The top 15 best MIDI keyboards for musicians in 2022 are a list of the best and hottest upcoming models. The future of music production will include more and more electronic instruments, such as synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers.

The main goal of designing the MIDI standard was to allow live musicians to control the sounds of several synthesizers from a single keyboard. That concept has been a huge success! Live performers, songwriters with PCs/laptops, modern musicians, and sound designers may benefit from the versatility that a MIDI keyboard controller provides, thanks to technical advancements. Check out our most recent article on the most outstanding piano keyboards.

With the most OK MIDI keyboard, you can get practically infinite choices to make breathtaking music sounds even when you don’t own studio instruments. So, if you’re a hip-hop, soul, R&B, or artist in similar genres, you must have the most versatile MIDI keyboard controller. Its importance in the music-making process, both onstage and studio, can’t be emphasized sufficiently.

Although most adaptable and portable MIDI keyboard controllers do not include internal sound generators, any keyboard synthesizer/workstation may control the sounds or settings of several devices. They allow you control over practically all of today’s music gear and software while being small enough to carry in a laptop bag. Take a look at our comprehensive guide to the best wireless gaming mouse.

These 15 top product suggestions will help you narrow down your options whether you’re searching for a MIDI keyboard for the studio or the stage.

What Is a MIDI Controller And Keyboard?

Do you ever marvel at those keyboards used by producers? Usually, they sit down just before the individual sitting Best MIDI Keyboards 2018at the PC. The producer just clicks a bit on the PC, and then abruptly, he can play the music that records straight into the PC.

Ever wonder what is it and how it works? Those piano keyboard devices are MIDI controllers. So, what’s a MIDI keyboard & controller?

A keyboard controller is a device that has piano/synth-styled keys and a variety of knobs, buttons, and sliders. External sound modules (synthesizers), digital synthesizers, or a hardware/software sequencer receive MIDI data from these. It doesn’t create much noise on its own. Instead, MIDI sends data to a computer. VST plugins are a kind of software used by producers. A MIDI controller is connected to the PC to operate this program and generate sounds.

If you want to learn how to make music, you’ll need a MIDI controller that you can easily comprehend and use, a computer to connect it to, and a digital auditory workstation.

What Does a MIDI Keyboard Consist Of?

MIDI keyboards are difficult to buy unless you’re a seasoned musician. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand what each component entails and how it affects performance.

Keys: MIDI controllers with key counts of 25, 49, 61, or 88 keys are often found. Mini controllers with 25 keys or less are available.

Many musicians like the 49-key variant since it is big enough to be played with both hands. It’s critical to assess your living space and the kind of music you produce. A keyboard with 25 to 32 keys is better if you want something portable.

For other producers, the specifics of the keys are more important. Heavy, weighted keys are more expensive, but they are more comfortable for musicians performing on a real piano. The majority of controllers feature lighter plastic keys. It all depends on your preferences.

Drum Pads: Consider why you’re using the controller in the first place. Playing piano parts and composing chord progressions and harmonies are also easy with a MIDI keyboard. A controller with Drum Pads is a better bet for beat programming.

The keyboard and pads are substantially bigger than a keyboard note in order to strike your rhythms more professionally. Some producers use drum pad devices like as the Maschine and Push units to program in instruments. They may be multifunctional, or you could need both a MIDI keyboard and a MIDI Drumpad controller.

Pitch Bend and Modulation Setup: Using one of the several control configurations, you may regulate pitch bending and accent.

  • Traditional Two Wheels: This has a pitch bend wheel that is spring-loaded and a modulation wheel.
  • X/Y Joytick: A full-circle rotation is possible, and pitch bend and modulation are plotted on an X/Y display.
  • Roland-Style Pitch/Modulation: It’s a spring-loaded, 3-directional lever, left-to-right meant for pitch bend while Best MIDI Keyboards 2018up is for modulation.
  • Nord Pitch Stick & Modulation: It’s a tensioned wooden stick that shifts left-to-right for pitch bend, with customary ceramic modulation wheel.

Faders, Buttons, and Knobs: On the top panels of MIDI keyboard controllers, there are numerous knobs, sliders, and buttons. These transfer MIDI data and greatly improve your ability to operate software or modules linked to the controller.

The knobs, sliders, faders, and modulation wheel on your controller offer you realistic, real-time control over twisting the synth’s filter cutoff, timbre, and amp envelope if you have a controller hooked into your PC and your choice DAW running with your favourite soft synth. When compared to using a mouse, this provides a “true analog” experience. Some controllers include auto-mapping capabilities, which allows you to set up knobs and faders to match your specific software applications.

Learn About The Different Types Of MIDI Keyboard Actions

The keyboard action, or how a key responds to playing, is an important feature of a keyboard controller. Whether on stage, in the studio, or developing songs, the player must feel at ease with the controller. Don’t underestimate the impact of a less-than-ideal keyboard on your creativity and productivity.

The action type you like is often determined by habit, as well as the sort of music you play, which may need one form of action over another. There are three basic keyboard action kinds to choose from:

Weighted Hammer Motion: The controllers include 88-note keyboards that mimic the mechanical action of a traditional piano. Because a controller lacks strings or hammers, this is a difficult task. To imitate the motion of a piano, makers utilize a variety of weights and springs. Others include a hammer action to more accurately replicate the “feel” of a proper piano. If you play the piano as your primary instrument or compose a lot of piano music, a weighted hammer-action keyboard is great.

