy, and frustration.

Parts and accessories

Each element and accessory of a key board stand must be examined to verify that they are working properly.

In addition, the leg space of a key board stand is critical to consider, since it is a vital aspect that determines a player’s comfort and level of performance.

Capacity for weight

Yet another checklist you need to tick while going shopping for your brand new key board stand is the Capacity for weight that this stand can handle. Not ensuring that the Capacity for weight of your key board stand is a standard fit for your key board can cause your instrument to drop to the floor or topple.

Pro tip: While buying a key board stand, always ensure that the maximum weight bearing capacity is much higher than Top 15 Best Keyboard Stands in 2018the weight of your key board. Do not forget that the key board weight includes your weight too, as you play the key board.

Stability and sturdiness

Isn’t it clear that this is a no-brainer? Nobody likes to use a shaky keyboard stand! In a key board stand, stability is critical, and it may make or break your performance on stage.

If you have a heavier key board, you need get an incredibly solid stand in addition to the strength to bear the necessary weight.

Is it better to be modular or not?

Modular key boards are more sophisticated, allowing for growth and extension in the event that the player wants to add additional key boards in the road.

If you want to expand, it’s a good idea to spend a few additional bucks on a modular design.


While a high price does not necessarily imply superior quality, it is prudent to evaluate pricing and features to determine which choice offers the best value. Aside from that, customer comments and reviews are a terrific source of information for assisting you in making the ideal decision.

Choosing a product that has been thoroughly tested by the general public is a wise decision that will ensure the product serves you well.

Now that you have a good understanding of what kind of key board stand would be ideal for you, here are some highly rated key board stands currently on the market.


1. Bring your beloved keyboard home with a genuinely professional, heavy-duty keyboard stand from On-Stage!On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand with 2nd Tier

On-Stage Stands products are used every day in studios, showrooms, and on stages all around the world, because to their guarantee of affordability, usefulness, durability, and innovation.

Design and construction

With the guidance of some of the world’s most discerning key board specialists, the On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro was built, and now any musician can step onstage with this amazing stand.

This well-built stand has independent height and breadth adjustments, as well as the ability to support two keyboards while folding into a space smaller than most keyboard cases.

The On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z is a heavy-duty folding-Z by On-Stage. Front bumpers on the Keyboard Stand adjust or rotate to accommodate the height of your keyboard.

The height of the stand and second tier may be adjusted using eight line-it-up adjustment markings, while the width can be adjusted from 21 to 37 inches.

The On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard is a heavy-duty folding-Z keyboard by On-Stage. In the compact position, the stand can hold 55 keys, and at its maximum width, it can hold up to 88 keys.

Durability and strength

The On Stage Folding Z Keyboard Stand is composed of a strong, solid frame and is genuinely professional and heavy-duty.

This stand, like the KS7350, provides for independent height and width adjustments, but it can also support two keyboards and collapses into a smaller area than most keyboard cases.

Over the years, the On Stage brand has grown to include over 300 products in 8 different categories: Guitar, Microphone, Keyboard, Workstation, Rack/Amp/Mixer, Speaker, Lighting, and Band & Orchestra. As a trusted brand worldwide, professionals and amateurs all over the world put their trust in On-Stage Stands.


  • The 2nd Tier is detachable.
  • Adjusts the tilting angle as well as the height independently.
  • For storage and transport, it folds flat.
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Adaptable and durable

2. Worry about nothing, but about having to make awesome music, with the superior design of the Stellar Labs 555-13830 Stellar Labs 555-13830 Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand with Adjustable Width and Heightheavy duty key board stand!

This adaptable keyboard stand design is stable, strong, and long-lasting, and it offers everything you need in a heavy-duty keyboard stand.

Design and construction

This Stellar Labs 555-13830 heavy duty key board stand, similar to a z-style stand but with an extra support bar that secures each side, is even more sturdy than a conventional Z style stand.

