The demand for top-quality midi keyboard controllers has exploded in the last few years. The best of these is a great option to start your studio or use as an extra controller when you’re on the go and want to jam with friends! Here are some of the most popular choices right now.

In the early 1980s, when Dave Smith and Ikutaru Kakehashi created the protocol, midi controllers began to emerge on the market. IN, OUT, and THRU connections were often utilized at the period, and DIN styled connectors were used to create the relationships. The THRU output is set up in such a manner that messages received through MIDI IN may be transmitted without any modifications. This functionality allows various devices in the configuration to be daisy-chained together. This well-executed system design was also beneficial and famous for an extended period without significant alterations. However, MIDI 2.0 was just released, and with it came the inclusion of the newly created MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) capabilities in a slew of new devices. This feature is available in many software-based devices. MIDI is now an established and rock-solid element that is here to stay for a very long time as an inter-application communication system as well as an inter-device communication system.

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Top 15 Best Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers in 2020

The following are some of the applications for a Mini Midi Keyboard Controller:

Direct PC/Mac Connection

While a conventional QWERTY computer keyboard and mouse provide a terrific means to connect to most apps, allowing one to write a letter, handle music, and access the internet, a musician’s or music-loving person’s creativity can only be honed by using a proper small, midi keyboard controller. The Musical Instrument Digital Interface (MIDI) has become a standard protocol in the music business. While it has initially been used to link synthesizers, sequencers, samplers, and other devices, it now connects directly to a Mac or PC through the USB connection. Music-related data is delivered directly from the Midi Controller keyboard to the PC or Mac in this manner.

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Control Software for Recording

Midi keyboards come in a variety of sizes, with notes ranging from 25 to 88. A variety of functions are available on several keyboards. Although most midi keyboard controllers have keys, there are numerous more on the market that include sliders. The sliders may be highly useful for mixing. Some of them include knobs that enable the user to tune the virtual controls presented, including the including the software used to record music.

Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers Have a Lot of Benefits

Top 15 Best Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers in 2020

Mini midi keyboard controllers provide a number of benefits, which are listed below:

Keys that go all the way up to the whole piano range

A Mini Midi Keyboard controller’s number of keys may vary from a single octave to the entire range of the piano, which has 88 keys. The number of keys needed by a music enthusiast is determined by the person’s piano music talents. If the musician can play with both hands or is an exceptionally proficient person’s piano music talents, specify the number of keys needed by a piece music enthusiast who wants to activate instrument libraries that require the complete piano range or symphony ensembles. In this situation, 88 keys are necessary once again. One disadvantage of having an 88-key midi keyboard controller is that it is relatively broad, requiring more room. It’s possible that the owner doesn’t have that much space.

As a result, some individuals choose to utilize various key device combinations, such as 25, 41, or 69. These can also deliver MIDI notes over the whole range. However, the musician must then alter the octave switches on all of the instruments. This is done to guarantee that the presently accessible content is adjusted, and as a result, the musician will be unable to access all of the notes at the same time. It’s also probable that many orchestral sampling instruments feature crucial switches for changing articulation options at the very bottom of the spectrum. As a result, having all of the keys is always preferable. However, the key switches may be reconfigured if necessary.

Creation of mapped key setsTop 15 Best Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers in 2020

The musician may design mapped key sets that use multiple crucial ranges of the keyboard, allowing for the activation of diverse sound sources. Again, it is preferable to have as many keys as feasible in this situation. Small controllers that fit in the back pocket are available to help with portability. These controllers contain the bare minimum of cores (25), as well as octave switches. However, such an instrument is more than enough for primary melody lines. It’s good for one-handed gigs or chords, but if the musician were andective in the studio, the crucial range would have to be expanded.

Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers are available in a variety of styles.

Top 15 Best Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers in 2020

There are many varieties of tiny midi keyboard controllers, which are mentioned below:

Midi Keyboard Controllers with 25 Keys

The following are the most common small midi keyboard controllers. They feature 25 keys that can send out music in the complete range; however, the artist will need to alter the octave switches on the devices, which will take some time. The same can be said for tiny midi keyboard controllers, which come with 41 and 69 essential setups, respectively. As the number of keys on the small midi keyboard controller grows, functionality such as sliders and other controls are introduced to make music mixing easier.

Mini mIn addition, asi keyboard controllers with a full piano range.

These are the most sophisticated small midi keyboard controllers on the market. They have a complete piano range of notes and 88 keys, which is the maximum number that may be used. Sliders, USB connection to PC/Mac, and comprehensive triggering of instrument libraries are just a few of the sophisticated capabilities available on these instruments. As well as orchestral groups. Serious artists that need to record music with software and produce music with a lot of depth, richness, and diversity in terms of notes and sounds choose the whole piano range midi keyboard controllers.

Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers include a variety of features.

Top 15 Best Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers in 2020

Important Steps

The feel of the keys is an essential feature in the mini, midi keyboard controllers. Weighted hammer or realistic action keys are similar to the keys used in an actual piano.  For pianists, these are the ideal keys to use as they feel familiar. However, for other people who are not pianists, they might slow them down.  Some musicians for these to use semi-weighted keys on controllers so that pianists they can play with speed. The semi-weighted keys provide a compromise between weighted and non-weighted keys. The Aftertouch and the Pressure components in the MIDI message are also affected by these keys.

Key Size

Weighted action keyboard controllers often feature full-size. These keys also affect thethe similar to those seen on a piano. Non-weighted and semi-and come in a range of sizes. They range in size from micro to full-size keys. Which keys to utilize are determined by the musician’s abilities. Furthermore, space constraints and portability difficulties are taken into account.


Pressure, also known as Aftertouch, refers to a pad’s, key’s, or other MIDI devices’ capacity to deliver continuous control data in the form of a stream. This information is provided once the pillow or key has been activated. The pressure sensor on the device delivers a MIDI data stream to the cutoff frequency of a low pass filter or a vibrato parameter, for example. Aftertouch enables the artist to have complete control over every modulation target that may be selected. In addition, aftertouch messages may now be polyphonic thanks to creating the MPE MIDI extension. This will enable each key to generate its own stream of note-specific after acquisition, aftertouch. With the passage of time, the number of MPE software/hardware devices available grows at a fast pace.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

In a midi keyboard controller, what is the minimum and maximum number of keys?

The basic mini, midi keyboard controller, has 25 keys, and these are only sufficient for hater of cores available is 88, which is the in a midi keyboard controller’s full piano range. Other configurations of 41 keys or 69 keys are also available.

What is the difference between weighted and non-weighted keys?

The weighted keys are pretty similar to those found on a piano. These are only suitable for pianists who are proficient at playing the piano. Others may be slowed down as a result of these. They may improve their speed by using either semi-weighted or non-weighted keys.

Why is it thought that the complete piano essential range is superior?

This is for professional artists and keyboardists who want to take use of the MIDI keyboard controller’s full potential. The usage of the whole range provides for more richness and depth in terms of notes and sounds in music recordings. It also allows for complete instrument library triggering.

What does ‘Aftertouch’ mean?

The capacity of the key or other MIDI devices to provide continuous control data in the form of a stream is referred to as aftertouch. These messages have become polyphonic as a result of the MPE expansion. For each key, note-specific data may now be provided.

In 2022, the Top 15 Best Mini Midi Keyboard Controllers

1. Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

The Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII is equipped with all the necessary tools which are required for laying down and expanding upon music ideas very quickly and effectively.  The mini keyboard controller makes use of a variety of industry-standard tools to accomplish the task. Moreover, it has an innovative and eye-catching design, and it is packed with powerful features that enable the player to control their music and provides a lot of production addition, its potential.


Wherever the owner travels, the gadget allows him or her to control the music. It connects to any laptop or PC via USB and has 25 velocity-sensitive keys. The performer uses the octave up/down buttons to reach the spectrum of complete melodies and achieve perfect control over the synthesizer. The Keyboard controller small also comes with a four-way thumbstick that allows for dynamic pitch adjustment as well as MIDI modulation control. A built-in arpeggiator is also included in the equipment. It features a resolution and mode range that may be adjusted.

Features Not Included

The equipment is Plug & Play, which means no drivers are required to use it. It isIn addition, its addition, addition, it is powered by a USB connection and is ultra-portable in design. The drums may be programmed with the use of MPC drum pads, which contain Note Repeat and Full Level features. The MPC drum is velocity-sensitive and illuminated. It gives you entire control over DAW’s eight completely assignable Q Link knobs, which may be used to modify plug-ins, mix, and so on.

VIP Software (Version 3.1)

The addition of the highly advanced VIP Software (Version 3.1) to the mini keyboard controller allows for further expansion of the control of VST instruments as well as of effect collection with this device. This way, the musician can integrate both the hardware as well as the software experience seamlessly. The use of software makes the equipment even easier to use as the graphic user interface of the software is very intuitive for a musician.


  • With the aid of the keys and up and down octave buttons, the Mini keyboard controller provides comprehensive control.
  • Modulation, MIDI control, and dynamic pitch are all possible with the four-way thumbstick.
  • The MPC drum pads have backlighting and are velocity-sensitive.
  • The use of the VIP Software (Version 3.1) provides control over VST instruments.