Action that is semi-weighted: Action that is semi-weighteds are popular among players because they have less key resistance and a somewhat springier release than weighted actions. Try a semi-weighted synth action if you don’t need a realistic piano response but don’t like spring-loaded synth actions.

Synth Action: A synthesizer keyboard has the sensation of an electronic organ. The spring-loaded keys are small and light, yet they travel swiftly. They immediately revert to their dormant state. When playing sections that need a lot of speed, such as lead lines, this may be a huge help. Synth-action keys are perfect for guitarists who aren’t natural pianists and wish to add MIDI capabilities to their setup. Many manufacturers provide controllers with synth-action small keys if you need an ultra-compact controller that fits inside a backpack.

What Are Some Important Features To Consider When Purchasing A MIDI Keyboard?

You’re in the store for a new MIDI keyboard for your studio, and with numerous choices available, you must ask yourself, Best MIDI Keyboards 2018what do I really want and require in a MIDI keyboard?

Keys & Controls

You should consider how many keys you’ll need on a MIDI keyboard. There are four options: 25-key, 49-key, 61-key, and 88-key. Do you require a full-sized stage piano keyboard, or would a smaller, more compact 25-key suffice? Smaller MIDI keyboards allow you to be more mobile since they can fit in your bag. Make sure the key sizes are correct.

Pitch and modulation settings are standard on most MIDI keyboards. Some keys change the octaves on the keyboard. You may also want a controller with more rotary pots and faders. You could wish to invest in a dedicated MIDI controller with pots and faders that is separate from your keyboard. These controls have the benefit of being able to automate DAW settings as well as assist you in mixing your music. You’ll have more ‘hands-on’ management this way. Some keyboards need manual assignment in DAW, while others have dedicated software that installs it for you and mechanically maps it. Make sure the program you’re using is compatible.

Developers that create controllers that integrate better with their programs, such as Ableton’s Push and Native Instruments’ Machine, as well as Komplete keyboards, employ DAW-dedicated controllers. Because of its tight connection, you could want to use the Push in your productions to speed up your process.

There are several great applications that you may use on your mobile/tablet devices, thanks to the rise of mobile/tablet and apps. Perhaps you have a MIDI controller with no extra controls. Perhaps you have an iPad. You’re probably aware that you can use programs like TouchOSC and Lemur to extend the functionality of your MIDI controller. You may construct your own template with the necessary knobs and faders and install this device next to your MIDI so that the two seem to be a single device.

Construction & Design

Control devices (other than keys) are included in MIDI keyboards, allowing DAW manipulation of controls and/or sound generator (software/hardware). Given that they are mapped to the correct function, they let the artist to access a DAW or change the tone of an instrument patch without taking their hands off the keyboard.

Buttons may be assigned to edit menus or settings, MIDI CC information, splits, DAW transport controls, transpose tasks, or up/down octave. Potentiometers or infinite encoders are examples of knobs that may be assigned to a purpose. Sliders/faders are often used assignments such as organ drawbars, channel faders, and equalizers (EQ).

Touch-sensitive strips are assigned to numerous functions. Velocity-receptive, rubberized pads may be assigned to trigger events from drum hits to patch alterations. Breath controller entails a mouthpiece gripped by teeth or in front of mouth with holder; by blowing in it, the user can organize synth tones. It renders a vocal, singing sense to notes pBest MIDI Keyboards 2018layed on keyboard.

Some keyboards don’t have a touchscreen, while others have touch displays that sync with partner software on the fly. Foot controllers like as piano pedals, expression pedals, stomp boxes, and organ-style foot pedals may be used with MIDI keyboards.

A single sustain pedal or a whole grand piano-style triple pedal, with sostenuto and una corda pedals, are examples of piano pedals. When a momentary sustain pedal is turned on or off, it sends a signal. For practical pedal movement tracking, continuous sustain pedals display a real-time MIDI value of the sustain pedal’s location.

Expression pedals provide a continuous MIDI value that may be used to control factors such as loudness (a “swell pedal”), sound effects (chorus, reverb), and patch modifications. MIDI stomp boxes may be set up to send MIDI instructions for things like looping and playing chords.

If coupled to a DAW, organ foot pedal keyboards offer MIDI values for organ bass notes, and the pedals trigger chords or play a high-pitched melody.


There are iOS-compatible MIDI keyboards for iPads, iPhones, and iPods. The rapid growth of Apple’s gadgets has accelerated music output. The iPad can receive MIDI signals and use many MIDI-compliant applications offered in Apple’s app store with the use of accessories such as MIDI adapters or camera connection kits.

Some Bluetooth MIDI keyboards provide complete wireless connection for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The multiple-key choices are powered by AA batteries and include Bluetooth for wireless connection to iOS and Mac devices as well as a regular USB connector. The AA batteries last for more than 30 hours.

You may get a concert-quality low-latency specialist piano software for Android that includes numerous gorgeous-sounding, HD-stereo, multi-sampled pianos and conformity that matches the best professional piano instruments for Mac and PC. Using an OTG to Mini-DIN connector, you may connect your MIDI keyboard to any Android smartphone.

In 2022, below are the top 15 best MIDI keyboards.

1. Meet the game-changer Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII | 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Drum Pad & Keyboard Controller Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII | 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Drum Pad & Keyboard Controllerwith Joystick, VIP Software Download Included!