Despite the fact that the stand does not come with instructions, putting this highly practical key board stand together is a breeze.

The Stellar Labs 555-13830 heavy duty key board stand also excels in all aspects when it comes to installation, mobility, and dismounting.

Durability and strength

This heavy-duty keyboard stand not only supports most 88-key keyboards, but it also has height and width adjustments.

The Stellar Labs 555-13830 heavy duty key board stand has spring driven adjustment pins and cushioning on the area that makes touch with the floor, and it has a wide width adjustment range.

Overall, this key board stand is strong, well-made, and simple to construct and modify.


  • The construction is professional and of great quality.
  • Simple to assemble
  • Adjustable height and width choices are simple and adaptable.
  • Handling and operation are easy.


  • Take note of the depth and double-check that it matches your keyboard.

3. With Knox’s ingenious piano stand design, you can enjoy continuous playing time!Knox Gear Z Style Heavy Duty Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand

This Knox Gear keyboard stand has a distinctive reinforced Z design that gives additional support for even the heaviest instruments.

Design and construction

The Knox Gear Z Style Heavy Duty Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand has a durable and reinforced Z design that works with any piano, big or little, and of any weight or size.

This keyboard stand has a large height range to suit artists of almost any height, whether they like to sit or stand while performing.

The Knox Gear Z Style Heavy Duty Adjustable Piano Key Board Stand has an endlessly adjustable width and a revolutionary sliding lock that enables the stand to be modified to any width between 24 and 41 inches.

As a result, the keyboard stand can accommodate any size keyboard, no matter how short or long it is.

Additionally, the Knox Gear Z Style Heavy Duty Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand offers 14 height options that range from 23 to 35 inches. In addition to these characteristics, the front and rear arms of this Knox keyboard stand contain foam padding to avoid sliding and harm to the instrument’s body.

Durability and strength

Foam cushions on the front and rear of the arms of this Knox Gear keyboard stand keep your keyboard in place as you play, preventing slippage.

The pads also offer a comfortable surface for the keyboard to rest on, reducing the risk of scratches or gashes in the body.

The Knox Gear Z Style Heavy Duty Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand has 14 height settings that can be adjusted in one-inch increments from 23 to 35 inches, according to the manufacturer. Once you’ve found your ideal height, the stand’s arms are held in place by an easy-to-loosen metal peg and bolt, allowing for quick height adjustments.

The stand’s arms are locked in place by a metal peg and bolt that are simple to release so height changes may be performed fast after you’ve found your ideal height.


  • Simple to put together
  • Construction that is both solid and long-lasting
  • Easily adjustable
  • To keep the key board in place, it has a non-slip surface.

4. Plixio’s dynamic design allows you to play to your heart’s delight!

The heavy-duty Z-style music keyboard stand from Plixio was built to hold anything from the tiniest to the largest and heaviest keyboards on the market. This completely adjustable key board stand was created to fit the musician’s height as well as the breadth of the piano key board.

Design and construction

The Plixio Heavy Duty Z Style Keyboard Piano Stand is a lovely, sturdy key board stand that weighs about 250 pounds and has an adjustable height of 24 inches to 35 inches (in 1.5 inch increments) with wheels attached. It also has an adjustable width of 22.5 inches to 33.5 inches (in 2 inch increments). This keyboard stand’s strengthened Z-Style design gives additional support for heavy keyboards and comes with lockable wheels for convenient traveling.

While its spring loaded locks make adjusting the height and width effortless, the Plixio Heavy Duty Z Style Key board Piano Stand’s Simple to assemble and lightweight design makes this stand very portable.

Anti-skid pads hold your piano securely in place and prevent scratches on the surface, while the stand’s adjustable height allows users to play sitting or standing.

In addition, the wide stance of the Plixio Heavy Duty Z Style Keyboard Piano Stand supports a variety of foot pedals and piano benches.