2. Launchkey Mini

Novation Launchkey Mini MK3 MIDI Keyboard

The Launchkey Mini is a portable and the most compact 25-mini-key MIDI keyboard controller available from the manufacturer.  It includes everything required by the music lover to start creating an Ableton Live. The equipment is so small that it can easily fit in a bag.  The musician can make tracks wherever the music lover requires holy intuitive Live control, MIDI out, fixed chord mode, and sounds in the box. It boasts dynamic drumming and has got deep integration with live mixer controls.


Track pick, device Macro control, capture MIDI, stop/mute/solo, clip and scene launch, pans and sends, volume, innovative arpeggiator that is profoundly customizable but yet extremely simple to use, beat, modify the rhythm, Gate, pattern octave, and many more controls are included in the controller. It has a fixed chord mode and lets you to play chords with only one finger. A preset chord form may be assigned to different keys, and the controller will transpose as the artist goes up and down the keyboard.

Features Not Included

The Midi oIt may assign a preset chord forms controller wherever they go. He or she has the ability to communicate adjustments to the hardware synths through applications and apps. Over the MIDI, more keys may be added to the groove box. This controller is currently the best and most sophisticated tiny key mech. There are 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, pitch and Mod touch strips, eight rotary controls, and a sustain input on this controller. This controller comes with a 3-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer. The robust arpeggiator on the controller enables for the creation of unique rhythms and melodies. The fixed chord option allows you to create a bespoke fixed chord form that gets the music rolling.


The controller’s Sound Collective assists the musician in finding the appropriate sound. Various developers might provide him with free copies of incredibly powerful and novel software controllers and creative FX. There are a variety of discounts available to assist musicians in getting the most out of third-party software. This service is only offered to customers of the manufacturer.


  • The controller is the manufacturer’s most sophisticated miniature controller.
  • Customizable chord form is possible because of the robust arpeggiator.
  • Many free creative FX are accessible, as well as others that are provided at a bargain from developers.

3. Alesis VI25

Alesis VI25 MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Alesis VI25 is a highly advanced USB/MIDI keyboard MIDI controller that allows the musician and her music software with a series of knobs, pads, and buttons. It contains 25 semi-weighted keys, which are velocity-sensitive, and it has also got an Octave Up/Down buttons with aftertouch. So the musician can further expand this keyboard to the full range and also play chords, baselines, and melodies. This controller also boasts eight assignable knobs as well as 24 assignable buttons. These are used to manipulate virtual controllers and effect plug-ins.


The musician may use the controller controls to modify volume levels, open and shut filters, tweak settings, activate effects, and perform a variety of other tasks. The artist will be able to launch finger drum or clips with vivid visual feedback and great reaction thanks to sixteen velocity-sensitive RGB trigger pads. With the aid of pitch and modulation wheels, the controller may further expand the expressive powers of the performance. This controller requires Mac OS X 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9 on the hardware side, and OS X 10.8 or 10.9 on the software side. It also works with PCs running Windows 7 or 8, as long as they have a multicore CPU, 2 GB of RAM, and a free USB port.

Features Not Included

The Aleis VI25 is VI25 interfaces with the musician’s music program simply and flawlessly. A single USB connection connects the controller to the PC or Mac, and it also receives power from this port. It may also use this connector to connect to a MIDI controller. This makes it incredibly simple to connect to a computer and begin creating music.


A premium software package is included with the controller. With the mainly developed Pro Tools, producers and artists have a limitless choice of adaptable and creative alternatives. This is the first software package created by Air Music Tech for this device. With this program, the musician may utilize Ableton Live Lite 9 and Eleven Lite, Xpand12, DB-33, and Mini Grand. This will allow people to compose music, record it, atheists of the world.


  • The controller allows the artist to modify volume levels, op with this program and shut filters, tune settings, trigger effects, and open and close filters.
  • The USB connector on the controller allows it to connect to both a PC and a Mac.
  • Its premium software package, as well as other music tools, enables the creation, recording, and sharing of music.

4. Arturia MiniLab MkII Controller

Arturia MiniLab MkII Controller

The Arturia MiniLab MkII Controller is a feature-packed, high-quality keyboard  andlows the mu enabli enableess to sounds in his/her virtual studio. The musician can play, tweak, tap, and twist the rugged controls of the controller to breathe new life into the sounds. The controller also includes many popular software titles that allow the musician to create compelling and professional recordings in the least amount of time. The controller has got mini-keys, which can be played beautifully.


The controller is an ideal portable option for a contemporary studio since it comes with even addition, th In addition, thething a musician needs to get started generating innovative music. It contains 25 notes and is slim in design. It has two banks of eight high-quality, velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads with RGB illumination. There are 16 rotary encoders on the controller, two of which are clickable. It also has two capacitive touch sensors for modulation and pitch bend. The controller puts all of the necessary controls at the musician’s fingertips. Pads, knobs, keys, pitch, and modulation are examples of these.