25-Key ultra-portable Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII USB MIDI drum pad & keyboard controller with joystick is a musician’s delight.

Keys & Controls

The MPK Mini MKII offers everything you need to realize your musical ideas with no limitations. Increase your range with dedicated up/down octave buttons, easily construct melodies with the on-board flexible arpeggiator, and keep up with creativity with eight MPC-style rubber percussion pads.

MPK Mini MKII does not need any software drivers or an external power adapter to operate. It has plug-and-play functionality, USB-MIDI, and is powered by a single USB PC connection.

To unlock the full potential of the MKII, download the free MKII MIDI Editor. This MIDI editor is a popular preset management program that allows users to change their PC hardware and software settings.

VIP gives you unrivaled hands-on access to a virtual instrument and effect library, flawlessly combining the hardware/software experience and giving you complete control over the creation of an understandable, instinctual format.

Pitch Bend (up, down, left, and right), single CC per axis, and two CCs per axis are among the three assignable modes on the 4-way Pitch Bend and Modulation joystick.

Construction & Design

The Black MPK Mini MKII is a Keyboard controller in a small package that can fit in a backpack and take up space on a producer’s crowded desk.

It includes four built-in presets, a Note Repeat and Full-level button, and eight velocity-sensitive pads with red and green backlighting. It contains a 1/4″ Continue to press the pedal. for the normal non-latching transient foot-switch function.

12.4′′ length and 1.6 pounds The MKII has 25 velocity-sensitive trim keys, a superb 4-way thumbstick for bright pitch and modulation manipulation, eight illuminated velocity-perceptive MPC-style pads, and eight assignable control knobs. Transform your performance process by enhancing your standard MIDI over USB Keyboard Controller with VIP.


The class-compliant plug-and-play device works with Mac OS X 10.4.11 (10.5 or later), Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP, and features a sound card that is Windows-compatible.

While connected to your PC’s Digital Audio Workstation via USB, compose, record, and execute. MPK Mini MKII offers you access to amazing free software right out of the box, so you can start creating right now.

You’ll discover Hybrid 3 by AIR Music Tech, SONiVOX Wobble, and Akai Pro MPC Essentials after registering it online.

It is powered by a USB hub. It connects and powers using a standard USB-A to USB-B connection and does not need a wall outlet.


  • Keyboard controller in a small package
  • USB power source
  • Mini-keys with 25 synth-actions
  • 8 rubber drum pads that respond to velocity
  • VIP, the award-winning music software platform, is included.

2. Allow the M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 II Ultra-Portable 32-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller to complement your imagination! M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 II Ultra-Portable 32-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller

The M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 II is a 32-key ultra-portable USB MIDI keyboard controller that allows you to produce amazing music without a hitch.

Keys & Controls

This is fantastic news for those who have just recently entered the world of digital music. The full-size 88-key Mini 32 II comes with Ableton Live (PC DAW), Xpand2 (virtual instrument preset), and Sonivox Eighty-Eight ensemble, which can be downloaded after registration from M-website. audio’s Garageband may be used on a Mac.

The key station is simple to use; just connect it into a USB port on your computer, switch on the keyboard, start your DAW, and you’re done.

The keys are semi-weighted, full-sized, and pressure-sensitive, so loudness rises as you play more firmly. The keyboard weighs little over 15 pounds.

It works by connecting it into a computer and supplying power to virtual instruments inside a DAW system (such as Garageband for MAC). There are a variety of DAW systems available, as well as millions of virtual instrument presets. Everything flows in and out of your PC, therefore you can’t connect a speaker to MIDI directly.

Construction & Design

32-key The Mini 32 II is a tiny MIDI controller that fits into a backpack or laptop bag for music creation on the go. It contains 32 velocity-sensitive synth-action tiny keys and is powered by a single USB connection. It measures 5.4″x17.5″x2.2″ and weighs 1.55 lbs.

Pitch bend, sustain, and modulation controls give your performance more life. For all new and current clients, it includes Pro Tools, First, and Eleven Lite.


Mini 32 II is compatible with PC-based synthesizers. As a piano, the semi-weighted effect seems costly, and the keys react nicely to velocity. On the most latest Mac OS, it supports Logic Pro X.


  • Keyboard with USB power
  • 32 velocity-sensitive tiny keys with synth action
  • Action that is semi-weighted


  • It’s really difficult to get high velocity on the keys.
  • There are no drum pads.

3. With the midiplus AKM320 midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller, you can let your imagination go wild! midiplus AKM320 midiplus MIDI Keyboard Controller

Onstage or in the studio, the midiplus AKM320 MIDI Keyboard Controller allows you to create smashing music.

Keys & Controls

The AKM320 contains heavy-duty pitch and mod wheels, rather than just buttons, for better control of the functions, as well as lighted octave and, most notably, transpose buttons.

Both the octave and transposition buttons function normally, and if you push both up and down at the same time, they return to neutral (backlights switch off).

It features a useful volume slider that operates smoothly, and it may be assigned to various jobs, such as pan, if you use the software’s “midi learn” mode. It features a Continue to press the pedal.. The velocity curve is in good shape. The white keys are 12″ longer than other brands when compared in size. It has a less bouncy feel about it.

Construction & Design

The fit, polish, and overall quality of the AKM320 are exceptional. It comes with a six-foot USB cable (USB-A to USB type B) and an instruction manual that walks novices through everything.