Durability and strength

The heavy-duty structure of the Plixio Heavy Duty Z Style Key board Piano Stand not only supports the weight of bigger key boards, but it also guarantees that the stand remains grounded and is less prone to topple.

The anti-slip pads hold the keyboard/piano in place while in use, while the locking wheels allow the artist to move it around the stage or from room to room. Each wheeled keyboard comes with the option of adding four locking wheels or the provided adjustable feet in the Plixio Heavy Duty Z Style Keyboard Piano Stand.

The Z-style keyboard stand from Plixio is entirely adjustable, enabling pianists to position the piano for optimal performance.

While the Plixio Heavy Duty Z Type Keyboard Piano Stand with Wheels also has four adjustable feet, the Z style electric piano stand is genuinely adaptable in that it can adjust to the musician’s height as well as the piano’s breadth. Furthermore, no tools are used in any of the changes.


  • Height and breadth are each adjustable (Spring loaded locks for easy adjustment)
  • Wheels that lock for convenient transporting
  • The strengthened Z-Style design provides extra support for heavier keyboards.
  • Surface scratches are prevented with a non-slip, anti-skid cushion.
  • Playing from a standing or sitting position is possible thanks to the adjustable height settings.

5. With the On Stage KS7150, you may bring home a beautiful piece of art to play music on!

The On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand is a versatile piece of practical art that is flexible, lightweight, and fairly durable, making it a wonderful alternative to traditional X type stands.

Design and construction

This Table Top Keyboard Stand has a great construction and an innovative design, measuring 30 x 14 x 4 inches and weighing around 17.2 pounds.

The On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand has a sleek design and legs that are broad enough to accommodate most floor board systems.

Durability and strength

Designed to support large key boards, heavy vintage electric pianos and DJ equipment, the super strong, fully adjustable On Stage KS7150 Table Top Key board Stand features bolted and welded construction, black powder-coated finish and 230 lb. Capacity for weight.

This stand is sturdy, professional, and a lot cooler than the conventional fold-up type key board stand. It also has a lot of leg room.

Overall, the On Stage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand is a tiny, durable keyboard stand with a small footprint that is more attractive and stylish than your typical X stand.


  • It’s sturdy and has a compact footprint.
  • Elegant and professional design
  • It’s slim and light.
  • For any key board, the length is simply modifiable.
  • Excellent ergonomics

6. The On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand is a must-have for any stage!

The On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand is a pro-level model with the heaviest tubing found in On Stage’s arsenal, built with higher quality and longevity for the most demanding players.

Design and construction

With a height adjustment capacity of 27 inches-38 inches, a base spread of 12 inches-32 inches, arm depth of 14.125 inches, tubing of 30mm and a Capacity for weight of 320 lbs., this stand supports all large format key boards.

The On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X key board stand is well-built, with a superior Lok-Tight structure, a black powder coat finish, and a gross weight of around 20.63 pounds.

This keyboard stand features 30mm square tubing and can handle up to 320 pounds. It includes Rubber arm sleeves that may be adjusted that accommodate practically any keyboard width.

On-slip rubber end caps are also included with the On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand, and this mode only takes one assembly.

Simply press the ergonomic trigger to disengage the clutch, place the stand at any of the five simple height adjustments, then release the trigger to reengage the clutch for height adjustments.

Durability and strength

For the most demanding artists, the On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand is created with excellent quality and endurance.

This pro-level model is equipped with the heaviest tubing On-Stage offers, as well as an ergonomic trigger, an internal rod mechanism, and a solid-steel spring-loaded deadbolt assembly.

Durable on-slip rubber end caps are also included with the On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand.

While the On Stage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand is designed for the most demanding artists, its double-X structure makes it a formidable opponent.

All stands in the KS8000 Series are Lok-Tight, which means they have the strength of welded construction with the added benefit of a patent-pending bolt system.