Features Not Included

The keyboard controller has an ergonomic and compact design, and it is a reasonably robust controller for its size. Each of its components was selected to provide the most satisfactory possible experience for the musician. The MIDI controller is small and lightweight, and it is often regarded as the most responsive keyboard in its class. This controller supports twenty-one keyboard controllers and synthesizers, as well as 500 V-Collection 8 presets. It’s an excellent way to get started with music creation. With the aid of 16 assignable encoders, the artist may operate the DAW.


Ableton Live Lite is a piece of software for recording, organizing, and developing musical ideas into a finished output. Hundreds of piano, synth, string, and organ machine sounds are employed in Analog Lab Lite to perform. The piano is recreated by UVI Grand (Steinway Model D). The software packages expand the musician’s capacity to express his or her creativity in new ways. As a result, the MiniLab Mk II controllers open up new possibilities in sound design, music production, and live performance.


  • It contains 25 notes and is designed with thin keys.
  • It features a number of software packages that enable professional musicians to compose and record music.
  • The keys, for example, are among the most important controllers. Pads, knobs, pitch, and modulation are all included.

5. Samson Graphite M25 USB MIDI Controller

Samson Graphite M25 Mini USB MIDI Controller

The Samson Graphite M25 USB MIDI Controller provides the musician with perfect music production control required for mobile applications as well as for the home studio. The keyboard controller has got a very compact and ultra-portable design, and it boasts a 25-key mini keyboard, which is velocity-sensitive.  It has got trigger pads with aftertouch as well as many programmable functions for advanced customization and playability. It has got a full-featured control surface as well.


The Graphite M25 is a semi-weighted keyboard that provides a highly expressive and responsive platform for musicians. It has been created such that it feels more like an instrument than a controller. The performance dynamics are captured by the velocity-sensitive keys, and the pitch range is suitable for the performances. Touch-sensitive ribbon strips, pitch bend, and modulation are all included, giving you complete control over the effects. Because of the controller’s mobility, all of these controls have become mobile. With the use of the special Octave button, the keyboard may be stretched to a complete 4-octave range. It’s not necessary to utilize the submenus or the shift keys for this. The Sustain button allows it to lengthen notes without the need of an extra pedal. All of these features enable the controller to provide the artist with a broad variety of tone manipulation and musical expression.

Features Not Included

Four big velocity-sensitive trigger pads are programable and assignable on the controller. These are used to trigger one-shot samples, start and stop sequences, and tap out drum beats. Aftertouch is also available on the trigger pads, which may be utilized to tailor control over many settings and effects. This may be used to trigger a sound or to add a filter. The number of triggers may be increased to eight, giving you a lot of options. Aside from transport controls, the controller contains eight MIDI-assignable knobs and a programmable master volume recorder.


The controller comes with a tiny USB port and a USB to mini USB connection, which is included with the order. Apple’s iPad Camera Connection Kit may be used to connect it to an iPad. It’s a great controller for on-the-go music production. The controller may be synchronised with iPad applications that support it. It may be utilized in conjunction with one’s preferred music. It can be powered straight from the iPad. It also includes software for graphite editing. This program allows you to modify your MIDI workflow and generate presets. These may be stored to the controller and recalled quickly.


  • It’s small and portable, with 26 velocity-sensitive keys.
  • It comes with four big velocity-sensitive trigger pads that may be enlarged to a total of eight.
  • The controller connects to an iPad and includes the Editor application.

6. Monoprice 606304 MIDI Keyboard Controller


The Monoprice 606304 MIDI Keyboard Controller lets the musician take full control of his/her MIDI sound sequencers, modules, and PC music software. The controller has got 25 keys, and it is a 4-octave keyboard controller with all of its 25 keys being velocity-sensitive.  The controllers are connected to the PC or Mac via a USB port which allows for use with one’s favorite music software, synthesizers, or sequencers. In addition, it has got a 5-pin MIDI DIN output, which will enable it to be connected directly to sequencers or sound modules.


The controller is very versatile, allowing the artist to assign any function to any button, slider, knob, or wheel on the instrument. The controller’s built-in features include the ability to transpose the keys for more natural pitch changes and the ability to swiftly modify the octave range up or down. The controller also has a pedal jack, which allows the performer to add further functionality by connecting an expression or sustain pedal. The controller is a real plug-and-play, driverless device that works with both Mac and Windows computers and functions as a fully functioning independent MIDI controller.