Keyboard has 32 keys, velocity-sensitive mini keys. It contains Pitch and Modulation wheels, Octave Buttons (Up & Down), Transpose Buttons (Up & Down), Volume Slider, Continue to press the pedal., USB interface, USB power supply. AKM320 measures 18.1”x4.9”x1.2”; it weighs 1.6lbs.

With a straightforward style of operation, 32 velocity-sensitive tiny keys are simple to learn. The user interface is simple and clear, and the device’s form is light and thin. Indoors, it takes up little room; outside, it’s easy to transport for performances or music-making.


The AKM320 supports USB B type, which means it connects to a computer through USB. It has USB MIDI OUT, so there’s no need to install a driver; just put it in and play your music anywhere, at any time.

You can utilize it for Logic 9&X, Pro Tools (iOS) and FL Studios (PC). The keyboard is plug-and-play and it works with Garage band and IOS devices.


  • It may be carried in a small backpack.
  • a long-lasting gadget
  • Easy up/down octave & Transpose built-in buttons
  • Mod & Pitch-bend wheel


  • Sensitivity to velocity is almost non-existent.

4. Trust the enhanced design of M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller (8 Pads/8 Knobs/9 M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard Faders)!

49-Key M-Audio Oxygen 49 MKIV is a USB MIDI keyboard & drum pad controller (8 pads/8 knobs/9 faders) and has VIP software download included to create exceptional melodies.

Keys & Controls

Your recital will need the proper equipment. The Oxygen 49 from M-Audio is a fantastic synth-action keybed with a flexible, clean, and precise action response. The standard profile keys are velocity- and pressure-responsive for maximum expressive capacity, ensuring that every nuance and tone of a performance is reproduced.

The inclusion of Octave Up/Octave Down buttons makes it easy to reach the whole note range whether playing complicated melodies, chords, or bass. It’s the ideal option for producing and performing music on the go.

It provides essential in-demand technologies for delivering immersive, animated shows. Control your virtual instruments using pitch-bend and modulation wheels, including portamento, vibrato, and other parameters mapped to the modulation wheel for unrivaled creative control.

Map it to your workflow preferences with the inclusion of 8 fully-assignable knobs and 9 assignable faders, and take complete control of effect plug-ins, virtual instruments, and mixing settings for unsurpassed concrete control of any project.

Oxygen 49 comes pre-loaded with major DAWs such as Logic and Cubase. The controls in DirectLink automatically map to important parameters in your choice DAW, allowing you to quickly twist the mixers, editors, and transport windows.

Construction & Design

Full-size, velocity-sensitive synth action The M-Audio Oxygen 49 has a 1/4′′ (6.3mm) Continue to press the pedal. for use with an external control pedal, such as the SP2, for more animated capacity and true piano-style sustain.

With 8 assignable illuminated velocity-sensitive drum pads, you can create the perfect rhythm for recording every believable performance detail. The pads are totally assignable for additional creative options, making them the perfect foundation for triggering loops, clips, and virtual instrument sounds.


The versatile MIDI keyboard controller is USB power source connection to computer. Premium Software Suite comprises ProTools, Eleven Lite, Ableton Live Lite, Twist, Xpand!2, Eighty-Eight Ensemble.

Plug & Mix have teamed up with first-rate plug-in designers to generate the eventual V.I.P. plug-in series. Creating high-class, professional-sounding music was never simpler. Simply load the plug-ins and turn a dial for instantaneous sonic pleasure.


  • USB-powered
  • Synthesizer keyboard with 49 keys
  • DAW integration is simple.


  • Third-party software included in the package should be improved.

5. Akai Professional LPK25 | 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller for Laptops will mesmerize you! Akai Professional LPK25 | 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller for Laptops

Ultra-portable 25-key keyboard The Akai Professional LPK25 is a laptop-based USB MIDI keyboard controller designed for artists, DJs, and other music producers.

Keys & Controls

The LPK25 is a full-featured 25-key plug-and-play USB MIDI keyboard controller that’s meant to go out of the studio. With 25 synth-action velocity-sensitive keys suitable for playing pads, chords, bass-lines, and lead lines, the LPK25 weighs in at 40g and gives core keyboard-production practicality.

The LPK25 keyboard controller is a scaled-down version of the MPK family of keyboard controllers. There are 25 micro velocity-sensitive keys with synth action on this tiny keyboard. The LPK25 contains an arpeggiator, which automatically cycles over chords, assisting players in crafting quick, harmonic songs.

LPK25 provides the keys that keyboard players who want to work with software on their PC need to express themselves. The easy-to-understand arrangement is smoothed out by sustain, up/down octave, and tap tempo adjustments.

Use the dedicated sustain button to add piano-style elements, and the up/down octave buttons to access the whole melodic range.

Construction & Design

It’s non-wireless and runs off a USB connection to the computer, measuring 13″ across and weighing less than a pound to fit easily into a laptop case, backpack, or messenger bag for extreme mobility.

With PC-based digital audio workstations and sequencers, this 25-key very portable USB MIDI keyboard controller gives you expressive performance. All music production software allows for songwriting sessions, music composition, and studio use.

It contains four arp modes, a tap tempo control, and user-chosen time divisions for simply generating melodies.

It’s never been easier to customize your workflow! The LPK25 features four memory banks for immediate software optimization.