  • ERGO-LOK is an ergonomic locking mechanism.
  • Rubber arm sleeves that may be adjusted
  • Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface
  • It can hold up to 320 pounds.
  • Construction is well-made and sturdy.
  • Simple to assemble

7. This is one professional keyboard stand that certainly stands out! It’s heavy, solid, and steady!

This gorgeous key board stand is well-built, durable, and precisely adjustable, and provides a professional but attractive touch to your surroundings.

Design and construction

The Neewer® Heavy Duty Z-Style Keyboard Piano is well-made, with a durable and substantial structure.

The height of this model may be modified from 23.2 to 35.4 inches (59-90cm). To suit varying key board lengths, the width may be adjusted from 24.6 inches to 40.9 inches (62.5-104cm).

The simple design of the Neewer Z-Style key board stand allows you to modify the height and breadth of the instrumental stand through a circular mount.

This sturdy and attractive design has a 1 1/4 inch square tube structure and plenty of floor area for the pedal.

The Neewer Z-Style model lowers low enough to almost match the height of a grand piano, and the width and height adjustments are easy to use and manage.

Durability and strength

The Neewer Z-Style key board stand is a high-tech platform that offers dependable stability and support.

The distinctive Z-style is very durable, making it ideal for high-intensity performances. It can also support a significant amount of weight. The open bottom style of the stand provides enough of space for effect pedals and wiring.

Simple to put together, Neewer Z-Style is a solid key board stand that has a robust frame and an elegant and professional black enamel finish.


  • Heavy, well-made, and dependable (does not wobble easily)
  • Adjustments that are smooth and rapid (also fully adjustable)
  • The bottom has an open design (plenty of floor room)


  • If placed too wide without a top crossbar, it might be dangerous.

8. With this Pro Heavy-Duty Folding-Z Keyboard Stand, you may think flexibility!

The On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand is a powerful folding Z-style stand with a lot of support and adaptability.

Design and construction

The On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand has a unique, durable Z-frame that enables for playing positions from either side and can be folded down for transport and storage.

This small, all-new stand can handle 375 pounds, adjust independently in height and breadth, and fold for convenient storage.

The On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand changes in height from 24 to 38 inches and width from 21 to 36 inches, with all-welded construction and 12-inch tubing.

Durability and strength

A middle box beam offers added support and enables for independent width changes in the On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand.

The On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand has a Z-frame that is one of a kind that enables you to play from either side and can be split down and secured together for travel.

This variant can also handle 55-key key boards in the small position and up to 88-key key boards in the full width position.

With a massive 500-pound load capacity, the On-Stage KS7350 Pro Heavy Duty Folding Z-style Keyboard Stand can carry even the biggest stage pianos, workstation DJ systems, and huge mixing consoles.


  • Compact and strong, it can handle up to 375 pounds.
  • It’s possible to modify the height and width independently.
  • Z-frame that is one of a kind
  • Storage, transportation, and setup are all made simple.


  • Inability to build due to a lack of clear instructions

9. With the Casio ARDX Double X Keyboard Stand, you can play with absolute ease!

The Casio ARDX Double X Key board Stand is Simple to put together, portable and sturdy. This key board stand is the perfect complement to your Casio key board, and comes at a great price tag.

Design and construction

The Casio ARDX Double X Keyboard Stand is a wonderful solution to all of your key board stand requirements, with dimensions of 38.2 x 2 x 8 inches and a weight of roughly 8.35 pounds.

This Casio stand is designed exclusively for Casio key boards, and this professional key board stand fits a wide range of key board sizes from other manufacturers.

Apart from being Simple to put together, portable and sturdy, this key board stand is fully adjustable to different heights for greater playing comfort and can support weights of up to 150 pounds.

Durability and strength

This strong, well-made key board stand is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that can hold weights of up to 150 pounds.

The Casio ARDX Double X Keyboard Stand is an X-style stand with a double braced design that is readily and smoothly adjusted.