Features Not Included

The controller includes 25 velocity-sensitive keys used to activate both the MIDI hardware and the software. The controller has four rotary encoder knobs and pitch-bend and modulation wheels. It also has a slider and a MIDI OUT port, allowing it to be utilized independently. The pedal input may be assigned, and no special drivers are required to use this controller with either a Mac or a PC. The USB port is used to power the controller. The optional 9 V DC power adapter may also be an alternative; however, it is not included in the box and must be ordered separately.


The controller cannot produce sound on its own. Sound modules, hardware, software sequencers, and software synthesizers are all required. Once they are linked, they are used to take control of these good generators, including the music program running on the PC or Mac. The MIDI controller’s knobs, and wheels, Once they are connected, are on, and sliders are then used to control the software’s functionality.


  • There are 24 velocity controllers.
  • The controller has knobs, wheels, sliders, and buttons to operate music software or synthesizers and sequencers.
  • It may be charged through USB or a 9 V DC power converter.

7. Novation Launchkey Mini Controller MK2 Version

Novation Launchkey Mini Controller MK2 Version

The Novation Launchkey Mini Controller MK2 Version is the most portable and compact MIDI keyboard controller version available from Novation. Despite being small, it provides the musician with all the power and control required to create new tunes in Ableton Live without having a lot of equipment and accessories on the desk. The controller has been designed so that it is enjoyable to operate besides being easy to use. It is a plug and plays device, and all the controls start working when plugged in.


The musician may play rhytAs a rhythm electronic punching the controller’s 16 velocity-sensitive pads. When the pins are loaded, played, or recorded, the pillows light up to show them. When the clips are set out to fit the Ableton Live session display, it also informs the musician. The collection has two rows, one for launching the pins and the other for stopping them. The eight high-quality knobs on the controller allow musicians to modify their instruments quickly. The 25-note tiny keyboard may then sketch out ideas using fast synth-style movement. It gets more enjoyable to play in this manner. It’s a robust controller that can be placed in a bag and brought with the artist wherever they travel. It will begin operating as soon as it is inserted into the laptop.

Features Not Included

The 16 velocity-sensitive keypads on the controller enable the musician to activate clips and play drums. These keypads come in a variety of colors. Using the eight high-quality knobs, the artist may modify instruments and effects and re-assign them. There are also separate control and navigation buttons. This device comes with a 3-year limited guarantee from the manufacturer, covering flaws in materials and artistry.


The controller is class-compliant aIn addition. This does not need any power connections or drivers since it is powered via a USB port. It can even be linked to the iPad through a camera connection kit. It will provide the artist access to all sorts of iOS music applications, including the Launchkey app from the maker. It seamlessly interacts with Pro Tools, FL Studio, Cubase, Reason, and Logic without the need for any mapping. Ableton Live, Novation Bass Station, XLN Audio addictive Keys, V Station virtual instruments, and 4 GB of Loopmasters samples are included.


  • There are 25 keys and 16 keypads on the controller.
  • The musician may use the controller to operate a variety of music applications.
  • A controller is an easy-to-use gadget.

8. Xkey 25 USB MIDI Controller

Xkey 25 USB MIDI Controller

The Xkey 25 USB MIDI Controller is the perfect device for anyone who wants to create music. The device is unique in the functionality it provides for its market niche. It is a suitable controller to have in the era of tablets and PCs. AS tablets and mobile devices are being used more and more, this compact device is also the right solution that goes well with the modern lifestyle and the needs of today in comparison to a traditional MIDI keyboard controller. It is a great portable device that provides excellent features that many other mobile controllers do not.


The controller may be classed as the only portable music companion a musician can have in today’s environment. Regardless matter where the musician is, whether in the studio, at home, or even in the living room, the musician is not obligated to utilize it in just one spot. Despite their small size, the controllers enable the musician to play professionally and comfortably. It’s a delicate, precise control with a hint of grace that allows a musician to play it with delicacy. The controller can be readily concealed in the musician’s bag, allowing him to express his creativity anywhere and whenever he wants. It gives the artist more control over many musical factors and the ability to control and record their program.

Features Not Included

This controller’s ultra-mobile keyboard has garnered honors and has full-size piano keys. The gadget is merely 0.6 inches thick and weighs only 2 pounds. That is why it is so lightweight. The keyboard is polyphonic and includes aftertouch and various Features Not Included. With the aid of its velocity-sensitive keys, it performs pretty professionally. The body is composed of durable Aluminum, which is also utilized in the frame, rather than plastic, as is the case with many other gadgets on the market.