For Mac and PC, a non-wireless plug-and-play USB connection is available; no driver installation is required. Generate, correct, load, and manage presets from your PC using LPK25’s dedicated software editor for Mac/PC.

Whatever your creative bent, the LPK25 ensures fast integration with software like GarageBand, Sonar, Logic, Ableton Live, Cubase, ProTools, Reason, Fruity Loops, Reaper, and Digital Performer, thanks to its ultra-compact footprint, class-compliancy, and a sufficient USB-powered need.

The wireless capability allows you to play it anywhere within logical range of your iPad Pro, and it connects quickly using GarageBand bluetooth connection. The sound quality on the iPad is excellent; either wired or wireless headphones work well. A large number of iOS applications are supported.


  • There is no need for an additional power cord since it is powered via USB.
  • Mac/PC editing software
  • Commands may be easily customized using MIDI.


  • Surface-mounted mini-USB ports may be more reliable.

6. With the Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard, 49 Keys, you can find melodious performance!Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard, 49 Keys

With the Novation Impulse 49 USB Midi Controller Keyboard, you can let your creativity run wild. Music was never designed to be composed using a mouse and keyboard, but thanks to Novation, the limitations of composing in a hard, non-musical way are no longer an issue.

Keys & Controls

The Impulse is a professional USB/MIDI controller that includes a precision keyboard and a full-control surface, both of which are driven by the latest version of Novation’s Automap control software, Automap 4.

Impulse comes with eight high-quality 3-color LED back-lit drum pads that can be used to twist arpeggios, roll rhythms, and launch clips in Ableton Live. Impulse, which may be accessed with 25, 49, or 61 keys, provides rapid access to your DAW’s mixer, transport, and plug-ins. Mike The Drummer, Novation Bass Station, Loopmasters sample collection, and Ableton Live Lite are all included as free software with the Impulse.

Automap control software allows you to quickly map faders, knobs, and buttons to your DAW and plug-ins, allowing you to go hands-on with your DAW and plug-ins.

Construction & Design

Novation Impulse measures 28.3″x6.3″x15.1″ and weighs 14.8 lbs. Semi-weighted precision keyboard with Aftertouch Impulse that is ultra-responsive. It successfully translates musical expression. The synthesizer or software device you trigger correctly reflects your performance.

The control surface provides hands-on administration for DAW and plug-ins with 8 knobs, 9 faders and buttons, and a typical LCD screen. Novation collaborates with the industry’s leading DAWs and plug-ins to provide fast mixing control, transport controls, plug-in devices, and effects.


Impulse is powered by the USB bus and has expression and Continue to press the pedal.s as well as MIDI in/out connectors for connecting other MIDI devices.

Impulse and Automap 4 are meant to handle 3rd party plug-in instruments and effects, such as Waves, Native Instruments, or FXpansion, in addition to core DAWs like Reason, Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, and Ableton Live.


  • Semi-weighted keyboard with excellent sensitivity
  • Control surface for DAWs and plug-ins
  • Automap 4 is a control program that gives you direct access to your DAW and plug-ins.
  • Drum pads with several functions
  • On manufacturing faults, there is a 2-year limited guarantee.


  • For LogicPro X, it’s not well-programmed.

7. Your creativity with Alesis V49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller (8 Pads/4 Knobs/4 Buttons)! Alesis V49 | 49-Key USB MIDI Keyboard

Alesis V49 49-Key USB MIDI keyboard & drum pad controller (8 pads/4 knobs/4 buttons) is a dream device for a perfect musician needing to manage plug-ins and virtual instruments.

Keys & Controls

V49 adds four assignable knobs and buttons to the pitch and modulation wheels, as well as the ability to open and shut filters, change volume levels, activate effects, twist settings, and more.

The V49 Editor program provides an easy, image-friendly approach to fix the various MIDI messages sent to your PC by the keyboard’s controllers.

You may adjust the velocity curves of keys/pads to get the sensitivity that best suits your playing style for improved control. Pitch and modulation wheels provide you a lot of creative freedom.

Construction & Design

Alesis V49’s 49 full-sized, square-front, velocity-sensitive keys can play bass lines, chords, and melodies and have adaptive sensitivity for a broad melodic range. 8 MPC-style drum trigger pads with a cool blue LED backlight respond to speed and force.

It has 4 assignable knobs, 4 assignable buttons, with Pitch & Mod wheels and it’s USB-powered with sustain-pedal input.

It’s a powerful, intuitive MIDI controller that lets you operate your computer’s music software for dynamic performance. The octave shift keys allow you to access the whole note range.


V49 is USB-powered and includes Mac and PC USB-MIDI interface. This device does not need drivers since it is class-compliant.

It works with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 (with OS X 10.8 or 10.9 software requirements) as well as Windows 7/Windows 8.

V49 includes a Software Preset/Parameter utility, as well as free downloads of Ableton Live Lite 9 and AIR Music Tech’s Xpand!2.


  • 49 full-size keys with square fronts
  • 8 velocity- & pressure-sensitive backlit drum pads
  • Visual feedback is provided in real time through lit buttons and knobs.
  • Mac/PC USB power and USB-MIDI connection

8. Find the perfect gadget in Alesis VI61 Advanced 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller! Alesis VI61 | Advanced 61-Key USB MIDI Keyboard

Alesis VI61 Advanced 61-Key USB MIDI keyboard & drum pad controller (16 pads/16 knobs/48 buttons) helps you create sweet-sounding melodies in your studio.