This key board stand is structurally robust and has a high build quality. It is very steady and incredibly strong.

Quite Simple to put together, the Casio ARDX Double X Key board Stand fulfills the best expectations when it comes to the price tag, professionalism, quality and elegance.

Performers that undertake stand-up stage work will like the Casio ARDX Double X Keyboard Stand, which includes height settings and higher adjustments.


  • Very strong and well-made
  • Specially designed for Casio keyboards.
  • Build and quality are both professional.
  • Higher adjustments that are optimal
  • Quite Simple to put together


  • Lower height changes are inconvenient.

10. Focus on what really matters — making great music, with the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Adjustable indefinitely Piano Keyboard Stand with Locking StrapsAdjustable indefinitely Piano Key board Stand!

Xfinity’s portable and pre-assembled double-X key board stand is ideal for storing hefty electronic digital key boards.

Design and construction

In comparison to most other stands, the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty, Double-X, Pre-Assembled, Adjustable indefinitely Piano Keyboard Stand has a quick-release system that enables the user to vary the height from 4 to 38 in.

The Xfinity Keyboard Stand’s depth at the top is 14 inches, the depth at the base is 19 inches, and the width is adjustable from 7 to 38.5 inches, making it ideal for adults and children, sitting or standing, tall or short.

This key board table includes metal elements that are welded together and no screws to loose, so it requires no assembly. The Xfinity Keyboard Stand is pre-welded, so you won’t have to waste time trying to figure out how to put it together.

The XFinity’s heavy duty structure and solid double X frame mean that you can lay practically any key board on the stand without concern of movement or damage, and the bottom non-slip rubber ends assure stability on almost all surfaces.

Durability and strength

The Xfinity key board stand is equipped with high-strength support straps that assist keep the key board from movement during performances.

When the key board is placed to the side and not in use, the high-strength support straps secure it during performances and reduce the danger of damage. The straps on the Xfinity Keyboard Stand attach to the screw connection on the bottom of most common digital keyboards.

While the Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface add extra stability, the Xfinity Key board Stand from RockJam is a sturdy metal, double X key board stand that can safely support digital key boards – up to 45 pounds – at home or on stage.

The Xfinity Keyboard Stand has a unique mechanism that allows you to adjust the height from 4-38 inches. This is a significant upgrade over other popular keyboard stands, which normally only have five height settings. This adaptability allows kids and adults to discover the perfect keyboard height for them, whether they’re standing or sitting while playing.

Additionally, the secure Xfinity Key board Stand is inexpensive and has several extra features that guarantee your key board is safe from dropping, making it the ideal present for kids.


  • Extra stability with the heavy duty double-x metal construction and Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface
  • Mechanism for quick release
  • There is no requirement for assembling.
  • Support straps with high tensile strength
  • Adjustable indefinitely


  • If you desire a lightweight stand, this is not for you.

11. With the clever Neewer X-Style Heavy Duty Folding Keyboard Stand, you can bring excellent style and amazing value into your house!Neewer X-Style Heavy Duty Folding Keyboard Stand with Lock the height control and Non-slip Rubber Caps

This model is simple to assemble and modify, and it meets most of the requirements for a decent keyboard stand!

Design and construction

The Neewer X-Style Heavy Duty Folding Key Board Stand is intended to support practically any key board, up to a maximum of 88 keys or 100 pounds, and has a height adjustment range of 24.4 inches to 35.8 inches/62cm to 91cm.

The X-Style Heavy Duty Folding Keyboard by Neewer The sophisticated height control mechanism in the Stand remembers your preferred height each time you set up your keyboard, enabling you to get right to creating, playing, and listening to your musical experiments as they develop into something more than a string of notes.

Durability and strength

The Neewer X-Style Heavy Duty Folding Keyboard Stand folds flat for easy transit and storage, thanks to its heavy-duty steel structure with 1 inch square tubes.