The keyboard controller is a plug-and-play device; however, unlike others on the market that only function with PC and Mac, that is, control software that runs on Windows or Mac OS, this device can connect to Android, iOS, and even Linux systems. As a result, the controller is adaptable and may be considered a proper mobile keyboard controller. Furthermore, it manages a wide range of music applications on any listed platform.


  • In the market, the keyboard controller is portable.
  • Furthermore, it was compatible with MAC OS and Windows and Android, iOS, and Linux.
  • The controller is polyphonic and has an aftertouch function.

9. IK Multimedia iRig Keys keyboard MIDI controller

IK Multimedia iRig Keys keyboard MIDI controller(Mini)

The IK Multimedia iRig Keys keyboard MIDI controller is straightforward to use. It can be connected directly to any iOS device via the Lightning connector included in the package. It can also be connected to any Android device, and for this purpose, the package consists of OTG to Micro-USB cable. Like all other mini controllers, it can also be connected to any PC or Mac using the USB port. A 30-pin optional line can also be purchased, enabling a connection to older iOS devices.


The mobility of the small controller was considered when it was created. It uses extremely little power and does not need a power cord since it is powered by the device it is attached to, such as an iPod Touch, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphone, PC, or Mac. It may be utilized for live performances and other purposes that need creative expression. The small is the ideal blend of portability, compactness, and comprehensive capability.

Features Not Included

It has 25 velocity-sensitive keys and Core MIDI and USB class compatibility. It may customize the Volume/Data knob, and the keys can accommodate two complete octaves plus one note. It has two octaves (plus one note) and is balanced in playability and mobility. Vital controls such as a volume/data knob, velocity sensitivity, and soft-touch illuminated Octave Up/Down buttons allow the artist to modify essential MIDI functions.


The controller comes with the free iOS applications iGrand Piano and SampleTank. The Apple store has them available for download. Android users can download the iGrand Piano FREE and iLectric Piano FREE applications from the Google Play Store. SampleTank 4 SE is included for Mac and PC. This program is available for download from the IK website’s user section. SampleTank 3 also comes with free virtual instrument libraries for Mac and PC. It may use the Grid and five sets from the Beats and Elektronika series. These may be found in the IK user area and can be downloaded. There are 25 free Gear credits included in the deal, which may be spent in the Custom store.


  • The mini is tiny and light.
  • The small has all of the necessary controls.
  • It comes with several free music-making tools and software.

10. Vangoa

Vangoa Worlde Tuna Mini MIDI Keyboard Controller

The product is from the Vangoa brand, founded in 2017 as a musical instrument e-commerce platform. The company has grown far beyond its initial operation and employs advanced technology in its instrumentation. The product is supportive of hot-plugging, which means that there is no need to disconnect the power supply while connecting or disconnecting this controller. It has got a very fashionable and elegant look with a white panel. The sides are made out of imitation wood, and the hand feel is quite firm but comfortable. Beginners, students, and midi-lovers can use it on all occasions.


The controller features 25 minor keys, all of which are velocity-sensitive, ensuring that all of the criteria for making music are satisfied since they react precisely. The range may be readily changed for a lively performance +/- 4 octaves, up or down. The controller may be linked to a pedal to add life to the song and make it more personal. Sixteen virtual pads join the eight force-sensitive drum pads. They have a unique aesthetic character and are RGB backlit. The audience is treated to a vivid and colorful musical experience. The controller offers accurate modulation and pitch bend bar detection and eight anti-slip 360-degree rotate knobs, and eight assignable sliders for complete musical flexibility.

Features Not Included

The controller weighs just 1.1 pounds and is 14.6 x 7.4 inches in size. The tool is straightforward to make great music on the fly. Everything you’ll need to control your music program is included in the bundle. It is powered by a USB connector and connects to PCs and Macs using plug-and-play technology.


The controller works with DAW software like FL Studio, Cubase, Logic, and others. The OTG cable may also connect it to iPhones or iPads. Other programs that may be utilized include Grand Piano, Piano Apprentice, Music Studio, and Apple Garage Band. In addition, the software handbook may be downloaded for free from the technical specifications part of the website’s product information.


  • For a lively performance theIn addition, the product’s range was moved +/- 4 octaves, i.e., up or down.
  • The controller may be used with several applications and software.
  • It can link to iPhones and iPads as well as PCs and Macs.

11. S61 Portable MIDI Electronic Keyboard

S61 Portable MIDI Electronic Keyboard

The S61 Portable MIDI Electronic Keyboard is manufactured as a toy, and it serves as a great gift product that provides a lot of enjoyment and is also fey convenient to use. The device is not a professional piece of equipment and does not replace pianos or keyboards. The roll-up piano is made out of silicone, which is a very flexible material; it is essential to place it on a hard surface so that the playing of the piano is not disturbed.  The electrical keyboard contains 61 keys, and as such, it is a standard keyboard for the 61-key configuration standard.