Keys & Controls

The Alesis VI61 is a complex USB/MIDI keyboard that uses a series of pads, knobs, and buttons to operate music applications. You can play bass, various chords, and melodies using 61 velocity-receptive semi-weighted keys, Aftertouch, and up/down octave buttons.

The VI61 integrates smoothly for complete on-board control with 16 assigned knobs and 48 assigned buttons for managing effect plug-ins and virtual instruments such as open/close filters, alter volume levels, trigger effects, and twist settings.

Construction & Design

The VI61 MIDI keyboard controller aids in the creation of digital music and the use of virtual instruments. Velocity and pressure are responded by 61 full-sized, square-front, semi-weighted keys and 16 multi-shaded RGB illuminated pads. For practical control of the digital audio workstation, knobs and buttons have been allocated.

61-key The VI61 features an LCD screen. 16 velocity-responsive RGB trigger pads let you start clips or finger drums quickly and with multi-colored visual feedback. Pitch and modulation wheels improve a performer’s expressive ability.


VI61 is PC and Mac compatible, class-compliant, and does not need drivers. You’ll need OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 on a Mac, and Windows 7/Windows 8 on a PC. It works with Ableton Live Lite and AIR Music Tech’s Xpand!2.

A single USB connection to your Mac/PC provides both power and MIDI capabilities, allowing you to plug in and start producing music right away. MIDI communication is flexible using USB MIDI and 5-pin MIDI Out.


  • 61 square-front, semi-weighted, full-size keys
  • Interfaces with music software through 48 assignable buttons and 16 assignable knobs.
  • Included in the package is production software.
  • Pitch and modulation wheels allow you to express yourself.

9. The melodic ability of the midiplus AK490 MIDI Keyboard Controller may be relied upon! midiplus AK490 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The midiplus AK490 MIDI keyboard controller is ideal for DJs and music producers that want high-quality output and device Compatibility.

Keys & Controls

Configuration for the most part The midiplus AK490 MIDI keyboard offers a luxury set of interfaces to enable electronic music arrangers, including a Patchbend wheel base, modulation wheel, and up/down octave control unit.

It features a Sustain Switch jack and a MIDI-out Din Jack (no sustain pedal). It is the simplest USB gadget to use.

For writing and recording, use MAGIX software. The keys have a piano-like feel to them. The way you strike the keys determines sensitivity, and the maximum polyphony is 49 notes.

Construction & Design

The 3.2kg keyboard contains white keys made of a composite formula unique material that is robust and does not yellow, as well as textured lusterless black keys for superb feel and aesthetic effects.

The matte surface increases abrasion between fingertips, making gliding more smooth and comfortable. It contains a soft Octave adjustment button to prevent finger fatigue, as well as dynamic lighting effects.

Fingerprints and scratches are not attracted to the texture panel. The matte finish has a rich piano touch and creates a wonderful ambience.


The sequencer software is fully compatible with the professional MIDI keyboard. The AK490 is a top-entry arranger MIDI keyboard that can be connected directly to a PC or Mac without the need for driver software. Logic Pro, Software Cubase, Live9, Pro Tools, Studio One, and Garage Band are all supported.

Because it runs on USB, you’ll need a computer or an AC USB charger, as well as a 9V DC power source and Type C batteries. It runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/Mac OS X and is class-compliant. The AK490 is compatible with iPad.

You can play anywhere with the miniEngine USB connection, attach an external audio source, and plug headphones in. Voice selection, reverb size, and volume adjustment are all available.


  • Piano-style keys with 49 velocity-sensitive keys
  • The LCD panel has a resolution of 216 pixels by 216 pixels.
  • Continue to press the pedal.
  • up/down octave


  • Semi-weighted keys are difficult to play quickly.
  • It is mistakenly stated in the manual that it uses AA batteries.

10. Find a balanced workflow with Akai Professional MPK225 | 25-Key USB MIDI Keyboard & Drum Pad Controller with LCD Akai Professional MPK225 | 25-Key USB MIDI KeyboardScreen!

For studio composers and live performers, the Akai Professional MPK225 all-in-one keyboard controller is essential. It has deep software integration, enhanced productivity, and key technologies from the iconic MPC workstation series, all with maximum flexibility and no snags.

Keys & Controls

The MPK225 has 25 semi-weighted, full-size, velocity-sensitive, dynamic keys, as well as the best piano-style keybed for unsurpassed responsiveness and feel. Aftertouch is installed on each key.

Musicians may use Note Repeat, Tap Tempo, Full Level, Time Division, and MPC Swing to create a tight, natural, and legendary groove.

To spontaneously handle and modify musical ideas, the MPK225 is equipped with powerful production tools such as fluid Ableton Live Lite and MPC Essentials.

VIP gives you access to virtual instruments and effects, seamlessly merging the hardware and software experience in a user-friendly interface.

Construction & Design

25-key 25 semi-weighted keys with Aftertouch pressure sensitivity, 8 MPC-style pads with RGB feedback, 8 Q-Link knobs with 4 switches, and onboard transport buttons are all included on the MPK225.

Four pad banks bring the total number of assignable pads to 32, while three knob banks bring the total number of assignable knobs to 24, with 12 switches. The MPK225 has a flexible interface for controlling virtual instruments, effect plug-ins, and DAWs.