This Neewer X-Style Heavy Duty Folding steel key board stand is sturdy enough to withstand traveling, flexible, and user friendly enough for you to move from gig to gig without straining a muscle or making continuous, tedious adjustments.


  • Lock the height control
  • Designed to fit practically any kind of keyboard
  • Construction of heavy-gauge steel
  • Folds into a flat shape (easy transportation and storage)

12. Make learning key board fun and convenient with this substantial and high-quality key board stand from the trusted Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable Keyboard stand in the shape of an XYamaha brand!

The Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand is a one-of-a-kind “X-style” stand built specifically for beginners and enthusiasts.

Design and construction

The Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand is a basic and fast build and performs its job well, measuring 33.8 x 9.5 x 10 inches.

The Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand may be adjusted from 33.75 inches to 23.75 inches X 26.75 inches X 10 inches.

This stand, which comes with a circular locking mechanism and a rapid change knob that adjusts to six different playing heights, offers basic stability and mobility at an amazingly low price.

Durability and strength

The Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand is strong, with a well-built frame that works with all universal key board sizes.

This key board stand is inexpensive and simple to modify and construct, with installation as simple as pie.

The Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand is well-engineered, and it fits most key boards well. It also comes with a hex key and an unique rubber strap to keep the key in place on the stand.

The rubber supports on this key board stand move forward to assist the key board achieve a secure fit, thanks to a high-quality design and adjustment lever.

When not in use, the Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand also folds flat and may be slipped below a bed.


  • Lightweight and well-made
  • Construction of high quality
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easily adjustable
  • When not in use, it folds flat for simple storage.


  • Because of its small weight, it may topple over. (It’s better to keep it in a corner.)

13. ChromaCast’s strong, durable key board stand will pamper the developing musician in you!ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps

ChromaCast products are created by musicians for musicians, and they provide the highest value and quality.

Design and construction

The ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand features a wonderful design and construction, with an adjustable playing height of 23.5 inches to 38.5 inches and an adjustable width of 12 inches to 33 inches.

The frame has a position disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob make for quick and simple height and width adjustments, and protective, Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface and locking straps also secure key board from movement during performances.

The ChromaCast Keyboard Stand accommodates keyboards and mixers with ease and requires no assembly.

They enable you to locate all the stuff you need for your ideal set up in one simple bundle with the kit’s large choice of bundle possibilities!

Durability and strength

With adjustable arms that fit all key boards, the ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Key board Stand is equipped with 1 inch square double braced tubing for extra Durability and strength.

This stand folds flat for easy storage and transport, and the bullet-nose pull knob & locking mechanism makes adjusting the stand height quick and easy.

The ChromaCast Pro Series Double X-style Key board Stand supports up to 150 lbs. and is Simple to put together. It’s fully adjustable to different heights, and is built to last, with double bar strength and support.


  • Arms that may be adjusted to suit any keyboard
  • Extra-strength tubing with two braces
  • Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface and locking straps
  • Storage and transportation are simple (folds flat)
  • Disk clutch with 5 positions
  • 150 lb. Capacity for weight
  • There is no requirement for assembling.
  • Adapter for the second tier
  • Various package choices are available.

14. With Casio on your side, you can conquer the world with your music!

Breaking free from preconceptions and exceeding the world’s expectations – Casio leverages superior technologies and Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Standinnovation to create products which deliver new value by meeting the latent needs of customers.

Design and construction

The Casio Keyboard Stand is the ideal complement to your keyboard.

The Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Stand is easily adjustable to six various heights to help you reach optimal comfort while playing. Its measurements are 38 x 2 x 5.2 inches.

The Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Stand is a universal stand that accommodates weights of up to 150 pounds and weighs roughly 6 pounds.

This stand folds down effortlessly and can be readily folded flat for storage, making it a great match for practically any portable piano.