The keyboard is a third-generation keyboard with highly high dynamics and a charming key feel for the player. The system uses a 24-bit microcontroller, which is at least three times quicker and allows for more traditional music to be played. The keyboard has a light design that looks exceptionally slim, attractive, and brief. It includes a five-diatonic scale and is very portable. The device contains 129 different tones built-in, including 128 standard tones and one set of keyboard percussion tones. There are 100 Rhythms pre-installed. There are 80 built-in demonstrations for listening to and learning about classical music.

Features Not Included

A built-in loudspeaker gives calm and great tones to tIn addition, the equipment and the tradition. External speakers and headphones may also be attached to the device. There is also a rechargeable Lithium battery included inside the device. Dry batteries are no longer required. The musician’s music may be controlled by connecting the keyboard to the computer. It features a digital repeater and functions Therefore, drya learning device. There is no time restriction on how many times one may repeat. It functions as a music player and also has a contrast feature.


The gadget may be used in conjunction with MIDI software to create music. The operation is simple and convenient, with high mobility and cost-effectiveness. Compared to the traditional 8-bit microprocessors used in such devices, the keyboard is equipped with a powerful and modern 24-bit microprocessor, allowing it to play more mellow and standard tones. For product quality, the product has received FCC certification. When the plan turns out to be defective, the maker provides for an exchange.


  • A powerful 24-bit microprocessor is included in the equipment.
  • Mellow and normal tones are possible with the device.
  • The keyboard is very light and narrow.

12. Midi plus

midiplus, 32-Key Midi Controller

The midi plus, 32-Key Midi Controller, has been equipped with 32 mini keys, and all of these are velocity-sensitive. The device’s basic functionality is complete, and it is also relatively easy to comprehend how it works.  The design of the interface is straightforward, and it is also evident. The body of the device is thin in appearance and light.  It occupies minimal desk space and is ideal for use outside to enable music creation on the go. The device has got USB MIDI OUT, and there is no requirement for any driver. It is a plug-and-play machine and starts working as soon as connected.


The keyboard controller has 32 velocity-sensitive keys. These come in the shape of minor keys. Modulation wheels and knobs are also included in the controller. The Up/Down Octave buttons and the Up/Down transposition buttons are provided to give the equipment a complete range. There is also a volume slider on the gadget. It features a USB interface and a pedal input, and it gets its power from a USB port.

Features Not Included

A USB cord is included in the packaging and for instructions. The item is 18.1 x 4.9 x 1.2 inches in size and weighs 1.6 pounds. It has a lot of tools that allow you to edit and make electronic music swiftly. It enables the musician to be as creative and imaginative as possible while playing MIDI. The gadget assists students and novices in bringing forth their most extraordinary qualities, allowing them to perform like pros.


The USB cable links the gadget to the PC. It can operate MIDI software, allowing the artist to monitor it using the controller’s knobs and wheels. This allows the musician to make unique and beautiful music while also recording it on the computer. To the musician who finds it more straightforward to use, the keyboard gives a highly professional-like interface to handle the MIDI software on the computer.


  • There are 32 velocity-sensitive keys on the keyboard controller.
  • The keyboard controller features modulation wheels and knobs to control the music composition.
  • The keyboard controller is very light, making it highly portable.

13. Nektar

Nektar, 25-Key Midi Controller

The Nektar 25-Key Midi Controller is a compact device. AS such, it is a highly portable controller, only as wide as a laptop.  It can easily fit into any backpack and provides the musician with everything they need to create music on the go. The equipment has got 25 mini keys, and all of these have an excellent feel, and they also play very well. There are six control buttons, and if the DAW integration is considered, this equipment provides the musician with a lot of control and power over their music creation and recording.


The keyboard controller’s keys are velocity-sensitive and have recently been designed. The keys are tiny, yet the musician may play them with creative expression, and they have a well-defined and robust feel despite their small size. The instrument gives the player a choice of three velocity curves, which are used to tailor the keyboard controller’s reaction to the musician’s playing style. Even on more prominent keyboards, the keys may be played in challenging ways to achieve. The Octave is shifted by holding down the dedicated Part 2 button for a few seconds, allowing the performer to add a harmony layer while playing or switching to a different MIDI channel.

Features Not Included

The Part 2 function enables the artist to switch between the two accessible keyboard layouts in real-time. Octave, transposition may be set to the ‘2’ button. MIDI channel, latch, layer, or mix are all possibilities. Modulation, pitch bend, and sustain controls have been reduced in size and are now accessible at the musician’s fingers. On the left side of the keyboard, six buttons have been pre-assigned to octave shift, sustain, and transpose. If transposing isn’t needed, the button may be set to MIDI volume, pitch bend, Patch change, Pan, or Track. The patch modification necessitates the use of a DAW.