With USB power and plug-and-play connection, the MPK225 is designed to connect directly to your Mac or PC. It’s compatible with iOS thanks to the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit.

You’ll need a Mac with a 1.25GHz G4/G5 processor (Intel Mac recommended), 1GB RAM (2 GB preferred), and Mac OS X 10.4.11 or later. You’ll need a 1.5 GHz Pentium 4/Celeron CPU (multi-core CPU), 1GB RAM (2GB), and Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP to run Windows.


  • 25 full-size, semi-weighted keys
  • Plug-and-play USB power
  • MPC-style pads with 8 RGB-illuminated pads
  • This package includes VIP treatment.


  • The drum pads must be purchased individually.

11. The Nektar IMPACT LX25+ MIDI Controller puts control in your hands!

Nektar IMPACT LX25+ MIDI Controller is compact and moveable yet chock-full with clever and meaningful performance  Nektar IMPACT LX25+ MIDI Controllercontrol. It hooks up automatically to a DAW.

Keys & Controls

A 30mm fader and eight pots are located in the center of the control panel. With hardware or software MIDI items, this fully programmable control transmits all MIDI CC signals. The controllers give pre-mapped DAW control with Nektar DAW integration. Control settings are saved in presets and may be retrieved at any time.

Cycle/Rewind/Forward/Stop/Play/Record are controlled by six transport buttons. To access interchange features such as Go to L, Set R, Set L, Undo, Click, and Mode, use Shift. The controls for Track up/down and Patch up/down are located below the display.

The 8 channels of the DAW’s mixer are controlled via a press mixer and eight LX25+ pots. Control assignments are shifted to the next/previous 8 channels using the alternating Bank up/down function.

When a track is chosen in a DAW, the Instrument button assigns controls to parameters. This is done automatically using Nektar mapping.

Construction & Design

Medium tension on a 25-note velocity-sensitive synth-action keyboard. The full-size piano-style keys are covered to protect them from dirt and dust while also complimenting the LX design. The dynamics of four velocity curves steadily rise. Alternatively, three preset velocity settings provide consistent output.

4 Octave & Transpose buttons are a delight. 4 selectable functions enable vital changes. You can send out MIDI Program Messages, alter Global MIDI Channel.

The LX258 +’s velocity-receptive 4-color LED lighting pads make it easy to groove and beat create. Finger drumming is done with a smooth velocity response and is calibrated to activate at a light stroke. For power cycling, assignments are saved; settings are not lost when the computer is turned down. 4 pad map locations save settings for future reference.


LX25+ is compatible with Mac, PC, and iOS. Nektar DAW Integration goes above and above standard capability for Bigwig, GarageBand, Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, Digital Performer, Reaper, FL Studio, Reason, Sonar, and Studio One.


  • 25 synth-action keys with a lot of emotion
  • Backlit pads with 8 hyper-sensitive pads
  • Controls are automatically assigned to software instruments.

12. With the Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller, you can concentrate on your creative.

Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controller is a powerful device to open up a new world of performance, sound design,  Arturia MiniLab MkII 25 Slim-Key Controllerand music making.

Keys & Controls

Minilab Mk II is a high-end, feature-rich controller for accessing sounds in a virtual studio. Rugged controls allow you to play, adjust, tap, and twist.

This controller comes with critically-acclaimed software like Analog Lab Lite for tons of renowned piano, synth, organ & string sounds. Ableton Live Lite helps record, organize, and cultivate musical ideas into a finished outcome. UVI Grand is a mirror of the Steinway Model D piano.

The controls on MiniLab — 16 encoders, pads, and two touch strips – may be changed using the free Arturia software. Set colors, notes, and MIDI channels activated by drum pads, and use MIDI CCs to send/make encoders function in a variety of MIDI modes or in absolute mode. Store up to 8 presets that can be switched out on the go.

Construction & Design

Every component of the redesigned MiniLab has been carefully selected, including beautifully playable small keys, reactive and long-lasting performance pads, and wriggle-free rotary knobs, all wrapped up in a robust, ergonomic, and rugged design.

You can create world-class piano music using keys, knobs, pads, pitch, and modulation. You can connect, control, and perform with this 25-note slim-key MIDI controller.

It comes with 16 rotary encoders, 2 capacitive touch sensors for pitch bend and modulation, and 500 V-Collection 6 presets/21 keyboard instruments and synths pre-mapped.


It’s a perfect fit in desktop setup using an iMac, PC and includes Analog Lab Lite, Ableton Live Lite & UVI Grand Piano.


  • MIDI keyboard with 25 notes in a small design
  • 2 banks of 8 first-class velocity & pressure-sensitive pads having RGB backlighting
  • DAW control with 16 assignable encoders


  • VST control employs an infinite number of rotary knobs.

13. Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller is a portable option for a contemporary studio.Nektar Impact LX49+ Keyboard Controller

The Nektar Impact LX49+ is a new kind of MIDI controller that combines traditional MIDI control for computer music applications with a broad range of exquisite controller features for unrivaled control and seamless music creation.

Keys & Controls

Cycle, Forward, Stop, Rewind, Play, and Record are all controlled using the LX49dedicated +’s transport buttons. Shift is used for functions such as Go to L, Set L, Set R, and Undo. The controls for Track up/down and Patch up/down are located below the display.