With a structure very similar to that of an ironing board, the Casio ARST Single X Key board Stand is very Simple to put together and put together.

The keyboard stand provides excellent value for money; it is small and takes up little room.

Durability and strength

The Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Stand is a high-quality, strong, and durable X Style key board stand with an adjustable height for optimal playing pleasure.

This durable, substantial, and long-lasting piece of equipment supports your key board properly and fits any universal key board size, with a quality that is meant to endure.

The Casio ARST Single X Keyboard Stand’s sleek black appearance not only complements your Casio key board, but also adds a touch of professionalism and elegance to your surroundings.


  • The construction is compact and strong.
  • It’s ideal for Casio keyboards.
  • The appearance is sleek and stylish.
  • Storage and mobility are both convenient.
  • Excellent value for money


  • Adjusting your height may be a pain, but if you play at the same height the most of the time, you should be alright.

15. Get your loved one a Dual-tube X-shaped Keyboard Stand Black now!

Perfect for home studio, music stage, display and performance, this powerful key board stand is a great package Kuyal Keyboard Stand Adjustable Metal Double-X Electronic Piano Standaltogether.

Design and construction

Fit for all key boards, the Kuyal Key board has a Mechanism for quick release that allows the user to adjust the height. Also, this key board stand offers variable height positions at 37.4 inches, 34.5 inches, 30.7 inches, and 26.3 inches, and variable side-to-side dimensions at 17.1 inches, 22.3 inches, 27 inches and 31.2 inches.

The handy rack on this Dual-tube X-shaped Keyboard Stand is ideal for storing everything in one convenient and secure area.

Among all features, the most notable ones are 2 Safety rubber straps prevent key board from falling, and Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface that add extra stability.

This Kuyal Key board type is suitable for all key boards and would easily fit your leg. It is ideal for home usage, music stage, showcase, and performance.

Durability and strength

Because of the heavy-duty metal structure and solid double X frame of the Kuyal Keyboard Stand, you can place practically any key board on it without concern of movement or damage.

With Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface to add extra stability, this Kuyal key board stand locks easily and the protective straps on both sides helps hold the piano down in place.

This key board stand is simple to move and store since it folds up rapidly.

The Kuyal key board stand has robust welds on broad-diameter tubes for less shaking and years of dependable operation, in addition to various height and width settings.


  • Metal structure that is very strong and durable.
  • Rubber end caps with a non-slip surface for extra stability
  • Mechanism for quick release
  • All keyboards fit well.
  • Easy to travel and store since it folds up.


  • It could be a bit difficult to put together.


Many performing issues may be solved by using a strong key board stand. When a musician is able to focus exclusively on producing music, he is able to give it his all.

Here are a few more pointers to help you avoid typical blunders and get the most out of your keyboard stand:

  • Many key board stands are difficult to put up and take apart. If you’re a mobile gamer, make sure you have a bag to carry your keyboard stand in. When you remove most key board stands, you’ll notice that various accessories fall away, including small bolts and nuts.
  • If you travel a lot, go for a lightweight key board stand that you can put together fast. This will save you time and energy, as well as mental strain.
  • Make sure you try the keyboard stand for the best height when standing and sitting.
  • Keep in mind that X-frame stands are generally less expensive, less sturdy, and less steady. If you can manage to spend a little more money, a more robust and solid Z-Frame stand is the way to go.
  • Ensure that the foam pads on the key board stand are in place so that the key board does not move. This little addition may be really beneficial.
  • Always test your critical board stand for appropriate floor space and legroom before purchasing if you are a long-legged user.
  • Wheels are included on particular keyboard stands for convenient portability. These are particularly beneficial if you don’t want to put them in a permanent location and instead want to move them about your house. Of course, when you’re playing, it’s also a good idea to put the stand away to preserve the room.
  • Customer service and warranty conditions should be researched. When a decent warranty and a professional support crew are included, the experience is continually enhanced.

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