Any MIDI program may be used with the keyboard controller to enable the musician to compose and record music. It integrates with DAWs and enables DAW control. In truth, any MIDI program will function; but if the artist downloads the Nektar DAW integration, Nektar controllers will be able to perform a lot more. Cubase, Bitwig, Logic, Garageband, Digital Performer, Nuendo, Mixcraft, FL Studio, Sonar, Reaper, and Studio One are all supported by Nektar DAW integration.


  • The keys on the keyboard controller are tiny but incredibly sensitive.
  • The controller is compatible with any MIDI program, although it works best with Nektar DAW integration.
  • On the left side of the keyboard, there are six pre-assigned buttons.

14. World Panda Mini MIDI Controller

ammoon Worlde Panda Mini MIDI Controller

The ammoon World Panda Mini MIDI Controller is equipped with 25 keys, and it is connected to a PC or a laptop via the USB port.  It is made out of durable plastic material and is available with support for many different operating systems, including Win7, Win 8, Win, XP, Win 10, win Vista, and Mac OSX. The equipment can be connected to a PC or laptop with either of these operating systems, and it will perform satisfactorily, enabling the musician to control and record music.


There are 25 keys on the keyboard controller, which are velocity-sensitive.

The keyboard controller is relatively light, weighing just 26.2 ounces and measuring 12.6 x 7.5 x 1.2 inches in size. It’s a tiny small MIDI Keyboard controller because of its 1.2-inch thickness. Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows Me, and Windows 2000 do not support the controller. Additionally, this keyboard controller does not support the G3 and G4 accelerator cards. The MKIDI controller comes with a USB cord that may be used to power the device. In addition, this is to music software on a PC or Mac.

Features Not Included

The equipment also has eight lighted trigger pads for convenient play in the dark or at night. There are four MIDO control groups and four banks with distinct settings on the controller. Four assignable control sliders and four assignable control knobs are included. Mod, CC Mod, Prog, Bank, Pitch Down/Pitch Up, and Octave Down/Up have eight control buttons. The equipment is just ‘plug and play,’ and there is no need for a driver. It is possible to connect it through a hot connection. Because the power is taken via the USB port, it also comes with a USB cable.


As a result, the keyboard controller may be used with any MIDI program, allowing the artist to control, compose, and record music. He may also use the keyboard controller to edit songs. In addition, the musician may choose from various MIDI software options available on the market.


  • it may use a variety of MIDI applications with the keyboard controller.
  • The software is compatible with a wide range of Windows versions.
  • The eight control buttons have different roles allocated to them.

15. Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

co2crea Hard Travel Case for Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII

The co2crea Hard Travel Case keeps the Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII, a 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Drum Pad Keyboard Controller, very safe and secure and protects the equipment from dust and other potential damages while transporting the equipment or carrying it around. Furthermore, it is very light and comes with a hand strap, which allows the musician to hold it comfortably while taking the case around during musical performances or jamminFurthermore, sessions, etc.


The equipment in the backpack enables the musician to use the keyboard controller to operate their MIDI software. Because the equipment is small and light, it can quickly be taken about, and the bag is an excellent way to carry or transport it. The equipment will be vulnerable to damage if not stored in a container at the studio, home, or performance site. The keyboard controller features buttons and knobs allocated to different purposes and can be manipulated easily with the keyboard controller.

Features Not Included

The bag is waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof. It protects the keyboard controller from accidental splashes of water when walking with it in the backpack and light rain that may be encountered along the road. The bag is also thick enough to withstand a few minor shocks while protecting the equipment. It also repels dust, keeping the keyboard controller clean and operable by preventing dust particles from accessing the spaces between the keys and other components.


There is no need to bring the MIDI software used on the PC or laptop in the bag on any media, etc. since it is already loaded on the PC or laptop. However, any Software media that has to be brought may be done in this bag in the region where the USB cord is maintained. It will safeguard the media from damage, dust, shock, and water.


  • The carrying bag is composed of EVA, a sturdy and shock-absorbent material.
  • The Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII’s carrying case is designed specifically for it.
  • The bag is very light, weighing just 400 grams.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular MIDI controller?

A: The most popular MIDI controller is the Korg nanoKontrol.

Which MIDI keyboard is best?

A: Roland is the best brand of MIDI keyboards, with many features and variety.

Are mini MIDI Keyboards worth it?

A: Mini MIDI Keyboards are worth it, as they have a smaller size that is easier to handle and control than larger ones. They also come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can choose to match your style with the one you like best.

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