The 8 faders and the press mixer control the 8 channels of the DAW’s mixer. The alternating Bank up/down function shifts 8-channel assignments to the next/previous group. The 9th fader controls the master volume as well as the currently chosen channel.

The buttons underneath the faders control Mute/Solo and track the channel assignment of their corresponding fader. Eight pots are used to manage the pan.

When a track is chosen in a DAW, the Instrument button assigns controls to parameters. Blue control labels are pre-mapped on a lot of devices and plug-ins. MIDI messages are sent via real-time controllers. Recall is possible thanks to five user presets.

Construction & Design

You can effortlessly compose music with the 49-note, full-size velocity-receptive keyboard. Choose from four velocity curves that provide a variety of playing styles, including delicate and firm touch. It’s dynamic and communicative, and it’s suited to a wide range of musical genres.

Octave buttons reach low/high notes ahead of the actual reach of the keyboard. Transpose buttons enable for rapid transpositions when required. Extra features, such as the Global MIDI channel, Program, and Preset selection, are controlled via buttons.

Adaptive and dynamic Finger drumming and percussion playing are made easy with the 8 pads. The Pad Learn feature makes assigning sounds or MIDI notes simple and quick. The pad map that is dynamic is graphically shown by four-color lighted pads. Color and display status are changed by the pads.


LX49+ is compatible with iPad, PC, and Mac. When you connect the built-in USB MIDI cable to your computer and choose your operating system (Windows/OSX/iOS/Linux), the driver is instantly installed. FL Studio, Digital Performer, Bitwig, Reaper, GarageBand, Cubase, Reason, Logic Nuendo, and Sonar are among the supported DAWs.


  • There are 49 expressive synth-action keys in all.
  • Backlit pads with 8 hyper-sensitive pads
  • Mac/PC/iOS-compatible
  • There are four velocity curves.


  • The MIDI connection is sometimes lost.

14. With the midiplus X4 small MIDI Keyboard Controller, you can give your sounds a new lease of life!

midiplus X4 mini MIDI Keyboard Controller lets you retain your originality in an articulate manner and helps you form midiplus X4 mini MIDI Keyboard Controller, Whiteexcellent music.

Keys & Controls

The midiplus X4 simultaneously outputs to USB and 5-pin MIDI, with the exception of program change notifications, which are only delivered through USB. In general, changing instruments requires two hands (hold shift, hit “Pro,” enter in the instrument number, and press “Enter”).

By default, the transport buttons are MMC (only USB), but may be arranged as MIDI CC controls which resonates to 5-pin MIDI. Excluding program change, all messages are sent to USB & 5-pin MIDI equally.

The knobs rotate in a constant 4/5ths rotation with ease. They seem to be potentiometers and do not click or revolve like rotary encoders. It is possible to enter a specific value (other than 0 and 127).

Construction & Design

The midi plus X4 is a white device with a 3-segment backlit LED and capacitive touch sensors for pitch and modulation control. In addition, shifts for custom functions and Octave/Transpose are included.

T1 (Volume), T2 (Pan), T3 (Expression Controller), and T4 (Volume) are the four knobs that may be customized (Reverb).

The visual feedback is fantastic. As you adjust the knobs, a 3-digit LED displays the value and shows the current octave as you transpose.

Capacitive touch controllers provide feedback in LED bar graphs and pitch/modulation. Buttons are lighted with red/blue LEDs that change color to offer input or identify the current mode. On knobs, there are lighted position indications.


Because the midi plus X4 has a USB connection, you can make music from anywhere. The midi plus X4 supports a hot plug without a driver. There is no need for an external power source.


  • There are 49 weighted keys.
  • There is no requirement for a driver since thehotplugg is supported.
  • USB power source, no external power supply needed


  • The keys are a little heavy.

15. With the Worlde Panda MINI Portable 25-Key USB Keyboard MIDI Controller, you can make incredible recordings in no time!Worlde Panda MINI Portable 25 Keys USB Keyboard MIDI Controller with Colorful Drum Pad

Portable 25-key USB Keyboard MIDI Controller by Worlde Panda Worlde is entrusted with researching, expanding, and creating professional electronic musical instruments for music enthusiasts that may be called a trustworthy brand.

Keys & Controls

To choose a backlit 8-pad RGB color, use Hold CC MODE and OCTAVE DOWN/UP on the Worlde Panda. The pads can’t display seven colors at once, but they can show one color at a time.

Four assignable control knobs, four control sliders, four banks for various settings, and eight control buttons: CC Mod, Mod, Bank, Program, Pitch down/up, Octave down/up.

Construction & Design

Users may trigger samples using eight fully assignable and multi-colored pads. In addition, it comes in seven distinct hues. The versatile and simple-to-use keyboard is a powerful studio and stage controller.

800g/28oz Worlde Panda measures 12.6” X7.5” X1.6”. 8 RGB backlit pads have first-rate velocity & pressure-receptive performance and can be assigned effortlessly as pads, MIDI CC buttons, and Program change switches.


With USB-bus power mode, the Worlde Panda consumes less than 100 mA of current. It includes a tiny B-type USB connection and is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, and Mac OS X. It’s USB 2.0 compatible (full speed). It doesn’t need any drivers and may be used with a hotplug.


  • USB-bus power supply
  • Windows XP/Vista/Mac OSX compatible
  • Eight different colored pads


  • Windows 10 is not supported.

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